Manual control of charging battery for notebook

Hello, is it possible to manually disable my laptop in charge battery?

What I want to do is to store 100% charged the battery on the laptop, but they have the laptop powered only via the AC charger. It is important that the laptop is trying to charge the battery at any time while in use without determined action from me. The operating system is windows 7. I realize that this question may seem without purpose more, but if it is possible to keep the battery installed on the laptop using the AC charger only using the software, it would be great. I read that the ACPI Microsoft control battery method, in the Device Manager can be disabled, but what I've read, I'm not sure whether this action will be enough. I would be grateful if someone is able to answer this question. Thank you very much


What power is supplied to the system of the laptop works on AC power because the battery voltage will be slightly lower than the AC voltage. However, the power supply can trickle charge the battery at all times even if it is less frequent.

What tends to happen in practice is when the laptop is 1st turned on even with essentially a completely charged battery some load will take place. This is necessary in order to confirm that the battery is actually charged, the charge current indicates the battery status much better the just measure the voltage.

The degree of control available to the operating system is very limited with it first and foremost a function of portable electronics (it still applies even if you do not pass).

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    Thank you in advance, it has taken a lot of time to migrate from the desktop.  Want it to be a positive experience.


    Modern batteries and chargers are now smarter than you.

    1. you can plugin and immediately to use the machine, the machine will stop charge when the battery is fully charged.

    2. No, we don't need to unload completely between uses, then as above. The recommendation is sometimes we run machine on battery until that up to 10%.

    3. when using AC is a way to protect the unit during the failure of current, all of a sudden, leaving battery on laptop.

    Please read the following article:

    Kind regards.

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    Please check the email that is in use, try to change it and check if the notification is received that would isolate the issue.

    Also check spam/junk mail folders to check.

    Thank you


  • My battery stopped charging. For four days, the power button says "59% available (plugged in, does not support)."

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    My battery stopped charging. For four days, the power button says "59% available (plugged in, does not support)."

    How can I get the computer to start the battery again?

    The battery is probably faulty. You can say as follows:

    1. Shut down Windows.
    2. Remove the battery.
    3. Wait an hour.
    4. The power supply is cold? If Yes, then the laptop consumes no power (which is normal).
    5. Insert the battery.
    6. Wait an hour.
    7. The power supply is hot? If so, the battery is recharged.
    8. Start normally and check the charge level. If she's still around 59% while the battery no longer accepts the full load. You need to replace it.
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    When I turned on my laptop it came with a warning on my battery and it may need replacing. I can't find where I can buy a new battery for it.  Where can I get this part?

    Dear customer,

    Description-battery 4 cells, 41-Wh, 2.8 - Ah, Li-ion battery
    Spare part number:728460-001

    You can order the part from HP parts store using the link below. Or buy any store of the computer room.


    Contact HP All over the world

    You can also check your warranty here to check the status of the guarantee

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

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  • Charging battery and power problem problem.

    The problem occurs only once I have start the load the laptop after that I used the battery for either a small or for a long period of time.

    The battery will begin to charge and the laptop runs from the power supply for 5 minutes at a time. After that 5 minutes, the laptop switches the power source primary battery mode, even if the laptop is plugged.

    Another 5 minutes after that, the primary energy source to switch back and the battery will begin charging again. It will constantly continue to do that, even when the laptop is turned off.

    This is asif that is defective, however, is the second adapter I used and the same thing happens again. I tried looking in the power settings as much as possible and can't seem to find anything that can cause this problem.

    Just today, I noticed that the battery light flashes sometimes white when the laptop has its power as the main primary energy source. I don't know if this has anything to do with this problem. I looked through the manual and support documents as possible and impossible to find a solution to this problem.

    If the battery is low, when I start the laptop loading, that means I have to stop using my laptop, that this process will continue to arrive and finally the battery will stop and the laptop will be extended even if the plug is connected.

    Help, please!


