InKeySetFilter not working correctly with the filter that is not IndexAwareFilter

I found that InKeySetFilter works correctly with filter that does not implement IndexAwareFilter.

for example:
cache contains the Integer objects

cache.keySet (new InKeySetFilter (new ClassFilter (Integer.class), cache.keySet ())) //returns all elements

cache.keySet (new InKeySetFilter (new ClassFilter (String.class), cache.keySet ())) //also returns all the items

InKeySetFilter works the same way, not only with ClassFilter, but with a filter that is not IndexAware. It looks like a bug.

PS using coherence 3.5.3

Hi Serge,

Yes, there seems to be a bug, if m_filter isn't an IndexAwareFilter, applyIndex returns null instead of return m_filter.

With the help of the following subclass should solve this problem:

import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Set;

import com.tangosol.util.Filter;
import com.tangosol.util.filter.InKeySetFilter;
import com.tangosol.util.filter.IndexAwareFilter;

public class FixedInKeySetFilter extends InKeySetFilter {

   public FixedInKeySetFilter() {

   public FixedInKeySetFilter(Filter filter, Set setKeys) {
      super(filter, setKeys);

   public Filter applyIndex(Map mapIndexes, Set setKeys) {
      Filter filter = getFilter();
      Filter res = super.applyIndex(mapIndexes, setKeys);
      return setKeys.isEmpty() ? null : filter instanceof IndexAwareFilter ? res : filter;

Best regards


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