HP System Recovery loop

OK, HP Desktop, x64p6214y. Windows 7.

Son on "ESC" at startup, by bringing the screen "select the boot device.  Instead of select anything, turned the computer off, then turned back.

Now, he goes to the 9Cyberlink logo "HP System Recovery" at the bottom left) program at every start.  "Try to repair the boot."  Then ends.

A ran Diagnostics, clear at all.

Reboot, same thing happens.  Have you tried every restore point.  Yet boots in this HP Recovery Manager (note this isn't the Microsoft utility, you will need a room of HP software brand).

How to spend it?  I prefer not to run the restore to factory settings and having to reinstall everything if it is an infinite loop of the error on a boot entry for this piece of software that won't let me get into Windows.

Huzzah.  F8 bypassed the program useless HP recovery.

Finally managed to a command prompt.  Bootrec /fixmbr did the trick.

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  • Loop system recovery options

    This morning Satellite 100 my wife running Windows Vista itself got in a loop of the system, with absolutely no discernible way out recovery. I have so for you guys to see if anyone has had the same problem.

    First of all, the system stops (battery problem). It restarted, he and the Vista loading got a message box with the "System Recovery Options" section, just an OK button and the message "Cannot load this program click OK to restart" or something to that effect. Something off the machine.
    I tried F8 at startup upwards and all options in the recovery (including repair system tools) menu restart Vista and get the same message.
    I've searched the Toshiba support site and found nothing.

    I have a disc of recovery but that would reformat the hard drive and it has a lot of things not saved.
    I suspect it's to go into Recovery Mode and find a disk on the "hidden" partition error So, I just want to stop making so that I can start the machine and backup files. Any ideas?

    Hey Buddy,

    You can start Windows in safe mode?

    I think in the worst case it s necessary to reinstall Windows if it doesn t start more. I mean there is nothing you can do

    I m wondering that you didn't make a backup of the important files, you can save if you put the HARD drive into an external HARD drive enclosure. Then you can connect to another computer and make a backup before reinstalling Windows.

  • Problems starting HP Mini 210-2100, partition deleted, flashing the line underscore, System Recovery does not

    Hi all

    my situation is like this:

    When I turn on my laptop I get a black screen with a flashing underscore above it "no boot device - insert boot disk and press any key" (even if the BIOS boot order a hard drive for laptop on top). I changed this order a couple of times because I used a USB stick with Windows 7 on it (black version) to enter System Recovery Options (without USB I can't access the system recovery (F11 doesn't work not).)

    My System Recovery Options window is white/empty (no operating system, the size of the partition and the location). I'm going on and click repair system that did not help (it of a loop, do not start Windows). In the Diagnostics and repair of details it is Root cause found:

    The partition table doesn't have a valid System Partition.

    Repair action: Partition table repair

    Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0 x 0

    That's because before this problem starting with underscore flashing, I had another problem: "BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart» I was impatient and wanted to fix that quickly and made a big mistake, after looking on the web for some time I have found no useful websites describing how to fix it (I found one when it was already too late). I went on a channel on youtube and came with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8n-G9Rv2zo before I didn't know what a clean install was, I looked up 03:55 and made perfect:



    list disk

    Select disk 0

    partition from the list

    selected and deleted all 4 partitions (size: 215GB, 199 MB, GB, 103-17 MB)

    created new partitions same dimensions (all the primary dimensions)

    then I stopped and clicked on a cross (x) in cmd to get out when I came to a new window where I clicked on YES (I have not read what he was doing, I just wanted to go to bed because it was too late). Since there is no "BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart"(damage because now I know how to fix this, I was just too stupid, impatient and irresponsible), there is just a line of underscore flashing with"No boot device - insert boot disk and press any key"any of the BIOS boot order is this sentence does not disappear. He did a couple of times before, but no more.

    So after this long description, my question is:

    Is there a way to recover my data which I assume is lost and can not restore? I have no backups or images.

    P.S. I do not installed Windows 7, I just deleted partition table and created a new.

    Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker. Thank you in advance.

