Inspiron One 2320 A10 BIOS update is blocked

I'm trying to update the BIOS on my Inspiron One 2320 after replacing the hard drive. It worked fine except the fan was running full speed constantly, even after a boot after being closed overnight - so no question of real heat. Advance Google search for BIOS update being a solution to the problem of fan went wild.


I put the file A10.exe on a bootable USB key, rebooted and ran the file. Everything was going well until I came to this screen:


ITE Flash Utility Version: 1.0

Device ID; 7f9d20ff
Seller of SPI; Chingis

Block number: 0

Eraseing--erase OK

Erase check--check OK

Programming--programming OK

Check--check OK

[blinking cursor]


And it's been sitting here just like that for a few hours now. I'm afraid to do something or to restart. I am wayyyy out of warranty, so I'm on my own.



You could try erasing BIOS by removing the battery motherboard button and press / hold the power button for about 30 seconds before reinstalling the battery. Check the Manual and follow the instructions carefully to remove/install the battery.

If the battery is more of ~ 2-3 years old, this could be a good idea to install a new, so you don't have to replace it again, at least not for a long time (er).

Are how far out of warranty you? If I remember correctly, Dell had a policy to replace a motherboard - once and only once - if it doesn't have a BIOS update within six months of the end of the warranty. Do not know if that still stands...

So if does not help clear BIOS by pulling on the battery, you can contact Support to see if this policy is always available.

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    Please how do I change the battery of the BIOS on my Dell inspiron one 2320.

    I'm looking for a model, because I already opened the hood, but I have not found the battery.

    Thank you


    Please how do I change the battery of the BIOS on my Dell inspiron one 2320.

    I'm looking for a model, because I already opened the hood, but I have not found the battery.

    Thank you


    How to replace the battery on page 56 here:


  • Dell Inspiron One 2320 Nvidia GeForce GT 525 m overheating?

    Hello. I have a Dell Inspiron One 2320 I think has problems with the graphics card GeForce GT525m of overheating. 5 minutes of a game, even on the detail settings low, the temperature reached quickly 90 + degrees Celsius. The max I've seen is 96 degrees. This occurred on the first day with the computer and I rarely used it to this problem. I know there is no problems with fans and vents being dirty because I checked all and as I mentioned before the machine ran hot on the first day. Airflow behind the appliance is wide open, so I know that there is no obstruction to the air flow.

    My wife has a laptop (Inspiron 17R) with an Nvidia GeForce GT525m I've tested the same edition of the games and benchmarks on the, with even more detail settings and it reaches a temperature of about 70 ° c max.

    It seems strange to me that a GPU reaches a high temperature in such a short period of time. I have other machines (portable and desktop computers) ever approaching 90 degrees.

    Here is some relevant information on the PC in question.

    Model: Inspiron One 2320

    CPU: Intel Core i5 2400 s

    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT525m DDR3

    RAM: 6 GB

    BIOS version: A10

    NVIDIA drivers: Tested several Versions Dell & Nvidia Version 306.97 not changes of temperature between the pilots, all are about 90 degrees Celsius.

    If anyone has experiences similar to this or has a solution I would be very happy. Thank you!

    Overheating was a problem with mine, I made a drastic decision. To fit 120mm fans for the back cover. Check the youtube videos on these mods.

    The cooling is normally a problem on these with many users complaining of the black screens and restart one of the videos shows how to mount the fans/vents aft to increase cooling.

    I therefore a 2320 Dell with i5 2500K (Non-Dell) quad core CPU, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 2 TB HDD, DVD burner standard still in use via USB and mounted back cover driving fans cooling the GPU and CPU.

    Games played at max settings use to heat the motherboard to 97 degrees with the fan in place, he fell to-22 degrees to 75 c, which means that the machine not only better performance but last much longer due to the additional cooling.

    I'm using Core Temp to monitor the temperature and OCCT to the stress test.

  • Inspiron One 2320 inaccessible AIO, Windows 10 boot device error,

    I have a Dell All In One 2320. When I tried to install windows 10 throughout the system has stopped working. It is now gives me an error of Inaccessible Boot device. what I can do. It worked fine on windows 7.

    Crackers Holy, how horrible a response. Reference Dell... is this seriously the best you can do?

