music player for Windows, to much echo

When I play music from my music player, the sound must echo a lot or as if it was recorded in a cave

Hi danlevy,.
-What version of media player do you use?
-Is this problem occurs for all types of file you play?
Install an updated audio driver to resolve this issue.
You can use Microsoft Update to help you determine your current sound driver and if an update is available. Then communicate with the hardware driver sound or the computer manufacturer for an updated audio driver.

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    Good evening, since the Update FLASH PLAYER for Windows 10 64-bit, there are many problems especially INCREDIMAIL become impossible to start.
    J’ai uninstalled KB3132372 INCREDIMAIL OK.
    Tonight Update KB 3133431: INCREDIMAIL bad OUTSIDE.
    Uninstall de KB 3133431 and INCREDIMAIL OK.
    Thank you to create a patch for Use INCREDIMAIL.

    Thank you. A. LOPEZ


    Here are 2 flash used on my pc W10 1511 version attached.

    If I place the security for WINDOWS flash update and INCREDIMAIL plus do other programs. INCREDIMAIL through a problem and must close. I'm on the latest version of INCREDIMAIL 2.5 - build 6 605 288 - Set - up 160 639 127 PN 12,000,002.

    Thank you very much to find a solution because the update of security Windows for flash freezes the computer.

    A. LOPEZ


    installed on ny pc w10 1511

  • We get an error "windows 7 was not compatible with my computer" during the download of Windows Media Player for Windows 7.

    * Original title: Windows Media Player for Windows 7

    It seems that my computer (windows 7) did not come with Windows Media Player. When I tried to download it, it has stated that windows 7 was not compatible with my computer and gave me a windows xp download. Why is this and how would I be able to get the version for windows 7?


    What version of Windows 7 do you have? What is an "N" or "KN" version that doesn't include WMP 12?

    Start - type in the search box-> WinVer find upstairs and double-click it.

    Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N and Windows 7 KN (KB968211)


    If this did not help to tell us which version of Windows you have.


    Check the Task Manager to make sure that WMPlayer.exe is not already running, and if it is complete the process
    on this subject. Click right tab taskbar - TaskManager - process.


    Make sure that Windows Media Player is on.

    How to enable or disable the features of Windows 7


    Follow these steps to remove corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Run DiskCleanup - start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to fix the system files of Windows 7 with the System File Checker

    Then run checkdisk (chkdsk).

    How to run check disk in Windows 7


    Do this to reregister the Jscript.dll and Vbscript.dll files.

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN

    type or copy and paste-> regsvr32 jscript.dll
    Press enter

    type or copy and paste-> regsvr32 vbscript.dll
    Press enter

    Restart and if all goes well, it will run now.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Where can I find the "Extended Support Release" Flash Player for Windows with my creative cloud account?

    Where can I find the "Extended Support Release" Flash Player for Windows after March 1?

    through my creative cloud is account possible?

    now, we are to "Adobe Flash Player Distribution|" "Adobe"

    Hi Mansur_Farooq,

    You can download Adobe Flash Player here: Adobe Flash Player install for all versions

    Let us know if you need additional assistance.

    Kind regards


  • How can I update to Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8.1 (machine 64 - bit)?

    Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8.1 (64 - bit machine)

    My flash drive does not work.

      • Version of the Windows operating system - 8.1

      • Web browser and version - Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.18125, updated: 11.0.26 (KB3104002), product ID: 00150-20000-00003-AA459

      • Windows Update Standalone Installer: update security for Windows (kb3103688) is already installed on this computer.

      • Explain your problem in detail step by step if possible:

    Flash Player is pre-installed with Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1.
    For more information, see Flash Player questions | Windows 8.