    Hi MatBar,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I'm sorry but there is no way to recover the data once you have deleted the partition. You could try a local repair facility, given that some devices of data to recover your data.

    You may restore the Windows 7 operating system with disks if you find someone with the same version of Windows that you use their discs.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • Envy 14 K110nr: Cannot recover system recovery media, associated with PININST_BBV

    I have a HP Evny 14 K110nr. In short, the system upgraded to Windows 10, started acting weird about a month after:
    Lose access to resources (Task Manager, desktop, Control Panel, etc.)
    Defective devices (wifi, bluetooth, etc.), suspended connections, System Restore gave a lot of mistakes.

    Tried to fix the system, nothing worked (even the DISM restorhealth was not working and suspended 40%)

    Long story short, I tried to recover the hd partition and could not complete successfully, same thing happened with my recovery media.

    At the end of the recovery attempt, I get a BSOD and system resets. It was a loop like that for awhile.

    Ran Diagnostics, no errors, but I suspect it was the HARD drive as the mentioned system errors on it before the collapse.

    I replaced the HARD drive and started the process again, this time I have not received any BSOD, but after completitng, I get a message saying that the recovery was incomplete. Just now my system is a Clipboard and consider Ubuntu if I can't up the widows, but it makes no sense. I read through several threads that referred to this issue and I don't know if I've seen any absolute solution to this issue (none have worked for me so far). Here are a few:






    At the end of my mind, that has persisted for more than a week. My computer is literally a week or two longer under warranty, HP thank you.

    Hi @braveally,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    It's a great place to find answers and advice!

    You have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the HP Forums.

    Learn how to post and more

    I understand that you upgraded to Windows 10 and then the system started acting weird about a month later with the loss of resources. and malfunctioni devices. You tried to do a restore but received many errors.  Then, you tried to do a system repair, but no luck. You tried to do a recovery from recovery and recovery but Media Manager once again without success.  At the end of the restore process, you have a blue screen and the system resets and goes in a loop.  You have run a complete diagnosis and all spent and that you have received error on the HARD disk before you replace it.

    You proceeded to redo recovery and you do not have the BSOD, but after, you have received the message that the recovery was incomplete.

    Here is a link to HP-HP System Recovery troubleshooting (Windows 8) computers that can help.

    You can also try booting in safe mode.  HP computers - Windows Safe Mode (Windows, 10, 8).

    If the problem persists I try to clean the optical drive, and then try using the recovery again.  You can try to clean it with compressed air or a disc to clean the disc. Also, check your disk recovery for stains or damage.

    You can also try to boot any disk from Windows and reformatting the drive to start over with the recovery.

    If it breaks down again it is likely that the discs and you will need a recovery kit.

    Contact HP to Contact HP Support assistance

    Please reply back with the results.

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  • System recovery continues to operate

    I have a Pavilion dv6-1030us, running Windows Vista 64-bit. My Windows Installer became corrupted and I try the system recovery to bring the PC to its original configuration. I used Partition and recovery disks and can format the drive. Installation of the software, HP banner guard running, computer restarts. I do not give me the option to open a session. I'm not able to boot mode safe as the Windows installation is not complete. How to exit this loop?

    All I can say at this stage is to use DBAN to erase the entire hard drive, then try to recovery by using the discs.

    Use of the quick erase, dban method

  • Pavilion p6506f: System Recovery option grayed out when you use the recovery to factory default reset disk

    Dear experts,

    Please help me on what I am making a solution for about 4 hours now...

    Somehow my recovery partition is damaged, so I use the recovery disk that I created when I bought the computer.

    I used the disc to start the computer and after loading files and everything on the menu of Recovery Manager "System Recovery" is grayed out.  Note that I have not changed any hardware on the computer.

    Help, please!

    Thank you!


    You did do the right thing. But you created a Win 7 recovery disk, not the game of HP recovery disks.

    You can switch to Win own 10.

    You will need the product key Microsoft of the COA sticker attached to the frame of your PC of 25 characters.