    Devaux, go here, this is a thread on the support site for Microsoft with a lot of information on how to recover your system and get 10 Windows installed:

    Good luck! I have an Inspiron One 2320 also and I do research on potential problems until I update it.

  • cannot use the webcam or play dvd Windows Inspiron ONE 2320 8.1


    When I open My Webcam Central on my Inspiron One 2320, I get a nice message on the right hand bottom corner 'not supported Webcam. Hmmmmm. When I try to play a DVD, no luck.

    I use Windows 8.1

    I went into the Manager.Under Imaging device, there is no sign of a driver for the webcam.

    In the section DVD, States of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM HL - DT ST DVDRWBDCT40 N does not properly. When I right click to update him pilot-still no worky.

    Thank you for your help!


    The webcam is already installed. Central webcam is software and is also already installed. Look at the illustrations in the Quick Start Guide in the list of books below and see that the camera is located on the bezel at the top of the screen has a cover and light. Remove the cover to see if that helps. If you're still having problems, go to this site to help support more-

  • Blue light on the power cord for Inspiron One 2320

    Just bought two Inspiron One 2320 Dell Outlet. The one with the Pentium processor and no touch screen came with a power supply cord has a continuous blue light to the stem of the rope through the computer. The one with the i3 processor and a touch screen has no blue light. Why should light and the other does not. Also, I would pass the cords since the cord with a blue light on the system in a bedroom and is boring. Any ideas?

    Because we're a KMART blue light special.

    Wrap the plug with a piece of black electrical tape and the problem is solved.

  • Satellite A10 BIOS update needed!

    Hey guys, my Satellite A10 guard restart whenever I stopped him. I talked to my friend and he said there's a BIOS problem, and I should be updated. So I downloaded the latest version of Toshiba and run it. It told me to insert a disk. This wouldn't be a problem but my A10 is not a floppy drive then how am I ment to upgrade the BIOS of my computer without a floppy drive?


    For your model of laptop ago just traditional BIOS update and you need a USB FDD for it. In my opinion, you can check on ebay or somewhere there FDD cheaply or you can contact the Service partner.

    It takes about 10 minutes for the BIOS update, and you can do it alone. It is very easy. As I said, check if you can find a used floppy drive. It cannot be expensive.

    Also, you can borrow one from your dealer or your business!

  • Inspiron 11-3147 A09 bios update - slow post

    Has anyone else who noticed after the bios update to your 11-3147 A09 she way takes longer to start? It takes on average 15 seconds to look at the logo Dell before Windows 10 begins to start. I installed an SSD drive once it arrives at the point of the operating system to start it is fast as lightning... just the bios post seems unusually slow. I will try to reinstall the previous bios to confirm. I wonder if anyone has had this happen also. I also have an 11-3148 and there was an update of the bios for it the same day. It has not affected there startup speed at all and in fact seemed to deal with "plugged not supported" she had.

    I use a Samsung Evo 850 256 GB.

    Here is an update of this strange story: yesterday, I started the bios A07. BIOS went all very well, but then can't start windows. It is not my drive. He does it in the bios but not during the post apparently. All start-up parameters and the reader look the same as they were before. Tried a 10 repair facility that has actually worked for me this time (before I only got failures for some reason any). It ends and gives me a file of the application log, as he killed in the process. Mostly just the Apps from Dell that is not a big deal. Rebooted and once more start times are nice and fast as I hoped. And that's not all folks! On top of that, he now sleeps properly instead of stopping just as I was whining in my last post. Weird to say the least. It was my last ditch effort. If it didn't I was going to return the dreaded 8.1. Used all night because I normally and it works perfectly. The only thing I noticed mention, is that the battery does not charge of 100% which is what fixed the update to bios A09. No biggie. It says 99% and I know that it is fully charged. It really makes me wonder how the guys at Dell discover stuff before it was dismissed. Seems that every type of computer that is working for my company is in the same way... a correction of a bug but neglect to check if the patch touched anything else and walk.

  • Inspiron One 2320 - factory restore / recovery outcome


    I bought the Inspiron One last year which has Windows 7 Professional pre-installed on it.

    In my infinite wisdom, I decided to make a room upgrade to Windows 8.

    My wife don't like Windows 8 and want to return to Windows 7 Pro.

    The problem rears its ugly head when I go in the troubleshooting section > Advanced Options > System Image recovery

    I get the report that there is system image.

