Install Windows 7 on a Qosmio G30

When you perform an advanced installation of Windows 7 on a Qosmio G30, hard drives are not detected.
I mean, on the screen where I'm supposed to select the disc to install Windows, nothing on the screen.
What I detected hard drives drivers? If so, I wasn't able to find them on the Toshiba web site.
If there is another problem, please explain.



If you go into the BIOS at startup you see the discs? If not, then you have no (?) drive hard or you have a problem with the system. When you take the Advanced installation option, you see the physical drives (Disk0, Disk1, etc.) and the logical drives (C, D, etc.) that they are distributed in (and no disk space). If you see a Disk 0 and nothing else then take disk advanced link on this screen option to partition disks.

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  • In response to the way I had Windows 7 works on Qosmio G30

    In response to the way I had Windows 7 works on Qosmio G30

    The thread is locked and I couldn't add this

    After the installation of Windows Vista, I went into C drive and deleted the file old windows which has Windows Xp

    Don't know if it's problems to get Windows 7 to work but that's what I did

    You mean that this thread:

    The removal of the old Windows folder should not affect the installed Windows operating system. This file appears if the second operating system was installed on the same partition without formatting the HARD drive.
    Anyway. Thanks for the additional info!

  • Can not find the drivers for Windows XP on a Qosmio G30-155

    Hi all

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate installed (by default) in my laptop. As you know, Vista comes with a lot of errors and a huge amount of compatibility issues. But I am not able to find any BIOS drivers and devices on the laptop, so I can't install XP in another partition (my drivers are supplied with a "restore CD" which installs Windows Vista as well).

    No idea where to find these drivers?

    Thank you

    Qosmio G30-155 belongs to the series of PQG32E, all the XP drivers are already on the European driver Toshiba page.

    The path to the driver page is:> support download &-> download drivers

    I really wonder why this page... don't know yoy?  :|

  • RAID drivers that support Windows 2003 server for Qosmio G30 - 153

    Where can I find RAID drivers that support Windows 2003 server for Qosmio G-series(G30-153)
    Thanks in advance.


    Windows Server 2003 must support the XP drivers.
    Then, try to search RAID XP drivers!

    cordially :)

  • Some problems after installing Windows 8 on the Qosmio X 500

    Sorry for my bad English...

    I have a qosmio x 500 PQX33E. I installed the upgrade of windows 8.
    But I have problems drivers.

    For the eco mode, the digital key does not respond.

    For the HDMI to the TV connection, before the connection is automatic. With windows 8, I have to do manually.

    I had to disable the optical driver to operate the bluray player.

    And several other pilots missing for windows 64 b 8.

    Do you know if I can use a different drivers, qosmio, qosmio x 875 as?

    is that Toshiba will create windows 8 drivers for our old machines and other qosmio?

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    > Do you know if I can use a different drivers, qosmio, qosmio x 875 as? Is that Toshiba will create windows 8 drivers for our old machines and other qosmio?

    As far as I know Toshiba released an official list of old Win 7 notebook series that will save 8 drivers and support.
    The matrix to win 8 can be found here:

    As you can see, the Qosmio X 500 series is not that is why I think that Win 8 drivers will come out of this show.

    But in some cases, you can use the tools to win 8 who were released for other series.
    As for example the VAP Toshiba to win 8.

    However, this does not mean that everything will work as in the past using Win 7

  • How to install Windows Vista on the Qosmio G35-Av600 RAID driver?

    I have Windows Vista Home Preminm upgraded Pakage. When I start the installation process, the installation program ask Toshiba Raid Driver. So I click the button to load a driver and choose the folder where the driver is located, as mentioned on the guide, but said configuration there is no driver found for this player.

    What is the reason and what is the solution?


    Have you chosen the right RAID driver?
    It seems that this laptop Qosmio was designed for the American market and therefore, you need to download the driver to the US page:

    It is specially designed RAID driver for Vista. At that time its version 1.10.0016 .
    Please note that you will need to extract this file prior to installing the RAID driver!

  • Cannot install Windows XP on the Qosmio F50-108

    I got the Qosmio F50-108 with Vista.

    I dislike Vista so I tried to install XP.
    Unfrtunatelly, I get a BSOD every time XP takes over for the first time (startup). Usually, when there is a problem of sata, XP tells you while there's no HARD drive, but I do not get this message, I get a BSOD.
    I don't know why there is no support for XP in fact I know that Microsoft paid toshiba to stop supporting Windows XP.

