Issues connecting to a router from Draytek L3 SG500-28

Hi all

I really struggle with this one. I have a SG 500-28 L3 switch with a link to trunk work to two other L2 switches. I am trying to allow guests in VIRTUAL LANs for access to the outside world... the L3 switch is connected to a router Draytek. I have assigned an IP address to one of the ports and set routing in both directions of L3 to the router. I can ping from the L3 switch to the router and the router to the L3 switch, but no host in any VLAN only can ping more far than the interface IP Can anyone help with this? Is there something specific in this switch I'm missing? IP routing is enabled on the L3 switch.

The L3 config is here:


v1.2.7.76 / R750_NIK_1_2_584_002

CLI v1.0

SSD of encrypted file indicator



config of SSD

control of password file unrestricted SSD

no control of the integrity of the file ssd

SSD-control-end cb0a3fdb1f3a1af4e4430033719968c0


database of VLAN

VLAN 10,20,30,100


Add a voice vlan Yes-table 0001e3 Siemens_AG_phone___

Add a voice vlan Yes-table 00036 b Cisco_phone___

Add a voice vlan Yes-table 00096e Avaya___

Add a voice vlan Yes-table 000fe2 H3C_Aolynk___

Add a voice vlan Yes-table 0060 b 9 Philips_and_NEC_AG_phone

Add a voice vlan Yes-table 00d01e Pingtel_phone___

VLAN voice Yes-table add Polycom/Veritel_phone___ 00e075

Add a voice vlan Yes-table 00e0bb 3Com_phone___

Hello interface range vlan 1

hostname switch8abb2b

username privilege 15 0c4d0931711a0e9cb22337c1adbe39091ad15a73 encrypted password cisco


interface vlan 1


no ip address dhcp


interface vlan 10




interface vlan 20




interface vlan 30




interface vlan 100

name ITECH



interface gigabitethernet1/1/1

switchport trunk allowed vlan add 10,20,30,100

default switchport vlan tagged


interface gigabitethernet1/1/24



IP route

The draytek routing table is here:

Key: C - connected, S - static, R - RIP, *-default, ~-private

* / via WAN2

S ~ / via LAN1

S ~ via LAN1

S ~ via LAN1

C ~ directly connected to LAN1

C directly connected WAN2

I am also getting this error periodically on the L3 switch. Not sure if it is related to the problem.

switch8abb2b # 19 July 2012 18:37:27 % CDP-W-NATIVE_VLAN_MISMATCH: incompatibility of VLAN native detected on the interface item in gi1/1/1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Chris, the problem seems to be the router. It does not support interface trunk/sup dot1q or it back pointing you are missing the static routes, to the SVI to the switch.

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    my brother used to all our computer equipment set up and he died last year. Well when I moved and tried to get into my new place it will not allow me without a network/wpa key. I know that I am trying to connect to my router and not my neighbors because when I unplug it it's the only name that disappears from the list of wireless networks. How can I know what is the network key or even set up a new? I am a bit technologically with faculties weakened to get detailed instructions on how to help me would be appreciated, but any help would be great.

    I'm sorry for your loss. Since we do not know how your brother to set up the router, it would be better to start again just to make sure that your wireless network is secure. Reset the default router. This is usually done with the wired router (on) by pressing a small button on the back or the bottom of the router, now the button for about 30 seconds and then let go. You can find the manual on the router mftr's Web site. your router if you need it.

    Once you have reset the router to default, set up correctly:

    Have a computer connected to the router with an ethernet cable. Examples given are for a Linksys router. See the manual of your router or the router mftr's Web site. for the parameters by default if you don't have a Linksys. Open a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and in the address bar type: [Enter] (it is default IP address of the router, which varies from router to router then check your manual)

    This will bring you to the login screen of the router. The default username is blank and the Linksys default password is "admin" without the quotes. Enter this information. You are now in the configuration of the router utility. Your configuration utility may be slightly different from mine. The first thing to do is to change the default password because * all * known default passwords for different routers.

    Click the Administration link at the top of the page. Enter your new password. MAKE A NOTE SOMEWHERE THAT YOU WILL NOT LOSE. Re-enter the password to confirm it, and then click Save settings at the bottom of the page. The router will reboot and show you the box of connection again. Do not fill in the user name and put it in your new password to enter the configuration utility.

