Impossible to disable the AutoFill in got

Under: Galaxy S4 GT-i9500, latest Android last 4.4.2 Firefox stable (31.0).

I'm unable to totally disable AutoFill bar when you try to enter a URL or search. Happens that once a tab, which means that the first time that I press f he writes, but sometimes he leaves just the f it.
I've already looked at this topic and tried:
browser.urlbar.autoFill = False
Browser.urlbar.AutoComplete.Enabled = False
And, just in case he did something, bourser.urlbar.autocomplete.search_treshold = 0 (instead of 5)
NONE of them worked. In fact, none of them has anything.
I still don't understand why he would write 'facebook.comF' with F in the end or why, even though she seems to be disable it retains it's. Also, quickly writing something like "fa" ends in "
Already tried to clean it, absolutely everything, is not working and is not not even a friendly workaround solution.

Please help, it drives me crazy. I love Firefox and totally hate Chrome, do not want to use just because of this stupid bug.


This problem is fixed on Firefox beta and the final version of Firefox will have this fix on September 2nd hour Pacific of mid-day (assuming that the release of 32 is fine).

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    Thank you


    Hi xinchao

    After you disable the option for ' mirror iPhone alert of "for each application, it can be useful to restart your iPhone and your watch, both off together, and then restart your iPhone first:

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    I can't disable the Narrator at the start.   I crossed the start list and uninstall the program, and the NARRATOR IS NOT YET LISTED?   How do I uninstall or get rid of a program that is NOT LISTED?

    Help, please...

    Try this: go to control panel > accessibility > Ease of Access Center > explore all settings > use the computer without a display > uncheck the box by tour Narrator > click Save...

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Impossible to disable the mouse after installing updates,

    I use a usb mouse and before I could disables the Tablet thing that my laptop has integrated, now I can still use my usb mouse but I hell cant the key so whenever my hand hit my pointer strays. Help, please! I have a Toshiba Satellite, I have Windows Vista IE 7, do not know what other info someone needs just installed some updates for windows and installed Silverlight. Thanks in advance,

    Hello Sexystephm,

    Thanks for posting on the Community Forums of Microsoft Vista.

    It should probably be shortened on your laptop keyboard to disable the touchpad (FN + F9). Also check in Control Panel, you should have an option to disable the touchpad of your laptop.

    However, if this has happened after I installed updates on your computer, you can try to restore the computer to an earlier date when you have been disable the touchpad.

    To perform a system restore, follow these steps:
    1. Click Start, type system restore in the search box, and then click System Restore in the list programs.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type your password or click on continue.
    2. in the System Restore dialog box, click on choose another restore point and then click Next.
    3. in the list of restore points, click a restore point created before you started having the problem, and then click Next.
    4. click on finish.
    The computer restarts and system files and settings are back to the State they were in when the restore point was created.

    Also, you can check with the computer manufacturer if they have additional settings to change or updated drivers to install.

    Link to contact toshiba support:

    It will be useful.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

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    Important: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click the following windows Help article.

    Back up the registry

    (a) click Start, type regedit and press ENTER.

    (b) go to hkey_current_user\\software\\microsoft\\windows\\currentversion\\run

    (c) If you see a value under the given location above which runs osk.exe, delete this value.

    Hope this helps.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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    All trying to configure my RV042, I "turned on" the DMZ host feature (under Configuration > DMZ Host) by entering the address LAN IP of one of our machines. I think now that I don't want to actually on. According to the help page (and also the manual), he says:

    "Enter the IP address of the network device you want to use as a host DMZ." Otherwise, enter a zero ( to disable the DMZ host.

    So I try to enter the address, and it gives me an error:

    What I am doing wrong? The instructions are just incorrect? Is there a way to disable this option?

    If the LAN subnet is 192.168.1.x/24, you might want to try instead of to disable DMZ Host.

  • Impossible to disable the touchpad on my dell inspon laptop windows 7

    No matter how I try, keyboard gets up in the middle of the text, I type.  have not been able to turn off on my computer dell laptop, windows 7

    Hello Joan.

    You must have an application on your portable computer that governs your Touchpad control. To find it, go to control panel, click Properties of the mouse, find the Touchpad tab along the top row of tabs. Click on that and you should be able to find several parameters that allow you to disable the buttons, the buttons on pointing stick and Touchpad itself. In addition, it has a checkbox to disable the Touchpad when an external mouse is detected.

    If you do not have this application, you must download it from the Dell site. To do that I need the model laptop, you have (all letters and numbers) or your number Service number (at the bottom of the laptop), as well as the version and color depth of Windows 7 you are using (Tip: go into Control Panel, click on system, the info is in the first box of information).

    After back here with your results. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind regards


  • Impossible to disable the time synchronization in VMWare Workstation 8.0.1

    I read 1189 KB # as well as various articles on disabling time synchronization between host and guest, but I can't seem to stop synchronization.

    I closed the comments and edited the VMX file as follows:

    tools.syncTime = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.continue = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.Restore = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.Resume.Disk = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.Shrink = "FALSE".
    Tools.Synchronize.Tools.Startup = "FALSE".

