Navigation, very slow Streaming after brsvc01a msg?

While booting, I get error msg brsvc01a. Don't know what it is, but the navigation and streaming has been much slower. Any ideas? All started a few days ago.



You get this error message as soon you start the desktop computer?
Note: Brsvc01a.exe description brsvc01a is a process file of belonging brother brother Industries Ltd. brsvc01a product Industries Company Ltd.
Method 1:
To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This kinship of startup is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.
Try to perform the clean boot and check if it helps, here is the link:
Note: When you're done to diagnose, follow step 7 in the article to start on normal startup.
Method 2:
Warning: Reset the Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings

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  • Lenovo Ideapad Y560 very slow just after the start


    I have a weird problem with my laptop Ideapad Y560 (2 years). I was wondering if any of you have a similar problem and looking for a possible solution.

    As soon as I start the laptop (either), it is very slow for the first 3-4 minutes. Nothing to really works or opens, it hangs for a while and runs my entries of keyboard and mouse with a considerable delay. After this period of 3-4 minutes, it works perfectly fine, also responds well/crisp as the lappy was brand new. I can't understand why he behaves in this way.

    I almost never stop the laptop and generally just put it to sleep. However, I have this problem (as described above) if I turn on the lappy a stop or a State of sleep also. Anyone seen this before? Could someone please suggest possible solutions? Any help is very appreciated! Thank you!

    lprassanth wrote:

    Thank you. I did it twice and I got a message that he "did not for any breach of integrity" at every opportunity. Restarting the machine. Problem persists.

    Try the manual cleaning of Windows and then follow-up with defrag.

  • My macbook air 13 "(2015) is very slow, even after a clean install"


    I have a macbook air 13 "from 2015 and it is VERY slow. I did a clean install from scratch of El Capitan (10.11.06) and always very slow.

    Etrecheck give ' "Performance: poor

    Is there a hardware problem? or what to do?

    Thank you

    EtreCheck version: 3.0.6 (315)

    Report generated 2016-10-05 10:18:11

    Download EtreCheck from

    Duration 17:11

    Performance: poor

    Click the [Support] links to help with non-Apple products.

    Click [details] for more information on this line.

    Problem: Computer is too slow


    too slow

    Hardware Information:

    MacBook Air (13 inch, early 2015)

    [Data sheet] - [User Guide] - [warranty & Service]

    MacBook Air - model: MacBookAir7, 2

    1 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU: 2 strands

    8 GB RAM not extensible

    BANK 0/DIMM0

    OK 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz

    BANK 1/DIMM0

    OK 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz

    Bluetooth: Good - transfer/Airdrop2 taken in charge

    Wireless: en0: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

    Battery: Health = Normal - Cycle count = 40

    Video information:

    Intel HD 6000 graphics card

    Color LCD 1440 x 900


    OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 (15-1004) - since startup time: less than an hour

    Disc information:

    SM0128G SSD APPLE disk0: (121,33 GB) (Solid State - TRIM: Yes)

    EFI (disk0s1) < not mounted >: 210 MB

    Recovery HD (disk0s3) < not mounted > [recovery]: 650 MB

    Macintosh HD (disk 1) / [Startup]: 120,10 (Go 104.05 free)

    Storage of carrots: disk0s2 120.47 GB Online

    USB information:

    Apple Inc. BRCM20702 hub.

    Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB host controller.

    Lightning information:

    Apple Inc. Thunderbolt_bus.


    Mac App Store and identified developers

    Launch system officers:

    [no charge] 6 tasks Apple

    tasks of Apple 166 [loading]

    [running] Apple 58 jobs

    [killed] 9 tasks of Apple

    9 killed process lack of RAM

    Launch system demons:

    [no charge] 47 Apple jobs

    [loading] 158 jobs Apple

    [running] Apple 77 jobs

    [killed] 8 tasks of Apple

    8 killed process lack of RAM

    Launch demons:

    [loading] com.macpaw.CleanMyMac3.Agent.plist (2016-10-04) [Support]

    User launch officers:

    [loading] com.bittorrent.uTorrent.plist (2016-10-04)

    [loading] com.macpaw.CleanMyMac3.Scheduler.plist (2016-10-05)

    Items in user login:

    iTunesHelper program (/ Applications/

    uTorrent program (/ Applications/

    CleanMyMac 3 Menu program (/ Applications/CleanMyMac 3

    Plug-ins Internet:

    Default browser: 601 - SDK 10.11 (2016-09-03)

    QuickTime Plugin: 7.7.3 (2016-07-09)

    3rd party preference panes:


    Time Machine:

    Time Machine not configured!

