Is it possible to get a Certificate from Microsoft or official recognition from Microsoft for my software?

Hi all, I'm Lee. It's nice to meet all of you here.

I have a question that I actually have to ask here since I can't really find an answer Google search or in this forum.

Here's the situation, my business has intensive software that is developed with Microsoft Visual Studio and coded with Visual Basic.NET. He works alongside the databases from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio as well. All this time, that this software is published and provided to clients, we do not have a recognition of Microsoft or certification on this software.

So here's the question: is it possible to ask for an official certification or recognition from Microsoft for this software?

I have this software recognized by Microsoft to create a recognition wider and easier for potential customers to my business. Although my company offers, and sell this software for many years already, it seems to us that we have this software officially recognized by Microsoft in order to obtain the trust of potential customers.

So far, I discovered this inscription as an application developer is as close as one but y at - he developed a guide to get there?

Thanks for anyone who can guide me from here.

Thank you


This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)

If you give us a link to the new thread we can point to some resources it

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    Kind regards


    You can connect the phone with USB and import or use iTunes sync or Capture of Image - this can cause a problem with duplicates

    And of course, you can stop by a store StarBucks, Apple (or other WiFi hotspot with good service) and complete quickly


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