I can't install Toshiba Power Saver on my Satellite M45-S169 - Code: Ox7E

I can't install/reinstall/remove/run Toshiba sleep on my Satellite M45-S169. After I reinstalled the system (now it is Windows XP Professional SP2). When I tried to open Power saver via Control Panel I saw denied it, and every time that I reboot the system, I get the error message:

Toshiba power save
A fatal error has occurred. The program will end.
Code: Ox7E

I can't delete or reinstall energy saver. Can I try to run saving for Windows XP SP2 applies for other laptop models? I couldn't find one for my model. That one will fit? Any other solutions / advice to the problem?

Help, please

Thank you very much, Oksana


First of all, you knew that this laptop was designed for the U.S. market and all the drivers, tools or any other Toshiba utility should be used on the Toshiba site we.

Please make sure that you have already installed Toshiba ACPI common Modules before as you continue to any other Toshiba Software installation.

An important tip; the Toshiba power saver profile must be selected in the Windows power options! Don t forget!

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  • How can I install Toshiba Power Saver on my newly installed Vista?

    So I have a PC laptop Toshiba A100 and I just upgraded the operating system factory (XP), Windows Vista default. Anyone know if it is possible to adjust the brightness of the screen in Vista without Toshiba Power Saver? Or y at - there a way to download Power Saver from Toshiba for Vista? Thanks for any help!


    In Vista, there is no Toshiba Power Saver as under WXP and now many parameters have been taken on Vista power settings. With other words Toshiba Power Saver is not like in the version of Windows XP Home edition. The Toshiba Power Saver is now part of the package of added value.

    When this package is installed you can set the screen brightness as before using FN + F6, F7 key combination.

  • Satellite P300D - 15 c - cannot install Toshiba Power Saver

    TOSHIBA Power Saver for W - XP cannot be installed.
    Installation error messages: fatal error, abandoned facility. 0x2
    Try to remove the part which is installed (visible in Add/Remove Programs), gives the same error message 0 x 2.

    Under programs > Toshiba only the help file 'Power Saver Help' is visible, but is not accessible.

    Can someone help me?


    Hi mate

    Drivers and tools must be installed in the correct order!
    I googled a bit and found this order of installation for this laptop model:

    Windows XP Service Pack3 (RTM)
    2 KB898458 KB898458
    3 KB936181 KB936181
    4 KB936782 KB936782
    5 Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment V1.6.0_06
    AMD 6 RS780M/MC, RX781 + SB700 Chipset Module V5.10.1008.8
    7 AHCI Driver V3.1.1540.61
    Processor AMD 8 V1.3.2.0 driver
    9 AMD video driver V8.479 built-in
    9 AMD M82 / M86 video driver V8.477
    10 Conexant CX20561 Audio Driver V3.47.1.50
    11 Marvell 8040/8072 LAN Driver V10.57.4.3
    12 Synaptics Touch Pad Driver V10.1.7.0
    12 ALPS Touch Pad Driver V6.0.305.11
    13 V7.73.0.0 Conexant Modem driver

    Reader of cards 15 O2 OZ129 V3.23
    16 modem region Select utility V2.2.3.2 (RST223MAC02)
    17 driver Atheros Wireless LAN Driver V7.
    18 Atheros Client Utility V7.

    20 V6.2.238.0214 Chicony camera software
    21 Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba V6.10.07T.2
    22 Bluetooth Monitor V4.02 (Build20080122)
    23 TOSHIBA SD Memory utilities V1.8.1.3
    AES1610 24 Authentec Fingerprint Utility V7.10.1.0/V2.1.11.0
    TOSHIBA ConfigFree V5.90.09 25
    26 TOSHIBA Assist V1.03.00upd4
    27 CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer V1.00.008
    PC Diagnostic TOSHIBA 28 V3.2.8 tool
    29 TOSHIBA Touch ED V3.0.3.0
    30 TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility V3.0.3.0
    V3.0.3.0 utility TOSHIBA 31
    TOSHIBA 32 Control Utility V3.0.3.0
    33 Toshiba Power Saver V7.04.02.Q
    34 Toshiba zooming Utility (smooth view) V2.0.0.24c
    35 GST Init V1.0.4.1

    * Note *: not all listed drivers or tools are released on the Toshiba driver page
    So install only those drivers and tools that are available on the page of the Toshiba driver and follow the order listed above.

  • Receive the error message when you try to install Toshiba Power Saver

    Toshiba power saver recently stopped working - I deleted and it redownloaded this site, now whenever I try to start the installation, I get a message "Cannot be the computer id" and stops the installation.

