No boot from CD - how to check if there is a BIOS problem?

I have search in the forum and almost everything it has been proposed to solve the problem but have not yet checked.

I have a Toshiba Staellite m40 - 230 SP and there are a few days, I was forced to change my CD/DVD drive, because the original one doesn't work anymore. (As a recommendation of the shop after having shown my last drive), I bought a Sony AD - 7580A ID. I inserted into the laptop and tested several times in Windows O.S. with no problem at all.

The problem appeared when you try to start on a CD in order to update the OS it is not possible to boot from any CD or DVD!

That's all what I already checked:
Bq. - CD player tested within the bone several times while reading and recording media. It worked correctly. \\-Change the order of precedence of the BIOS to check first the CD-ROM. Did not work. \\-Essaye also by pressing 'C' or F12 at startup to force to check the CD. Did not work. \\-Verifie that when you start, the laptop seems to try to check if there is a CD in the drive (we see a green light and the sound of verification), but in the end behaves as if there were not a CD inside or it is not bootable. \\-UN of the tested CD was a Linux distribution downloaded from its homepage and verified through MD5 and properly followed the instructions for registration (and checked in an another lapto when there was no problem) \\-essaye several other CD/DVD that have been tested in other PC where they made the system startup from the CD correctly. None of these disc worked in my laptop. Tried \\-j'ai as original Toshiba Recovery DVD and it did not work \\-essaye F8 to end somewhere in the force to check the CD. Nothing there. \\-Change CD player with another one (an LG) that works fine in another laptop. But not in mine. \\-Retire the HARD drive and tried to boot from the CD to detect if there is a confusion between them to the point of BIOS that detect both as primary IDE. It did not work. BIOS \\-configuration modified by default with the priority of the sequence set to CD-ROM first. Did not work. \\-AUCUN boot USB is possible because my BIOS does not allow this option. \\-Courrier sent to Sony and Toshiba support so weather found this CD player is compatible with my computer laptop or not, but received no response at all. \\-MIS updated the BIOS from /KBC ACPI BIOS version 1.30 / 1.05.42 version 1.70 /1.05.47. Did not work.
I am of ideas right now and don't know what else to check. Could you please help me? any idea?
I have the bios on this laptop is really simple and there is no place where I can check if it is to recognize the new CD player.

Any help will be highly appreciated it.

Kind regards


At first, I have to say that I m not a technician and cannot say for sure what the problem is here but I have a few suspicions about all of this.
As you know laptop manufacturers use only compatible hardware components and test the functionality of the laptop computer in general.
For each laptop model Toshiba offer a list with compatible optical disc players that can and should be used on some laptop model. This list is in document s user manuals.

According to this document, you can use follow the sides:
Toshiba - Samsung SD-C2712
-Matsu * a UJDA760
-Toshiba Samsung TS-L462A
-Pioneer DVR-K15TBT
-Toshiba Samsung TS-L632A
-Matsu * a UJ - 830B
-Matsu * a UJ-831BT-A
TEAC - W28E-xxx

As you can see that this Sony isn't on the list and I guess that there must be a compatibility problem.
All listed optical disc drives are tested and will work as a boot device.

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    Thanks for posting in the Forum from HP Support.

    Your computer comes with UEFI and for UEFI boot options are a bit hidden in the options inside.

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    Why would you say that the BIOS is intact?

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    The BIOS (for example with an older version), you can reflash t. This can make an ASP (authorized service provider). If you wish, contact your local ASP. Only, they know to do this and will not get such textbook because it s a user to user forum.

    Good bye

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    P.S. This thread was moved from the business PCs - Compaq, Elite, Pro for PC - portable Omnibooks, EVO. -Forum moderator hp

    WL37 wrote:

    It's one of the problems, the bios, the parameter does not have the ability to boot from the CD/DVD.

    There are only three choices:

    start from laptop, multibay

    boot from the hard drive to laptop or computer ethernet startup.

    I also have uppdated the bios, but nothing changes.

    'Notebook multibay shoes' should work - the CD is installed in the multi-baies slot.