    Images of example COSTS:

    Do a clean install of win 10 If you do not know the product key of Windows 7 on the certificate of authenticity.

    Win 7 PC sometimes have problems updating to Win 10.

    I really think you should get support from HP Win 7 recovery. If the Win 10 upgrade fails you can always return Win 7 If you have a Win 7 HP recovery media.

    Your choice.


  • Satellite L735 - system recovery impossible


    I ordered the DVD from Toshiba system recovery to reinstall my laptop.
    I launched the DVD, it starts the formatting of disks hard, then ERROR! And then nothing! Does anyone have an idea of what is happening and what I need to do? Thank you very much!

    Here is the command messages:
    "unzip the operating system and system/Windows re
    Error: Could not open file WIM F:\ZZImg\14637XSP.swm!
    ERROR: RecoWMAInfo.exe does not work correctly!
    Press any key to continue... »

    Once I press a key, it gets blanck... gasp! :(
    Thank you for all the advice!

    Have you tried to initiate recovery procedures once more?

    In which case it would not work for the 2nd time, you should get in touch with the supplier of disk (Arvato?) and should again ask disc. I guess the recovery disk is the troublemaker.

  • After installing Windows 7 system recovery


    I got a brand new HP m9770 desktop PC and I installed Windows 7 from scratch on C:\ partition. Unfortunately, I want to go back to Vista, but I can't do a system restore. There is always a partition that contains the files in recovery E:\ but pressing F11 at boot beginning I can't chose the system recovery. Is there a way to force the PC to start in this partition without to order recovery DVD?

    Thanks much for the reply.


    1.right - click on the "Computer" icon and select manage.
    2. This will launch the Microsoft Management Console.
    3. on the left side of the MMC console, click "Disk management" and it will show you all the partitions.
    4. right - click on the "HP Recovery" partition and select "Mark as Partition Active."
    5. when the warning message appears, select 'Yes' - restart the machine and it will automatically start in the Recovery Manager (without having to press F11).

  • Re: After the secondary display (Beamer) system recovery will not work


    I had a problem with my Thosiba laptop! (Detail of the system name follows... later)

    I saw the first time that the sound chip of Yahama is disabled (disapper) caused by Windows Update and I
    couldn't find a way to recover / install the correct driver.

    So I decided to... abandon with timewasting and start the system recovery process.

    After recovery finished... the sound was so back and during the update process (Windows)
    ... he ' has been disabled again, but this time I could install the new correct driver.

    After that I withdraw my notebock installed to work (her again) I connect a projector
    the connection of secondary vga... and what a surprise
    the projector doesn't show ANYTHING... before that it always works

    Anyone an idea what could be the reason for the error?

    My system runs XP Home (updated to SP3 and corrected)
    The SAL is a GeForce G 400 (installed the CD-Rom driver)
    ... I could not download the latest driver vga... because he had a temp. problem with Webaccess
    I get the rigt ip-installation (just FYI you)

    If you need more details please ask... I will answer all right, I can

    Thanks to all how to read this (and full of hope help out me)

    This message is from Germany... you could read in English!

    > I had a problem with my Toshiba laptop! (Detail of the system name follows... later)
    Why later? Can you put a laptop model name?

    However, the laptop can switch to the external video port using the FN + F5 key combination.
    Please check this!

  • Update Windows 10 and HP System Recovery


    I plan on moving from Win 7 to 10 to win, but the only thing stopping me is, what happens if I use the HP System Recovery after doing? Considering that it is pre-installed for Win 7 on my system, it will return it Win 7 or what?

    Thank you!


    Yes, if you are using HP System Recovery, it would reinstall Windows 7, but it is important to note that the ability to do it from the hard disk recovery Partition does not work after upgrade to Windows 10.  You must use your recovery media - if you have not created this, a guide can be found here.

    Another option that you might consider, if you must reinstall Windows 10 once you have upgraded is the following.

