hp8620: re - print a fax on 8620

I had a paper jam when printing a fax.  Now, I need to reprint and cannot find any of the manuals.  How to reprint a received fax?


For the Officejet Pro 8620 manuals can be downloaded from HP here.  Starting on page 68 and 69 of the Manual:

Reprint of faxes received from memory

Faxes received, which are not printed, are stored in the memory. NOTE: once the memory is full, the printer cannot receive the fax again until you print or erase memory faxes. You can also delete the faxes in memory for purposes of confidentiality or security.

According to the sizes of the faxes in memory, you can reprint up to eight more recently printed faxes, if they are still in memory. For example, you will need to re - print your faxes if you have lost the copy of your last draw.

To reprint the faxes in memory from the printer control panel

1. make sure you have loaded paper in the main tray. For more information, see loading paper on page 23.

2. in the Control Panel printer display, press and drag your finger on the screen and then press Setup.

3. press on the configuration of the fax machine.

4. Press Fax Tools.

5. press on the reprint of the faxes in memory. The faxes are printed in reverse order, where they were received with the most recently received fax printed first, and so on.

6. If you want to stop reprinting the faxes in memory, press on (cancel).

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    Thank you for your informative reply!  PROBLEM SOLVED.  I was able to access the HP phone support people yesterday afternoon.  They very kindly put me through many of the steps you mentioned, that didn't work.  Finally the second support officer who got me the steps I have press the RESET button in THE SETTINGS on the LCD screen by DEFAULT and immediately after this step, solved the problem.

    My suspicion is that the machine, although that brand new, was in fact a refurbished machine sent to me by HP to replace the original purchase, which had a LCD screen showing only Chinese language that could not be changed.

    The replacement machine probably had been implemented at the different use of mine.

    Thanks to the lady who finally suggested hit the RESET button to THE DEFAULT SETTINGS as well as other people who responded!

    Everything is fine!      Aaron

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    Thank you.


    Why you chose the drivers for GA-1030 and 1031 GA?

    You've got an e-studio 200s then choose the copiers-e-Studio 200 >

    Then, you should get the correct drivers!

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    Hi @jimmywalter,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I noticed that the printing on the Fax options option is missing with your HP Officejet 6500 printer. I'm happy to help with this problem!

    How your printer is connected? Wireless, Ethernet or USB?

    In case there is a driver conflict, if it please try the HP print and Scan Doctorand let me know what happens.

    If this, or one of the posts on this thread, helped you to solve the problem, please click on accept as Solution on the message. To show you 'like', or that they are grateful for my post, please click the thumbs upwards below. If there is anything else I can do to help, please don't forget to let me know!

    Thank you for posting!

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    Welcome to the HP community @StarSema,

    I read your post on how you're looking to print the faxes in memory of your Officejet 8610, and I hope I can help you. From my memory, you should be able to access the Fax Menu in the configuration Menu of the printer and look for the history of Fax and reprint the faxes in memory.

    If this does not work, or if you have any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

    Testify of my answer by pressing the thumb in the air below and hit the "accept as Solution" button, if I have you helped a resolution!

    I hope I helped!

  • installed a HP Officejet 8600 + and I can't install print drivers, fax, etc.

    I just installed an Officejet HP 8600 + and I can't install print drivers, fax, etc.

    I tried to download the drivers, but couldn't do it. I have not signed on Microsoft technical support at the time. Someone had this problem and what did you do to solve the problem?
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    Moved to windows


    Since it is an HP printer, your best bet is to contact them regarding the drivers etc.

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    Hey @Csc223,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see you are trying to have an all-in-one Officejet 5610 printer. The printer has no permanent memory and does not store the work print or fax. It is useless to try to obliterate the memory of the printer.

    Please let me know if this answers your questions. If so, please click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

  • How do you install the print driver FAX for m1536dnf in OS x Lion?

    Hi Forum,

    I have a Laserjet M1536dnf all-in - one network. When I install the driver under OSX Snow Leopard and Ubuntu, I have two shows of printers in the preferences panel. Regular printer and printer-fax MACHINE, so I can print to fax directly.

    But when I install the driver in OS x Lion, it shows only one printer, so I can't print to FAX directly. I checked the apple software update, there is no more than an update as well.

    Someone knows how can I install the FAX printer driver in OS x Lion?

    Thank you



    Offer the product at a time print, scan and ability by retrieving the driver of the Apple software update.

    If you have installed the full features software, remove it by running the uninstall HP program located under Applications > CEJA-Packard and be sure to remove the existing print queue.

    Then Champagne for any update of HP software available.

    If the recovery of the printer HP Software Update fails for any reason, install the bundle HP Printer Drivers 2.8 below.

    Then the fax printer must be detected as well:


    Kind regards


  • print from Fax on my 8600 pro history

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    Anyone know what I did not any so he can print a fax received?

    If the fax was never printed, he might still be in memory. Select Configuration, then Tools, then "reprint faxes in memory.
    Touch? and "Product Tour" to learn more features on this great officejet.

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    There is no way to disable the printing of faxes, once they are received. The only way to avoid the received faxes would be to disconnect the telephone line from the printer.

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    For you help I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions:

    (1) what is the serial number and model of the printer?

    (2) was there any software or hardware changes made on the computer before this problem?

    This problem occurs because the print spooler service is damaged.

    I suggest you follow the steps from the link below and check if it helps;

    You experience problems printing, the printer icons display and adding printers, the print spooler service does not work correctly and you receive error messages related to printing on a Windows XP computer.


    If you need help with Windows, please do not hesitate to post. We will be happy to help you.

  • Why can't I just print and fax wireless?

    I tried everything and still can't print and fax wireless


    I have tried everything and you don't find what your printer, your PC/laptop and his BONES!

    Kind regards.

  • I can't print a fax.

    I work in Windows Vista & using a new HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium. I have a very important fax that will not be printed. The control panel keeps saying that I have more paper. That's what indicates that I want to print in color and I don't have. Exactly how to change the default value of fax to always print in black?

    Hi nicurn,

    You have more than one installed on this 8600 printer paper tray?

    If so, the two plates has the same paper installed?

    Is this fax, letter or legal size document?

    Print in color or black will not cause the out of paper message you see. Make sure you have the right paper installed in the bins in order to print the fax.

  • My j3680 solution Center has stopped working. I can print and fax manually. I downloaded the full

    My j3680 solution Center has stopped working. I am able to print and fax manually but can't scan. My system is windows 7.

    The 3680 is an officejet all-in-one.

    Hi mahroch,

    The first thing to do to solve this problem would be to run printing HP and doctor Scan. It is a quick and simple tool that diagnoses and solves many problems of printing, scanning and connectivity. See the following link for more information on downloading, installing and running this tool:


    Let me know if this solves the problem, and if not, what the tool provides.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8500 A909n: Fax e-mail digital configuration, but always print incoming faxes

    How to set up this AIO to prevent to print incoming faxes, redirected to email (digital Fax Setup)?

    Thank you


    Hello FredVe

    The following can be found on page 91 of the user manual. (Officejet 8500 manual)

    To change the settings of the device control panel


    Press the (Setup) button, select Basic Fax Setup, then Fax to PC.


    Select the setting you want to change. You can change the following settings:

    View PC hostname: displays the name of the computer that is configured for

    administer a Fax to PC.

    Turn Off: disable the PC Fax.


    Use the Solution Center to turn Fax to PC.

    Disable Fax print: choose this option to print faxes as they are received. If

    you clear print, color faxes will be always printed.

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