    For the first time post here so if I'm on the wrong forum or you need nothing else apologies in advance.


    where you´ve have downloaded the powersaver? Maybe you downloaded a bad for your machine. It s absolutely important to download EXACTLY this software that fits your type of machine.
    When you download stuff on toshiba Web sites you will have to keep an eye on the version on your machine (for example the Satellite A100 - 552-> download software of type '552' of the Satellite A100 series).

    Sometimes, this solves a lot of mistakes and clarify some not very nice situations.
    Please, more details on your problem. :)

    Welcome them

  • Fatal error of TOSHIBA Power Saver 0x51A on Satellite M115-S3094


    By the subject, that's the problem. Unfortunately, my computer which is Toshiba M115-S3094 has just recently a fatal error with the Toshiba Power Saver program like 3 days ago. The Toshiba Power Saver not only does not want to work, but it is even more present in the taskbar. First, I went to the properties to be able to restore the program, but nothing helped.

    Then I tried to uninstall and then reinstall the program, and he always gave me the same problem with the error: the program ends. Error fatal 0x51A. Right now, my laptop does not on the mode of power supply Toshiba but on common Windows system, such as the presentation or the laptop.

    So I need help to restore the Toshiba Power Saver. I run Toshiba M115-S3094 with Windows Media Center Edition.


    Satellite M115 seems to be a Toshiba laptop because of the 5 at the end of the number.
    In this case, you must use the Toshiba on the Toshiba site energy saving us. Did you?

    Maybe you used the right utility electricity saver, so possibly that some registry or system files keys are damage in this case install the new OS for the Toshiba Recovery CD would be desirable.

  • TOSHIBA Power Saver of the Satellite Pro M series stopped working. (code 0 x 0)

    The utility has suddenly stopped working after Windows XP update.
    Informed, that there was an irreparable failure and performance of the program will be interrupted.
    Code 0 x 0

    What should do?


    Maybe you should download the new version of the powersaver to your machine, remove the old version (go to Add/Remove Applications in your 'control panel' and uninstall) and install the downloaded one.

    You can download the powersaver here:


    Good luck
    Welcome them

  • Toshiba power saver crash on Satellite A60


    I have a Satellite A60-297ITA bought with XP Home.
    Now, I bought a XP Pro and I install reformat all the laptop.
    Then I installed all the drivers downloaded from your site.
    The Installation of pwrsav-sp-a60-xp-70302-en.zip seems to work very well, but on reboot, I get an error:
    A fatal error has occurred. The program will end. Code: 0x7E.
    What can I do?

    Hello nviau

    As you know, it is not possible to create software and be sure that it works correctly in combination with other applications. The best example is the operating system you are using. It is usually many applications have an influence on other processes running, and it is possible that, in certain circumstances, occur a conflict or a malfunction.

    It is not easy to solve this problem, and the best way to solve it is to reinstall the device using recovery DVDs. On this way the unit will be own pre-installed and all tools and utilities work correctly again. If you want to do it back up all your data.

    Good bye

  • Can not run Power saver on my Satellite after installing SP2

    I can't install or run toshiba power saver on my Satellite A60. I've updated to SP2 on the windows update page and cannot run energy-saving. I tried to reinstall the software, but it still doesn't work. Ideas please!

    See you soon


    You will find on the site Web of Toshiba Power Saver driver and Power Saver utility 7.03.02. You must install both parties. Note: First the driver that the utility.

    Good bye

  • Satellite C850-1E7 - need Toshiba Power Saver for Windows 8 64 x

    Where can I download Toshiba Power Saver for Windows 8 x 64?


    C850-1E7 satellite was already pre-installed with Win 8.
    All Toshiba drivers and tools must be preinstalled too so I t understand your request because the energy saver

    However, Windows Notepad 8 preinstalled don t contain the value added package plus this package was for Win Vista and Win 7 and Win 8 upgrade, but there is no PPV for units that are already pre-installed with Win 8.

  • Re: Satellite L300 - 17l - Toshiba Power Saver gives me error after installation

    When I bought my L300 - 17l all the drivers of Toshiba drivers download pafe worked out well.
    Recently, I have reinstalled my OS XP and now I started to install all the drivers again. LAN has been authorized, WLAN was ok, the display driver has been authorized.

