iFrames and blocks direct URL access to certain pages

I've been designing a site in Muse using Widgets (iFrames) of the Composition. Because the site that I create is quite large with updates and frequent changes, I won't be publish and download the entire site, whenever I have make a change or add content (like muse seems to force me to do, even when I change a single image). So as a work, within the iFrame, I insert HTML that links to a separate "mini site" Muse in another folder in my folder root (in a manner similar to adding a blog or Twitter feed into a Widget). This way I can make changes and don't have to publish and download small pieces of the larger site. These mini-sites conducted small, contents are incomplete in regard to corporate image and layout of Web site and I don't want people to access it directly, but I DON'T want the search engines to access information in their breast.

So how can I block a public direct URL access to the "mini-sites" without blocking the site parent to access and display them in the iFrame? I want the user to be redirected to the site parent if a picks up more search engine "mini site" content, rather than being directed to the page itself.

I know that I won't be able to this in the Muse, using Dreamweaver or any other editor is fine. I'm not fluent HTML, PHP, CSS, or any other language, but I can muddle my way through it, if I have the direction.

I hesitate now to present a link to the test site I've created (even if I could do it on request), so I hope I have explained myself well enough.

Thanks for any help.


This has nothing to do with the Muse or elsewhere in the HTML. You would have to put in place a whole bunch of rules server side to transfer users and extract content from specific referents, but in the end, there are a lot of mumbo jumbo for nothing. Search engines can pretend to be browsers browsers can pretend to be stupid to caterpillars and even obscured links can be followed in any way. You should just press F12 and cross browser debugging console. I'm afraid that it is something that you really can do it properly, using a dynamic system where you can use the ID session PHP, cookies, or personalised channels encoded in your URL. In your scenario current all you can do is to use .htaccess and robots.txt files to block search engines to dig in your records, but they still don't sign up under your main domain name and not necessarily pass. On the other hand, since the search engine still has the URL of the folder, little sleuths like me could pull off, stick it in a separate window and then apply the view of the folder for the site when possible or browse your files based on the URL in the iFrame code or their names. What you want is fundamentally mutually exclusive and goes against the work of sites HTML static how.


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    for the internet access policy DENY wants to restrict internet access for hours and days specified. This may block ALL internet traffic to the said Annex. Web site blocking of URLS, blocking by keyword and the applications would then NOT AVAILABLE as long as the computers would have access to internet at first if you have such a policy is disabled.

    for your case, you can try to turn on the restriction of access to the internet to ALLOW then specify youtube.com under website by URL blocking. This would have internet access all the time (if you have the DAILY deadline), computers or during certain days and hours but do NOT have access to youtube.

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    I have a name for my rule, well. Activate it. Go to the page of PC applied. Open the page for entering the MAC and IP addresses. I'm going to the range of IP addresses and buried in the numbered box 01; to which in my case is the enitre network. Save the settings and close this window.

    I do not restrict access to refuse because it seems to block the entire network set.

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    To solve this problem with folders, folders takeownership or the reader (as an administrator) and give you all the rights.  Right-click on the folder/drive, click Properties, click the Security tab and click on advanced and then click the owner tab.  Click on edit, and then click the name of the person you want to give to the property (you may need to add if it is not there--or maybe yourself). If you want that it applies to subfolders and files in this folder/drive, then check the box to replace the owner of subcontainers and objects, and click OK.  Back and now there is a new owner for files and folders/player who can change the required permissions.  Here is more information on the ownership of a file or a folder:http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/67717-take-ownership-file.html. To add take ownership in the menu of the right click (which will make it faster to get once it is configured), see the following article:http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/add-take-ownership-to-explorer-right-click-menu-in-vista/.

    I hope this helps.  If this isn't the case, after return and we'll get the exact path of these files to make sure that you really can visit his profile and try adding special permissions.  I suspect that the problem is that everyone is denied access and blocking everyone - but we'll check (if necessary).

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    I'm trying to integrate a local html file and a remote url base html file MAF 2.0.1 based app. I want to access another device (based amx) on click of a button on the html pages. How can I achieve the same?

    Already tried with the below which fails with call javascript directly on the page html itself.


    <! DOCTYPE html >

    < html >

    < head >

    < meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = text/html"; charset = windows-1252 "/ >"

    Home < title > < /title >

    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    document.addEventListener ("deviceready", callfeature, false);

    function callfeature() {}

    Alert ("callfeature called to map");

    adf.mf.api.gotoFeature ("sni.gps.demo.locationFeature", function (req, res) {})

    Alert ("full gotoFeature");


    function (req, res) {}

    Alert ("gotoFeature failed with" + adf.mf.util.stringify (res));


    Alert ("callfeature called to map closed");


    < /script >

    < / head >

    < body >

    Simple mobile Web Page < h1 > < / h1 > < form method = "get" >

    < input id = "ip1" name = "name" / >

    <!-a href = "mycustomurlscheme://somedata" id = "myurl" > map < / a->

    < button type = "button" id = 'mybtn' name = "gpsbtn" onclick = "callfeature ()" >

    go to the feature

    < / button >

    < / make >

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    update to 2.1 MAF gives you , that can be added to HTML files the and remote access to the MAF since JavaScript API. Deepak mentioned "adf.mf.api.gotoFeature" and I can confirm it works HTML distance (and so it should be using local HTML). For the transmission of data, not sure whether the request URL object it. I would try here EL referencing a managed bean of application-scope defined in the scope of application (?). I tried beans controlled but so far has not tried to access the managed beans to a feature local or remote HTML using EL (although the EL is here)


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    Hi all
    I have this requirement for one of our customers.
    1. the customer has a portal that it accesses all its services and application of.
    2. We offer a service application Apex.
    3. it must have this so-called referring URL located on its Portal and will have access to our application from this URL.
    4. If someone clicks on this link, it will be redirected to our application and connection without the login page (authenticated automatically).
    5. this URL is not valid outside its gate, or if he was to directly access a login page should appear.

    Anyone have an idea how to do this

    Kind regards

    Omar M Sawalhah wrote:
    Hello V,
    Thanks, I have custom custom authentication and a sentry function to check the valid IP address, regarding this question how should the como URL (referring URL) entering from the customer portal, it will be in the QUERY_STRING as a variable, what security how can I make sure that this URL is from this site, anyone can copy and paste it anywhere , so it will be authenticated, is it possible to sum of user control, I'll validate the IP and this URL, or...

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Omar,.

    You can use the OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env function to get the values you want, and then make your rest of the validation using these values.

    For example:

    OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env ('REMOTE_ADDR')

    OWA_UTIL.get_cgi_env ('HTTP_REFERER')

    Thank you

Maybe you are looking for