more high upgrade possible for dv7 - 6113cl...

I have a question. About the upgrade options for my laptip, is it possible to upgrade its amd a6 - 3400 m with 6520 g for a higher chip? Like an a8? Please answer...


Please visit the page #1 the first manual on the following link:

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    Just ordered a couple of Clip Zips. One will be for Gym/Running etc so will just MP3 dumped on it. But the other one will have a 32 GB sd card installed will put files of resolution more high for 'good' listening for flights, train travel etc.

    My files FLAC current are different bit depth and freq right up to 24 bit 192 kHz.

    What is higher that the device will be reliable supports.

    Thank you

    Zilaaballa wrote:


    Just ordered a couple of Clip Zips. One will be for Gym/Running etc so will just MP3 dumped on it. But the other one will have a 32 GB sd card installed will put files of resolution more high for 'good' listening for flights, train travel etc.

    My files FLAC current are different bit depth and freq right up to 24 bit 192 kHz.

    What is higher that the device will be reliable supports.

    Thank you

    16 bit 44.1 kHz

  • (CPU Upgrade Possible?) DV7-6168nr

    I wanted to know if it was possible to update this APU in this laptop DV7-6168nr. There is no guarantee on this laptop, I'm not concerned about it. I wanted to spend to possibly an A8 APU?

    Stock that laptop has an AMD A6 - 3400M

    Taken FS1 (905)

    Clocked at 35W

    Motherboard HP Fab

    Model 3591 33.18

    North Bridge: Bridge of K12

    South Bridge: A55/A60M

    Some research, I think you can put an A8 in this cell phone thing is, I would have more will have on everything before making the decision, did someone know officially if this is possible?

    It is a forum for users of peer-to-peer supported for class for the HP consumer products. HP maintains no official presence in this forum. It is unlikely that HP will respond in an official capacity. Response of an employee of HP represents his own opinion and not that of HP.

    This isn't an official response and I do not work for HP. You assume all risks, install a processor that is not installed on your computer at the factory.

    Here are the specifications of your HP Pavilion dv7-6168nr Entertainment Notebook computer. According to the specifications, it comes with an AMD A6 - 3400 M APU AMD Radeon HD 6520 G Discrete - Class Graphics. Based on the HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service of Guide for your computer, this template should supports the following processors;

    AMD A8 - 3530MX 2.60 GHz processor, (1.90 GHz FSB, 4, 0 - MB L2 cache, quad core, 45 W) HP p/n 653364-001
    AMD A8 - 3510MX 2.50 GHz processor (1.80 GHz FSB, 4, 0 - MB L2 cache, quad core, 45 W) HP p/n 653358-001
    AMD A8 - 3500 M 2.40 GHz processor (1.50 GHz FSB, 4, 0 - MB L2 cache, quad core, 35 W) HP p/n 653350-001
    AMD A6 - 3410MX 2.30 GHz processor (1.60 GHz FSB, 2: 0 - MB L2 cache, quad core, 45 W) HP p/n 653357-001
    AMD A6 - 3400 M 2.30 GHz processor (1.40 GHz FSB, 4, 0 - MB L2 cache, quad core, 35 W) HP p/n 653349-001
    AMD A4 - 3310MX 2.50 GHz processor (2.10 GHz FSB, 2: 0 - MB L2 cache, dual core, 45 W) HP p/n 653356-001
    AMD A4 - 3300M 2.50 GHz CPU (1.90 GHz FSB, 2: 0 - MB L2 cache, dual core, 35 W) HP p/n 653348-001
    AMD E2 - 3000 M 2.40 GHz processor (1.80 GHz FSB, 4, 0 - MB L2 cache, quad core, 35 W) HP p/n 653351-001

    Please send BRAVO

  • More High Performance interface for Fieldpoint


    I have inherted a c# application MeasurementStudio.NET which reads and stores the data for the Fieldpoint modules. It has about 100 channels distributed on several modules (for most PSC-HAVE-118 s) which he questions to about 20 Hz. I asked me to increase the sampling rate of some of the chains of at least 1 kHz and 10 kHz (the max spec for the module) preference.