    Now, click on the link wireless at the top of the page. Change the network name (SSID) wireless by default to something, you'll recognize. I suggest that my clients not use their surname as the SSID. For example, you might want to name your network wireless network "CastleAnthrax" or similar. ;-)

    Click on save settings and when you get the prompt that your changes were successful, click the wireless security link which is just beside the Basic Wireless Settings link (where you changed your SSID). Most computers purchased during the last 4 years have the wireless hardware that will support WPA2-Personal (also known as WPA2-PSK). This is the desired encryption level. If your wireless hardware is older, use WPA. Don't use WEP, because who is easily broken within minutes. So go ahead and set the Security Mode WPA2-Personal. Do this and enter a password. For example, you could use the password ' here be dragons, beware you scurvy dogs! The password is what you enter on all computers that are allowed to connect to the wireless network. MAKE A NOTE SOMEWHERE THAT YOU WILL NOT LOSE.

    At this point, your router is set up and if the computer that you use to configure the router will normally connect wireless, disconnect the ethernet cable and wireless of the computer should see your new network. Enter the password that you have created (exactly as you wrote it with all capital letters and punctuation) to join the network and start surfing. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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  • Home wireless network connections cut - a router issue?

    I have 2 PC:

    1 desktop running XP (SP3) on a H61DE/S3 Asrock mobo and Intel G620 2.6ghz CPU. RAM = 2 x 2 GB.
    2. laptop running Windows 7 + Intel i3 CPU
    3 wireless router D-Link DSL-2680 =
    The office is directly connected to the router via an ethernet cable wireless.
    I created a wireless network which consists of my office and cell phones with the help of a USB and the XP Wizard on my desk. I then clicked on "Network Setup Wizard" in the Control Panel on my desktop (XP) and created the network connections.
    When I boot-up the two machines, I can see and access the connections network of desktop and laptop.
    HOWEVER, if I let the machines for a while and then come back, although I can see the icon for "DESKTOP" in my network places on my laptop, when I click the icon, the cursor looks like this market, but then an error window appears stating that it cannot find the device and I want to diagnose the connection. When I click YES, sometimes, it detects the OFFICE and sometimes it doesn't.
    The same thing happens on the desktop when I click on the "PORTABLE computer" icon in "My Network places".
    The strange thing is, when I try to connect via Start Menu / run / \\'IP address on the laptop or desktop, I can connect usually either to the PC.
    The questions are
    1 can you explain why I should b affected by these connection question - is this a problem of compatibility between window7 and XP?
    2. what type of home network, maintained by the router or directly between the laptop and desktop computer without involving the router?
    Thank you
    I assume that the HOMEDESKTOP, in this case, XP is the master browser because it is physically connected to the router and it is this machine that I created the wireless network and local.

    N ° master of domain is chosen in an election.  All devices have an equal chance of being elected little matter how they are connected. (A domain controller can always win, but that's neither here nor there).  The problem here is that the Win 7 machine doesn't listen to the broadcasts and therefore think that it is the only device on the network and therefore chooses himself as master of go.  The XP machine is involved in a normal election except that the Win 7 machine does not participate because he is not listening.  They both choose and for a while, you have two masters to browse.  The only listening to computer (XP) finally gets tired of hearing machine Win7 and abandoned as a master browser.  Win 7 becomes the only browser then, but it does not work because he doesn't listen to any computer on the network.  You can check this by bringing a window prompt (start-> Run-> "cmd") and enter the command:
    nbtstat - a HOMEDESKTOP
    nbtstat - a ROMANLAP1-PC
    If the targen computer thinks that he is a master of travel, you will see a line "__MSBROWSE__".

    For some reason, keeping the folders "My Documents" opened on both machines maintained the connection for 15 hours that day.

    Anyway that you can keep the active connection, the machines will partner with the other.  Once a connection is idling, then it must re-establish contact and is when the master browser or a response of diffusion is necessary and the Win 7 machine is unresponsive.

    Try following all the steps in the article according to which apply to your configuration:

    "Networking of computers running different Versions of Windows"
      <> >

    I don't think there is a firewall in itself, but the way Windows 7 manages 'Home' vs networks 'Public' that can do behave like a firewall and cause problems with firewall-like. Article states that ' the network location is a setting that allows Windows to automatically adjust security and other settings according to the type of network to which the computer is connected. "  --they don't talk a firewall, but this is part of what makes a firewall...


