No Satellite C855 - 21 p supports Bluetooth?

Hi all

my new C855 - 21 p has Bluetooth?
I found a menu in Win8 for Bluetooth, but my computer is not accessible. I do not know Win8...

Help, please...

On the Toshiba site, I found a bluetooth driver to activate bluetooth on this computer...


No, it looks like that the Satellite C855 - 21 p does not support Bluetooth connectivity

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  • Re: Satellite A80 PSA80K does support Bluetooth

    Hello guys,.

    Can someone help me check if the laptop has a Bluetooth installed on it or I'll have to get an external dongle?

    I reinstalled Windows on it and I was able to install all the drivers, but before the resettlement there was a sign of Bluetooth on the desktop.
    So don't know if the customer who brought her use a dongle or Bluetooth is onboard, and an article of said support Satellite A80 computers cell phones come with Bluetooth.
    But I put t know if this model is it and if yes - anyone can help with a link to drivers?

    Looking forward to your help.



    There is a simple way to check if the laptop was equipped with internal BT module.

    All laptops with BT module received a BT label at the bottom of the unit.

    In order to check inside if that label exists. If this isn't the case, then the BT is not available.

  • Satellite C660-14W does support Bluetooth adapter


    I bought this laptop and I would like to know if there is an adapter bluetooth or something like that.
    Product information online Toshiba says that there is an update, Bluetooth 3.0.

    How can I download it?


    No, this laptop does not support BT module.
    It was delivered without this feature.

    Welcome them

  • Is Satellite A100-233 does support Bluetooth?

    I have the Satellite A100-233. Can I establish internal bluetooth adapter in this model?

    Thank you


    All laptops with adapter BT have a BT tag at the bottom of the unit.
    If your device has no label of BT, so the BT adapter has not been installed.

    As recommended in the previous announcement, you can use an external solution as a USB BT's key. It is very easy to use.

  • Satellite A300 - 1 RD supports Bluetooth?

    Hi all

    I lost my manual and I don't know if my laptop has bluethoot and how to use it.

    Sorry to all and thank you very much.

    Hi mate

    Take a look at the bottom of the unit.
    If the BT module is available, then you should see a label containing the sign of BT.

    I also recommend this Toshiba BT page for more details how to use BT:

    Welcome them

  • Stack Bluetooth can not be installed properly on Satellite C855 - 29M


    I just reinstalled Win 7 on my Satellite C855 - 29 M and have installed the downloaded drivers on the Toshiba site, which worked well. I had an unknown device in Device Manager that I discovered was because I needed to install the bluetooth stack.

    I downloaded and installed bfdp-20130924160827, then bltstk 20130924152252, as suggested on these forums, but after restarting the laptop, it will load Windows, then restart, then asks to use repair or start windows normally.

    None of these options worked so I have to use F8 know last good config that worked and when the laptop started to the top there was a message about the bluetooth stack with a missing file. I uninstalled battery bluetooth redownloaded and reinstalled but it's same thing.

    Any ideas guys?


    To be honest I don't know what the problem is here and what exactly did you do.
    I checked the download page on and the fact is that your laptop is fully supported for Win7 64 bit so all necessary drivers, tools and utilities are ready for download from Toshiba.

    Here is the correct order of installation for your machine:
    Windows 7 64-bit SP1
    SW Chipset installation utility
    Intel Management Engine Interface
    Driver Intel
    8.932.5.3 - a 120120-132503C AMD display driver
    Driver Intel Rapid Storage Technology
    Realtek Audio Driver
    ATI HDMI Audio Driver
    HD 1.12.0300 SRS Premium Sound Technology
    Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
    Realtek LAN Driver 7.48.823.2011
    Driver Realtek Wireless LAN Driver 2.00.0016
    Intel Wireless Display
    Driver Realtek Bluetooth v2.3.9.0211.2012 filter package
    Battery Bluetooth for Windows by Toshiba v9.00.00T
    Bluetooth Monitor v4.08
    Intel USB3.0 Driver
    Realtek 6.1.7601.30130 card reader
    TOSHIBA value added package 1.6.0021.640203
    TOSHIBA Sleep 1.4.0022.000104 utility
    TOSHIBA resolution + plug-in for Windows Media Player 1.1.2004
    TOSHIBA Media Controller
    TOSHIBA Media Controller plugin
    TOSHIBA Network Device ID registry setting tool - 20
    TOSHIBA Web Camera Application
    PatchFiles PCIIDEREG - 1.2
    PatchFiles TosVolRegulator_1.1

    Everything that you have done is good and all you can do is remove preinstalled components BT system, and after restarting the laptop, try to install again.
    I don't know if this is the solution for you, but you can try to reinstall Win7 and install all the following stuff list installation displayed.

