HP Pavilion dv6-6119tx: AMD Radeon 7400 does not!

HII I have a HP dv6119tx notebook pc with amd radeon HD 6490 m. When I upgraded my OS from Win 7 HomeP Win8 pro graphics changed in HD 7400 m and its does not work. When I check through Device Manager, indicated by a yellow exclamation on amd driver. When I try to update the driver, it instructs windows already installed the latest driver. I then tried the amd auto detect tool to update the driver. But the downloaded file does not work in my system. So now how I do my amd gpu work and get switchable graphics


Use of the W8 amd graphic driver for this model.

Uninstall all the drivers you have tried everything first and reboot before installing this driver.

This package provides the AMD graphics driver high definition (HD) and Catalyst Control Center for models of laptop computers that are running an operating system supported. For laptops equipped with switchable graphics modes, this package contains the drivers for the two graphics (GPU). Switchable graphics allow users to switch between a graphical power mode (normally used under the power of the battery) and a mode of graphics performance. If the video output high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) is supported, this package also installs the HDMI Audio Driver.

File name: sp59850.exe

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    I have a hp pavilion dv6 laptop. my burner does not work. I went to the Device Manager I uninstalled, shut down the computer, restart the computer, the device mgr.enable the writer went I have little yellow guest. still, the writer does not.

    I perform a driver update, the response was: the driver is already installed is to this day. My dv6 is 28 months old.

    need some advice.

    under Device Manager.  CD-ROM/DVD-rom readers

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    "device usb HP dvd writer 940D thank you billy'g"


    Try please run now from the following link:


    Kind regards.

  • HP Pavilion 15-n057sr: AMD graphics card does not work on windows 10


    I have an AMD graphics card in my laptop, but there is no drivers for windows 10 forher.

    Installation driver Windows 8.1, latest drivers from amd or windows has always led to a screen of death, and after him, he appears each time you start. To solve it, I fix it using restore points. So, why hp doesn't have a driver for his own material? I'm looking for a working one?

    Thank you in advance.

    OK... so what this means is that, while HP provides two models of this laptop, with pre-installed Win8x and the other with Win10, they have different hardware.  The Win10 version apparently does NOT use the AMD chipset, so HP provides no driver for it.

    This means that you're stuck with having upgraded a laptop computer for which there aren't the necessary drivers for HP Win10, and given that HP no longer produces Win10 drivers for older laptops, this situation will not improve over time.

    If you want to have all the features on your laptop, you should consider to return to Win8xs - and that the upgrade of Win10 is known to corrupt recovery information HP OEM, the ONLY way to do that is using recovery media HP to restore laptop factory.

  • HP Pavilion dv6 7078ca: laptop fan Hp does not properly


    I use a hp pavilion dv6 7078ca for about two years now. A few days ago, he showed me a B90 error at startup. The error was on the cooling fan will not work correctly. I tried a few methods on other sites such as clean the vents with compressed air, a hard reset and the same update the Bios without success. I removed the keyboard and found that the fan turns, but very slowly and once from time to time he speeds up and slows down again. Temperatures on the laptop seems also about 58 degrees Celsius even with a few applications in the background.

    So is there any explanation and correction for why the fan is not accelerate properly and b90 error?

    It may be defective and should be replaced.

  • I recently installed Windows 7 Home Premium (x 64) on my HP Pavilion DV6 laptop and now Aero does not work!

    It is all opaque and I'm trying to install the Intel graphics drivers and Nvidia graphics will not work!

    What I'm doing! She also does not connect to the internet, the sound does not work and I cannot adjust the brightness of the screen.

    Should I try Windows 7 Ultimate? (My PC is recorded, not mobile phone).
    I will provide you more details if you need.


    Please review these links and see if the problem is resolved.

    Open the Aero Troubleshooter

    Please visit this link and check if the hardware and software requirements are met.

    What is the Aero visual experience?

    Please get back to us with the State of the question.

  • Pavilion DV6 2150US: HP Support Assistant does not open

    My Assistant help suddenly stopped opening when you click on the shortcut. I have uninstalled and installed the newer version sp71727. It will not always be open. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice with the same result. Also, I went to the folder program and clicked on the executable file with the same result. Stay programs and the system is functioning normally. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Try to install SA from the link below


  • HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC: HDMI Port does not

    I updated my Windows 10 operating system and since that time the HDMI port did not work to my TV. This worked fine before the upgrade. I deleted the Intel drivers and installed the chipset as recommended on a previous post.  I tried another cable. It did not work.  The message on the TV is No Signal.

    Hi @Saxnot, @muzza180,.

    HP has worked closely with Microsoft on the development of Windows 10 and drivers for graphics cards. Currently there is no driver available for your system. You can try and check at a later date, because I see new drivers all the time.

    Thank you.

  • HP Pavilion dv6-6181TX. System recovery does not HP Recovery Manager.

    If you have more than 4 partitions, you need to delete the partition/additional partitions, then convert the disk hard back to base.

    Older versions of free Partiton Wizard work:

  • RAM upgrade: HP Pavilion dv6 6119tx


    I intend to upgrade RAM on my HP Pavilion dv6 6119tx model that comes with a 4 GB SODIMM ELPIDA 1333 MHz RAM in one of the slots two memory. Now can I add a 8 GB of RAM in the second slot for a total of 12 GB of RAM to my system?

    Here are the details of the RAM, I will buy:

    I recommend that you try not 8 GB + 4 GB configuration unless you don't mind taking the risk that it does not. Laptop you supports up to 16 GB of memory installed. Personally, I've never had a need for more than 8 GB installed a laptop.