    Top of page process CPU:

    14% WindowServer

    4% kernel_task

    0% SystemUIServer

    0% cloudpaird

    Top of page process of memory:

    670 MB kernel_task

    Mdworker (11) 188 MB (2) 41 MB

    Finder 41 MB

    Mds_stores 33 MB

    Virtual memory information:

    5.02 GB of free RAM

    2.98 used GB RAM (1.82 GB being cached)

    40 MB used Swap

    Diagnostic information:

    5 October 2016, 09:38:39 test - passed

    Hello, have you tried to reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support?

  • Very slow PC after installing xp sp3

    I recently installed windows xp SP3 on my PC. Once all installed began to go very very slow. I ran avast antivirus, once disabled or uninstalled the PC worked fine, so I removed and replaced by AVG 2011. The same thing is happening again. It seems to be a conflict between the installation of SP3 and both of these virus protection software.

    Does anyone have experience of this and how to fix it?

    Or someone has a suggestion of a different virus software to use?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Gordon,.

    Try the following.

    Method 1: You can check if installing Microsoft Security Essentials of AVG in place can help.

    Method 2: Check to see if this article helps you.

    How to set performance options in Windows XP

    See also:

    Windows XP performance

  • Very slow performance after P2V

    Hi all

    We did a P2V of a server and after his conversion, he must have very high use of the processor and extremely slow performance as a virtual machine. We did it,

    1. all cleanings after P2V.

    2. VMware tools update.

    3. an increase in the CPU, RAM.

    Nothing seems to work, any help please.

    Thank you

    Please confirm that you have removed the old equipment after P2V and all related material linked from the drivers, utilities, officials.

    1. open a Windows command prompt and type the following command:

    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

    This sets an environment variable that tells the Device Manager to display all the devices.

    2. at the same command prompt, type


    You can also try to run msconfig and disable microsoft non-related services to help you identify what could be the cause of the problem.

    • On the Services tab
    • Select "Hide all Microsoft Services"
    • Click on "disable all".
    • Mark the VMware vCenter Converter Agent
    • Mark the VMware vCenter Converter Server
    • Click 'apply '.
    • Click "close".
    • Click "restart."
  • Very slow Internet after windows installng 10 speed

    After accepting the free update of Microsoft for windows 10 of Windows 7 ultimate, I find that my Virgin internet runs much lower to the previous speed. I have updated my Firefox browser without result.
    Any thoughts would be welcome. Removing and reinstalling Firefox would be worth trying?

    Hi scriber.
    If Firefox is slow, try the following steps to remove Firefox as a problem: Firefox is slow - how to make it faster I might suggest also to call the ISP to troubleshoot compatibility problems.

  • Satellite A85 S1072: Very slow OS after installation of new

    I have problem with my laptop. It is a technical issue. Recently, my system crashed and I reinstalled system, now I have problem with speed and works, when I install some programs or copy the file into different space, the system is slow and it's look like a block for a while.

    example: I have 2 partitions when I copy a large file like 400 MB of partision partision 1 2 I have like 50 kbytes 1200 KB transfer.

    I tested my system with the tool of diagnosis PC Toshiba program and he said: it's an OK status with the material. I used some more flavor called Easy Recovery professional programs to test my hard drive and the status is OK.

    What do you thing about my problem. That's the problem with my hard drive or motherboard? you know any problem to test some of those things to help me.
    Very thanks for the reply.

    Next time.

    Notebok parameters: 256 ram, 40 GB drive, processor 1.4 GHZ.


    Your device comes pre-installed with a Toshiba recovery media?
    I would recommed to check the HARD disk.
    You can try to use some HDD monitoring tools. Googled around.

  • Very slow computer after the latest updates


    I've updated one of my PCs running Vista x 64 updates of security two days ago.
    Now that the systems takes more than 15 minutes just to start at the opening screen of session and as much time again to get on the desktop.
    The mouse cursor is always fast as usual, but everything else including the caret blink time is super slow.

    This is a really clean system which is used strictly for dedicated 3D work, so he has nothing but Max, EU3 and WinZip on it.  It is not used for Internet access.
    No hardware or software changes attempted in several months, other than updates Windows System.
    Intel C2Q Q6600, 8 GB 1066 RAM, NVidia 8800GTS 512, WD 500 GB HD, ASUS P5K mobo.

