Integration between SEEP (planning and budgeting Service Cloud) and BIC, BIC & ERPCS

Hi all

I have two scenarios:

I capture/take ERPCS transactional data and to report to the BIC.

I capture/take the analytical data of SEEP (cube) and to report to the BIC.

Can someone please shed some light on the requirements above, especially from the point of view of integration.

Also, share any integration doc. If there is.

Thank you



Hi Ashish,

It would be a two-step process. You can extract the data of SEEP down using the Rest API of SEEP to a location on site and then you will have to download on BIC for reporting.

Integration is on the roadmap, but it is not yet available.


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    EPMA is really just an improved graphical interface for managing metadata, applications and data synchronizations.

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    See you soon


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    Thank you and best regards


    Hi Aan,

    Regarding your question
    RMS of BO/POS/CO/SIM is done partially on the lots and the COAST (SIM).

    The flow of data from RMS to SIM occurs mainly through SIDES (this includes transaction data). But there are still a few batch programs like dataseeding (- who will get the data from the RMS Foundation to SIM-). SIM activity at certain times there are direct API calls to STORE COMMANDER (-in which RSL comes in to the picture)

    Data transfer between RMS and POS/BO/CO is via DIMP (data import) which is done through spring. Inequality as point (from RMS) and the price (from RPM) is divided on these systems through DIMP.

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    Thanks in advance.



    SEEP is always not other labour plnning/Capex planning modules etc.

    You can see more info on

    Kind regards


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    Thank you


    Hi Vivek,

    To load data from the Contact in the the OPA policy template, you must configure the widget of the OPA. For instructions, see the following articles:

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    See you soon,.


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    I would like to know about this new feature of - planning budgeting Application model and Oracle. Where can we get more details about this?

    I would like to start with a demo app DRM using Oracle planning and budgeting Application model.

    Thank you.

    You can find the application model planning-app - template.xml in the installation of DRM to the player: \Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\DataRelationshipManagement\server\app-templates

    The integration of the PMCS provided by Oracle guide is useful, the Group let know if you have any other questions.

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    2. If I want to choose the plan of photography that is currently showing Rs. 499 /-per month. And if I want to unsubscribe or stop after 2 months, then do I have to pay fees for 2 months only or for the entire year or 50% of the total price of the year.

    3. Similarly, if I have to stop after 7 months, then I will have to pay the price for 7 months (7 x 499 = 3493) or for the entire year.

    4. Finally, do I have the possibility, to cancel the subscription at anytime in between, say for everything after 2 or 7 months or more.

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    6. can I download and install apps on several desktop and laptops also. Or at least a desktop and a laptop.

    7. will I get free CC of Photoshop and Lightroom CC updates after purchase of photography for a year and free plan.

    8 will. what kind of support I once I bought the plan of photography. I get telephone, chat and support the type of ticket or email support or one of these.

    Your kind positive response is significant.


    Anish-desloge wrote:

    It's a bit confusing to me. For only Rs. 499 /-I get both apps and Rs. 1000 /-I get one App. Why so.

    Are there other differences, that I can't know. Can anyone suggest me please the complete list of the differences between these two systems

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    Bianka Attre

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    Make sure that you are logged on the Adobe site, having cookies enabled, clearing your cookie cache.  If he continues to not try to use a different browser.

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    Well, I wonder who will take care of this problem...  (Hope this does not lead to fingerpointing only...)

    Thanks for your support!



    Started more work, a few weeks ago. All is well now. Don't know who that sets well.

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