Installing Win7 on Toshiba all in a LX830

I talk to consider Windows 8 for the stands.
I have a copy of 7 Ultimate and a key.

I understand that I must first to install 7 insert the drive in the D/P and press F2 to power. BUT I suspect that the distance K/B is not live until the operating system is loaded, then how do I respect part 1 of the instructions.

I guess that the keyboard works to turn on/off the computer.
Its no matter if the operating system has been loaded or not.

Otherwise, you can also connect an external USB keyboard to the computer.

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  • Toshiba All In One LX830 - function keys lost after installing Win 7

    With the help and patience, I got 8 Win replaced with Win 7.

    But I lost some of the control functions of the keyboard, specifically the screen brightness control.

    Does anyone know what steps should I take?

    I ran a proprietary driver program update that did not find a problem.

    Dave B

    I think that you have not installed the TOSHIBA value added Package for Win 7 64 bit

    Here you can download the
    [Toshiba VAP for Win 7 64 bit v1.6.0027.640202 |]

    Install the package and check if the FN keys would be activated.

  • Need remote control for Toshiba all-in-One LX830


    I recently bought a LX830 11 d for my mother.
    The unit is ex-reparation but don't know if that actually meant to have a remote for the TV feature support.

    If she was supposed to have one then it is absent and dealer is not sure that they are not.
    Is it possible to buy a new remote or if there are compatible options available.

    According to the Toshiba LX830 - 11 d
    Page of the specifications, the remote control Windows Media Center was part of the delivered equipment.

    I think that this remote control could be ordered in the Toshiba authorised service provider available in your country.
    Give them a call and ask for this part.

  • Impossible to install win7 on a Tecra A8 with ssd

    Hi all

    I am trying to install win7 on my Tecra A8 PTA83E and I have the following problem
    -If the drive is a normal hard drive, then installation is complete OK
    -If I change the disc with an ocz vertex turbo SSD, then the installation will stop, at the time when
    Win7 try to unpack the installation files in the disc with an error message "file not found" or similar. "

    I've been reading about SSD in the web and the prime suspect is the IDE - SATA in Bios mode, they
    all you suggest changing the IDE - SATA mode to AHCI mode. I look in the Bios in Toshiba Utilities
    and not found anything.

    Anyone know how to change the mode in the Bios, if course is supported?
    Also, someone installed win7 SSD in other models and have any suggestions?

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.


    As I know the BIOS Tecra does not support this option.
    But it s not no need to change something in the BIOS because the Windows 7 contains the necessary SATA drivers.

    However, I think you should check the SSD manufacturer support page that maybe a firmware must be updated

    I also recommend the formatting of this SSD again maybe it helps

  • I need drivers to install Win7 64 bit on mSATA SSD


    I need drivers to install WIN7 x 64 on THNSNH256GMCT mSATA SSD

    Serial number on my product is 23NS10BFTABY

    Thank you!

    This serial number does not help much. It will be better if you can display the name of the exact model laptop and the model number.

    Anyway, visit Toshiba support and download page for your country and if your laptop model is supported for Win7 64 bit, you should be able to find all of the necessary drivers, tools and utilities.

  • Portege Z830: Cannot install Win7, complains about driver CD/DVD


    I have a brand new Portege Z830 and as usual wanted to start by installing a new installation of Windows 7 x 64 (that I don't want the software provided and cannot be trusted, that it is safe in any case). I have saved all of the disk, prepared a flashdisk USB bootable with Windows Setup and it. The flashdisk OK boots, Windows wonder about my language and keyboard, and then shows a screen where I can choose between installation, repair and something else (the Recovery Console, I think).

    I click on install, Windows starts the installation program aand once a first dialog box appears, it displays an error message that basically says (this is a translation of the message from my localized Windows): "a required CD/DVD drive driver is missing. If you use a driver from the floppy disk, CD, DVD, or the flashdisk, insert now. "And I can't get over this error message. The strange thing is, there is no reason for that Windows requires no additional driver, because he can read the installation flashdisk (apparently) and he can see the ultrabook SSD, too (can be verified as well in the recovery console and clicking the browse of this dialog box). So far I have tried:

    (1) four different Windows 7 images (two of them to MSDN AA, two physical, that have been used successfully to install the OS before).

    (2) switch SATA mode to AHCI Compatible.

    (3) two different flashdisks.

    (4) any combination of the boot order.

    Nothing has worked. I even tried e-mailing of Toshiba, but all messages to return with 'user unknown' (understandable, I had to guess addresses since Toshiba doesn't seem to provide some official way to communicate with them - or is hiding if well I have found it). Does anyone have an idea what I can try next? I rather like the Z830 and I'd love to use it, but the ability to install my own installation of the operating system is essential for me.

    Thanks, Pepak

    > I tried e-mailing of Toshiba...
    Maybe stupid question now, but have you tried to contact Microsoft too? If the BIOS is OK, and if all the USB ports work correctly, I don t think it is Toshiba related issue. Toshiba offers notebook with the original recovery image (WIN7 64-BIT HOME PREMIUM) and ability to create bootable USB stick with the recovery image that can be used when you want.