  • Satellite C660 supports Bluetooth 3.0?


    I recently bought a Satellite C660.
    It says the laptop has Bluetooth 3.0. Is this true?
    It works very well for windows 7.

    However in Ubuntu 10.10 my Bluetooth doesn't seem to work. I think it's the problem of missing driver.

    Where can I get the latest drivers Linux/Ubuntu for C660?


    > It says the laptop has Bluetooth 3.0. Is this true?
    What C660-xxx you have exactly?

    Of my knowledge C660 laptop computers are equipped with a WLan card which also supports Bluetooth!
    But not all wireless network cards support this feature.
    So first of all, you must check the wireless network card and check if it has support of BT.

  • Support for virtualization on Satellite C855


    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite C855 29N. I am trying to run the virtualization on it, but running on the following questions:

    VMware Player;
    This virtual machine is configured for 64-bit operating systems. However, the 64-bit mode is not possible.
    This host is not compatible Intel VT - x.

    On the attempt of activation of Microsoft Hyper-V platform:
    Hyper-V cannot be installed. The processor has no virtualization required capabilities.

    The BIOS settings for the virtualization technology configured only for VT - x (another option is "off").

    Even if the laptop was advertised as an i3 - 2350 m, it actually comes with an Intel Pentium B960, which some "Googling" suggests that he does not support VT

    I hope someone can tell me if I have a chance of running VMware or Hyper-V on this laptop I have a small window in which return it if it proves inadequate.

    See you soon

    AFAIK all you can do is change the settings in the BIOS and use available options. No more than that.

  • Lost the disk for recovery of Windows 8 for Satellite C855 1v9


    I bought a new laptop (toshiba satellite) 8 original windows pre-installed,
    However, I wanted to repartition my hard drive and without warning I deleted the recovery partition, therefore, the laptop could no longer starts.

    So I asked a professional if he could get my laptop to its original factory condition as it was when I bought it (with 8 pre-installed... original windows) in order to sell it later and he told me that it is impossible since I do not have the recovery disk, and the only way to make it work is by installing windows 7.

    I have lack of knowledge in it staff that's why, I haven't had not to make a copy of a recovery disk.

    Now, as I intend to sell my laptop, I was wondering if there is a possible way to sell me the recovery disk that allow me to back up my laptop to its factory condition (with original windows 8 pre-installed and pre-loaded software of course), and the estimated total costs that I pay.

    * My laptop information:

    • * SATELLITE C855-1V9
    • * CORE I5 - 3210M
    • * 2048 MB 1600 MHZ
    • * 500G HDD (5400 RPM) SATA
    • * 39.6 CM TRUBRITE HD LED
    • * BLUETOOTH W - LAN (802.11B/G/N)
    • * WEB CAMERA
    • * MS WINDOWS 8

    I also have: product code, serial number, MAC LAN, WLAN MAC
    Eather way, thank you for your support... looking forward to hearing from you soon



    Original recovery image, you can order on
    Using this drive you can install the original recovery image and your laptop will have factory settings again.

    If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

  • Need BIOS for Satellite C855 binary file

    I need the bios ROM file or .bin for Toshiba Satellite C855.
    The site Web is the only file. FD !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please HEEEELLP


    Toshiba UE driver page provides only focused on the Win BIOS version.
    This means that the BIOS update can be run Windows System.

    But I found on Toshiba WE packages driver BIOS page containing both versions.

    But the fact is that you will not find a European model of mobile on the Toshiba U.S. driver page.
    So in this case, you will need to find a Satellite C855 we model equivalent to the European model.