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    I'm not 100% sure, but as far as I know, you cannot use USB HDD as first boot device. USB floppy Yes, but with external HARD disk drive, it won't work.

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    I would like to know which model server you use and if the ESXi version you have installed is the customized version of Cisco ESXi?

    I bet it's a new facility... It seems that the server does not see a boot image, even if it looks like the strategy of starting point actually on local disks, but I saw strange things how to get when the not custom ESXi .iso image is used.

    Try to use the custom version found here.

    And compatibility with one of my favorite tools:

    I hope this helps you, if he did, he notes.


    Cisco support community is also present in Spanish:

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    How to check if there is enough memory available.

    Some information about:
    1 XLTABP/oravl01/oracle > uname - a
    Linux 2.6.18 - 92.el5 #1 SMP indlin045 kills Apr 29 13:16:15 EDT 2008 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    2. There are five instances on this server, four of them on 10 g & 11 g.

    3 course Details memory server:
    XLTABP/oravl01/oracle > POOL-l

    -Limits of shared memory-
    maximum number of segments = 4096
    Max seg size (KB) = 5242880
    total max shared memory (k) = 14354432
    size minimum seg (bytes) = 1

    -Semaphore limits-
    maximum number of arrays = 1024
    semaphores per table Max = 512
    system of semaphores wide Max = 32768
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    See you soon,.

    Published by: user9131570 on August 2, 2010 04:02

    MemFree is absolute free memory space, while Cached is also free but contains data which may be required in a short time, and inactive pages are that can be written as they have not been used for some time.

    You should take example from memory during your peak hours, then the average to get an idea.


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    I also discovered that I could buy a replacement Toshiba system recovery CD, new Yay! But before I do that I wanted to make sure I could boot from the external CDROM drive. I plugged the CDROM drive and attempted to start on a spare windows xp CD. But it does not start on the CD. I made sure that the CD-rom drive has been first in the BIOS boot priority, but that doesn't seem to work.

    I read the other posts that mention the boot directly from the external CD-rom USB drive does not work and I have to boot to the CD-rom drive by plugging the CD-rom drive in a PCMCIA card. If I have to buy a PCMCIA card that has USB ports for connecting external USB CDROM drive in for I can boot from a CD?

    If there will be any brand/type of work? If this is not the case, what brand/type is known to work.
    Any advise will be greatly appreciated!

    BIOS of the portege recognise only a limited number of pcmcia-CD-disks

    in this thread you will find all the information you need:𑘋

    but your portege also boots most of the readers of usb_FDD; If you make a BACK-boot disk with the appropriate drivers for your CD-ROM usb drive you can use it without restrictions bios

    as you can read that this method will work only in a DOS environment, that is why it is absolutely necessary to format your hard drive to fat32, otherwise it will not be recognized

  • Tecra 8000: update of the Bios allows booting from USB?


    I have Toshiba Tecra 8000 (simple 266 MHZ)
    Will be this bios bios-t8000-930 - (08/26/02) allow you to boot from USB?


    As far as I know, you need a supported drive to boot from external USB drive.
    The update of the Bios won't boot options.
    If you want you can ask for the readers supported ASP.
    I found this site one:

    It s a Toshiba CD - RW / DVD-ROM combo wit reader PC Card interface.


    I need to set the BIOS to boot from a usb key. The options in the BIOS are
    Startup disk
    Internal network card

    And in the boot order:
    USB disk on key/USB hard drive
    USB CD/DVD ROM drive

    Portable hard drive

    USB floppy drive
    Internal CD/DVD drive

    ! Network adapter (but it says that the ability to start will be disabled if the device is marked with an exclamation point, which, in my case, it is)

    A question who should I set to boot from a usb flash drive which has the operating system that you want to install Windows?

    I tried boot F9 options, but it gives me two options:
    Portable hard drive
    CD/DVD drive.
    No drive Flash Drive or USB in the list options.

    Then he said: press F10 for BIOS Setup Options. That's why I'm trying to see what to implement as boot device in the BIOS boot options.

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