    But when I get to install Toshiba Power Saver (URL: [http://support1.toshiba-tro.de/tedd-files2/0/pwrsav-en-20080519172104.zip]) it gives me this error (it shows the error or after I cliquerai on finish the instalation or before installation began, as you can see in this screenshot)-[http://www.picvalley.net/v.php?p=u/2381/9078672171740560287.JPG]

    I later tried this - i go ot Control Panel and open Toshiba Power Saver, but then it gives me another error: "CANNOT be opened because you do not have access rights to use 'TOSHIBA Power Saver'.
    I reinstalled my XP again and it still gives me this error... I wonder what could be the problem... Please help me


    Satellite L300 - 17L belongs to the PSLBCE series.
    I chose this model number and found exactly the same energy saving that you tried to install.
    So I guess that you have chosen the right Power Saver utility for this model of laptop.

    But did you also install the common Module?
    This software must be installed first before installing other tools.
    Update you the Win XP for the State?

    Check it!

  • TOSHIBA Power Saver won't work on the account with limited privileges

    Good day to all.
    I have old Satellite 1410 and for security, I am working on an account with limited privileges. I can't start Toshiba Power Saver, I get "access denied" message.
    I need to remove energy saver and I use Control Panel Power Option, but I can not here the default brightness.
    Can someone help me?


    Without system administrator privileges, many system options are locked and could not be used.
    You need admin rights to access this tool.

  • Portege R500: Impossible to install XP in Toshiba Power saver


    I have a protégé R500 PPR50E which had Vista on it, but now has XP on it.

    I installed all drivers etc for the laptop and everything works fine except that I can't get the toshiba power manager to install.
    Whenever it installs programs it shows as 0.00 mb and installation when you click to open the control panel in the Add box, or move the section it says "a fatal error has occurred. This program will be terminated - code 0 x 0 - and then if I try to uninstall it to try a reinstall it says: "1628 - could not complete the installation.

    Any ideas anyone?
    I downloaded the correct driver of course - I tried a redownload and it made no difference.

    Also - I may pluching at straws but in the Bios before I made the construction - I turn the controller as opposed to ACHI ACHI compability mode - don't know if it could have an impact on it? -If I turn that on XP blue screens because I never installed the driver in the windows install (f6 prompt)


    I believe that you are unable to install the Toshiba power saver.

    We should focus on this error message:
    * 1628 - cannot complete installation *.

    Usually, this message may appear when installing any software that uses the InstallShield Setup program. According to InstallShield, this is a general error message indicating that the application has not been installed successfully.

    Solution check this:

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro M70 - cannot install the Driver of Toshiba Power Saver

    Hi, I can not install driver of toshiba power saver on my laptop because instalation crashes with error 1610: the configuration data for this product are damaged. Please contact the support staff. I tried several versions of driver of standby power. I received the latest official chipset driver... Someone knows how to fix this?

    My second problem is with the battery, my laptop running on battery max 10 minutes (I have my laptop for 2 years) and I often force using battery power. Battery can lose so much capacity in 2 years even if I used for my battery once a week?

    Sorry for the English and thx for answer

    I think that you should not install this driver, the only saving electricity only.
    What about the battery? In my opinion, it is possible. In my opinion, the duration of battery life cannot be defined so easy.
    Some batteries perform well after 3 years of use, and some of them are dead after only a year.

  • TOSHIBA Power Saver for Qosmio F50?

    I am owner of a Qosmio F50-108 and I can't seem to find Power Saver utility from TOSHIBA.

    What is the same thing that the utility options of power on the control panel? I've seen screenshots of power saver utility from Toshiba which is supposed to be delivered pre-installed on their laptops, but the one I saw was on a Qosmio G10.

    The series F50 there as well? If Yes, where can I find it?


    As far as I know that the Qosmio F50 comes with Windows Vista and not XP.

    TOSHIBA Power Saver is only available for Windows XP because Vista has the same functions as energy savings. The energy saving features are now an integral part of Vista.

    I've created an interesting article here in the forum for you:

    Good bye

  • Problem with Toshiba Power Saver Tecra S1


    I have problem with Toshiba Power Saver (GST).
    I installed SP2 on my WinXP Pro, and after this operation, all works well. After a few days GST on icon disappear from the task bar. When I open the Console from Toshiba, then GST I can see only incomlete standard dialog box. There is no configuration icons, but initially were, and I set all the settings. Now, there are 4 black boxes (2 small as a small icon) and 2 large as icon bigest at the bottom and a large black on the right.
    I try to reinstal GST, but it had no effect.

    Can someone help me


    Hello Alex

    I have never seen anything like it. There is obviously some problems that doesn t allow the graphic illustration of the ATP. The first step is always reinstalling the software. I don't know what you need to do exactly. In my opinion, you should try to remove the GST and SP2. Install SP2 again and after this GST.

    If there is not the worst success solutions are preinstall the device using the recovery CD.

Maybe you are looking for

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