HP Photosmart C4780: Photosmart printer keeps going offline

HP Photosmart C4780 randomly disconnects.  I connect the printer cable to my Macbook Air running OS X Mavericks. (It allows to print wirelessly, but I had so much trouble now 'online' I dropped and now just plug in when I need to print.) Printer will connect and print for months in a row, then all of a sudden he's going 'offline' and I can't do online. I restarted the laptop and printer but did not help.  Why he continue offline... and how I get it online? THX


THX... printer works again.

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    OfficeJet 4620 - printer keeps going offline.  If I turn it on and turn it on, it's online for a while, but it disconnects again.  My IPad can't print on it. My Windows laptop, 10 shows as offline.  I can open his web page by entering the IP address in a browser and can ping it, but it also shows offline.  It is very annoying to have to reset the printer whenever I want to print to it wireless.  Is this to say that the wireless antenna is going wrong?  Should I buy a new printer?

    I found what caused my problem when troubleshooting the installation of a new printer. I have 2 range Extenders. They had the same ssid as my router. One of the reports of tests of the new printer had a warning about it. I changed the range extenders in order to have all 3 different SSID. Now when the ipad & printer are that both connected using the ssid for the range extender in the room with the printer, there is no problem of ipad impression. My old printer is fine.

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    Hello, I have a HP Office Jet Pro 8500 A910, my laptop is connected wireless.  It is the 3rd time in as many weeks that I tried to print and have discovered that my printer is "offline".  I don't remember what I did the previous time except deleted printer solutions and some other info that I found that has worked.  Can someone help me and tell me why this keeps happening and to prevent it from happening soon?  I'm always 'offline' and trying to find a solution.  Thank you.

    I thought about it with your help.  I noticed my printer to another IP address which was very similar to mine.  I still don't know why he keeps go offline, however.  Thank you to point me in the right direction.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8630: Printer keeps going offline

    Help, please! My OfficeJet printer keeps showing that it is in offline mode.  I did a network diagnosis which tells me that everything is OK.  I changed my printer market and it is still not reconnect.  I am operating Windows 10.  I had to reinstall the printer once before and that helped for a little while but just happening.  It only frustrates me no end.  Nothing seems to help. I work as full time in Western Australia and at the time when I get home from work all contact options are closed.  Advice please would be most appreciated.

    This program allows you to completely remove the HP software.

    Use http://www.iobit.com/en/advanceduninstaller.php .  Use of the powerful scanner at the end to remove all registry entries.

    Now download and reinstall the software on the HP website.

  • My printer keeps going offline and I cannot print anything. How to stay online. It prints well to cdomputer one another. It's a wireless connection

    I have a wireless HP Photosmart D7460 printer. I can not print anything because he always tells me that it is in offline mode. I tried to turn off the PC and restart but it is still offline.  How do get to keep it online. The printer prints fine from another computer.


    I suggest to refer to this link and follow the instructions in the link below and check, if this can help:


    It will be useful.

  • My MG5220 printer keeps going offline

    I have a Pixma MG5220 printer and a laptop HP with Windows 8.  Continues to go the printer offline despite the fact that I have re-installed several times.  Sometimes it works for a while and sometimes it only works once or twice and then the next time I use it it is offline again.

    Hi trazerogers,

    Please ensure that the following for optimal wireless communication:

    1. the access point is located inside within 50 metres of the access point.

    2. He has no source of interference of radio waves in your neighborhood. There may be a device such as a microwave oven using the same bandwidth as the wireless station.  Take also wireless devices away from the sources of possible interference.

    In addition, the printer can be connected via a USB 'A to B' cable if necessary.  The USB port is located at the rear of the printer on the same side as the control panel.  Please click here for more information on the USB 'A to B '.

    I hope this helps!

    It has not responded to your question or problem? Please call or write to us at one of the methods on the page contact us for further assistance.

  • Re: Printer keeps going offline

    I have the same problem, any chance you can post the fix for this? I have already performed the standard reset in the menu.

    I'm only able to print once during the first installation of the printer - after that, it disconnects. I've updated the firmware to the last (M277_MFP_Series_FW_Update-20150716) - still not able to print over wireless

    Thanks for the detailed response. I tried all methods and without success.

    In the end, I added a Time Capsule of Apple AirPort router in front of the Bell Centre and it works fine now. It was the router Hub Bell where the problem arose.

  • My MX430 keeps going offline and will not print

    My MX430 is set up for wireless printing and keeps going offline and will not print.  I reinstalled the software several times, and it continues to be.  This is my only printer and is defined as the default value.

    Hello sallyb.

    Printer offline may indicate that the printer driver is not configured correctly.  Please, try the following to resolve the problem:

    1. click on start.

    2. click on Control Panel.

    3. click on hardware and sound.

    4. click on devices and printers.

    5 right-click the MX430 printer, and then click printer properties.