    Also long Windows 10A active Ok after upgrading to 7, in the future, you can just perform a new installation of 10 as stated in the guide on the following link.  Note: On the activation screen, select 'I don't have a product key' - 10 Windows will activate automatically once installation is complete.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • System recovery on Satellite M100 because the reader of CD/DVD not being recognized


    My computer does not not recognize the internal CD/DVD drive (eg. If I go to rip a CD with Media Player, it says to install a CD drive first).

    I followed the frequently asked questions on the Toshiba support page, and it led to to do me a system recovery. I followed the instructions (turn off, start up everything in '0', version 0 now when the computer beeps...) but it does not work.

    The model starts to beep as expected, but when I '0' let it starts just Windows as usual.

    Can anyone help? I do the recovery with a CD instead? Of course, it will be a problem if the drive does not well :(

    Hey man thanks for this info
    This whole thing seems strange, but who cares. It of working and it's important ;)

  • Satellite L670 - System recovery media Options

    You can use an external hard drive to copy the image of system recovery? The manual, in the States of the system - creating recovery media recovery:

    "A recovery of the software on your computer image is stored on the hard drive and can be copied onto DVD or USB Flash Memory using the following steps:"
    1. Select Virgin DVD or USB Flash Memory.
    The application will allow you to choose from a variety of different media on which the recovery image can be copied, including DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD - RW, DVD + R, DVD + R DL, DVD + RW and USB Flash Memory. »

    There is no mention of being able to copy on an external hard drive.


    This copy of the word is bad. What you create is bootable image stored on DVD or USB. Copy of data simply isn't possible, because later you will not be able to access and start the recovery image installation.

    Best option for you is:
    Create DVDs of recovery using preinstalled Toshiba Recovery disk creator tool. This disc, that you can use for installing the OS, whenever you want. I recommend you use DVD-R media.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • NB500 - I can't do the system recovery


    I got a nb500 Windows 7 starter and I cannot do a system recovery out-of-the-box.

    I tried "press 0 and power", the pc starts, but as long as I continue to press 0 nothing happens. When I release, it will continue to boot normally into windows. Also tried with f8, I can see the system recovery options, but there is no tool for HARD drive recovery there. I also used a toshiba recovery media Creator called program but when I start, it displays a message «there is no area of hard drive recovery»

    Any suggestions please?

    For some reason any there there no initial access to the recovery image.

    Either it is deleted or the partitions of HARD drive structure is changed and recovery tool cannot find the settings for the recovery image.
    Now, you have little problem. Recovery image installation will not work.

    You have two options:
    1 / you can try to install recovery disc original order of Toshiba - https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx
    2 / you can install own OS version

    All readers, tools and utilities, you can find and download from the Toshiba download page - http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp

  • Re: Equium L40 - 14 l - System recovery option missing

    Hi all

    I have an Equium l40 14l that I finally decided needs to be restored "out of the box" status.

    I can boot to the system recovery options page, but the widely mentioned drive HARD recovery option has been replaced by the option system restore of full Windows OS.
    When I choose it is telling me that is preinstalled files are damaged you can use the recovery dvd - rom product. All I can do is click OK and return to the previous screen.

    I ran a few software partitioning and the hidden partition appears. I don't have a disc of recovery with the machine as she had the hidden restore partition.

    I don't have a backup when I first booted the machine. I think now that it was a good idea, but as I thought I had the hidden partition to rely on I don't bother.

    Ideas if there is a way I can get the system recovery to display HARD drive recovery option?

    Thank you Tom

    Cool. Glad to hear this. Now you can remove all the stuff, you don't need and optimize the preinstalled recovery image.

    Good luck.

  • Equium M50-164 slow but system recovery lost disk

    My laptop is an Equium M50-164
    I lost my recovery disc and now my computer is slow and there is different error popping up all the time.

    As I m not that smart with computer, I would like to do a system recovery and start again someone can help?


    You can tow:
    Either you will have an original CD of Microsoft Windows and will reinstall the OS. Then, you could install the drivers of Toshiba which you can download from the European pilot of Toshiba site or you order the local ASP (certified partner) Toshiba Recovery CD

    It of your choice now

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