    Is the thing that drives me crazy, YOU CAN INSTALL WIN XP ON EVERY APPLE COMPUTER MACINTOSH, but you can't do it with a Toshiba.

    I know that there is a possibility, I know that an update of the bios might help, but toshiba does not.
    Dear Sirs to Toshiba, I know you know what I have to do in order to get XP running on a Toshiba computer, so please, help me.

    Hi guys

    You can install XP on each laptop Toshiba. But you knew how! : D

    Your Windows XP CD must contain the SP2. This is important because the new laptops no matter which manufacturer need SP2 patches due to some hardware compatibility issues!
    Without the SP2, you will receive a BSOD!

    Then, the new notebooks support SATA drives hard and new SATA controllers!
    Windows XP and Vista operating systems do not contain the SATA drivers, and therefore you must include first before running the installer of the OS.
    Or you can disable the SATA in the BIOS. You will need to switch from AHCI to compatibility mode.

    Then, you must install the XP window successfully.

    So finally, I must say that I really don't understand these comments like this:
    > Is the thing that drives me crazy, YOU CAN INSTALL WIN XP ON EVERY APPLE COMPUTER MACINTOSH, but you can't do it with a Toshiba.
    OK, I see you're frustrated because you cannot install the operating system, but he must know that this is not a problem of laptop, but it is only a case or a knowledge!
    So maybe you should learn more about new technologies and you'll know how things are working. ;)

    To all here-> greetings & peace;)

  • Can we install Windows MCE 2005 on Qosmio G20

    I want to improve my operating system from Windows XP to Windows XP MCE 2005 is there a way to do it.

    Help, please


    Of course, you can upgrade you OS, but you need an original full version Microsoft Windows XP MCE. You have to buy.
    But all the necessary drivers, you can find and download the Toshiba site.

    Good bye

  • How to install 5 Intervideo on a Qosmio G30

    I lost my restore disk and now all of my drivers are passed and I was wondering if there is anyway get intervideo back without having to pay for it.

    Someone help please, you will be very grateful!

    I Don t think you will get WinDVD separately, because it s an OEM version and it s merely a recovery/operating system comes with one machine.

    But I cannot give an alternative solution:

    This player plays almost ALL formats, including DVD´s and free artistry. Feel free to download it. :)

    Welcome them

  • Qosmio G30-140 - cannot adjust the brightness of the screen on Windows 7


    I installed Windows 7 on my Qosmio G30-140, but I can't adjust the brightness settings.
    Instead of allowing me to place the cursor on any position, I want that I'm stuck with only 3 steps which elect to.
    The last of them is way to bright and my eyes keep tear having to deal with this crazy amount of white, especially on white background.
    The other two are very, very dark.
    What is going on? I installed the right Nvidia drivers.
    Also, I can't adjust the brightness using the FN keys on my keyboard. They simply produce no result at all.

    Need help appreciated, I can't work like this.

    Thank you!


    The brightness of the display can be controlled by the FN + F7 and Fn + F6.
    I think you should install the VAP and buttons of the Support of Flash memory card utility in order to get this to work!

    Check the added value Package and Support Flash Card which are released for Satellite L500 utility or new models of laptops.
    In my case it worked!

  • Qosmio G30 - installation of Windows 7


    I recently installed Windows 7 on my Qosmio G30 (w / HD-DVD). Having noticed that some people have had problems with it, I decided to post my procedure.

    My Qosmio has 2 hard drives with XP MCE installed on the primary. The RAID settings are 1RAID0 and JBOD. I decided to install Windows 7 on the second disc of HARD to dual boot with XP.

    1. upgrade the BIOS to 3.90
    2 put the Toshiba RAID for Vista (version 1.10.0016) drivers on a USB key.
    3. use the Win7 DVD to portable computer startup in the installation program, it's better than the installer of in Windows XP/Vista.
    4 load the RAID during the installation drivers to use hard drives (click on "Load driver").
    5. install Win7.
    6 install Windows Update and let it download the necessary drivers.

    You may need to manually install the drivers for Bluetooth and video Capture card.

    The upgrade process went smooth every thing takes less than 2 hours.

    Note that the Windows 7 installer does not recursively for the RAID drivers search, you must select the folder holding the KR10N. INF file in the location of the RAID driver.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Hey mate,

    Thank you for this very interesting and nice post! :)

    I don t Qosmio G30 but I think it could be very useful for other users here. I love reading such display.