    Currently, the code interfaces modules fieldpoint using a DataSocket mutual FUND for each channel. Preliminary tests indicate that I won't be able to acquire data at kHz speeds using this approach. Is this true? If Yes, what is the best API/interface to get data off these high frequencies of sampling modules?

    While I did a little test and measurement work in the past, I have no experience with fieldpoint and I'm on a timetable, in order to have your advice to direct me in the right direction and avoid the false starts is very appreciated.

    Hi Jackson,

    Unfortunately, since the cFP-1808 sends each sample using OPC as it receives, is not capable of chunk data together to transfer more effective. This means that the maximum rate on the network connected via ethernet module is around 100 Hz. see here for a point of reference of the device.

    Hope this helps,

  • Windows 8 Pro upgrade possible for Satellite Pro C650?

    Read in forums, but can't see a particular mention of my model of laptop. Short part PSC13A.

    Just bought Windows 8 Pro with the intention of upgrading to Windows 7.
    Anyone with this model manages to do with success?
    Should I first download an update to the driver? Or install Win8 first and then update driver?

    Have run the upgrade wizard and seems mostly ok apart from "your PC firmware does not support secure boot if you won't be able to use it in Windows 8.".

    That's what worry?

    Thanks for any help that you can give a geek MOM. =-)

    Secure boot is a new feature of UEFI firmware. UEFI replace BIOS on laptop computers that are provided with Windows 8...

    Windows 8 will work on PCs that have a BIOS, you do not need UEFI / Secure Boot.

  • export from lightroom in the ' more high resolution possible?

    Heres a pickle:

    I finished stills for a movie on Sunday. It is unusual in that the mounting will change the pictures in the final movie.

    I work with the Publisher to determine exactly what format he wants these images in. The fim is carried out with HD video, and the Publisher keeps telling me he wants the images in the "absolute native RAW image pixel dimensions.

    I shot with a canon 5 d Mark II raw images, technically speaking, I think it would be approximately 5 616 x 3 744 (of course, this varies for each image, but this is the data that I read on the sensor of the camera).

    I shot about 1,000 images, so to produce 1,000 images, released as TIFF, to something like 4 000 pixels each seems crazy about me and unnecessary, but maybe I'm wrong... Can someone provide entries?

    Thanks 1million

    San Fran Ellen

    If the images are intended to be displayed full-screen (like a still, a timelapse, stop or motion), you can give the person frames size HD (HD 1920 x 1080 or 2K size 2048 x 1536). To be safe, I would use 16 bit TIFF with ZIP compression depth. Any editing tool should read that.

    If images must be handled in edition (zoom, cropping,...), you might want to give the resolution of 4K (4096 x 2160).

    Raw files (DNG, NEF,...) will probably not be loaded in an editor (CPF, first, avid,...).

    Not knowing the details, a safe bet might be 2K TIFF.


  • more high graphics card for 7800 small footprint

    What is the highest graphics card that I can install on my hp 7800 small form factor?


    You should be able to install a Radeon HD 6450.

    It's an option card on HP 8200 Elite SFF that has also a 240 w power.


  • Pavilion dv7-3078nr: upgrade memory for Pavilion dv7-3078nr

    Hello! I have a portable entertainment dv7 model 3078nr number (number of product VU152UA #ABA). It has 4 GB of ram, which I had remembered as being the maximum installable. I recently upgraded to Windows (64-bit, home) to Windows 7 (same) 10 and have found that basic memory usage is higher, and he hits the high waterline much more quickly than before. (for example alert low Windows of memory, then programs disappear suddenly after.) I was surprised when adressing this notice that the model profile page lists the maximum memory 8 GB.

    So! My question is especially that after searching around for some time, unable to really find anything clear, the maximum memory I can install anything (I read on another model dv7 modules available because the documentation was written enabled 2x8gb instead of 2 x 4 GB, for example), and what my best options to acquire it.

    I tried manually by lifting my laptop on the Crucial site, but it has not been expressly listed. Their donnГ diagnostic tool using a results page with two 8 GB kits listed, but both at $239, that seems kind of evil? The listed modules were:

    8 GB (4GBx2) Kit DDR2 PC2-6400 unbuffered NON ECC 1.8V 512Meg x 64
    8 GB (4GBx2) Kit DDR2 PC2-5300 unbuffered NON ECC 1.8V 512Meg x 64

    I believe that what are already installed are 2x2gb DDR PC2-6400.

