my printer won't print

Hello can you help me that my printer will not print I would appreciate help you


It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.

They will help you with your printer issue in Vista Hardware and drivers Forum above.

See you soon.

Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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  • my hp officejet pro 8600 won't print from my ipad.

    my hp officejet pro 8600 won't print from my ipad. ?


    Yes.  Try following the instructions here
    If this does not help, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


    I have a brand new HP 309 a wireless printer.  I use it with a USB PORT.   I downloaded something from a PDF file and the printer won't stop printing.  I rebooted the computer, I unplugged the printer for an hour and when I turned it on it took I hit the Cancel button, the display shows "Printing cancelled", then it reads 'print now.'  When I try to use the printer to print something it reads "busy".  Help.


    Unplug the USB cable and follow the steps below to restart the spooler service.

    Click Start (Windows logo) > > all programs > > Accessories > >

    Right-click on command prompt and open it as administrator (choose Run as administrator)

    Enter the below command in the black window and click on enter key...

    net stop spooler

    Who will stop the spooler service.

    Then enter the command below and hit enter key to start the spooler service

    net start spooler

    That will remove the current impression comment and things in the print queue.

    Press the Windows key and R on the key board to open the run window (click Start > > run).

    In the run window, type services.msc, and then click Ok.

    Which will open the services window.

    From there, double click on the print spooler service. Which opens a new window.

    Click the Stop button to stop, and then click Start to restart the spooler service.

    Make sure that the startup type is: automatic status and Service: started

    Click apply and then click Ok to close the services window.

  • HP3520 won't print black

    I love this printer. He has been a reliable workhorse, but today, it would not print black. I bought a new cartridge, but still no go. When something like this happened in the old days, I would use a little alcohol on a cotton ball to clean the cartridge, but these 564 cartridges are not this way.

    I took the cartridge and looked at the container of ink in the printer. Of course, it's a piece of lattice and it was clogged up. I used a baby medicine syringe to deposit some drops of alcohol on the mesh and absorb the alcohol with a q. total quantity of alcohol was maybe 1/2 teaspoon.

    The glow of the mesh, the flow of ink and I still love my HP printer. I won't be responsible by someone of another printer, but mine is very well after this treatment.

    Thanks for the comments and glad to hear that it's back to work


  • Update Windows 10 removed my printer software. I downloaded the drivers, but windows won't install it cos

    Update Windows 10 removed my printer software. I downloaded the drivers, but my PC won't will not install because the security certificate for the HP software says windows Defender is not closed or not properly closed. What should I do?

    Hi @Mixawixa

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)

    What browser do you use? Edge?

    Can you try IE or Chrome and see if the problem still exists?

  • HP 6700 printer won't allow web services.

    My printer HP 6700 won't allow web services. I have already downloaded the update of the firmware, manually entered the IP address and DNS numbers... stop the printer and turned it back. But when I try to activate the web services it try for awhile, then he said to web services could not be activated... any help would be appreciated.  I have vista.

    I tried to reset to the default settings on the built-in Web server.  I was able to reset the default settings of the printer and has been able to activate the web services.

    Thanks a bunch...

  • My ipad used to print on my printer HP B210, now, it won't. What's wrong? iPad 1

    My ipad used to print on my printer HP B210, now, it won't.  What's wrong?  (iPad 1)  Everything is connected correctly, am online and print very well to my HP laptop.  The iPad is the printer, but after trying to communicate with her, he says that the printer is offline (i.e. is not)

    Hi, I decided to turn off my printer and unplug the unit.  Also turned off of my iPad.  Waited about 30-60 seconds and plugged into the printer, powered on the iPad.  We have lift-off!  It works now!  Thanks for responding.

  • My Officejet Pro 8500 wireless won't all print cyan?

    I have been using this printer for about 4 years. A few months ago, he stopped printing cyan and I'm now talking to her. I ran the clean print heads, etc. and cyan has not come at all. This is after trying a former and new officer, print cartridge Cyan HP. Help, please.

    I have the 8500 institutions and experienced a similar problem. I managed to sucessfully troubleshoot. I replaced all ink cartridges that did not help. I replaced the two print heads and now it will be printed as the day, it was new. Be sure to shake each printhead for at least 10 seconds prior to installation.

    Printhead part numbers are listed below.

    Yellow and HP 940 Black Printhead

    Cyan and HP 940 Magenta print head

    I won't you be kidding the print heads are expensive. ($62.00 each), but they should solve your problems.

    Try them, replacement print heads are under warranty if you really have nothing to lose.

    Good luck.

  • a 6500 won't print gray, although gray scale value

    my hp 6500 won't print black print gray

    I set it up to print gray levels - but still, it prints colors apart from the text

    It's when your ink has run out - even if the settings are correct

    Yes, that's what I did

    I tried again and realized the button that says apply has defauted out and could not being clicked - that is why the new settings probally did not apply

    so I then changed my choice of greyscale to black only - and only then I could then click on the Apply button ok

    I printed your page and it is without color, like I wanted

    don't know why I couldn't choose gray well

    Thanks for your help and happy holidays

  • HP Envy 5530 won't print computer this weekend.

    HP Envy 5530 won't print computer this weekend.  I turned off and unplugged.  Bought on 25/10/13.  It has happened, but this time cannot operate.  Impressions of my iPad.

    Thanks for getting back to me SammyAmazon!

    I am happy to know that you can print again!

    Remember to mark our thread here as "accept as Solution" since the problem seems to be resolved.

    Have a great weekend

  • Photosmart D110 AIO will print, won't copy or scan

    Photosmart D110 AIO will print but won't copy or scan. The printer screen bounces to 'Copy' without copying. Same problem as stand alone or connected to the computer. Help!

    Try to unplug and plug back in.

    If this does not work, you may have a hardware problem.

    This snack, try this.

    {Insider reset deleted information}

  • HP 3522 won't print in black

    HP 3522 won't print in black - all new cartridges - replaced black for printing Sun and, now, not at all - has retried original cartridge - all basket original hp.  Tried every hp online help - none worked - out warrentry as on March this year.

    Thanks for the reply nc4159!

    I will send you a private message to explain what I would like to then if you are unsure how to check your messages on the forum this post, has instructions.

  • 4630 won't recognize scanner - printer and utility connect properly

    4630 won't recognize scanner - printer and utility connect correctly.

    Downloaded the software for Mac OS 10.10 altest, but he still does not see the scanner.

    Help, please!

    I uninstalled and reinstalled and it works again.

    Thank you

  • canceled the document because it would print now, he won't disappear so I print another document

    I have an officejet J4680 all-in-one of wireless and home to cancel a document of mapquest, because he was taking to long and now it won't go away so I can print other documents


    Try the following.

    In Control Panel, open administrative tools and select abuse.  Scroll down to the print spooler service, right click and select Properties, then click the Stop button.  Now search for C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS, then delete the work inside this folder - you may need to click a command prompt to get the authority to open the PRINTERS folder.
    Restart the computer and you should find that the documents have been deleted.
    Kind regards
    DP - K

  • My Officejet 6500 E709a printer won't scan, it says "no opt. NUM.

    My Officejet 6500 E709a printer won't scan, it says "no opt. NUM.   I am trying to reinstall it but it says that the operating system is not correct. What to do?


    Windows forums - Hardware & drivers-French / English


  • printer won't print hp officejet 6500 a e710a

    printer won't print, if you please, emergency aid


    Uninstall and reinstall the printer, using the latest drivers directly from HP.

    There are also troubleshooting steps.

    If that fixed it, ask in the Forums of HP's Support.

    See you soon.

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