Logic pro 10.2.1 update - Roland A49 controller has stopped working

I've noticed since the Logic Pro update to the latest version this morning (10.2.1) that my MIDI keyboard/controller Roland A49 unresponsive.  Whenever I run the Logic Pro application I get this message

Create MIDI keyboard assignments

Please select "MIDI CH 1' on your keyboard of series of Roland."

But despite the tent everything, including resetting my A49, reinstall the drivers, logic will not respond to the keyboard. The keyboard seems to work properly but in Garageband, it seems to be related only to Logic Pro.

Anyone else have a similar problem with the Roland A49 or similar USB keyboard/controller?   Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance,



I finally found a solution to this, it might be useful for others who have problems with their controller keyboards.




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    Megha Rawat

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    Good bye

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    Exception offset: 0003fc 56
    The system version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional information 1: fd00
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    Thank you

    Thanks, Eddie!

    I've been reluctant to use these registry cleaners too but had no choice. They well with basic cleaning after uninstall. It is heartbreaking how reckless SSII is during the cleaning of the registry during the uninstallation of their software. And some of the best cleansers will warn you if a fix is dangerous or not you can not run it. But what sometimes happens is that vacuuming can cause two problems for everyone that it fixes if you aren't careful.

    I'll try to post on the site you posted. I'll post here if it helps.

  • Acrobat Pro 2013 Word XI component software plug-in has stopped working

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    But now the Acrobat tab appeared in Word again... But all the icons are blank and click on one of them causes Word to freeze.  I must kill winword.exe to continue using my computer.

    Any ideas?

    PDFMaker loads but will not work in Word 2013 - Acrobat XI and DC - Win Pro 8.1

    See the link above for the correct fix!

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    Update security for Windows 7 for x 64-based systems (KB3046269)

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    Kind regards


    In response to the client noted that when X 1 carbon ThinkPads (Type: 20FB and 20FB) running Windows 7 are moored via a Dock among +, ethernet does not work, Lenovo has presented a solution via the updated USB 3.0 driver.


    (Fix) Fixed a problem where the device USB-Ethernet among + Dock was unstable when you fix the dock.

    The latest driver for USB 3.0 can be downloaded here: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds111779

    Thank you

  • Automatic update of Vista MS has stopped working 10 August 2016; It goes into an endless search.

    August 9, 2016 is shown in my last update of Windows Vista when Windows Defender - KB915597 (definition 1.225.3489.0) has been installed successfully.  When I opened the Windows Update window it shows "Windows is up to date" from the last control on 09/08/2016.  When I click on "Check for Updates", it goes into the endless search.  I tried different options already listed on this site without success.  I tried a 'system restore' back to August 7, but restored him failed because of an unspecified error.  I removed a number on startup package programs that may have affected the system such as Java and CCleaner, but nothing helped.

    Try the following: KB3185911 to install it manually. Download links:


    The value "never search for updates' automatic updates and reboot before installation manual.

    Best regards, VZ

  • Adobe first Pro CC 2014.2 has stopped working error

    Hello guys,.

    Recently, I built a new computer with the following specifications:

    CPU: 4790 k (stock speed)

    RAM: Team Extreem 16 GB (2 x 8) (2400 mhz)

    Motherboard: Asus Ranger 7

    GPU: 780ti Zotac Amp Edition

    Storage: 250SSD Samsung evo + Barracuda 1 TB

    PSU: 850 G2 EVGA

    Operating system: Windows 7 Professional

    All the drivers are up to date.

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    I have tried searching the forums and google but you have not found a solution that works for me. Could someone please lend a hand?

    Thanks for posting a screenshot of the Windows system information dialog box: StartMenu > Control Panel > system. (You can scramble all remove the computer, by domain name and workgroup down settings).

    A common cause of accidents involving the ImageRenderer.dll is not have Service Pack 1 installed for Windows 7.

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    2012-08-03 19:15:59, 000002fb CSI Info [SR] cannot repair the military record [l:24 {12}] "wab32res.dll" Microsoft-Windows-WAB-Core, Version 6.1.7600.16385, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_AMD64 = (9), the Culture neutral, VersionScope is 1 nonSxS, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35}, type neutral, TypeName neutral, neutral to the public key in the store, hash mismatch. "

    I also ran Microsoft Safety Scanner Scanner, he finds 16 errors and fixed them (I saved the names), but even after I reset the computer my Windows Update/Defender/firewall STILL does not work!

    Anyone have any ideas? Especially how to fix 'wab32res.dll"maybe that I recorded it in the wrong place?