    I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem with updates, especially as it's really painful trying to solve the problems since that it literally takes hours to try whatever it locate either changes the problem.  I'll do a wipe and reinstall if I have to spend a lot more time with reboots, it will be faster.

    I am answering my own question here... :-)
    Maybe it will help someone else and save a few hours of work waiting for the slow start to fix things.

    For those who are interested: the OS is Vista Home Premium x 64. Material has been listed above. It is a high-end with hardware system high range, coolers, cases, power supply, etc.
    This is not a system of job full time, it is used only for specific work I usually do a few hours on one or two days a week.

    I timed it really starts the Welcome screen and it is more than 45 minutes. lol :-D
    I pulled off the side of the case and noticed that the HDD was just chewing on something.
    Start in safe mode was also just as painfully slow as standard start (argh).

    Regarding the updates of Windows, I have this system set to inform only, so I only install updates at the end of all the days that I work on the computer. Where my assumption that it's a matter of update that caused the problem, since nothing ever changes, on this subject - files are still saved out to a network server.

    However, once I could get on the computer, I noticed that I had also installed Windows Live Mail top the same day I did the updates of Windows (two days ago). WLM has been installed just to get a screenshot of it for my blog, it was never really used for Internet e-mail, it should be uninstalled some time on one of the next system bootups.

    Then... Installation apparently a combination of WLM or the latest Windows updates has completely borked something on the computer starts.
    I got my DVD of Vista, it started, ran the Startup Repair. Now, the system works very well. WLM has been uninstalled in the case where it has been part or all of the guilty.
    As with a PC, it could be something to do with the specific hardware and software configuration, the order of WLM and updates installed, specific updates installed, etc..

    I would recommend that anyone with a similar configuration be sure to install WLM or updates in the estate where they fall in the same question.
    Just don't panic if you have problems, try a DVD Vista Startup Repair. :-)

  • Very slow download after the update February 10

    After the update automated around Feb 10th, photos are slowly and web video a crawl - for every one second of game-playing, it hangs for 10 seconds or more.

    Download Adobe software update takes forever - about 10 kb/s or less. Everything slowed to a crawl.  What is going on?

    I have a DELL reconditioned with XP and a custom-built Q8900 Intel Vista and it happens on both machines.

    I think of restoring to the point of pre-2/10 but do not want to be vulnerable.  Any person with knowledge or patch fix, feel free to post... help!

    After testing mode safe mode with networking, I suggest that you make sure that your NETWORK card drivers are up to date.  You can also see if there is a firmware upgrade for the router you have.  Alternatively, you can perform a clean boot to see if other software can interfere with your system.  Also, make sure that your security software is up-to-date.  Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • PC running very slow XP after installing SP3, can I reinstall?

    My PC is turned sssslloooowwwwwlllyyy both since the installation of SP3.  I do not want to troubleshoot SP3 for now, so can I remove and reinstall?  My PC is quite old in years of PC, but performance has been acceptable for me up until SP3 came.

    Thank you


    It is important to disable programs such as Webroot before installing SP3. Personally, I prefer to install the stand-alone version of SP3 while I'm offline and after setting up a clean boot:

    Also, have a look here:

    If you want to solve your problem of performance, set up a CleanBoot and systematically add back programs/process until you figure out the problem:

    Also make sure your transfer mode:

    You have Windows Search 4.0 installed? (It can be a nightmare performance!)

    Automatic updates is spent in form Windows Update Microsoft Update? That can be a problem, too.

  • Time very slow start after the restoration in car merger


    Recently, I restored my drive of Fusion to 2 because Windows blew it all this when I tried to restore from a System Image (please see here: retrieve Windows System Image in Boot Camp 10). Basically, the HDD and SSD separated and I rebuilt the volume logic and any group. Now start up time in the OS X partition are pretty slow, so are usually use during the first minutes - sort of like Windows startup.

    My questions:

    1 should I I have recreated OS X for the SSD disk Fusion part? Or I just guess I should install it on the part of the HARD drive and the drive of the merger would 'do its magic' and, in time, to transfer files relevant starting it on its own?

    2 installing/restore OS X on the SSD portion would solve the problem?

    Thank you


    I solved this with Apple Support cat in the end. Basically, you can just boot into Recovery Mode, reformat the HARD disk, and retrieve OS X directly on the SSD.

