incoming ring and text very low volume!

Hi, recently noticed that when I lower the volume level for music, games, video and other media, it also reduces my ringtone and notification volume level too! (even if the level of the slider bar is on max for ringtones, notifications). so if for example I that video down on youtube etc, it takes my volume of text and call down too! This allows to happen and only noticed when I saw led missed call, text, flashing.try your own z3c?




music, video, etc. (bottom)-

Ringtone & notification (max)


Are now looking for incoming call, volume of text (very low on mine) so I have to reset the music, video, games, etc to max to hear incoming calls, texts, but I don't want to max volume for music, video.

BTW, I'm still on kitkat 4.4.4 but like I said volume levels could be addressed individually for unpacking.

now strange is my companion has MS xperia and I checked her yesterday and it had the same problem (jellybean) and because its volume level on the video, games etc is low, but max on ringtone, text lacks too calls and texts! (unless of course he puts in maximum volume on video games). also using volume on the side of the phone has no effect either.

any ideas?



just stumbled on this comment on another issue and realized that even if was weak on the preview, it was ok on the actual volume of text and incoming call! so happy again!

When you preview a ringtone played as audio media,

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    Hi all, I bought a used Tecra A3. With Win XP Professional, service pack 3. I have not all records with him.
    It was working well before a week or two ago. It has very low volume, I have all levels of volume and the maximum wave. The manual volume knob on the front has no effect, it used to work
    I think the problem started when I downloaded youtube FLV files, then I downloaded a program ('super' was the name of the program) to convert the FLV files into AVI files.
    I uninstalled the program of conversion, I failed to convert anything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver of sound card - card his Realtech AC97. I uninstalled and reinstalled WMP11. None of this has helped.

    On this view, I saw how to do a system restore. I thought to perform the system recovery can solve the problem.
    My question is, if I perform the system recovery, to the GET to the elimination of the parameters of the box, it will clear the WIN XP operating system?

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    Hello Darren

    Please do not be angry on me, but make you it so complicated. Let's be clear on this:

    Saved on DVD of recovery recovery image contains the operating system, all necessary drivers, Toshiba tools and utilities and some additional applications such as a DVD player. So if you want to install the OS by using Toshiba recovery media will be deleted all content saved on the HDD, formatted partitions and lately OS will be installed. When all is finished you will have clean operating system preinstalled. It will be the same State as the first day after the default purchase.

    Then I don't understand what you mean now with the restore process. During the installation of recovery is complete you must not install or configure anything. Just boot OS, install your favorite software, install the Microsoft updates and be happy.

    If you have any other questions please post again, but please if you ask something to be clear and precise.

  • HP Pavilion g6-1d98dx has very low volume.


    I have a

    HP Pavilion 1d98dx g6 with W7 Ultimate that suddenly has very low volume. I tried rolling back the drivers, uninstall them and the device itself.

    I also tried this option of Equalization of sound level, but it only makes it worse. He used to sound very good, but now it's horrible. Now, I have to wear headphones to listen to the music! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Hi @Kindakool

    I understand that you are having problems with the sound of your built-in speakers. I'm happy to help you with this.

    You can start with the following page, even if you get sound.
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  • The Bluetooth media suddenly got very low volume

    I was happily listening to Pandora via bluetooth for months, when all of a sudden about two weeks ago, the volume got so low I can barely hear it.  I checked the media volume control and it is bent full.  Bluetooth phone call volume still works fine and is generally of fort to operate in full.  I tried deleting and reinstalling Pandora, but no help.  I also tried another internet radio app (Slacker), but he also plays very low volume.  The only changes that I know are updates frequent free app I install I'm warned.

    Does anyone else have a problem like this?  Should I try a hard reset?

    Thank you

    Galán (Droid, 2.1 - update1)

    I did and I had to wipe my phone bluetooth devices and reboot then re add devices.  This took care of it.

  • My computer microphone picks up sound at a very low volume. It is impossible to chat with no sound coming from my side! How should I do?