    6. click on the Ports tab.

    7. make sure that the check mark is on the port that begins with CNBJNP, then click OK and try printing.

    If the port CNBJNP was already selected if please try right click on the MX430 printer and click on see what printing.  When the queue opens, click on the printer and uncheck on use printer offline by clicking on it, then try to print again.

  • HP2540 keeps going offline

    Brand new [1 week] printer 2540, at startup, it goes well, [although noisy] However when not used for a while [> 1 hour] it keeps going offline, it's just across the Hall from the router and the computer, that happens every day, power light looks dull and not brilliant, I reinstalled the software I used the hp without result installation software,

    using windows 8.1 64-bit with all updates installed.

    annoying to have to keep getting up to the toggle each time, always in warranty period, might as well go back to the seller.


    Thanks a lot, I'll work my way through these and report


  • My computer keeps going offline when I close.

    my computer keeps going offline when I close.  It's a laptop

    Chances are, this is a setting in Power Options. Click Start > Control Panel > Classic view > Power Options and then look at how the closure of the lid is managed.

    I hope this helps.

  • "trying to print, printer keeps stating: offline", what does that mean

    trying to print, printer keeps stating 'offline', whatever that means

    What do you mean by body?

  • printer always goes offline

    I have a printer HP Photosmart C309A series (HPOA6324), which is regularly offline when I try to use it. I connected via a wireless network at two HP computers, both running Windows 7, 64 bit OS. I have the printer should still be available, but he's always going offline without telling me she. To get online I usually have to restore my wireless connection or restart my desktop computer.

    Hi Lydia,.

    Thanks for the reply!

    Because the printer seems to have a solid connection, I wonder if it is just a problem with the driver, especially since you mentioned these automatic updates. I suggest that go you into your devices and printers, remove the Photosmart C309a and then re-run the software (you can download it from here) to get the driver reinstalled.

    I would like to know how it goes for you!

  • Time Machine keeps going offline

    My time machine goes offline intermittently, that is, the green light turns orange.   Fix this by the turning on and off the camera, but nobody knows what can cause this and how to prevent it?   I have an iMac using OS X Yosemite v 10.10.5.


    Hi Robbo

    I had a similar problem.

    My Time Capsule had been working perfectly until I updated to the latest firmware (7.6.7) a few weeks ago.  Since then, I have had intermittent WiFi dropouts school but cable systems were not affected.  What firmware version do you use?


  • HP ENVY 5530 e allin one: my printer keeps showing offline, tried many things to try to resolve including uninstall.

    Help.  I'm at a total loss what to do next.  My printer is telling me it is disconnected.  I was on different websites and downloaded the troubleshooting to solve the problem.  When I ran the computer troubleshooting somes back saying the printer isn't switiched, although it most certainly is.  Have uninstalledd the software and installed again. Sometimes it cfomes on then it turns off again. Any help much appreciated.

    Number of brand and model of the router?

    These settings are to set up your printer wireless (or wired):

    • Stay connected to your router
    • Trouble printer status 'offline '.
    • All wireless devices stay better connected
    • Fact faith, your router most secure and hack
    • Can speed up wireless printing

    While the DHCP is convenient, devices like printers (wired and wireless) should always be assigned a (fixed) IP address manually to avoid conflicts on your wireless network and must be outside the range of the router DHCP.  After setting the IP address static, computer must be updated to show a Standard TCP/IP port with the IP address of printers under printer properties/Ports. 

    1. Set a static in the printer IP address (click here) outside the range of the DHCP of the router (check your manual). It is for Linksys routers, but can be used for all routers. Check your DHCP range and change this first if necessary. More Help Wireless Printing is here and here and still more here.  Video here explains the problem and how to solve the problem. <-so watch it!
    2. Or check in the printer "Auto Off/sleep/Energy Saving Mode" is disabled the System Mode Time Out is set to zero (0) Use the built-in webserver (EWS) by visiting the printer address IP address in the address bar of your browser, click on settings tab/Auto Off. Or use the printer, printer Home Page (EWS) Wizard. Also check your printer properties.
    3. If the printer supports and has IPv6 enabled, disable the IPv6 option in the printer.
    4. Make sure that the printer is connected directly to a socket wall and not to a UPS, power strip or a lightning arrestor. This will cause the printer to drop offline connection and disconnection (checked yes!).

    Additional measures to take if you continue to have the problem (if they are posted)...

  • HP 6980 Series printer, networking, going offline

    Printer is connected via a USB port. a few changed kit and my computer man said it would be more efficient to use an Ethernet connection on the printer to the hub broadband now.

    Whenever I turn on the PC or laptop, the printer has an offline state.  I must, in Control Panel, remove the device, and then add it before I can print.

    Both PC and laptop running Windows 7.

    Suggestions please as to how to remedy this situation would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    No problem at all. I'm happy to help you. If you have any other questions, please ask.

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