    Windows 8 wiped my hard drive factory backup image?

    I'm counting on you my fellow COMPUTER geeks for the answer!



    Hi André,.

    I understand that Windows 8 is a relatively new OS and might take a while to become familiar with. However, if you encounter problems using Windows 8, you can refer to the Windows 8 here for general support 'how to' articles of use page.

    As you have upgraded to Windows 8, the recovery partition has been lost and you would not be able to go back to Windows 7 via the Image recovery. However, if you have created a recovery media factory at the time of the system configuration, you may be able to restore the system to factory settings using this media.

    If you have not created a recovery media, the only way to get back to Windows 7 is to re - install the operating system using reinstallation disks.

    Answer please if you have any other questions.

  • Inspiron One 2320 - replacing hard drive

    Diagnosis informed me that my hard drive has failed. I have a spare hard drive available that I can use to replace the failed one. However, the Inspiron One comes without a Windows 7 disk, including the operating system can be reinstalled and then authenticated by Microsoft. Is a hidden partition with the installation of the OS program available? How can I get that on a disk hard nine and then go to reinstall Windows? Or is there a utility that I can use for this reader to image and restore to the new?



    Thanks for joining us.

    As the hard drive failed, I suggest not to copy or create a system of her image.

    Please send a private message with the serial number of the computer. We'll see how get you the DVD of Windows 7 at the earliest.

    To send a private message, click on my name, and then click Start conversation.

    Thank you.

  • Inspiron one 2320 touch screen does not work

    I have all in one, my touch screen does not work. I have Windows 7 How do I work?

    or by post to this community to get help.

  • Inspiron One 2320 - All In One No Image displayed. Works with the external monitor.

    System works properly when connected to an external monitor. I use it for this type. Built in touch screen does not display any image, but turns on and stays on. That's all just white. I took it to a guy from the local computer that has not been able to diagnose. He changed the LCD cable I think, he said. I have updated the video drivers.

    Is the monitor shot?

    If I need to replace the screen could I just buy a nontouch screen that is much more affordable and replace it with that?

    In fact, I give you a link to the manual in my last post, but had broken in this post then try this link.

    Instructions to remove the touch control panel, screen Assembly and then the display panel begins on page 105.

  • Inspiron One 2320 - USB will not recognize Keyboard (wireless and usb keyboard)

    someone help me please... I don't know what is happening to my keyboard wireless (im using the usb mouse). I can not type. fair play/pause, next, previous flight upward, downward and silent flight...

    Personally, I wouldn't because I think that 10 is better than 8/8.1. I would just use a wired USB keyboard and mouse. Your call.

  • Inspiron One 2320, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, the installation order [questions]

    After installing Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (Windows 7 Home Premium replacement).  Using the tab order of Installation, I finished the first category.

    LAN works.  The WIFI does not work.

    Suggestions?  Comments?


    I'm guessing that you have sought pilots using your Service number, unfortunately, frequently missing some essential drivers.

    Since your jpg shows that SM Bus controller is marked, it seems that you have not installed 2 chipset drivers Intel for Win 7 or Ethernet, WLAN and card reader drivers:

    1. Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility
    2. Intel AMT HECI
    3. 5139 Realtek card reader driver
    4. Realtek RTL8111E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
    5. Driver Atheros Wireless, either 1502 WLAN or 1702 WLAN + BT Combo according to what WLAN card you own.

    2 drivers Intel should be installed as the first 2 drivers after loading Windows 7.  Without 2 chipsets, the other drivers cannot install or may not work

    Install the Intel 2 drivers in the order listed above, and then restart. Install the other 3 and then reboot again. Some / all of the last 3 may ask you to restart to complete the installation, so do this before moving on to the news of the driver.

    See if that fixes things.

  • Inspiron One 2320 Monitor driver

    It is a 23 inch screen and I can't find the driver anywhere on the Dell site. For now, I'm just a generic pnp and my screen does not cover the full screen. Help, please! Thank you.

    You don't need a monitor driver. You need a video card driver.

    Go to the support page for this system and download the video driver for your video card and your version of Windows.

    But before you do this, right click on an empty area of the desktop, then select the resolution. Make sure it is set to the native screen resolution so that it fills the entire screen.

Maybe you are looking for