    My computer microphone picks up sound at a very low volume. It is impossible to chat with no sound coming from my side! How should I do?

    Buy a micro better use - one with noise suppression.  Sounds like inexpensive material.

  • HP ENVY 17 Notebook PC TS: very low volume after upgrading to 64-bit windows 10, beats box has been deleted.

    My sound is very low and poor quality after the upgrade to windows 10, I've updated all my drivers, I chose the highest quality in the properties of the hd intel audio drivers, I checked the 3 volumes.  I should of never being updated... BIG MISTAKE!

    Thank you for your advice, sorry I did not take the solution to my problem was very simple, I had to wait for HP put the new update!  Following the solution, I went to HP Support Assistant, the trick here was to goto Support Section and not up to date on my Device option. In the Support section, I clicked on my camera since I went to the Support Center HP technology - software and drivers, then I clicked on check now. and Wallah all the drivers I need to solve my problems...

  • Very low volume on Portege R500

    The volume on my R500 (R500 - 11 c to be exact) is ridiculously low. Only with the volume at maximum (100) and using headphones I hear nothing, and even in this case, it is far too low to be useful. I can just do the test sounds to the left and then good listener when using his test detected in Control Panel-> Sound-> speakers (there no helmet to choose)-> Properties-> Advanced-> test. Unplug the headphones I hear nothing in the speakers, because of the (very low) sounds made by the fan and HARD drive. Play music (with headphones) I can just do the sounds are produced, but I can't even on what is happening.

    I tried the things mentioned in the "Satellite 5105-S901 sound is very low (even at max volume) to aid driver Toshiba ' thread without success (including the Loudness equalization).

    I am running Vista Business 32 bit and have tried the driver_audio_realtek26117B.exe, driver_audio_realtek_TC00157600B.exe and Vista_Win7_R243_x86.exe the driver files and also used the util_mute_off_25847B.exe utility.

    Enabling silent makes the already weak sounds go completely silent, so I don't think it's a matter of mute.

    Jack detection works, I can see that in the Realtek HD Audio Manager program. Using sound test of this program (Configuration of the speakers) I have to go to a completely silent, and even in this case I can't hear something on the right headphone. (I think, it's darn so low, that I could imagine I hear.)

    Decreasing the volume slider sound 100 harder almost inaudible noise similarly points out, and around 45 it is more audible even in a quiet room with headphones.

    So it seems that I somehow need to reset the audio chip in a 'normal' level Or it is broken and does not display anything more audible.

    Does anyone have ideas, what I can try next? I can boot XP or Linux, if anyone has any ideas on how to get her here, just to start. (They are silent as well, I did not like extensive tests under those as Vista).


    According to your message, you have tried to increase the volume by using all possible options
    Have you tried to increase the volume in Control Panel-> Realtek HD audio manager?
    Check this box

    You also tried to update the Realtek audio driver.
    Did you use the Realtek page directly?
    Check it!

    If this will not help, you might try the laptop with the new system recovered

    But if this does not improve the volume, then this could be a hardware problem

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    When I try to play a video on utube volume is very low. How can I increase the volume. He was much stronger. Thank you mike

    Hi mike,.

    ·         What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    ·         Did you the latest changes on the computer before this problem?

    ·         You receive an error message/code?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Sound controls in Windows

    (a) in the system tray, click on the "speaker" icon.

    (b) choose to mixer.

    The Volume mixer allows you to separately control the volume of your speakers and other sound devices or programs.

    Adjust the sound level on your computer

    Method 2: Check setting of volume under the playback devices.

    (a) right click on the "speaker" icon and choose the playback device.

    (b) select speakers, and then click Properties.

    (c) switch to the levels tab and adjust the slider.

    Method 3: Update the latest audio drivers.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly ' t-work correctly

    For reference:

    No sound in Windows

    Tips for solving common audio problems

    Sound cards: frequently asked questions

  • Very low volume for mp3 youtube or windows media player.

