Satellite A300-1EG - I can't find the WiFi radar software

I have laptop Satellite A300-1EG. He had installed Vista Home Premium on my laptop.

I deleted Home Premium and installed Vista Ultimate. And now I can not find software for wifi excess. There was possibility to search for wifi, his name is "radar." Help me please to find this utility.

Just a question: what is the exact name of the program?

I also think as a boarder ConfigFree should be good

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  • Satellite A300 (PSAJ0E) - where can I find the drivers?


    I tried to find the drivers for the laptop model Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 - PSAJ0E, but it seems that they are no longer available...
    Does anyone know where to find these drivers (preferably for XP, but Vista also appreciated) or if any other laptop model uses the same material (if I can use its drivers)?

    Thanks in advance,


    I searched a bit on the Toshiba site and I think you don t have a portable Satellite Pro. The PSAJ0E is a Satellite A300 I can find on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers
    Laptop computer-online-online Satellite A Satellite series-online Satellite A300-online PSAJ0E

    Check it!

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300 - 1GN PSAGCE - can't find the Vista 64 bit drivers

    Hi all!

    There is what happened to me: I didn't not all drivers for this laptop after my renstalled Windows Vista 64-bit operating system.
    I tried to find it on the net but I can't. Theres no readers for this model of Toshiba PSAGCE.

    I tried to install a few other Satellite drivers but I have always problems with bluetooth, some unknown device and others.
    I have no recovery disk so I'll be gratefull if someone could send me a recovery for this laptop or just contact with me that we could talk about it.

    Thanks a lot guys ^^.

    Please write to me ^^

    Skype: damnb0y
    MSN: [email protected]
    E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
    I'm sorry that I don't have ICQ.

    PS my English is not very good, its my second language so... (peace) ^^


    > I Don t have recovery disc then I will be grateful if someone could send me a recovery for this laptop or any contact with me that we could talk about.
    You don t have a recovery disk because you didn't he create until you have formatted your HARD drive! So, this is your mistake!

    Now you won't find all 64bi Vista drivers for this model of laptop.
    There are 32-bit Vista and XP drivers but none drivers 64 bit Vista.

    But I assume that Toshiba it will publish in the next few days if all goes well

    However, you could try to test some drivers 64 bit Vista which are released for other models of Toshiba. Several series of laptops use the same devices and therefore some unique pilots could also functions.

    Last but not least, you can search on the Web sites of manufacturers of chip 64-bit drivers.

    LAN driver can be found on the page of Realtek.
    WLAN on Intel or this Toshiba WLan portal page
    BT can be downloaded from here

  • Satellite A300-1MP: I can't find the exact drivers


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-1MP.
    I just installed windows xp pro on, but does not work most of all - I need the drivers.

    The problem is in the drivers page, there are a lot of different drivers even when I specify which computer I have.

    For example - there are 3 types of wireless communication drivers:
    of intel, atheros and realtek.

    inside the Intel link there are also several versions:

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2100
    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200/2915
    and so on...

    So, how do I know I've got the exact material?


    Your laptop belongs to the series of PSAG8E (model number located at the bottom of the unit).
    You must choose this model number in the form of driver download.

    It seems that the laptop has been equipped with the
    -Intel 5100AGN wireless
    -Realtek LAN card
    -Graphics chip: INTEL GM45

    However, all the Win XP drivers are located on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Choose the right model, as I said above!

  • Satellite A300-1GN - where can I find a new display driver?

    Hello to you all.

    I bought last year, Toshiba Satellite A300-1GN, which has ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 VGA mode. I searched on the ATI site for new drivers, but there is no driver for my graphics card. I only found drivers for ATI Radeon 3650 HD, which is not marked as MOBILITY.

    Can someone help me with this problem?


    Yes, that's normal that you can t find the drivers of mobility on the ATI Web site because they are designed only for cards of office.

    But why do you need a new display driver? You may notice a problem with it?
    Normally, you can get all the drivers on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Check this box!

  • Satellite L300 - 13R PSLB0E - can not find the drivers for the wifi for Ubuntu Linux

    Hi, recently Ive instaled linux ubuntu as the OS second after preinstaled vista (my laptop: Toshiba Satellite L300-13R PSLB0E-02H00SEN), but as I can't find the drivers for wifi as the topic title says. Anyone know how and where to find them?

    Name of the wifi on vista driver is Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802. 11b / g 54Mbps USB 2.0

    All the best,


    Toshiba doesn't support Linux for this model of laptop, and you have to try find the driver somewhere on the net.
    Have you tried to search with Google?

  • Satellite L300 - 19N PSLB8E - can't find the right drivers for Vista 32 bit


    After you have reinstalled vista 32 bit, I can't find the right drivers for: Satellite L300 - 19N PSLB8E-00V011DU

    -VGA adapter
    -Realtek RTL8101Family PCI fast ethernet
    -Controller SM


    Thank you already!


    Go to the page European driver Toshiba because it is European model:> support download &-> download drivers

    You will find all the drivers!