    But no matter what, the time of comments still synchronizes to the host after turning the power on or return to.

    I tried on the hosts Windows 2008 x 86 and Windows 2008 R2 with the same results.  I also disabled the functionality of Windows to "synchronize with a time server Internet.

    I'm using VMWare Workstation 8.0.1 on Windows 7 Pro x 64.

    Clues as to what I'm missing?

    Thank you.

    Your initial message, I found that something is different with the content of KB.

    Will keep you ' = 'FALSE' but the KB said there should be = 'FALSE'.»

    Please copy and paste below your *.vmx file model.

    tools.syncTime = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.continue = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.Restore = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.Resume.Disk = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.Shrink = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.Tools.Startup = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.Tools.Enable = "FALSE".
    Time.Synchronize.Resume.Host = "FALSE".

  • Impossible to disable the Welcome screen in Acrobat 2015 or DC


    I downloaded Acrobat DC, extract the MSI file and used the wizard of customization to delete the shortcut on the desktop, disable updates and accept the EULA.  I have configured the group policy to set the following registry keys (among others):

    HKLM\Software\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\DC\FeatureLockDown\cWelcomeScreen




    as shown: light = welcome #idkeyname_1_4934light = welcome #idkeyname_1_4934

    and the following Welcome screen keeps appearing:


    I have also downloaded Acrobat 2015 and used the same process, but used the registry:

    HKLM\Software\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\2015\FeatureLockDown\cWelcomeScreen




    and it still seems.

    is there a way to disable the Welcome screen that is displayed?


    If you want to disable the dialog box above, you can set the following key, by means of group policy or the Publisher directly in the Customization Wizard:

    HKLM\Software\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\2015\FeatureLockDown\




    Thank you


  • Impossible to disable the item key

    I tried to disable the page with the dynamic action (Disable) and javascripts option question button
    document.getElementById("IDOFBUTTON").disabled = true;
    calls: $x_disableItem
    but not working, any idea?

    Thank you

    IM has added a new dynamic action
    onPageLoad > run Javascript > $("#TEST").unbind ("click");
    Scope of the event: Bind
    but can't make it work...

    I know it depends on the themes/templates. (my theme 23 Apex 4.1)
    I presume that you have specified a TEST like the static ID of the button.
    To disable the button, you need to remove the href attribute


    To enable it, you need to add the attribute href return


    See you soon,.

    PS: Inspect your HTML element button. You will see something like this

    Click Me

    NOTE: There should be no space in h ref, just added to post.
    In the code above
    ID = 'TEST', where the TEST is the static ID of the button. Button required with #BUTTON_ATTRIBUTES model #.
    CLICK_ME is the name of the button, the button REQUEST
    Click on me is the test Label /Alt.

    Published by: Dominique on August 13, 2012 17:14

  • Impossible to disable the time synchronization

    Hi all

    I'm very new to VMware player, so sorry if this topic has jet were treated / my questions are obvious.

    I am running Windows 7 Pro as a guest in VMWare Player 3.1.0 host system is Windows XP. The client Windows 7 Pro as created directly from VMware

    Player (create a new Virtual Machine...). Everything is ok and the

    Created virtual OS with success of the DVD ISO. I want to disable the synchronization of the time of the guest computer, but I can not: opening the virtual machine (in a State of suspension), comments clock is synchronized after a few minutes.

    Here is a list of steps / attempts to solve the problem (without success):

    • I installed VMware tools, disable the synchronization of time in the menu "options".

    tools.syncTime = "FALSE".

    Tools.Synchronize.Restore = "FALSE".

    Time.Synchronize.Resume.Disk = "FALSE".

    Time.Synchronize.continue = "FALSE".

    Time.Synchronize.Shrink = "FALSE".

    • Inside "Internet time" synchronization is disabled.

    • Guest network card is disabled

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    This article is old - see more information

    you need more than two parameters since some versions - you have 5 - you have all 7

    tools.syncTime = "FALSE"
    time.synchronize.continue ="FALSE"
    time.synchronize.restore = "FALSE"
    time.synchronize.resume.disk = "FALSE"
    time.synchronize.resume.memory = "FALSE"
    time.synchronize.shrink = "FALSE" = "FALSE"


    VMX-settings- WS FAQ -[MOAcd |]- VMDK-manual

  • LineChart - impossible to disable the legend


    I am trying to disable the legend in the chart, but somehow, it does not work, always appears.

    Sample of my code:
    private final static XYChart.Series<Number,Number> series = new XYChart.Series<Number,Number>();
    private final static NumberAxis xAxis = new NumberAxis();
    private final static NumberAxis yAxis = new NumberAxis();
    private final static LineChart<Number,Number> lc = new LineChart<Number,Number>(xAxis,yAxis);
    // Setup the response line chart
    yAxis.setLabel("Response (ms)");
    Any idea?


    Maybe a bug, maybe a "function". Add the series before you set the caption visible-fake.

    // lc.setLegendVisible(false);


Maybe you are looking for

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