NB550D - can't find Toshiba HDD recovery software


Several days ago, I bought a Toshiba NB550D netbook. He had Windows Starter pre-installed, but I wanted to try Linux. I installed Linux and, of course, left the recovery partition. Now, I would return for Windows.

I would like to restore the software preinstalled on the hard drive, but I can't find the disk recovery software HARD Toshiba which could install on a newly installed Windows and restore the system from the hard drive. Where can I find it?

I have a whole score necessary for recovery, nothing moves or deleted.

Enormously grateful for the help
Toshiba NB550D user


Toshiba HDD recovery software can be launched via the advanced version preinstalled Windows boot menu. In other words, this feature works with OS preinstalled only.

Now you have installed another OS (Linux) and this means that you can start t HARD drive recovery option more. HARD drive recovery partition is not enough to do.

Have you created a bootable USB key using the recovery media creator before installing Linux? If so, you can use this stick now to restore the original settings. If you don t have that stick you can order recovery media here:

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  • Satellite L650-12 q - Toshiba HDD Recovery does not

    Toshiba Satellite L650-12 q
    Windows 7 64 bit

    I am looking to re - install Windows using the Toshiba HDD Recovery software on my hard drive to restore the computer to factory settings.
    I followed the procedure to do this in the System Recovery Options, but received the following message is displayed:

    "The recovery of the operating system is impossible!
    Not found the HDD Recovery folder on the second disc of the first hard drive. There is no valid disk HARD recovery environment on this computer. »

    More details:
    Before you do the above, I supported the system and the files and folders using AOMEI Backupper. I then made the mistake of the merger of C: D: and E: partitions, E: contained HDDR files.

    After having tried the recovery above and receive the above message, I reinstalled the file system I had saved on an external hard drive, which resulted in a copy of the drive C: and E: drive with HDDR files.
    Unfortunately, when I tried to recover the operating system, the same message appeared.

    Then I tried to use a system restore disc, I had created a few weeks ago, but concluded that, for some reason that CD is empty.

    The good news is that the computer still works - slowly - and HDDR files seem to be still there, but for some reason, inaccessible.

    What are my options? I want to go back to initial factory settings so that I can go back and re-install the programs and files that I want to. (I backed up all my files and have records of installation for programs).

    If the worst comes to the worst and I have to buy a Windows 7 disc (if that's even possible - I don't want Windows 8), it would be possible to install on this computer and it would give me a clean install, without any of the garbage which is currently cluttering up my computer?

    Thank you for reading, and I would be grateful for any advice you can offer.

    In your case, the situation is clear: HARD drive recovery facility does not work?
    If you want to have the laptop with the settings you have an option only: for recovery image installation you must use the installation of recovery disc.

    If I understand right you don t, entitled?
    But you can order it on https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

    If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

  • Do not have "Toshiba HDD Recovery" on Satellite U300-151 with Vista

    I have problem with Vista - it became too slow so I want to get back to factory settings.

    I went through the process described in [http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD9102IR0000R01.htm] and then, instead of "Toshiba HDD recovery" as a last option-, I have 'Restore the full Windows operating system' which is the last one after 'comand prompt. When I click on that I get another box with warning by saying "when you reinstall windows OS reformats the hard drive and all data will be lost" and "If the preinstalled files are damaged you can use the product recovery disc (which I don't have)" and there are no other or any button except OK which I click and it just brings back me to the list "System Recovery Option"...

    I have Toshiba recovery disc creator no - it was not pre-installed when I bought computer - even if I had all the other software from toshiba.

    And I know that I can buy the recovery disk, but I don't think that pay 30 dollars for something that I should have had with the computer: and my computer is still under warranty.

    Delivered using the recovery media, you will be able to install Vista.
    Recovery image contains all of the drivers, tools and utilities, and after the installation of clean operating system, you should not install some additional software.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Need TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard, but have simply on TOSHIBA HDD Recovery Tool

    Hello world!

    I bought Windows 7 Home Premium OEM SP - 1 preinstaled in Turkey with model Sattelit L675-10z. Corsica, is in Turkish,

    And as I am not Turkish I wanted to find a way to use it in Russian. Toshiba supports service in Turkey told me that they cannot help me with this, so I have instoled program Vistalizator with the Russian language.

    It has been activated Windows without problem and just "authenticity windows 7" were not working. But I had the opportunity to download all the files to update windows without notifications.

    After 6 months of work, my child is delited some .dll files that I understood and also he deleted all the windows recovery points to sistem windows recovery.