    Display VGA adapter driver
    Realtek RTL8101Family PCI fast Ethernet LAN card driver
    SM controller might be chipset driver or driver card reader

  • Satellite A60-742-where can I find the drivers?

    Where can I find the drivers for a Satellite A60 742?


    Search on the Toshiba site. You will find all the drivers. decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • Satellite L20-100: where can I find the drivers?

    Where can I find the drivers for Toshiba Satellite L20-100, model No. PSL20E-01101PG3. I lost the original installation CD.


    Did you look on the page of the Toshiba driver?
    If this isn't the case, please do it!

    I checked this site and I found the necessary drivers.
    Please choose: computers portable satellite Satellite L Satellite L20

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300-21F - where can I find the serial number?

    The ink on the toshiba money serial No./model No. Panel at the back of my laptop rubbed off after only a week of use, when I bought the pc last year. I now have a problem with my touchpad registers is not the movement of finger-cursor or shots at normal pressure. I have to press more strong most of the time for the action to be recorded. A third of the time it works fine at normal pressure.

    It is still under warranty. Unless someone can tell me of a possible reason for this [someone]? so I guess I should probably send it in for repair.

    Where can I find the serial No. information? It is stored electronically on windows anywhere? I have only a rough idea of what is the serial number - I managed to write most of it when I noticed that he had started to rub. I don't think that my laptop is saved online and I don't have the paperwork that came with the laptop in its box.

    Thanks for any help



    I m wondering really that you can read the serial number on the underside of the t more after a week not where you use Notepad?

    In any case, I have the Satellite L300 too with Windows XP preinstalled. If I start Diagnostic PC Toshiba tools I can visualize all the details on my laptop and see also the serial number.
    Check this box!

  • Re: Satellite A660 - 12 p - can't find the right poster driver for Win XP

    Hey everyone, I need help with this one:

    I have a dual boot Win7 (x 64) / XP (x 86) on my laptop, but I can't find the right poster drivers for compatible video controller VGA on XP.

    Anyone know where I can find them?

    Thank you very much


    As far as I know the Satellite A660 laptop - 12 p belongs to the PSAW3E series and it was equipped with the chip to display NVIDIA GeForce GT330M.

    You can try to check the drivers provided by pages:

    But in both cases, the use if these drivers are at your own risk since these drivers don t contain overheating protection!

  • Satellite C50-B-13D: can not find the driver for Win7 32-bit graphics card


    Basically, my problem is that I went from Windows 8 for Windows 7 and I can't find the card drivers, graphic corresponding

    I tried to install almost all pilots inter there, but non of them work.

    So, I would be happy if someone could help me,
    I need a graphics driver VGA standard for windows 7 ultimate (32 bit)

    Hi Emil

    I m wondering really why to install the 32-bit version if the 64-bit version is fully supported and you can find all necessary drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page.
    As you probably know, 64-bit version would be better due to overall performance and RAM usage.

    Can you please tell us which GPU Intel is in your machine? I can't find the exact model name. It must be integrated Intel GPU with shared memory.

  • Satellite U200 163: where can I find the RAM slots?

    Where can I find the RAM slots?


    As much as I know there is no RAM Bay at the bottom of the unit and it is so just only one possible place to the RAM slots
    Slots seem to be hidden under the keyboard.

    In order to get access to the RAM, you will need to remove the keyboard.
    Usually, it is not very difficult but if you have no experience with this dismantling then you should ask a technician for assistance.

    But here's a few details;
    Keyboard is fixed with 2 screws. They are hidden under the cover of thin plastic under the line of F1 to F12 key.
    Remove the plastic cover, remove the screws, then you could remove the keyboard take note; the keyboard is connected to the motherboard with the flat cable.

    So don't use force!

  • Re: Satellite P200D - 11L: where can I find the latest drivers for the Radeon HD 2600


    Where can I find the latest drivers for the Radeon HD 2600? The Catalyst 7.11 since the official site of Ati/Amd works on a laptop? I read some stuff that these drivers do not support mobile maps and that there is a software for this problem, so I'm a bit confused now.

    What about drivers on the Toshiba site? They are more suitable? I don't really know.

    Thanks for your help.

    Of origin ATI/nVidia drivers are not designed for Toshiba laptops.
    ATI drivers can be used on desktop computers.
    The drivers of Toshiba graphics card supports thermal protection which is necessary to avoid the increase in temperature.
    Laptops, graphics cards do not have huge as cooling office modules graphics cards and therefore the GPU driver control the performance of the graphics card.

    What you could do is to check the site driver for 3rd party such as;

    But the non-Toshiba drivers may be used only at your own risk!

  • Satellite M50-182: I can't uninstall the free Config software


    I have the following problem. I can't uninstall the free Config software. I can't find the uninstall data from Config Free.
    Can someone help me.

    Thank you


    Go to the control panel settings Add & Remove programs
    There, you can remove the free config.
    If it s is not possible, I recommend you to reinstall this tool and then delete the application.

Maybe you are looking for

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