If I can access a linked another hotmail account when logged on as me, this means if the other person logs on to her hotmail account that they can access mine?

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If I can access a linked another hotmail account when logged on as me, this means if the other person logs on to her hotmail account that they can access mine?

Also, is there any notification sent when e-mail accounts are read?

Thank you


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    I'm not savvy in computer science. I guess I don't know how to set up sound for Skype Visual/sound

    Hi Ana,

    Check if the drivers for the webcam installed.

    Visit the link to check if the webcam is installed correctly.

    How can I check that my webcam works in the Office of Skype for Windows?

    If the webcam is not installed properly, you may need to download drivers for the webcam on the Dell site or contact them if you can't find the drivers.

    Dell support

    Answer if you need help with Windows, and we will be happy to help you.

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    Please contact your e-mail service provider.

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    Guessing that you use Windows Live Mail 2011, take a look at this page: Why do I see strange characters in messages? It can explain your situation and offer solutions.


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    Check out this link, it seems that you have lost your settings to open the photo viewer in your default viewer.

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    Try switching your Notes on / off under settings > iCloud or maybe restart the device-restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support to see if this could solve the problem.

  • Can't see the other person, but they can see me. All of the solutions posted did not help.

    I don't see the other person when I Skype, but they can see me. The only thing I see in my screen is their profile picture and myself. How can I overcome this? I use windows 8.1 and a computer dell laptop.

    Have they turned on their webcam?

  • During the Messenger video calls, my picture freezes and the other person can't see me.

    When I make video calls, my picture freezes immediately and the call ends even. I can see the other person very well, but they can't see me. A message appears saying low quality call and suggest the driver update. I used the internal webcam and webcam external but still had the same problem.

    Windows Live questions should be handled by Windows Live Solution Center.
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  • How can I get this question to the right person in Sony cameras?

    How can I get this question to the right people in the Sony cameras?  The main site contact form does not have a pre-sales question:

    I intend to buy a digital SLR type that has at least 24 million pixels, 4K recording/storage/exit offers video, Wi - Fi, objective interchangeable with anti-shake zoom function and which allow me to save my pictures in full form, so that I can view in 4 K on a Sony 4 K TV.
    Looking at the picture of the cameras is intimidating.  I prefer Sony.  Can you point me to one of your cameras that meet my needs?  If there is on the way before the month of may of the next year, please let me know about that as well.  In addition, I don't want the so-called very high prices of professional cameras, namely $5K or more.  Thank you.

    With regard to a DSLR with 4 k video, no again.
    Will there be one in the future? Yes there will be.
    When? No idea yet.

    The closest thing that currently holds the Sony is the Sony RX10ii

    DSLR body, 4 k video, built in an optical (in lens), wifi/NFC, stabilizer etc.

    However, it is only 20mp and it uses not interchangeable objectives.
    It's lens located between however 18-200mm (35mm equivalent)

    Finally, it's only a 1 "sensor, so don't expect a quality digital SLR image, but quality located near DSLR quality nonetheless.

  • How can I give some privileges to a standard user account that they can access some programs without being stopped for the admin password?

    I have two accounts on my Windows Vista computer:
    (1.) an account admin and one
    (2.) a standard user account.

    I would like to give to the standard user account privileges, so they can access programs like spybot, without needing an admin password (he asked generally the password update spybot).

    I have read the menu permissions by right-clicking the spybot .exe file, click the securities tab and the Advanced button.
    I tried to give full control to the standard user, but still maintains he ask for an admin password.

    is there someone who can provide assistance so that certain programs accessible by standard account, but others not?

    Any help is appreciated,
    Thank you.

    Hi Hardik Mehta,

    Try the steps next to the applications you want to only allow or shortcut to run with administrator privileges

    1. navigate to the location of the .exe file programs and right click on the file .exe or right click on the shortcut to launch the program.

    2. Select Properties.

    3. click on the Advanced button.

    4. check run as administrator in the advanced properties box.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How to share a link to a file and have the other person to download the file without having to add them explicitly as a member, as does dropbox?

    With Dropbox, I right click on a file in my designated Dropbox folder and choose sharing link Dropbox.  This operation copies a single URL that I can send to anyone then download this file and this file only.  I didn't add people to my access list to allow the download.

    How do I do this with Oracle Documents?  I have an out of the large files that I prefer not to send by e-mail, however, I won't add everyone in society as a member to access my list.

    There is an option called public links that allows you to do. Select your article and click on share. This throws a pop up dialog box. On the left side of the dialog box, you can have 3 options - members, links, public links. If links Public option no there is not, then your service administrator has rejected their use. Links Public option is controversial in the enterprise space. Initial offering of DropBox didn't hesitate to the provision of the public links because the content was guaranteed to be owned by the user to dropbox. However, at the level of the company, the content belongs to the company owner, so service administrators can choose not to allow this feature. It's down to your organization.

    If you see the Public links option, click it and the right side of the pop-up dialog box will change. You can specify:

    • a name for each link you create (so you can keep track of what link is which).
    • Link permissions, only the following are available for obvious reasons - Viewer, Downloader, contributor
    • Link the Date of expiry - date after which the link does not work
    • Access - code an access code which you may disclose to the recipient expected by other means of your choice. This access code guarantees security on a link that could otherwise be used by anyone

    You can create several public links to the same article, and each of them may have the settings above, then you might have a link to downloaders and a separate link for contributors, for example. Each link can then be sent, either by copy/paste via the email button to the right of the link. You can also change the link using the pencil icon, so you it unexpire or reset the expiration date. You can also remove a link by using the trash beside him.

    I hope that explains the function public link.

    Kind regards


  • I can see the other person, but they cannot see me

    I have windows 7 on laptop and am using skype7.25

    I see the person, but they cannot see me

    Its only recently its been the case, can you help me?


    Thank you, when I'm skyping it says don't send not video, I will use the link now

  • On some calls my iPhone screen 6 is empty until the other person is suspended until that its dead unless we can talk

    RRecently while talking on a few phone calls all over the screen turns off. We can talk, but until they hang on my phone is completely insensitive, no matter what I do.

    Hey Bcinny,

    Welcome to Apple Support communities.

    The article below provides a lot of information and advice that will solve most of the questions like the one you described, troubleshooting where your iPhone 6 displays only a black blank screen then on calls.

    Get help with the screen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    If your screen is too dark, too bright, or you see only small images

    1. Try to adjust the brightness. If the screen does not respond when you adjust brightness, open several applications to make sure that it is not a problem with only one application.
    2. If you have a screen protector, try to remove it. Try to remove your case if it includes a screen protector.
    3. If you see the question in several applications, restart your device.
    4. If restarting does not solve the problem, restore your device.
    5. If you still see the question after the restoration, contact Apple technical support.

    So long.

  • How to hear the other person when skyping? They can hear me but I can't hear them.

    I've been skyping my friend in Colorado for a few days now and I hear about it.  She can hear me... we went through all of the processes that we have at our disposal, and yet he cannot know... someone has suggestions?


    Be sure to contact the Skype Support like this might be a known issue and they might have the solution.
    There is also information and on the Skype Forums.

    Skype - Support

    Skype - Forums

    I hope this helps and happy holidays!

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    original title: Start Menu problem

    I use windows Vista Home Edition.  The start menu is in Vista Mode.  When I select a file the third file above that that I select opens.  In classic mode, it works fine.  How can I fix it?


    Try the methods provided below and see if they help to resolve the issue.

    Method 1:

    This looks like a problem with Windows Aero, I would say that you update the card drivers video from the manufacturer's website and check if that helps.

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    Method 2:

    You can navigate on troubleshooting Aero:


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