    Sorry, Flash Player is either not installed or not enabled.
    Please go to step 2


    Sorry, your computer does not have the latest version of Flash Player installed.
    Please go to step 2. (Your version): Latest Version: 11.7.700.224)




    Your Flash Version

    Flash Player disabled

    Name of your browser

    Internet Explorer

    Your operating system (OS)

    Windows (8.1)

    These messages are given despite trying to Enable Flash Player in the continuation of my browser "for Internet Explorer, see Activate Flash Player for Internet Explorer". ""

    I was at Microsoft, Adobe, and I get the same thing at all. Is there a way to get my flash drive to work and if so, how.

    I think it would be simple just update my flash drive, but for the last four days I tried without success.

    I'm going round in circles and nowhere. I need to have someone tell me if this problem is with my computer or another source.

    Mark Bass

    [email protected]


    From Windows 8, Microsoft integrates Flash Player in Internet Explorer and all updates are distributed by Microsoft, no Adobe.

    In addition to checking that Flash Player is enabled, please ensure that the ActiveX filtering is disabled, see difficulty ActiveX in Flash Player in Internet Explorer issues.

    Today is patch Tuesday, which means that Microsoft will come out all sorts of updates, including an update to Flash Player for IE.  I don't know when they're going to live, because the update has not yet posted to Microsoft Security Advisory 2755801.  You can check this page later today, or run Windows Update later today or tomorrow to install updates.



  • Cannot install VMWare tools on first installation of VMW Player for Windows

    Y at - it a tip to install VMWare Tools on VMW Player for Windows.  Tried as a Player 7.1.1 and 6.0.5.

    I downloaded the "darwin" and "windows versions" of tools with version management for versions of reader (for Player 6.05 6.05 tools).  But I don't know how to get VMWare to see downloaded files.  I connected the darwin.iso in the folder of the payload for the CD/DVD drive under settings of the virtual computer.

    I always get a dialog box with this message when I select install VMWare Tools in the menu:

    "Cannot find component on the update server. Contact VMware Support or your system administrator. »

    If you have the appropriate iso image attached to the guest, you have no need to use the "Install VMware Tools" menu - it's all that.  Go to comments and run the installation from the CD-ROM drive.

  • What is the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Windows Vista 64-Bit?

    What is the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Windows Vista 64-Bit with IE9 I removed my existing Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Flash Player 18 requirements do not have Windows Vista 64 - Bit?

    Thanks in advance!


    While 64-bit Vista is not listed on there, the latest version of Flash Player,, will always install on it.

    What does "does not average"?  It installs correctly, but the Flash content is not displayed?  Using the browser Internet Explorer 32-bit or 64-bit?



  • Error message - it only works with Windows Media Player for Windows XP when trying to convert playlists to Excel.

    Original title: windows media player 11 trouble conversion playlists to Excel after obtaining bonus pack.

    I downloaded the bonus pack, everything works well except the library management wizard. Comes with the message that it only works with Windows Media Player for XP only. I am currently running windows xp edition family and windows media player 11.  Help, please.


    You can follow this link & check if the problem persists:

    How to export a playlist in Windows Media Player?

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • Microsoft Media Player for Windows 7 Starter

    A friend gave me a laptop HP Compaq Mini with Windows 7 Starter as the os that had Microsoft Media Player. The 1st time I tried to use it but it disappeared. I just double-clicked on it and it never opened. Then the icon disappeared and is no longer in the list of programs. I know it's probably still on the hard drive somewhere, but I have no idea how access. Also, I can't find the download for it on is. Help, please!

    A few options here -

    VLC is mentioned and is actually another 3rd Media Player free of party. If you decide to try this to read this particular DVD, then installing it don't let "resume" and become the player by default for all types of files, only after you have tried and are happy with it. Just manually open the DVD from VLC and WMP let him as a player for the rest of default you.

  • where can I download my media player for windows 7 Home Edition without complications?

    After hours of trying to download the media player, do not install my CD of plu version violated, my product ID is invalid and still no my Media Player download. I got nothing, look and nothing.

    Windows 7 Home Premium already includes the latest version of Windows Media Player.