  • Re: Wireless not connect / search for router - Satellite P305

    Hey all, I hope that I can help.

    As I come back from uni, my laptop has decided that its wireless won't work. When I scan, it cannot find the router in my house and the icon in the taskbar has a cross inside. When I plug my laptop into the router via ethernet, it connects very well then and the wireless takes over even the router, but as soon as I unplug the wireless dies again.

    My laptop is a Toshiba P305 and has an Atheros AR9281 wireless card.
    My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP1.

    I know that's not the router, since everything else connects fine - my PS3, this old PC XP (so I do this thread), etc.

    Sometimes when I start the laptop it finds my router (and a neighbor), but when I try to connect to it it says "Windows cannot connect to this network" and it simply disappears. Also sometimes I can connect to the router after that the Ethernet cable is disconnected, but it is limited to the connectivity (i.e. I can't get on the internet) and soon the tomb with the message "Windows has not received a response from the access point or router" and can not find yet

    What I've tried so far.

    -Leave the portable island for awhile.
    -Switch wireless switch and turn it back on.
    -Check I have the latest drivers for the card.
    -Reinstall these drivers.
    -Check if the WLAN or other network services are disabled.
    -Restart some services.
    -Disabling and then re-enabling the adapter.
    -Physically sitting right next to the router and it still can't find it.
    -System restore
    -Disable the WEP encryption on my router and use another method of security, even turn off security completely.
    -Reboot the router.

    I have not had any problems with the wireless front, he has just started happening yesterday.

    Thanks for any help/advice, I'm out of ideas.


    I see you didn't update the BIOS
    Well buddy, I think you should do this!
    Update the BIOS, and then try again

    If you notice more WLan connectivity issues then I would recommend changing the WiFi channel! This has been useful for me in the past!

    I know that you tried to update the driver WLan but check this Toshiba page for the latest version of the WLan driver!

  • Satellite A505 - sees, but cannot connect to, Wireless Router Win7

    I have a laptop Toshiba A505-S6980 running the 64 bit version of Windows 7.

    It worked fine a few months previously, to connect wireless to my O2 2 wireless router (the notebook has a REALTEK RTL8191SE wireless card).

    I also have a desktop running XP computer that I use to connect to the same router. While on the desktop, I noticed several weeks ago that the router has been implemented with no WPA and WEP security, so I decided to change the router to WPA. The desktop PC was fine with this, but the laptop complained and wouldn't connect, failure of authentication and just stating "unable to connect to xxxxx". At the time I assumed it just couldn't handle the WPA authentication for some reason any and decided that I would probably turn to WEP to a later date to make it work again. At some point, I remove a ' O2 Connection Manager ", which had been installed when I bought a 3G dongle O2, where he has confused the issue, but it made no difference. In the meantime, I tried to connect the laptop using a wired connection and worked well.

    I now (a few weeks later) decided that I wanted to use the wireless laptop then redefine the router to WEP expect this to work, but it didn't. As with WPA, he did not get past authentication when I put the key to security in. So, I try to understand the problem...

    What happens;

    (1) the wireless laptop sees my router (and neighbors), but just cannot connect.

    (2) I can connect with a laptop computer on the same USB wireless adapter.

    (3) I can connect the laptop to the router using a wired connection, and there is no problem.

    (4) my desktop running XP computer can connect to the router as WEP or WPA Wireless if the router is ok.

    (5) this worked several weeks ago!

    What I've tried;

    (1) I have installed the latest REALTEK RTK8191SE driver.

    (2) I tried to disable the security on the router, no joy.

    (3) I deleted all the profiles of network on the laptop.

    (4) I have tried with Norton antivirus and firewall disabled (but have not uninstalled) but no help.

    (5) I tried to do a restore of the system to the closest possible point and no help.

    (5) I uninstalled the wireless network adapter and its driver in Device Manager... Windows 7 can see the of it after a reboot and re - installed (using the old default driver), but it does not work. Then, I re-installed the latest version from REALTEK to ensure that it is up-to-date.