    A friend of mine had a similar problem but on non-Toshiba laptop. The reasons because it is a dysfunction of the taken power there was a loose contact between the socket and the motherboard

    The technician said that the motherboard needs to be replaced because it would be too difficult to solder this Jack once again

    If the mobo was replaced, but it was a costly affair

    Don't know if this could be the case even, but this looks a bit like the issue of power supply...

  • Why Apple does not have a backup battery for Apple devices?

    Why Apple does not have a backup battery for Apple device? Recommended us that of our full when we are on the road, so they should do a backup battery for their devices instead of other companies do. The backup battery that I use for my iPhone 5 c don't let my phone screen timeout as he does when I'm with the regular wall charger. Can anyone help?

    Consult the manual for your backup battery.  There should be a switch or a button to activate the phone load.  It should not be left in charge mode all the time because the phone thinks it has unlimited power when charging, so disabled several energy-saving features (like display sleep, closing a connection Wi - Fi when he sleeps).

  • Life/changing the battery for V570


    I bought my laptop a year ago and never got more than a couple hours my battery. I bought a battery backup and it's even worse maybe (an hour?). I've seen where some talked about resetting or to recalibrate the battery and I'm not sure how to do on the 570. If not, anyone know where I can get a long battery life for this laptop?

    I run Windows 7.

    Thank you

    Hi Wirehead,

    to reset please first remove the battery and charge it again to make sure that it is firmly connected.

    Charge the battery to 100% full, then use your V570 on battery only until 10 to 15% batt power is left.

    Stop then restart and immediately press the F2 key and hold until you see the first screen of the BIOS.

    Now let V570 slowed down until the battery is empty and the laptop turns off by itself.

    This will create a reference of empty battery for the control circuits.

    Plug then the charger for a few hours, then start and make sure you fully 100% of charge batt.

    Then again run the laptop on battery only and I hope that you will get 2-3 hours of the lamp

    until the low battery warning appears.

    More general info in this discussion 'autonomy '...

    Good luck... Zehn

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    Page 54 of this manual:

  • I have an Acer 1810tz-4008 and computer won't start battery. New charged battery - what should I do?

    Original title: the battery starting

    I have an Acer 1810tz-4008 and computer won't start battery.  New charged battery - what should I do?


    Check with support from Acer.

    Acer - USA - Service and Support - drivers

    Acer - worldwide


    Other information that might help:

    References to Vista also apply to Windows 7.

    Check with support from the manufacturer of their books online and the drivers and their forums system
    (as applicable) for known issues. Some manufacturer issued BIOS and other updates to help the battery

    Follow these steps to remove corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Run DiskCleanup - start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to fix the system files of Windows 7 with the System File Checker

    Then run checkdisk (chkdsk).

    How to run check disk in Windows 7


    Other information that might help:

    Control Panel control - plan change Options - power plans - power - advanced settings
    Parameters for the drainage and the use of parameters (this is how much to use and not how much or how)
    long to load).

    In fact, what causes a lot of wear on a battery empties it too low on several occasions. With today
    systems overload are not a problem.

    Here are some tips to help and troubleshoot battery issues.

    Old battery? Unplug the power to the computer - remove the battery and clean the contacts with a pencil
    eraser (do not use this, if your battery is fine slots - just clean up the edges of the knife which fit in)
    them and be careful). Batteries are old, or it could be a problem with the computer.
    Check with the support of the machine system, and many of them have on line forums.

    New Lithium-Ion type battery usually last longer if you do not unload their less than 30%
    However on a laptop that not extend their life a lot. Best is to use the a/c adapter
    When this is possible.

    I use the free version of BatteryBar to monitor my battery. Click on the green button on the
    Yellow box on the right side of the page to download the latest stable version.

    BatteryBar - free version available

    Another good program

    Vista battery saver - free

    Problems with the lives of its use and the battery of power - Mr Fixit

    You can also check with the manufacturer of system and forums that many use their own
    proprietary software to monitor the battery and they could be known problems with your battery.