    Memory modules are used in these different workbooks and therefore rarer than those used in a configuration standard tour? I don't have memory before and would appreciate any guidance on what the options are and what specifications of the modules in order to search. Thank you for reading.

    Right! Both tl; Dr: compatible with the motherboard modules are old and rare, which makes them incredibly expensive for what they are in today's terms.

    Link to the beginning of the General memory.

  • The upgrade computer laptop RAM 16 GB. Is it possible for my laptop?

    Hi everyone, before forward us here are the details of my laptop,

    HP dv6 3264-ca

    AMD Triple-core 2.1 GHz processor

    6 GB OF RAM

    128 MB of video memory

    I would like to know if I install Windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop, it is finally possible to upgrade my RAM 16 GB.

    I ran a check for my motherboard through CPU - z:

    Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard

    Model: 143F

    Chipset: AMD 785GX

    Southbridge: SB800

    Then Yes. Is it possible for my laptop manage anything more than 8 GB or the 16 GB?

    Thank you!

    The maximum memory capacity is 8 GB. The question that you will encounter when you try to install 8 GB memory modules is that is that there is no support current BIOS for this capacity modules.

    If HP provides a BIOS updated which are supported by the modules of this ability, then installation of modules memory 8 GB won't be a problem. Until that happens, it will be a financial risk to buy the modules just to see if it will work.

  • Pavilion dv7-4080us: upgrade or replacement for dv7 4080us video graphics card

    I want to know if I can upgrade the memory of my HP dv7-4080us graphics card. He did an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1 GB of DDR3 memory with up to 3738 MB total dedicated memory graphics card. What this means? I can put more memory or repalce the card? If so, what card should or can I get?

    There is no 'card' you might be imagining. The video is one of the dishes chips soldered to the motherboard. You already have the best video system available for dv7-4000 series of laptops, so there is no way upward to something better.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Speed up the options for an old HP a1224n. The upgrade possible CPU or HARD drive?

    My a1224n is stuck in programs such as Rhapsody and ITunes run.  I have 4 teenagers with mp3 players, and it seems that more they get, slow tracks of the machine.  Under XP SP3, motherboard is 3 goldfish with a LGA775 socket.  I have all the RAM pushed in there, I can get.  It is not a problem of spyware, I clean, degrag and regedit regularly, firmer all the essential background programs.  It was a long introduction to my question, which is: would changing the CPU or install a higher speed of disk HARD save me, or am I wasting time?  If so, what limits me on the selection of a CPU?  This is a speed of frontside motherboard, socket or something else (I know heat load and the processor speed max are issues).  ... Change my hard drive or install a second hard drive?  I would replace the current 200 GB 7200 rpm HDD with a 600 10 k RPM HARD drive, or simply add a second HD and empty all my media files?  A lot of questions, can't find someone who knows the answers.  Need help.  Here are some indications of the fact sheets: processor Intel Pentium 4 519 (P), 3.06 GHz, 533 MHz front bus, Socket 775.  Motherboard: ASUS LRTP-(3 fish red-GL8E), the front bus at 800 MHz, chipset northbridge 915GV, southbridge Intel ICH6.


    If you have installed 4 GB of DDR PC3200, then if you install used without work, processor Pentium 4 650 3.4/800/2M I think you will see a notable improvement on your current configuration.

    I can't guarantee this will work, but I'm sure it will, based on the information below.

    If you don't have PC2700, your memory performance will suffer with the 800 MHz FSB P4 650 processor.

    Attached are the specs of your motherboard:

    I have a dc7100 with the same chipset, so I'm pretty sure that a P4 650 will work in your. I have a P4 640 (3.2 GHz) I got it for free, so I installed which instead of the 650. If I were to buy one, I would have bought the 650. I installed a P4 650 in a Dell Dimension 4700 with the same Intel 915 chipset. Works great! I upgraded the Dell of a P4 520 to 650 2.8/800/1M and this was a significant improvement. You would increase by nearly 400 MHz and 266 Mhz FSB speed.