  • Satellite C855 - 17M - CD/DVD does not work


    I have a Satellite C855 - 17M. nd that the cd/dvd is not working.
    I tried upper and lower in regedit but the file is missing, and said it also the format is not supported.
    Any 1 help me pls pls.

    Thank you very much


    What exactly do you mean by not working do not?
    You have problems reading the disc or write data on the disks?

    Which discs have you tried and you have a few problems with the disks?

  • My Satellite C855-10Z wouldn't turn on


    I came to the work and my knees don't turn upward. I had left the charger plugged into the wall, but not plugged into the laptop. The laptop ran out of battery during the day because it was not supported. As expected, it won't turn and so I plugged in the charger. A red light nothing happened - flashed temporarily on the laptop when I pressed the button. I tried different Sockets and waited a day, but it still does not work.

    What do you think that could be the problem? It's likely the charger or the laptop?

    I was looking to buy a replacement AC adapter (input voltage: AC adapter to auto-detection (100/240 V) for worldwide use integer; output voltage: 19 V, output current: 3.42 A) but could not find one online. Some of those recommended for the laptop model I (Toshiba Satellite C855-10Z) or at least that they do not have the same appearance. Those on sale do not seem to have the cable connecting the charger to the socket.

    Thank you very much


    Hi Susan
    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. Disconnect the power and remove the battery. After doing this press the power for about 20 seconds. Leave the laptop for a while and try to start Notepad using the power supply only.

    What happens when you do this?
    By the way: is guaranteed still valid?

  • Wireless on Satellite C855 issue


    I bought new Toshiba Satellite C855-1. but the light for bluetooth is always orange. Means that bluetooth is not functional or something else? I also installed drivers on the computer.

    If I use the keys FN + F12 the led turn off, but if I turn it on it is allway orange. Does this mean that it does not work?
    Can I send to store, to fix it or what?

    Help please

    I ve checked specification for this model of laptop and it was delivered without BONES. I hope that you have installed the OS and all the drivers, tools and utilities correctly.
    Do you have problems in general?
    In Device Manager all recognized and listed correctly?

    Back to your question: the WLAN led is activated when WLAN or BT is in use. I put t know what options are listed when you use FN + F12 but you should be able to use only WLAN, WLAN and BT or disable both devices.

    Stack of BT to start you should see also BT icon in the taskbar. It changes color when BT is ON or OFF. Test a little bit to see how it works exactly.

  • Satellite C855 - 2 EV: how to remove the keyboard to replace the WLan

    Recently, I bought a Toshiba Satellite C855 - 2 EV.
    As the performance of the wireless network card is a little disappointing, I bought a replacement NIC.

    However when I tried to change the map, I was unable to open the laptop.
    There are a few screws under the keyboard that must be unscrewed before being opened.

    Unfortunately I could not remove the keyboard.
    Does anyone know how the keyboard can be removed?

    Thank you!

    I hope you know that replacement of a card WLAN or upgrade is not supported for doing something like that will void you the warranty. Another thing is the compatibility. Toshiba doesn't offer information on compatible WLAN cards so I m asking you already bought the new wireless network card.

    Are you sure that it will properly work 100%?
    Please think twice before you do anything. In my opinion, it is not good idea to cancel the warranty for the new laptop.

  • Satellite C855-149 - update the display driver


    I don't know if it's good advice, but.

    I have a Satellite C855-149 and I wanted to know if the drivers are not been day or if im supposed to download them also.

    I see that the latest version is from 09/2013, but AMD Web site shows that my graphics card (amd radeon hd m 7610, which is apparently the standard radeon hd 7xxxxm). I reinstall my windows soon, so I just wanted to know.

    It is the same for all drivers (as 90% of them are from 09/2013, which seems a bit old).

    Is that display drivers update is not offered so often and there is a reason for that. Newer versions offer better performance and it can be quite complicated for mobile machines.
    Mobile machines have some cooling system designed for optimal cooling equipment.
    More results with more heat and result could be overheating or turn off suddenly.

    Driver on Toshiba support page is tested and also suitable for use on a mobile device, so it is strongly recommended to use drivers supported only.
    A very interesting paper on the installation of the third party drivers, you can read here.

    By the way: can you please tell us which of operating system you are using and what version number preinstalled AMD driver display?

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