    Battery meter: frequently asked questions

    Battery saver

    Solutions to common battery problems

    What is the precise the battery meter?


    Try this - to make a Restore Point

    How to create a System Restore Point in Windows 7

    How to do a system restore in Windows 7

    Then Control Panel - Manager of devices - Batteries - Double click on each item - drivers - tab
    Update the drivers (which can do nothing) - then do a right click and UNINSTALL each - RESTART
    who will update the driver stacks.

    Problems with the lives of its use and the battery of power - Mr Fixit

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Re: using hp pavilion 15 and it says plugged in not charging battery

    The testing and calibration of the battery link ( is for Windows 7.  Our PC has Windows 8.1.  I tried on the advice of anyway, but it seems holding down the home button while restarting can no longer pull the PC in safe mode.

    How about a reference for W8 and one for the W10?

    Hi @jenolanjim ,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems, with the help of the community! Thanks for the information on the links.

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I saw your question about your 15 HP Pavilion Notebook and need information about your system to charge battery. Here is a link to do this for Windows 10 and Windows here 8

    If you need, here is a link to test the adapter. The same goes for any version of Windows.

    Here is a link to the computer in Safe Mode , if you still need it.

    Hope this helps you.

    Thank you.

  • HP Pavillion DV4-1199th: laptop not charge battery

    Dear Sir.

    My laptop a DV4-1199th does not rotate if the power light is on when the battery is out. When I installed a charged battery, it lights, but the power light is off and the battery won't charge (in fact that it discharges).  I have to recharge the battery when the phone is turned off. Laptop also only lights up the battery (disconnected from the power supply. What should be the problem?

    Hi @cbsantos722 ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. It's a great site for information and questions. I looked in your question about your HP Pavilion dv4-1199ee Notebook and the problems with the battery. Here is a link to calibrate and test the battery.  Here is a link to solve the problems of the battery on a laptop. You should be able to complete these with the laptop plugged into the AC adapter.

    Please let me know what happens with the tests.

    Thank you.

  • My iPhone is stuck in headset mode.  It's the THIRD phone that has had this problem.  Why Apple won't be a manual control of the headphone plug in the software?

    Manual control for the headphone feature is required for the software.  I have had THREE phones to do exactly the same thing and I don't even use the headphones - I have a speakerphone bluetooth and headphones, so it is inexplicible why my phone would enter the headset mode and do not release the mode headphones - do not let me do a phone call that is not involving the speaker.  Apple insists on the fact that this problem is not common, but it happened to 100% of the phones that I have owned.

    doctortroyp wrote:

    Manual control for the headphone feature is required for the software.  I have had THREE phones to do exactly the same thing and I don't even use the headphones - I have a speakerphone bluetooth and headphones, so it is inexplicible why my phone would enter the headset mode and do not release the mode headphones - do not let me do a phone call that is not involving the speaker.  Apple insists on the fact that this problem is not common, but it happened to 100% of the phones that I have owned.

    It is not common in the vast majority of users.

    If you wish to have a such feature manual control available, will be a good resource for this comments.

    Otherwise, try to restore your iPhone as new and not a backup test to see if the problem is back by restoring your backup on each of these phones.

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod settings - Apple Support

  • can't manual control zone schedule macbook air

    I have a Macbook Air with El Capitan 10.11.4 - I'm UNABLE to manually control zones. The time zone setting has "automatically detect zones" checked and it won't let me uncheck. " Anyone know how I can uncheck this? I operate in multiple time zones and have my Mac change on me is very confusing (just today a meeting was moving 5 hours - the exact time difference between the United Kingdom and new YORK, and here I am at 5 o'clock in the morning meeting).

    Thanks for the tips!

    When you say that you can't uncheck, do you mean because it is grayed out? If so, click on the padlock at the bottom of the window to activate the change.

    See you soon,.


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