    HP has drivers for PC for Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit. The only processors that can work with an OS that is supported with the chipset 915, 64 bits are P4 6xx processors. So, I guess that your PC supports processors P4 6xx up to 3.4 GHz, as shown in the plug from motherboard.

    You can get a P4 650 used but works for less than $25 on eBay.

    I do not see an update of the BIOS that requires support new processors, so you should be good to go.

    If your HARD drive is less than 60% full, I see no need for an additional HARD drive. I don't even know if the computer supports a 10 K rpm HARD drive.  I don't know if your machine's HARD drive controller supports SATA II HDD's 3.0 GB/S transfer speeds. I don't think he does.  So no matter what HARD drive you buy would go to 1.5 GB/S SATA transfer speed and you could you jumper the drive for this work.

    The main disadvantage that I see on your PC, it is impossible to install a PCie graphics adapter. Your integrated graphics (GMA900) will not work the graphics of Windows Aero in Windows 7 or Vista. It is not a show-stopper, but a lot of people have improved their PC / laptop computers equipped with the integrated GMA 900 graphics card just for this discover later and were very disappointed. If you were able to install a PCIe graphics card, say a cheap 8400GS 512 MB fanless nVidia card, it would have released a memory embedded amount and you would have noticed an improvement even more.

    So, for an investment of $25 in a P4 processor 650 you could squeeze a few more horses (no pun intended) out of it.

    Other than that, I would look to buy a new PC / opportunity made from 2008. They should all be able to Windows 7 because they would have been Windows Vista capable in 2008.

    I hope this helps.


  • HP Compaq Presario CQ60-404SA is laptop possible to upgrade processor for AMD 64 X 2 TL - 60

    HP Compaq Presario CQ60-404SA is laptop possible to upgrade processor for AMD 64 X 2 TL - 60 will perform like now Vista premium 64.

    What CPU is currently installed?

    Download and run CPU-z as the quickest way to say.

    The following CPU is compatible with your system notebook\s card. The processor AMD X 2 QL-60 and QL - 62 are your best compatible options.

    AMD Turion Dual-Core
    (1 MB L2 cache)
    Processor 20 GHz ■ RM-70 X X
    Processor 2.1 GHz ■ RM-72 X X
    Athlon™ X 2 Dual-Core AMD
    (1 MB L2 cache)
    Processor 1.9 GHz ■ QL-60 X X
    Processor 2.0 GHz ■ QL-62 X X
    Sempron™ Single-Core AMD
    (512 KB L2 cache)
    Processor 2.1 GHz ■ TR - 42 X X
    ■ If - 40 2.0 GHz processor X X

  • In a hierarchical query, is it possible for a line having more than one immediate ancestor?



    In a hierarchical query, is it possible for a line having more than one immediate ancestor?


    Isn't it?  Surely this is Yes?

    Thank you


    Line may have ancestors as much as you want. It goes the same for successors.


  • Is it possible to add more than one constraint for a column?

    Dear team,

    Is there any possible to add more than one constraint for a column?
    I add a unique for a column, but I try to only add is not null for the same coloumn.
    His throws error

    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-01430: column being added already exists in the table

    Thank you

    You can see here

    SQL>CREATE TABLE test_cons( N1 NUMBER);
    Table created.
    Table altered.
    Table altered.


  • M3910 i3 540 3.07 GHz Tower RAM upgrade possible? -Maximum RAM per slot for my model?


    I ' v has my M3910 i3 540 3.07 GHz for awhile now and I'm very happy with it as a day to day PC, but for some time I get regular crashes and intend to reinstall Windows 7 from scratch. I would like a little more speed so will install SSD and more RAM (3 GB for the moment), but the specs on the RAM available on the web are confusing. I got a 8 GB compatible key available, but it froze the Acer splash screen. I want 16 GB (called max) but settle for 8GB.

    Is the limit of RAM per slot 2GB, as argued in the specifications, or I can get 4 GB in each of the 4 slots? Crucial is indicating it takes 1600 RAM, but the specifications say 1333? FYI, my serial number starts: [under the direction of privacy]

    Thanks in advance.


    Your desktop supports up to 16 GB - DDR3 - 1333 MHz (4x4Go 64-bit OS).

    1. Original module:

Maybe you are looking for