    And when I tried to use toshiba HARD drive recovery, I was surprised. Before I got the toshiba laptop with windows 7 (also satelit L series) and it was easy to recover, but http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD1303440001R01.htm I'm shoked. When I try to push button 8 in the bios I have not any TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard... .i have just TOSHIBA HDD Recovery Tool the same situation with button 'Zero' in the BIOS.

    Toshiba Recovery tool do not give me a chance to recover windows fair he also wants to erase all my files in all drives.

    I have also done with Toshiba Recovery Media creator usb charger and you have find it also gives me opportunity just to clear all my files in all computers.

    but I also find there a file setenv.ini with the following parameters.
    Packer = ImageX
    InstallCMD = \inst.cmd
    FactoryInstallCMD = \facinst.cmd
    PartitionSizeGB =-1
    MinPartitionSizeGB = 15
    DefaultGUILang = English
    NumLang = 1
    Hnum = R13026TE
    Lang = TRK
    OS = Windows Win 7
    ImageName = 11898XSP.swm
    ImageIndex = 2
    WinREIndex = 1
    FS = NTFS
    StartMedium = 1

    and 2 files with name boot.wim so I think I can install windows 7 without erasing all my records? and there is also possibility to choose the language?

    Or maybe I should ask toshiba company servise on help?

    Have no idea what to do. Do not want to pay for another license, do not want to lose all my files, and want to use lisansed BONE in my native language or in English.

    Or if that's not possible, I would like to get the Turkish version of windows.

    Thank you

    Hello Natalya

    First some facts for you. I hope that this will help you understand some important things.
    Computers notebooks are specific products of countries and every laptop on the Turkish market is actually for people who use Turk language. In other words, they will get operating system and keyboard for that language.

    Each book is available for some countries of preinstalled language and there is no way to activate a different language. If you live in Russia and use the Russian language you should get Windows7 on your language and install it on your laptop. All the necessary drivers tools and utilities can be downloaded from the Toshiba support page. Of course, to the clean OS install, you must pay for the license of Microsoft. The button down belongs to the original version (Turkish language).

    When you install the operating system using the recovery image of HARD drive you Turk language again and the problem is not solved for you. In my opinion you n t to use this image at all. You can't choose your Russian language and, in general, this recovery mage Turk is useless for you.

    My advice to you if you want to keep this notebook:
    -change the keyboard (Russian language) the nearest Toshiba service for help. they can order and exchange it for you
    -installation disk install Win7 using Microsoft original (Win7)
    -install all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities from Toshiba download page the link is on this forum page (support Top sites)

    Please read all this and let me know if you have any other questions.

  • HowTO: Toshiba HDD Recovery after the new installation of Windows 7

    If you install a new windows format or toshiba by a cd of windows you will not be able to see the Toshiba Hdd Recovery on F8 to restore the menu.

    Like this

    So if you have a recovery partition, you can make a recovery system to factory default. Follow these steps...

    1. format your USB key. Paste that file to a usb flash drive.

    2 - reboot the system and press F12 to start from usb...

    After these steps you can restore the system to factory default...

    Toshiba recovery steps

    Thanks for your interesting ad.
    I m very interested in how it works and will try to test it soon.

  • Vista recovery disks do not display TOSHIBA HDD Recovery option

    Back to school for 4 children with laptops is a pain, he seems to be constantly before wipe them and their establishment again.

    Any ideas why the Vista recovery disks do not display TOSHIBA HARD drive recovery option?

    I made a USB key and copied all the files from a backup of the Recvery drive to it. The USB displays the TOSHIBA HDD Recovery option but calls for the disks and will not run the recovery of the USB itself. It's annoying, but at least I can still use it to recover the machine.

    I would like to be

    the problem with discs


    get the USB key to retrieve by using its own files instead of asking for the disks. Vista was not created with the option to recover from USB, so maybe I can't.

    HARD drive recovery option appears not in the advanced boot menu if something has been changed or modified on the HARD disk and the flag was removed.
    For example, this may be the case if the partition has been changed, modified or if HARD drive recovery files or folder has been changed, moved, or deleted.

    In case you want to recover the computer laptop back to factory settings, you must use the recovery disk

  • Satellite L550D I do not see the "Toshiba HDD Recovery"


    I was going to use the disk HARD recovery described here link: http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD1303440001R02.htm when you try I don't see why the "Toshiba HDD Recovery"?

    Hey Buddy,

    You have installed another operating system or is still the preinstalled Windows 7 in Toshiba original?