    What you do now is your own installation of the OS. Toshiba has to do is to offer to all the important factors, download tools and utilities on the drivers page.

    What else could you try? Try to get external USB ODD and trying to install WIN7 using Microsoft installation disc. I'm sure it will work.

  • Need advice for installing Win7 on Satellite A300


    I intend to buy Satellite A300-1MT (PSAGCE), and before I do I just check if there are still some problems with drivers for W7 for this model?
    On other forums, I saw that there are some problems with drivers like music keys, webcam, touchpad and FN keys and so on...

    So, can someone confirm me that all drivers are now available and everything works?

    And also until I started installing drivers is there anything I need to know (wait used?) Or perhaps better: does anyone have a special notice?

    Please, find the will to respond! Thank you very much!


    I have the Satellite A300 running Win7 32 bit, but my model is PSAG8E.
    To be honest I have very good experience with installing Win7 on Satellite A300 and I can recommend you to install on this Satellite.

    If you visit the Toshiba support page under > support & downloads you will see that your laptop model is supported Win7 and it shouldn't be problem to install all the necessary drivers and other stuff of Toshiba.

    Here is the list how I did this exactly:
    atellite A300 (PSAG8E) and clean Win7

    -chipset driver
    -Storage Manager
    -display driver
    -driver sound
    -modem driver
    -utility supervisor
    -patches 1.2
    Hardware - toshiba
    Control - HDMI
    -WLAN driver

    Everything works well but lacks some drivers

    Added Vista tips:
    Toshiba - help - working properly
    -Card reader - installed correctly
    -Webcam driver for A500 - tested with Skype - works correctly.
    Driver - Synaptics

    Win7 works well and I am very satisfied. No problems with the feature keys FN.

    If you are going to buy this laptop start installation Win7 following this order of installations. Please inform us of problems and I hope that we can help you about this.

  • Satellite A300 (PSAG8E) - hardware problems after I installed win7 ultimate

    Hello and good day,

    I installed win7 ultimate a few days ago, windows was able to recognize most of my material accepts my build of microphone and camera and another component, I'm not sure what it is (Windows Update automatically downloaded the driver of sound and graphics for me).

    My questions are - where you can find the remaining drivers and where can I get the preinstalled Toshiba tools and software? (The site pilot in the support page Toshiba does not include drivers and software)

    Thank you very much
    King Ben Simon


    I have the Satellite A300 (PSAG8E) too and installed Win7 Home premium and everything works perfectly.

    Initially, I must say that I do not know where you are looking for the drivers and tools of Toshiba and that all things because utilities are downloadable on support Toshiba & download page under

    It is logical that MIC will not work if you have not installed the appropriate driver. Installing drivers only and not using Microsoft update. What you need are the real and tested and not some free drivers of the internet.

    Go to the Toshiba download page and install all the stuff following this order of installations:
    -chipset driver
    -Storage Manager
    -display driver
    -driver sound
    -modem driver
    -utility supervisor
    Hardware - toshiba
    Control - HDMI
    -WLAN driver

    Everything works well but lacks some drivers

    Added Vista tips:
    Toshiba - help - working properly
    -Card reader - installed correctly
    -Webcam driver for A500 - tested with Skype - works correctly.
    Driver - Synaptics

  • Satellite C660 - can I use own Win7 without Toshiba bloatware?


    So basically I have a Satellite C660 and it came with an iso on the D drive. So, whenever I need to clean my system I use the iso of the d drive and it will be like new again. However I hate all this toshiba bloatware, that settles and all the other stupid stuff, so I was wondering if I have a disc of windows 7 and as started the laptop from the drive and installed windows 7 from her without all the stupid stuff, everything would still work as usual? or what?

    Thank you.

    In General, you can do with your computer laptop all you want, and nobody don't require you to use preinstalled stuff. You can install Win7 clean version and if you install all the necessary drivers it works without any problem.

    Please note: for this own Win7 version you must have a valid license for the product activation and before starting the installation create recovery for recovery image back-up DVDs. After installing Win7, you will not be able to start the installation of HARD drive recovery image.

    What I do and can also recommend to you and all other people, is the optimization of operating system pre-installed. Use original Win7 but remove things you don't need. After doing this you will have original, activated the OS that will run more quickly and without unnecessary stuff.

  • Installing Win7 on Satellite M70-173 - query of wireless internet


    I have a Toshiba Satellite M70-173, which I think to be up-to-date with windows 7. However after you run the windows 7 Advisor, he told me to download the driver of the wireless device that is:

    Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection

    I put t really know what it is? Is my wireless 'card '?
    In any case, I check on the Intel site for the updated drivers for win7, and he says:

    "Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection does not support Microsoft Windows * 7.

    Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection is no longer manufactured by Intel, nor Intel provide any future software updates to support new operating systems or improve compatibility with devices and third-party software products. "

    Does this mean that I should not install Windows 7?

    How can I work around this problem, do need me to upgrade and how much would this cost?
    Thank you

    Satellite or Equium M70 is old model of laptop computer designed for Windows XP Home edition, so it is certainly not taken in charge for Win7. It is certainly possible to install Win7 on this laptop, but you will not be able to make it work with all the options that are specific to Toshiba.

    Yes it's the wireless card if this card doesn t work for lack of best drivers and the best option for you is to buy the wireless USB dongle. Ask your dealer how local it costs. As far as I know that's not expensive.

  • Satellite P300D-12F shows blue screen by installing Win7

    When I bought ths laptop, Windows Vista is already installed (32 bit Premium).

    Now, I bought Windows7 Prof I wanted to upgrade my system. But, is not possible. Because of the compatibility of professional and high quality of windows.
    That's why I have to install windows 7 from the beginning (New Installation, no upgrade)
    I tried to install the system

    The problem is that I always get blue screen windows

    What should I do? What is the reason for this problem?
    Thank you

    I installed Win7 on a friend's Satellite P300D month without problems.

    Here is my order of installations:
    Satellite P300D-13N and own Win7

    -display driver
    -driver sound
    Driver LAN-
    -Supervisor password utility
    -card reader controller
    -WLAN driver
    -Infrared driver
    -Registry patch 1.2
    -Hardware configuration
    -Toshiba Assist (Vista)
    touchpad driver-
    driver webcam-

    Before you begin installation remove all existing partitions and create a new partition and he chose to install Win7. That s all that I did.

  • Impossible to disable touchpad after installing Win7 on Qosmio x 300


    I have a laptop Qosmio X 300, which came with Vista. When I was with Vista, I turned off the tap-click for the touchpad because of its sensitivity.
    Now, I installed Win7 and I can't find the options as before. Does the laptop have a synaptics pointing device and I installed all the drivers from the Web from Toshiba website.
    I looked in the control panel and tried to change the settings of the software synaptics touchpad, but I had no luck.

    Do you have any suggestions? Should I'm looking for a driver for win7 for my touchpad?

    Thank you

    You can disable the touchpad in the mouse properties too.
    Simply click on the disablebutton.

  • Satellite A300 - Webcam not working not because I installed Win7


    I have toshiba laptop Satellite A300, it had windows vista installed in this laptop, but I formatted and installed Windows 7 and since I installed this windows 7 my webcam is not working it gives an error "webcam driver open fail.please restart camera or computer" and even after doing this its does not work.

    And after the installation of this window, I think that the display setting is also out of order, I tried to install the drivers and sorftwares support toshiba but without success.

    I need help to solve this problem. Help, please

    Thanks in advance.

    We hope to hear soon.

    Hello sajjad

    I ve made very good experiences with Satellite A300 and Win7. In front of me, I have Satellite A300-1LI. This is the PSAG8E model and I can confirm that everything works perfectly.

    I have an offer for you:
    Send us please phone model correct and we can check the Toshiba download page to see what's available for Win7 for your laptop model.
    I can also send you exact order facilities how to install all the stuff from Toshiba.

    Please let us know what you did to get the camera work.
    Let us know how you installed Win7 and all the stuff from Toshiba (drivers, tools and utilities).
    You have other issues with Win7 on your Satellite A300?

    See you :)

  • Installing Win7 on Satellite A300-23d


    I went and got the Win7 in a store.
    I realized that it would be preferable to install the Windows 7 with the help of KILLED because of the Toshiba utility... when I started killed HER, he stopped and said that "this model do not support win7 upgrade..."

    This pc is 6 months old! How is it possible?
    What to do? Can I put with none KILLED if so where can I get all the staff of Toshiba?

    If you have original installations of Microsoft DVD for Win7 best solution is to do clean OS install and not upgrade.
    Before Win7 installation please visit Toshiba Win7 download page under and check if you can find all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities for your laptop model.
    So all the stuff from Toshiba is there then install Win7 and continue with the installation of the drivers.

    By the way: before delete you everything in the disk HARD create Toshiba recovery DVD for Vista.
    You may need in the future.

    If you have any other questions please let us know.

  • Keep HP with Vista 64 bit programs to clean install Win7

    My HP pavilion m9400t was bought a year ago and failed to qualify not free upgrade.  In any case, I think I will try to Win 7.  I'm gathering that I need to do a clean install.  How to save all the extra HP provided software installed with Vista (Hardware diagnosis Tools, HP Advisor, HP Support info, Lightscribe, Cyberlink DVD suite, etc.).  I use these programs regularly and want to be able to install on Windows 7.  How to save each of them?

    If this is the case, and I lose all the extra software HP... is there a way to record programs on a DVD and the re - install after a clean installed Win7?

    Where can I find these files?

    OR conversly, if I make a superposition of Win7 on vista installation, be fine or will it be buggy?

Maybe you are looking for