  • Pavilion dv6 6119tx: dv6 beatsaudio driver 6119tx

    Mr President

    My computer hp pavilion dv6 6119tx laptop.

    Kindly give me link of the driver software audio beats & bio metric software driver link (hp simple pass JJUJ print).

    Download IDT audio driver and software HP Simplepass for Windows 7 (64 bit) of the web HP support download page next.


  • HP pavilion g6-1016ex the computer screen does not.

    HP pavilion g6-1016ex the computer screen does not. but when I connect to the pc display by display moniter on-site port, pc display moniter works. How can recover from this problem... ?

    Have you tried pressing F4 or Fn + F4 to switch between the views?

    If it still does not work, the following document can help you identify the problem: display problems.

  • AMD Radeon 7400 (switchable graphics) on dell vostro 3350 does not work under Windows 8 (error code 43)


    I just installed Windows 8 and switchable graphics does not work on the system. The most annoying is that I can't use the radeon graphics card, because the stop system it works.

    I've attached a screenshot of what I see:

    What I have tried to solve the problem:

    • Install the latest drivers AMD radeon HD (http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/AMDCatalyst1211betadriver.aspx)
    • Reinstall the driver built-in Intel (HD Graphics 3000)
    • The latest version of the A09 bios for laptop
    Nothing has worked.
    Switchable graphics worked very well under Windows 7 64-bit.
    Help, please!

    and the version of the driver:

  • HP Pavilion dv6 issues with Radeon HD 6770 M

    Hi, I had this problem with my PC.

    I have my Radeon HD 6770 M who always seems to miss, and sometimes (in the driver manager), it has a small yellow triangle and contains an error. At the moment it doesn't have an error, it says it works fine, but every game I try the computer is forced to use the Intel HD Graphics, because it cannot find the Radeon. I solved once the problem, when I discovered that a lot of HPs have a problem with the compatibility with the Radeon and I needed a plu tweeked update from HP.com, that would be compatible.

    That solved for a while, and my games might even have better graphics without slowing down (now, he collaborated with the Radeon instead of the single Intel HD). But today, I was about to start playing the game Deus Ex, and before you start, he asked me what graphics card I wanted to use, what brightness and Hz how I wanted to, and in the graphics options, she had that Intel and the Radeon are not the case to be found, and all the graphic now weaker need games to work fluidly (the graphics were lowered for some time but only today with this) Guest did I connect points and went it was again the Radeon).

    I thought maybe the update again on HP.com, but I can't find my computer in the list.

    All I want is to be able to use my best video card and update without worries.

    How can I solve this?

    Sorry for such a long speech, here is some important info.

    Product: HP Pavilion dv6-6b60ep (product: AB6 # A6L28EA)

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    Thank you.

    Hello GuilhermeCosta,

    You are experiencing a problem with your graphics card does not properly.

    I do not know what settings have been changed before you were asked to select the graphics you want to use. It could have been an update that caused the problem start.

    Here is a link to the graphic updates for your system.

    You can also run a system restore.

    This will bring the system back to when everything worked correctly without affecting any of your personal files.

    Here is a link on how to do a restore.

    By clicking on the White Star congratulations on the left is a way of saying thanks!

    I would like to know how everything goes.

    Nice day.

  • Pavilion 15-ab063cl: Amd Radeon r6 is it appropriate for the game (it's built)

    I want to buy Pavilion 15-ab063cl and he have gpu amd Radeon r6. I want to know if it is integrated or not and if it is appropriate for the game?

    Thanks for help

    It's graphic APU which meands it goes right into the processor. It is always integrated and not dedicated video and not intended for serious games. If you want to run really demanding games on a laptop you need a portable game special purpose-built and those experiencing a few dollars. HP makes a laptop 'game' that runs around $1500 and it is at best a thing of mid range lower, but still much better than what you are asking about. True gaming laptops start at $2000. The laptop you are asking on maybe run some games to lower settings very well. Integrated video is going is pretty good, but which is like saying you are high 'little person' of the world-not much.

  • HP Pavilion 2238TX g6: AMD Radeon HD 7600 M windows 7 64 bit driver


    I have a problem to install a driver for the graphics card, AMD Radeon HD 7600 M.

    • HP Pavilion g6-2238TX
    • AMD Radeon HD 7600M series
    • Windows 7 64 bit

    I tried the catalyst drivers:

    • AMD-Catalyst-Omega-14.12-with-dotnet45-Win7-64bit
    • AMD-Catalyst-15.4beta-64bit-Win7-apr9

    Dirver nothing helps.

    I also tried these drivers of HP too:

    • Graphics of AMD driver high definition (HD) 8.933.3.4000 [sp58894] .exe
    • AMD high definition (HD) Graphics Driver 8.933.3.4000 Rev [sp61715] .exe
    • Graphics of AMD driver high definition (HD) 8.941.1.0 [sp56458] .exe
    • Driver video AMD and Panel 8.951.6 - 120329 B - 137790C Rev [sp57199] .exe

    I get the error message:

    Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

    Hardware ID:


    I just can't get the Radeon 7600 M video peripheral works in windows 7.

    It works fine under Ubuntu.

    It helps someone work?

    Is it possible to get this to work in windows 7?

    Is there somewhere else I should ask [I thought because my laptop is HP may the right forum]?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Also I would like to know if I can provide more information.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thank you.

    Yes, I had to completely remove the drivers installed previously.


    Then install the appropriate driver.

    I had to use this link:


    as I could not the first pilots.

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