    I noticed there is one in each 'program folder' folder (program files x 86 and regular for 64 bit).  Is also wab32res.dll somewhere in system32?

    Thank you!

    Method 1: See the following steps:
    a. at a command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:
    takeown /f Path_And_File_Name
    For example, type takeown /f E:\windows\system32\jscript.dll.
    b. type the following command and press ENTER to grant administrators full access to the file:
    ICACLS Path_And_File_Name/grant ADMINISTRATORS: F
    For example, type icacls E:\windows\system32\jscript.dll/grant administrators: F.
    c. type the following command to replace the file with a good copy of the file:
    Copy Path_And_File_Name_Of_Source_File Path_And_File_Name_Of_Destination
    For example, type copy E:\temp\jscript.dll E:\windows\system32\jscript.dll.
    Method 2: Since all this started after a Windows Update, restore the computer to a date where updates are not installed.

    System Restore: frequently asked questions:

    Method 3: After System Restore, windows updates are available again, put the computer into State of startup in minimum mode and then allow Windows Update and see if that helps.
    A clean boot to test if any element of service or third party application startup is causing this issue.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    Note: when you're done to diagnose, follow step 7 in the article to start on normal startup.
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    I deleted the software and reinstalled nothing doesn't. In some cases, I get a message that a pointer is on.

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    It seems that the wireless mouse or mouse wireless drivers/software has a bad influence on the touchpad.
    I put t have a good solution for this problem. Well, you can consult the page of the Toshiba driver for latest driver updates. If the updates doesn't solve this problem I suggest to use either the mouse wireless and disable the touchpad with FN + F9 key combination or use a regular USB mouse.
    I guess that you are having regular problems with a USB mouse.

  • Satellite Pro U400 - TrueSuite Manager setup.exe has stopped working

    I have a Satellite Pro U400 running Vista Business (OEM) and at the start of a desktop computer TrueSuite Manager pop-up message appears telling me there is an update to install.

    When I try to install the update, I get a window that says Setup.exe does not work.

    Signature of the problem of the relationship an APPCRASH-is30C0.exe with the exception C0000005 code.

    I tried to uninstall the TrueSuite Manager through Windows uninstaller programs, but get the same message - setup.exe has stopped working.

    Appreciate advice on how to solve this problem.


    I think that it is a simple case of corrupted registry entries and files that could belong to the TrueSuite Manager software.

    I agree with the previous user, and I recommend to reinstall this software again.
    You may need to clean the OS before installing the Truesuite again.
    In this case, I recommend the CCLenaer. It s a simple and free tool and can be downloaded on most Web sites.

    Google and you should find more information.

    See you soon

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    I have a L20 Pro Satalite, which works very well. However, just before Christmas 2006, the adapter wireless (Atheros AR5005G) has stopped working.

    Windows XP Pro SP2 can see the adapter and network connections shows as being activated, but he sees not all networks.

    The Atheros Client Utility says that the adapter pases troubleshooting TI test diagnosis up to the Radio, when he says that the Radio is disabled and must be enabled in the Client utility.

    'Excellent!', I thought: opening the utility forward. Looked in the Action menu to find "turn on the Radio" is greyed out!


    Any help is very welcome.

    See you soon,.

    Barry Smith.

    Is there a hardware option to enable and disable your wireless network card? (switch)
    You upgrade your Wlan driver recently? (If Yes, maybe with the wrong driver?)

    I had a similar problem once and resolved through driver updates... want to give it a try?

    You can download the driver generic Atheros (Version available here:




  • Adapter Ethernet Thunderbolt has stopped working after update 10.11.2.

    Hello, after my update to 10.11.2 on my MacBook Pro retina 15 "mid-2015, my crush Ethernet Adapter has stopped working. It comes in the reporting system and it shows that it connected to ethernet, but in the network Panel, the State remains red and I don't get an IP address.

    My colleague who has a MacBook 2013 15 "retina Pro also has the same problem. We tried the retail adapters Ethernet Thunderbolt, but still no connection on one of our networks.

    Anyone else see this behavior?

    Same problem here on my end 2013. In Recovery Mode, the card works (good trick to know if hardware is broken). Roll back via Time Machine works 10.11.1 and adapter. Adapter and 10.11.2 relocation does not-MBP-R all my colleagues in different years work well after the update.

    BTW. : not only Thunderbolt Ethernet does not work, but the cards virtual Parallels (for shared and host-only) as well (only bridged mode works).

    So far, all the stuff has failed. And now I will notify again before the update.

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