    I installed Windows 7 on my Qosmio F50 and I m satisfied also again Windows 7. You too?

  • Qosmio G30 - BIOS need to be updated for Windows 7


    I am trying to install win7 (not beta) on Qosmio G30 (PQG32E with HD-DVD).
    I begin the installation, and copying the files on the hard drive. Then the computer restarts for installation.
    But every time you start ends in a blue screen with the error: stop 0x0000007E. The text of the blue screen is not little say on an update of the BIOS. But there is no latest BIOS available on the Toshiba site. BIOS 3.90 is installed. There is no other is available.

    XP and Vista runs without problem.

    BIOS with a standard configuration.



    I don't see any question in your message, but you probably want to know if Toshiba will offer BIOS updates. I am sure that nobody here can give you a definitive answer but, in my opinion, Qosmio G30 will be not supported with Win7.

    The first series of Qosmio G30 is delivered with WXP MCE and later with Vista. Thus, this model of laptop is quite old. I watched how Toshiba treated with old laptops when Vista was on the market again and not over a year of two laptops have been supported. So I think with Win7 will be the same story. All laptops, not more than one year one or one and a half not will be not supported for Win7.
    I think in the future that Toshiba does not update the BIOS designed for Win7.

    Of course, I wish wrong me about this, but the future will show whether or not it is just my opinion.

    In any case, good luck.

  • Re: Qosmio F20-137 - after I installed Windows 7 I have no sound

    I installed Windows 7 on my Qosmio F20 and all the drivers have been installed by windows update after I connected to the Internet.
    I can play music and videon to files in Windows Media player, but there is no sound in speakers or if I connect the headphones.
    If I look on the driver for the sound in devicemanager he says that everything is OK. Does anyone know what is the problem?

    I also reinstalled Windows 7 but still the same problem.

    Kind regards

    Hi sta1n,

    Maybe the sound is muted... Check using the FN + ESC key combination that can toggle the sound.

    Also, check the page of Toshiba. Qosmio F20 taken Windows 7 isn't supported so that you can try the Vista driver.

  • How to install Windows XP Home on a Qosmio X 500?


    I find windows 7 especially frustrating so I want to dual-boot with Windows XP.

    So I tried to install XP, but I get a BSOD after the installer does its initial copy of files (before the bit where you specify which partition to install on). At first, I thought that it might be because I need drivers SATA wake in the installation so that it can detect the hard disks. But it does not work. So now, I'm at a lost as to why I can't install it? Is it to do with the hidden partition on the laptop which was set up to store the backup image of the system?

    Anyone able to tell me if its possible to install XP on and if so how?

    My Qosmio X 500 is the Australia.

    Thank you.


    > Other experts could help tell us if we can install Windows XP on Toshiba Qosmio X 500 Series or not?
    I m not really an expert, but I think that Windows XP on Qosmio X 500 is not possible because there are no drivers on the official website of Toshiba. This means that you will not be able to use all functions on X 500 because it s Windows 7 supported only.

    But why you want to change obsolete Windows XP? Are not satisfied with Windows 7 or what?
    I use Windows 7 for 9 months now and in my opinion it really awesome OS s. Windows 7 is the future because it of stable and fast. All new material is designed for Windows 7. ;)

  • Qosmio G30-176: BSOD when installing Windows Vista Edition full

    I have my wisdom(??!!) I bought a Toshiba Qosmio g30-176 with preinstalled Windows XP MCE 2005. The plan was to install Windows Vista Ultimate on drive D: (do the dual machine boot XP & Vista). I've updated the BIOS today on the Toshiba site and I ran Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

    I started the upgrade of Vista (custom) and installed the Toshiba RAID drive C: Qosmio (driver C:\toolscd\raid) driver. Installation starts copying the files from the Vista installation disc. This completes OK.

    The upgrade then continues to "unpack"(?) ". files - part way through this restarting of the o/s.
    To restart the Qosmio stop with the blue screen of death and the "SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" message "STOP: 0x0000006f (0xC000009D, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000).

    What is the error?
    What should I do to fix it?
    Thanks - Alan E


    You perform an upgrade or a new installation of OS?
    If you have tired to upgrade XP to Vista you must first remove some utilities Toshiba XP because some XP tools are not compatible with the new Vista operating system

Maybe you are looking for