I can't disconnect from icloud on my ipad because I can't access my old account of apple id, then apple says it does not exist, but doesn't let me get into my other

I can't do any update or check on my ipad since I have updated to the latest OS.  It won't let me log off of my old apple ID.  I forgot the password for it, and it doesn't let me change the apple for a new ID or anything like that.  When I go to "forgot password or Apple ID" I get a message that says: "this e-mail address is not an Apple ID.  Check your address and try again. "But it won't let me put in my new apple on the icloud page ID and will not let me Sign Out due to"find my iPad ".  It won't let me enter my new Apple ID at all.  Help, please!  Thank you.

Log with password for the new apple ID.

Tags: iCloud

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