I purchesed indesign cs4 classroom in a book that find the cd had been removed, what can I do?

Download lessons

Check information on the front of the book for a URL. I don't think that all is available, however.

Unfortunately I won't be near a copy of CS4 IPC for at least a couple of weeks, so I can't send them myself.

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    Have not been able to install Adobe Indesign CC through creative cloud. Gives the following error of installation "unable to extract in the temp directory. Contact the Customer Support EX11". What can I do?

    Thank you. The problem has been resolved. It seems that I didn't have full privileges under my user account. Once passed to admin, we were able to install it. Thanks for all the help.

  • InDesign CS4 page numbering not correctly displayed in the Pages panel


    I searched the forums for a solution to my problem before posting. I'm sorry if I'm doubly question from someone, but I'm going:

    I noticed this problem I have about 6 months ago. When I create a simple document with auto-numbering of all right. When I try and create a section (for example, I want my numbering to start at 1 on page 3) it actually works, however, in the Panel Pages, the pages appear with their base numbers. You agree that it is quite confusing. I tried different files, the same files on different computers and so forth. The problem has to do with my installation of InDesign CS4 and I guess it's a kind of a display option that I accidentally turned on.

    Could someone please suggest a solution? Thank you!


  • InDesign cs4 - from a list, but not with the number one


    I think remember me an option 'start at number' for lists in previous Indesigns. He can not see in my indesign cs4

    Want the list at number 12 instead of number 1.

    Bullets and numbers...

    Choose: Numbers (rather than None or balls)

    Under Mode, choose Start At:

  • I deleted the pictures twice in iPhotos and iCloud. The photos have been removed from books I've done this year.

    I do a book every year for my mother.  I did five or six, and this year was the only time that I had no problem.  I had duplicate an image to use it a second time in the book.  The book is very good.  It is listed under projects and saved in pdf format. After that I bought a book (by means of projects) for each Member of the family, I settled remove all duplicates created in iPhoto and stored on the cloud.  I deleted all but one of each photo (in some cases, there was 8-12 duplicates!)    When I went back to work in the projects, the pictures were also removed it.  They are always correct in the PDF but I can't buy a book through this version.  I start two books and you're wondering how to avoid any duplicates with these books.  It wasn't the situation of last year.

    iPhoto stores nothing in the cloud, do you mean the new Photos.app?

    If so what the forum is here

    iPhoto for Mac.

  • Problem in AI CS4 Classroom in a Book

    Hope someone has this book and can help. Reference Page 75, paragraph above (No.3). (Have attached the file)

    There are four stars, unevenly spaced. I selected the four and clicked on Center spread Horiz. Rather than move the Center two to even the space between all, we sent him to stretch the Group on the entire width of the artboard.

    I have placed also randomly four small objects (symbols) in a horizontal line, selected four and still applied (see above) HDC. Instead to hold two external objects and spend only two Center, all four objects have been now spaced regularly in every art together.

    Explanation please.


    Turn off align to the work plan.


  • Classroom in a book - CS4 - Lesson 6 - cannot get rid of the noise

    I'm on Lesson 6 version CS4 classroom in a book. I worked on the image with the mother and child, but I can't seem to get rid of the noise in the mountains and the sky. They look very grainy. I've followed all the steps exactly and even went through screen shots to see if any setting have been changed which may not have been mentioned. I compared my version to the version 'End' and they seem very different. The mountains and the look of the sky much better in the "End" version, although the mother and child look more exposed. On mine, the people look much more sharp, but the noise in the mountains is terrible and the sky is also quite grainy.  I redid this part of the lesson about 6 times, four times on my PC and twice on a MAC, but the results are always the same.  The sharpness which lesson you do at the end, while improving certain parts, the granulation in the worst of the sky and the mountains.

    This has been very frustrating.  Clearly something more was done with the image of 'End', which was not in the lesson.  Even if people, in my opinion, look better in my finished version, the mountains and the sky look terrible, and the background was the entire point of the lesson. Does anyone have ideas, what has been done to make the smooth background to the image of 'end '?

