need help on history, recycle bin and cookies: how will I know what someone has done on my laptop?

I would like to learn more about history on my computer vista laptop microsoft and more on maybe the trash and or cookies. For example, someone else used my laptop last night and delete everything that he was looking at or for then how can I know what it was?

Assuming that it has not been removed, you can view the history of visited web sites by clicking on the Favorites button, click the history tab.

The only things in the trash are files or folders that have been removed from the system (no evidence they have been read or something like that).

Cookies will not tell you anything either because they are terms in the code and you can not tell what web site they belong - no good for tracking not web history (and they apply only to the history of the web).

You can view the Start / recent items to display some of the files which were recently seen (assuming that the list has not been removed).  That may help some.  You can also go to C:\Users\\Recent for a longer list of recently accessed files (as long as you know the user name).

There is actually very little that you can do with hindsight to see what anyone seen or done on your computer.

If you want to implement such a procedure, use the Parental control and activity reports control Parental  Do this for each account you want to track.  Then you can check what you wish now that you could check.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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    "Deleting" a file does not actually delete it marks just the space
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    But if the file is large enough, it's still worth a try. Stop
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    already. Download an undelete program (and here's one:)
    http://www3.TELUS.NET/mikebike/restoration.html but there are several
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    If that fails, your only recourse is to bring or send the disc
    a company of professional file recovery. This kind of service is very
    expensive and may or may not work in your case.
    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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    try a restore of the system before this happened

    If necessary do in safe mode

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    Using the F8 method:

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    Hi Mike,.

    Welcome to the Microsoft community!

    According to the description, you lost Recycle Bin and McAfee Site Advisor icons from the desktop. In order to quickly provide a solution, please answer these questions:

    1. is the issue limited to trash and McAfee Site Advisor icons?

    2 did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    This problem may be related to the icon cache, trying to rebuild the icon Cache, to do this, follow the steps by Edgardo T letter dated from on Friday, April 9, 2010 01:29 in the link mentioned below:


    Let us know if it works or you need help

  • I have restored the files to the Recycle Bin and cannot find where they have gone

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    Check the Word Options > save > the AutoRecover file location

    This will show you where the files have been restored to Microsoft Security MVP, 2004-2010

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    You'd which using your Safari browser. Perhaps under the menu Safari or in the privacy of the Safari preferences option.

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    Hello HectorLopez_790,

    Microsoft Communities is for consumer issues with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Your question with Exchange would be better supported in the TechNet forums.
    Click here for a link to transfer your question in the forums of Exchange.

    Thank you


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