    What's weird is that

    (1) it works ok using the wireless USB adapter

    (2) the integrated REALTEK wireless adapter works to a point such that it can SEE my router, connect simply do not

    (3) authentication failure almost instantly

    My suspicions are that an automatic update of Windows 7 or the O2 Connection Manager has somehow screwed it upward. I have uninstalled the O2 connection manager and tried to uninstall the automatic updates but there are many of them and I don't know how far back, I need to go. Also, because it authentication immediately, it seems that it is not giving him a chance to actually work.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can proceed or had a similar problem?

    This is a really silly situation. In any case, I recommend you to use the Toshiba WLAN drivers only.
    I put t know what Realtek module is inside but try please install driver WLAN

    All that you have done is logic and I think I will try the same thing.
    Have you tried to connect to WEP or WPA is disabled? I mean free WLAN without protection.
    Have you tried to connect your laptop to a friend's router?

    I really put t know what is the problem here but there are a few bad setting it.




    To help you to propose measures to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following question:

    1. what version of Windows operating system is installed on the computer?

    2 successful wireless connection configuration?

    3. do you receive an error message or error code when trying to print?

    In the meantime, I suggest to add the device on the network and check if that does the trick. To do this, follow these items:

    Connect to Bluetooth and other wireless or network devices


    Add a device or computer to a network


    Sharing of files and printers

    Hope this information helps. Reply with more information about the issue so that we can help you better.

  • Huawei P9 - I have many issues with getting my pictures from the phone to my Imac

    Huawei P9 - I have many issues with getting my pictures from the phone to iphoto on my Mac.

    Before the summer I bought a Huawei P9 phone, I can easily see the photos on the phone - I can't just them on my mac.  When I connect via a USB cable, it refuses my permissions.

    I try to use my Google account to view on the Mac and move the iPhoto - I can't work either! I can see them, I can't move them!

    I'm pulling my hair out and I have enough to do with! Help, please...

    Jim Hosking

    You need the phone provider support - there is a problem with the way their phone works and how to use it and has nothing to do with the Photos or iPhoto - if pictures is consistent with standards of good Photos and iPhoto won't work with it

    You may need special third party software for your phone load in Photos or iPhoto


  • 9.3.4 disabled wifi on an Ipad, but it connects to the router. Just don't download at all

    IPad was working fine, but I've updated to 9.3.4. Now Wireless does not work. Shows connected to the router, but nothing happens, but say unable to connect to the server, error trying to access the internet or by mail. Also turn continuous flashing VPN gray to green, then again, but we have never set up a virtual private network. Don't know if it is connected. Have you tried

    1 disconnection / reconnection to 2 routers that work very well for other devices

    2 reset wireless via settings > general > reset > reset network settings and then hang up again

    3 airplane mode on, wait a few minutes, then shut off again

    Overall, the router will connect to any time, we put the password, but there is no transfer of data. 3 other devices work fine with the router. Don't know where to go from here, or if it is possible to back out from the upgrade. Anyone else having this problem? A research increase the same problem.

    Thank you

    Anything that causes the problem is not specifically 9.3.4, which fixes just a security breach. Have you tried to restart routers?

  • HP Envy 4500: Printer connected to the router, but will not print wireless Macbook

    I want my wireless printer to work on my macbook, but I can't. I tried setting up on the HP utility to connect with the router as the mac and printer on but it does not work! It indicates that the download was successful, but the device was not reachable. I don't really know where to go from here and any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

    Hey @miriamnimmo,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP, I would be happy to help you! I understand that you have the printer set up on your network, but the software says that the device is not accessible. Sometimes the IPv6 may interfere with the connection, and I suggest we disable that before anything else. On the fornt of the printer Panel, scroll down to and then select Wireless. In the wireless Menu, select Advanced settings, then IPv6 and.

    Now we are going to let the router and unplug the power cable (NOTE: do not reset the router), then do the same with the printer and shut down the computer. After a minute, plug in the router, wait to fully turn on, then plug the printer back in and wait for the wireless light become solid. Once the router and the printer are on, go ahead and re - turn on the computer. This will refresh the network connection.

    Please let me know if this solves the problem by marking your post as solved (click on Accept as Solution button below). If the problem persists, let me know, I'll watch for your reply.

    See you soon!

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