    I dug my copy of PS CS4 classroom in a book and went through the same lesson to see what results I got.  I can confirm that the noise reduction is not optimal.  See the example in the picture 'after ':

    Compare with the results of a 3rd party plugin noise reduction (in this case Topaz Denoise) using a standard preset:

    This version needs a bit of sharpening is to the people.

    In doing this exercise that I was reminded why I dislike the Classroom in a Book series.  It makes you go through the steps like a zombie, tell you what value to enter in each field, but it does not often do the fields. Certainly, as a reader, you are free to experiment, but which do not encourage lessons. And the fact that the results do not always match the book and readers are disappointed when the results do not confirm my opinion that the book is not encourage experimentation.  Perhaps a further reduction of noise was made for each channel in the Advanced setting of section.as described in the box of Lesson 6.

  • Solid Pantone of InDesign CS4, coated color book giving the right color

    I am trying to add a Panton color to my Swatches Panel. According to color chart I select ' new swatches of colors-> color Type: Spot-> color Mode: Solid Coated ". What's going to happen, it's get a box where I can enter the Pantone number I want... to the left of this box, it reads "Pantone DS". If all the choices of colors, I could do are not "Solid Coated" but rather to "DS". I have no idea of what is "DS" and not what I selected. I selected "Solid Coated". Once more, I use Indesign CS4 on a Mac Pro... still running OS 10.4. Can someone help me please?

    Thank you in advance.

    Once again, replace your preferences

  • InDesign CS4 is not available by default programs dialog box

    I am running w/Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista on a Dell computer. The computer had versions of Adobe InDesign CS3 and CS4 installed. I uninstalled CS3, but now, when I double click on any file *.indd Windows application which program use to open the file. InDesign CS4 (and many other installed programs) do not appear in the default programs dialog box. I find using the Browse button, but when I select, and then click 'Open' computer still does not appear in the dialog box window. How can I get Windows to see all programs, so that I can associate extensions with appropriate applications? I can open the files in InDesign CS4, but not by double-clicking on the file. Right now, all my obtained .indd files associated with DreamWeaver CS3.

    Hello Heather M DaVinci.

    Click the number of the KB article to bring up a Microsoft article on the configuration of the default associations. There is an automatic for FIXIT
    Windows Vista.
    Article KB 950505: when you run an .exe file on a Windows Vista or Windows 7-based computer, the file may start another program

    If this does not help, I post in the Community Forums of Adobe for InDesign CS4.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • Illustrator CS5 classroom in a book lesson 0 - using the appearance Panel and effects.

    I just begin as part of the Adobe Illustrator CS5 classroom in a book that tries to teach me how to use the program.  I'm still in the lesson 0 and got to the section "Use of the appearance Panel and effects." When I click on icon appearance the current selection panel, listed as 'No. Selection' and not 'Path' as stated in the book.  I wonder if I missed a step while working through the book.    I would like to attach the file, but do not see a link for me to attatch a file.


    You must be at least one selected object.

  • How to place an image inline with the text using InDesign CS4?

    I'm writing the first draft of an instruction manual how two for some software.

    I'm writing the manual directly in InDesign CS4 and making screen shots that I'm making progress. I format the screenshot in Photoshop and export it to a JPG file.

    In InDesign, I double-click in the text box where I want to insert the image, go to file > place, get the picture, then press on open.

    Usually InDesign inserts the image at the cursor flashing in the text, but sometimes what happens is that no picture inserted and everything after it disappears. I get several empty text boxes and need to Control-Z to get back to where I started.

    Now I can put the image outside the text box and then manually move it to the text where I want to go, however when I export the file as HTML, then I need to manually move it to the appropriate area in Dreamweaver (when the image is placed inside the text box to the flashing cursor, the HTML file shows the image in the right place).