    If you run a version "n" of Windows 7 sold in Europe, then you must install the Media Feature Pack for Windows Media Player.

    Download details: Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N

    If you do not have Windows 7 N, then you can try to repair your installation of Windows Media Player.

    Click Start, type: enable or disable windows features

    Press enter

    Extend the functionality of media

    Uncheck Windows Media Player

    Click OK

    Restart when prompted

    Click Start, type: enable or disable windows features

    Press enter

    Extend the functionality of media

    Check Windows Media Player

    Click OK

    Restart when prompted

    Try to play again.

    If the problem persists:

    Click Start
    Type: CMD, according to the results, right-click CMD
    Click on "Run as Administrator"
    At the command prompt, type: sfc/scannow

    This will check for any breach of integrity

    Restart your system

  • MEDIA PLAYER for Windows 7 SP1

    Hi, can you tell me if Media Player 12 will work
    with Windows 7 SP1?
    If this is not the case, should I buy another third party Media Player?


    Media Player 12 is included in the editions of Windows 7 Starter, Home Premium, professional, Ultimate and Enterprise. For editions Windows 7 N or KN, Download the Media Feature Pack.

    (Source: )

    To start Windows Media Player, click the button start , click all programs and then click Windows Media Player.


    I hope this helps.

    See you soon

  • Flash Player for Windows

    I want to install Flash Player for my Windows 7 PC. I would like to know how to install Flash Player on my PC?


  • Windows Media Player for Windows 7 - "no such interface took in charge."

    Yesterday I tried to open different video files with WMP for windows 7, and whenever I try to open it gives me an error and says 'no such interface took in charge. "

    I would perfer a fix for this, so please do not recommend you to download the VLC Player.
    I tried to download klite codec and many others, pack what should I do?


    myself has resolved, thanks for the help if!

  • Windows Media Player for Windows 8 security update

    I am trying to download an audio book from the library with the Overdrive Media Console software, my windows media player on widows 8 will not accept the security update so that I can continue my download.  Does anyone else have this problem.  I followed all the instructions Overdrive upgrade to the letter.

    The same problem.  Overdrive says to download the upgrade of security for Windows media player.  Download of security does not download on my pc.  Cannot download Overdrive library items.  Site to download the MS security upgrade is

  • How do I uninstall the flash player for Windows 8.1 debugger

    I installed the debug version of Flash Player to make development work. I would now like to uninstall the version of developers and get back to the standard version. How?

    I am running Windows 8.1 x 64 with IE 11.

    My system shows "You have installed 14,0,0,176 version" from the Flash Player page.

    I used the following link for uninstall manually and with the download program. When you do the manual version I have find the C drive and not recorded about five different copies of 32 and 64-bit version.

    I tried to install from the following link, but he says that the update does not apply to my system.



    Given that Microsoft integrates Flash Player in Internet Explorer on Wndows 8.x/10, the standalone uninstall program does not have to remove the ActiveX on Windows 8.x/10 control (it does not uninstall the plugins NPAPI and PPAPI.)  Instructions to uninstall the debugger Windows 8.x are displayed to the Adobe Flash Player - download which is the same page that contains the links for debugger Windows 8.x installers.  Uninstall instructions are directly below the links for debuggers.

    Microsoft integrates Flash Player on Windows 8.x/10 they lock files to prevent users to uninstall because it is a built-in component of IE.  Since you have manually unregistered ActiveX components you have done irreparable damage to the file system, which is beyond the scope of this Flash Player installer forum.  This could by why you get the message that the update does not apply to you, however, that it is difficult to determine at this stage.  I could start by running Windows Update and see if it includes an update to "update for Internet Explorer for Windows Player Flash 8.x".  If she is not there, you may need to install other updates before "update for Internet Explorer for Windows Player Flash 8.x" update appears.  If it appears at all, you will need to contact Microsoft for assistance.



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