  • Satellite C650D - pressing F8 I can't find toshiba recovery option


    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite C650D I want to know that when I go into recovery menu by pressing F8 I can't find the toshiba recovery option as before installing windows.

    The hidden recovery disk which is 10 GB maintains 10 GB data
    How can I access it to retrieve the parameters of my factoryt?
    Now what I can rocover hidden partition or it is corrupted?
    So corrupt where can I get the recovery of the Asia-Pacific region online backup?

    I found the link on the forum to buy the recovery disk, but it is for euorope I want to find it in the Asia-Pacific region?


    If you are not able to recover the laptop using the recovery of HARD drive, then you will need to retrieve the laptop using the recovery disk.
    It seems that you didn't create the disc in the just past? Well, it was not a good idea

    However, the Satellite C650 is European notebook series. Right?
    In this case, you will need the drive recovery for the series of Europeans, and this can be ordered here:

  • Where can I find and download recovery disk creator?


    I installed Windows 7 Home premium 32 bit on my * Satellite A350-12j *. I installed the driver too and everything works well, but I can't find a link to download the recovery disc creator software, to create backup DVDs. Any official link to the software?

    Thanks, Marco.

    I'm afraid that you have misunderstood something.

    This tool is designed to work with the factory only settings and you can use it to create Toshiba recovery facilities only disk.
    It is not a kind of backup software. It is designed only for purposes of Toshiba.

    I just hope that you have created the Vista recovery disk before installing Win7.

  • Problems with Toshiba HDD Recovery


    A few days ago, I bought a new Toshiba Satellite notebook, everything was going well until I started to delete or disable the programs that have been added automatically with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on the HARD drive,
    because for me, most of them is really unnecessary and everytime when I checked the Task Manager it had before any process of more than 80.
    If everything seemed great until I rebooted the computer, after that there wasn't one more chance to log in windows, I tried several times, but without effect, even I tried via safe mode.
    It seemed like they were reduced.
    So I decided I will upload I want to install the new Windows 7 different version on the HARD drive, without thinking that he might restart former.
    and the problem started here because the hardware does not recognize the new version of Windows, I have all the drivers, I tried to download and add them, but did not work.
    Even Device Manager does not properly because it does not show same me I have the graphics card ATI, network card...

    I know I reacted stupidly, but is there a possibility that I can reboot, reinstall the old primary windows again, because I didn't erase them or I na not format the HDD but I installed the new version on
    One older so that they are still in place on the HARD drive, but under another brand windows.old.
    I also have on the other HARD drive recovery partition, or it's just better to him distribute service where they can solve the problem.
    If you have any tips or advice please tell me!

    Thanks for your response


    Oh AL what are you doing man. I mean why do you all this?
    The first step, you must do it with the new device is to check the s manuals and pick up some info about your new product.

    In this manual is clearly described that original recovery image is saved on the HARD drive and very important, is to create recovery DVD that you can use in the case if the HDD recovery procedure will not longer work.

    So what you have now?
    -screwed to the top of operating system
    -Nothing in the hand who can help you with recovery of OS install

    Only thing you can try now is to start HARD drive recovery in the hope that everything will work OK.
    Here the instructions how to do this > http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD9102IR0000R01.htm

    If this does not work, you have a big problem.
    Anyway send comments and let's see what you can do as the next step.

  • Satellite U300-11V: where to find Toshiba HDD Protection for Win7?

    My Toshiba U300-11V has been factory-installed with Windows Vista.
    When I recently upgraded to Windows 7, I had to uninstall the Toshiba HDD Protection program as it was incompatible.

    Y at - it a compatible version of Windows 7 from this program somewhere?
    If so, how can I download it to my computer?


    Have you tried the HDD Protection Utility released for new laptops from Toshiba as Satellite U500?

    Generally, it should be possible to install the app on your U300

    Check it!

  • Toshiba-HDD recovery lost T130H

    Hi all

    I lost my all files recovery and partion now how to restore my laptop to its factory default setting whre can I get the disc recovery PLZ help

    Help PLZ


    You can order the original Toshiba recovery under https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx disk

    Check it out.

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    I also think as a boarder ConfigFree should be good

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    Want to help?

    Thank you.


    Click recovery environment Windows--->, then the device will restart---> select Troubleshoot---> you can then select Refersh your PC (this will reset the unit without deleting data stored in it)

    Check the link for more information on how to start below


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    Im getting a blue screen of death. I have updated to version 1.80 of the bios on toshiba update page and still no luck any ideas? This message below is displayed once the installation files are loading at startup the bios in this system is not fully

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