    I was able to insert the line in file with the text to a new paragraph mark, but sometimes InDesign doesn't let me do. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

    I don't know what I'm doing to prevent it from placing the paragraph mark and the blinking cursor (which is where I want it to appear).

    This is a recording of screen 54sec of my actions:


    Steps to follow:

    I double-click inside the text box

    I place the image

    everything goes

    I have a few pages scroll, and then return to the starting point

    I have to scroll through a page or double-click inside the text box then press return a few times, and the previous image, I put in this way is automatically pushed to the next page.

    I go back to point of original departure, try again, and it does not work.

    I've done it before, but now it does not work. I don't know what's happened prevents him from online to the location of the cursor.

    Help, please.

    Thank you

    It seems to me that the image is too wide for the frame. You can place it on the editing table, scale in the size, then cut to the Clipboard and paste it into the flow of the text.

  • CS5 Classroom In A Book errors

    I learn a few Dreamweaver by Adobe Press' Classroom In A Book and find a few mistakes pretty bad in the Edition. It is difficult to know whether problems I'm having with the program are related to my own mistakes, or if it's just another lack of typo or error in the book.

    That being said, when you create a new CSS style, what is the difference between a < #style > and < .style >

    I know that the # is a reference ID, but what happens if Dw is and instead uses the .style. The book shows a #style in his illustration, but when I followed the directions my Dw is automatically entered as .style.

    My error somewhere? Or is this another error of the book? How is this book what it to print at will all deviations of the screen that shows the book? If you take this book you will know what I mean.

    Thank you.


    An ID is a named reference.  Can only be used once on a page, whereas a class can be used multiple times on the same page.  I don't have instructions so if you could post the steps that you are asked to use I can start my DW and see if it's an error with DW or something you do.

  • Adobe Indesign CS4 will not work with windows 7, work stoppage

    InDesign CS4 does not work with Windows 7

    InDesign CS4 stop working on Windows 7, we have Vb 6 application that opens Indesign cs4 to create multi-page document.

    but after a few Indesign CS4 pages stop working, if we run the same with version CS3 on Windows 7 it works fine.

    and if we use Indesign CS4 with Windows Xp, it works but create problem with Windows 7.

    You must have a configuration problem on your system.

    6 inDesign (CS4) works perfectly well on the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 versions. Many users as same Adobe employees use or have used this version of InDesign in these environments of operating system without problem that it is associated with the operating system.


  • Place PDF made in bugs of Quark, InDesign CS4 XP


    I've just been bitten by the bug that causes the characters to give up when you create a PDF of a document, InDesign CS4 with a PDF file that is imported into Quark.

    Has it been resolved? I looked at the notes 6.0.2 and 6.0.3 update and couldn't see anything.

    It's quite urgent for me. If it has not been resolved, there's no work around for this?

    Thank you


    Export to PDF/X-4 is the official workaround and does the job fine.

  • Classroom in a book - lesson 2 - Add the animation layer

    I use the Dutch version of the classroom in a book, Flash CS3and the English version of Flash, on a Windows Vista pc updated (NOT ServicePack1 installed).
    The lesson is to make an animation of a glass of sparkling water.
    I created the glass and the first bubble - so far, so good.
    But then I copy the bubble a couple of times, in the times News (layers).
    According to the book, I select interpolated in the first bubble picture and images make it drag (hold the Alt key) to the next layer. According to the book in this new layer the same animation should appear (a rose by a solid line in the beginning end of the pink section section).
    However, in my workspace, I get a pink section all the way until the end of the new layer, with a dotted in her line.
    See this image of the screen.
    In addition, there is a sign next to the button change, saying: motion tween will be not on the layers with dissociated forms or on layers with more than one group or a symbol.
    Not to mention the animation for this second layer does not work.
    I tried the same lesson on my pc backup, using Win XP, with the same results.

    Is that what I can do about it? The text is in the bad book, can I use any special parameters in Flash or...


    I myself discovered it by accident: I have not selected the last image (the one with the black dot in it).
    So: do not select only pink executives, but also the frame with the point just after the pink frames...

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