    I have windows vista I have the volume turn completely. But it is very low that if I use the speakers that are built into the computer the volume is fine. But if I plug a speaker on the back of the computer volume is very low.

    Hi Robert,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and forums thanks for posting the question.

    I see that the volume is very low during playback of Youtube or Windows Media Player. We will analyze and identify the cause of the problem.

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    2 is this problem limited to Youtube video and Windows Media Player?
    3. do you have the codecs installed on the computer?

    4. are you aware of changes to the computer before the show?

    Because the built-in speakers work correctly, the external speakers may be corrupted.

    Method 1:

    I suggest you to connect the speakers to another computer and check if the speakers are working properly or not.

    Method 2:

    Run the Fixit described in the article:

    Diagnose and solve the problems of Windows audio playback automatically

    Method 3:

    Although most speakers have a volume control, you can control the overall level of sound using Windows.

    Adjust the speaker volume

    See also article.

    Tips for solving common audio problems

    Hope this information helps. Get back to us if you have more queries about Windows.

  • HP ENVY 17 F9M14UA #ABA TS: no audio beats since the upgrade to 10. St very low volume of the same volume at 100%

    Walking to Windows 10.  Loss of my audio Beats.  The volume is very low, so even than the value 100% volume


    See if reinstalling the audio driver solves the problem...

    This package contains the driver that allows to the Audio IDTHigh-definition (HD) in models of laptops that arerunning an operating system supported.

    File name: sp63555.exe

  • Equium A100-147: very low volume (sound)

    Hi all

    Just bought a new A100-147 and found that the volume through the built-in speakers is extremely low, even when the scroll bar on the sound setting has been set up. I can barely hear anything, even my PDA has an output sound better than that. The problem exists for MP3, CD, and DVD. I noticed other assignments as well as on this forum with the same problem with other models (80 Equium and others), but cannot find a solution yet.

    It's a standard specific to a few patterns or problem with all laptops from Toshiba? My particular piece could be at fault?

    Any help appreciated.

    See you soon,.

    Don t be mad, but I smile now: ^ O :D
    In any case, thanks for the info

  • Equium A100-147: very low volume

    Just bought a new A100-147 and found that the volume through the built-in speakers is extremely low, even when the scroll bar on the sound setting has been set up. Anyway already activated the manual volume on the Esc key control.

    Any ideas?

    I had the same problem. Refer to the thread:

    The answer: there is a button for volume control on the front of the laptop! I'm glad it wasn't just me who does not have this spot!

  • W700 - very low Volume

    It seems that for the first few days, the volume of my W700 are quite strong, but now 100%, it is very low.  When I look at the properties of the speakers, I see that they barely reach 60% on all sound.

    Check if you have Dolby offshore. The volume is much lower than if Dolby has been disabled, it is enabled by default, when you first get the tablet.

  • Turbo - Pandora and MP3 too low volume w / Bluetooth

    Hi all

    I hope that the forum can help, I have spent the weekend looking for this and other forums and still can not find a solution to my problem.

    I have a Turbo that I've been using listening to Pandora, IHeartRadio, Google Music and Amazon music player, but also to play MP3 Poweramp and the app Amazon (for local files) and it worked without problem with an accessory Belkin auto Conenct Bluetooth via the aux on the RAV4, and it worked pretty well for the last 2 years (Droid Maxx before the Turbo words)

    This weekend I bought a Hyundai Tucson to 2013 with Bluetooth factory, and while volumes for the phone and for notifications are fine, when I try to play any kind of music, MP3 streaming either stored locally, the volume seems to be half that of other sources. CDs play fine and I burned some MP3 files on a disc and they play very well this way, so it isn't a problem with the MP3 files themselves.

    I read that there are problems with the Turbo, with the Tucson, but I've also read of this same problem happening with other brands of phone and the car if she can't be unique for the Turbo or HYundai, but of something inherent in Android. All I know is that I use my phone as a source of music a little and it's embarrassing.