  • Copying files very slow USB after the ICS update

    Does anyone else have a problem?

    I'm trying to copy a 500 MB external hard drive (FAT32) file on the internal SD card and just of crawls and crashes. It used to be swift.

    Does anyone else know this? Any other file manager would be faster?

    Which file manager you use? Have you tried HD file manager? I've been using it to copy a file over 700 MB of a flash drive to SD internal card without any problems "slow".

  • HP Mini 210-1000 is very slow, even after disabling several programs.

    I bought a HP Mini 210-1000 little more than one year. 1 GB of RAM. Win 7 Basic. Since only my son used and that occasionally, I never realized how incredibly slow, it was. Often, it takes 1 min for IE open a page. Even though I have broadband, I can't watch Netflix movies. I have disabled several programs in the menu of boot, run CCleaner, but it is still slow. When I check the Task Manager, it seems that 60-70 memory is used even when the CPU usage is 5%. I tried to tune up with HP Support Assistant, but when I click on update, it fails to update, fails to analyze or gather information. HP Support Assistant is only for products still under warranty? Can I maybe just uninstall and reinstall? Or am I left with no other choice than the upgrade of perhaps the memory? I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

    boonetrace wrote:

    He said no "reference" on the mini, only the number of 'product', that is: WH684UA #ABA. Thank you.

    I was thinking about product and written a part.

    The first time I asked the correct thing and, unfortunately, I made a mistake.

    My advice? I would upgrade the RAM to 2 GB.


    Crucial - HP Compaq HP Mini 210-1084NR Netbook

    You can check some solutions in the link below:
    How to speed up system boot time and performance.


    Remember then it's the netbook, so it will be never powerful as laptop.

  • SQL very slow Performance after upgrade.

    We have recently upgraded to for, and the performance of some of our queries SQL slowed considerably. For example, a query that works almost instantly in 10 g takes more than 30 seconds to 11 g. When I run an autotrace, the LAST_CR_BUFFER_GETS in 10g is 1067 and 11 g, it's 621006!

    I don't know why the exact same query would produce different results. I'm sure it's a matter of adjustment, but any ideas on where to start would be appreciated.

    This command will gather his stats, but the default values can be different between 10g and 11g. You should check out what they are. Here are the ones I have change:

    select dbms_stats.GET_PREFS('AUTOSTATS_TARGET') from dual;
    select dbms_stats.GET_PREFS('CASCADE') from dual;
    select dbms_stats.GET_PREFS('ESTIMATE_PERCENT') from dual;
    select dbms_stats.GET_PREFS('METHOD_OPT') from dual;
    select dbms_stats.GET_PREFS('NO_INVALIDATE') from dual;
    select dbms_stats.GET_PREFS('GRANULARITY') from dual;
    select dbms_stats.GET_PREFS('PUBLISH') from dual;
    select dbms_stats.GET_PREFS('INCREMENTAL') from dual;
    select dbms_stats.GET_PREFS('DEGREE') from dual;

    And then I change them to:


    Your preferences may be different, but we do not use histograms and we always 100% of the data samples. Find out what the other parameters in the Oracle documentation.

    Good reading on this topic [url] restore schema stats and this one on [url] collect statistics of the system.

    When you gather stats, you may need to clear the shared pool afterwards so that they SQL request are difficult, analyzed again and use the stats again. Use the ALTER SYSTEM FLUSH SHARED_POOL but probably better to do so in a period of low activity.

  • Very slow bookmarks after 48.0.2 updated to Firefox

    Everything was until the terrible v48 update hunky dory. With no other changes to the system, bookmarks are now annoyingly slow to use. If I try to bookmark this page for example, FF thinking for 2 to 5 seconds before I can enter the tags. Having saved the bookmark, it freezes again 1-3 seconds before I can do anything else. It is a terrible downgrade.

    There is absolutely no other changes to my configuration, with the exception of the update. I didn't change any preference, install an addon or similar. In any case, I conducted a test in safe mode and this makes the breaks even worse.

    What else can I try? Your knowledge of FF would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Why is loading not images in Bing with Firefox 22.0?

    Since upgrading to Firefox 22.0 images on Bing will not charge. Images on Google work very well. Images on Bing work fine in Internet Explorer. I tried all of the solutions I met re: images does not and it does not solve the problem with FF22.0 and B

  • I need the firmware for the Toshiba excited AT7 B618

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