    Yes, I made sure the volume of BT is set while the device is streaming, the volume of the media is set as high as possible, I uninstalled everything that can affect the volume with the exception of profile of Volume, which I use with Tasker to ensure my phone not to ring too loudly at work (I have a trigger defined for the SSID of the network to the office which uses a setting saved to breast Profile of volume, when not in the office, I have a reverse rule set to use the 'Normal' setting Thinking that maybe that's the problem I checked and it had been set at 10 on a scale of 15 but put at 15 did not improve the situation.

    I tried Volume +, which is supposed to hang on the API and volume boost beyond the normal max level, but this had no effect, either.

    Anyone encountered this, or have ideas or suggestions? (I know that the last update release notes indicate that a change was made to the volume of Bluetooth but a) it does not seem to affect the profile of audio BT and b) it worked well after the update with my Belkin BT accessory.

    I'm very grateful for any help, thank you!



    I'm no longer Hunt the Turbo as the culprit of this issue, I've now matched my phone with several other vehicles (including another Hyundai, an Elantra 2013) and it has well in other cases... at this stage, it cannot be the vehicle.

    I'll pull the fuse for the audio system see if I can reset by providing sufficient volume, and I am also pursuing a resolution through my dealer, either via some sort of update or replacement of the radio under my warranty Platinum.

    Thank you for your help,


  • Very low Volume in Vista microphone

    Hi people,

    In fact, I have 2 questions using my microphone in Yahoo Messenger in Vista that I didn't have when I used XP.

    (1) I used to use yahoo messenger to talk to the family on my XP operating system. But now, in my new PC with Vista, the microphone volume is so low that my family complains that they can hardly hear me. I literally have to scream so that they can hear something. The mic is the same and I have tried the mic in my brothers PC which has XP and it works really well.

    (2) in addition, in XP I could talk to a PC in yahoo messenger as in the two-way communication system, is that I was able to interept while someone says something to me about voice chat. but now its impossible, I have to wait until the other party has ceased to speak so that I can talk to. Know-how as a half-duplex communication.

    Please help me to solve these issues.

    Kind regards

    I am so excited! My microphone in my headphone works! And I can use in MS and Skype! After playing with all the combinations of audio settings for 2 days solid includes one night at midnight, I finally found the solution. I signed in my PC (gateway) manufacturers and provided the serial number of my PC and searched all the device drivers for my computer. Low and behold there was one available for the Realtek microphone and a speaker that came with my PC. I downloaded and installed and everything works now! Wonderful! For users of the gateway with Windows 7 or Vista, the file was Audio_Realtek_ALC888S - VC2_6.0.1.5901_W7x64. I downloaded and saved on the PC. Then I went to control Panal-> All Control Panel Items-> Manager-> sound, video devices and game controller (Double click)-> Realtek High Definition Audio-> Action-> update driver software. From there you will be directed through the following steps to search for updates on your computer and they will be installed for you. A message came that this updating process can change my current settings and I said almost thank God for it! In any case, I'm as happy as possible. If you are not a user of gateway, the only difference for you would be to look on the Web site of the manufacturer of your computer instead of the site of the bridge. Good luck to all of you sick poor frustrated.

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    I have a bug somewhere on my computer, causing it to send fake email to all my contacts, I tried to buy and install registry rewiever, but I did solve my problem, any idea out there please

  • CSA for ICM/IPCC and SQL Backup Wizard

    I have CSA for ICM (version 4.5 - 1 build 639) installed on all our servers to the ICM. It prevents SQL to make its backups to a network share. I stop the CSA and backups work fine. Thus, the permissions aren't too bad on the share drive. The backup

  • Sketches & Photomix App: picture/Photo missing from the toolbar icon

    I recently downloaded applications above on my ipad Pro with Comp.  Photo/Image icon is missing from my toolbar on sketches and Photomix but he's there in my Comp app.  I want to insert drawings or pictures of my selection and can not.  I notice on Y