OfficeJet 4635: Ink cartridges

If I use a high-capacity black ink cartridge (XL), will there be enough room to use a tricolor cartridge at the same time?

There are different locations for Black and TriColor, XL or normal, go in the same dwelling, is not take-away room from other locations.

for example, you can put any combination of XL or normal, but one black and one color, in the designated location.

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  • Why is there ink in my Officejet 7310 ink cartridges?

    After that the error message indicating that the transport was stuck on my Officejet 7310, a colleague moved to transport and discovered masses of black ink in the well under the ink cartridges. A lot of black ink * beep * has been dug with a Q-Tip, who solved the problem of paper jam carriage. Much ink remains in the cartridge. Where it comes from and how to safely clean? Is a normal buildup? How can't we accumulate more ink? Thank you for your suggestions.

    Here a link to a document that shows how clean and maintain different areas and parts of the printer such as the capping station.  He will be given instructions on how to go about cleaning the machine and what materials to use. It is advisable to use on the machine lint free rags.

    Some excessive accumulation of time is normal because the ink can be "fall back" on the printing process.  It is recommended that a cleaning is done every six months, if this is the first cleaning, there might be more to accumulate in the printer that could be expected. I hope this helps.

  • Y at - it a region code for the Officejet HP ink cartridges?

    I plan a trip in North America and would like to take my printer HP Officejet 5610 AIO. I would like to know if the ink cartridges purchased it will work on my printer bought in Singapore.

    Thank you.

    Singapore and the United States, the Canada and the Mexico are all in Zone 1 of the four areas in the strategy of regionalisation of HP, so he would not have a problem.  See the table at the bottom of this page for registration for other countries.

  • HP OfficeJet 4650: Ink cartridges HP Instant


    I recently bought this printer to take with me to the University. I've set up ink cartridges HP instant around September 16, for a while, I was unable to connect my printer to the internet, so I brought a home router. My laptop, printer and telephone are all connected to the same wi - fi and they will print stop no problem but when I go my instantaneous count of ink HP he always tells me that the printer is offline and cannot update to tell me how many page I used. I don't understand why it won't refresh and says that it is offline when it allows to print from my laptop and wireless phone. I wonder if you can give me advice.

    Thanks Grace

    At least two times a month should work.  Please mark my post as solution accepted while others can find it.

  • OfficeJet 8600 ink cartridge carriage will MOVE!

    Office jet pro 8600; right out of the box. Yes, it is on. When I opened the door, the ink cartridges carriage is supposed to follow it to the left to allow installation of cartridges. It does not move. How so he could move to the left to access the transport?

    Hello mg_cjb

    If you still haven't returned/exchanged the printer you can try the Solution 4 of the following article.

    Jam of transport

    You can share the printer if you still have problems.

  • HP officejet 4500 ink cartridge 'rail' bump

    In collaboration with Window 7 on a gateway DX-4870.

    I have a HP 4500 just purchased in April and straight out of the box, he made a snap / the deaf sound of the ink cartridge area.  Stall hits ink cartridge slot against the wall on the right several times and everything that is behind all this keeps pushing him to also and then finally after a few minutes of all the this snap and the deaf it stops.  It looks good printing.

    Any ideas before you return it and get something else?

    Thank you

    The band of coding (transparent plastic that runs along the printer above the transport bar) could be dirty causing the cart to not read the appropriate end point and collide with the printer.

    This can be cleaned up but is usually not the case on such a new printer unless there has been a lot of printing.

    One small thing to check is to make sure that the printer is connected to a wall outlet and not a stip to eliminate a power problem that can cause weird problems.

    What this a copy printer and print from the computer?  The noise corresponds to each?

  • HP brand new 4620 Officejet black ink cartridge and it won't print black at all the

    Hello, my printer has failed recently more ink. So I bought a set of cartridges to Staples. I installed them and ran the print head cleaning function. I now have the great color and BLACK NO. I ran to repeatedly print head cleaning function. Its so frustrating to monitor printers the past 2 decades range from reliable gains to unreliable everything in the financial goal. I've had printers since the 1980s, I used printers when they came with the ribbons, who hardly could, although they can indeed dry. At least when they dry out, you would be able to put a new one in and continue. Now that they have designed replaceable print heads (because they were made knowing that they will fail), ink cartridges that are not interchangeable (knowing that once you got with the printer model, you can most likely switch to another brand or model) that uses a DIFFERENT model ink cartridge. All for finacial gain. Between my office and home, I lived 4 printers in the past 2 years. I've been a loyal fan of Lexmark, until my old died and I bought a new, the first thing I noticed was the variable print head and I thought, uh oh, that is going to fail and so said, so done, within 3 months of using the printer, Lexmark sent me 2 print heads and 2 series of inks of replacement free of charge. I still have a set of ink and print head because the LCD screen turned white, lol. Had to throw it away. Eventually move to HP that I believe is made in the same factory as Lexmarks after comparison of many models. Now I have the newest HP to my office and its been so far great and SUPERB ink usage, PREVIOUSLY. I'm almost afraid to know what my future has in store. I know that I fell in a field off-topic, BUT HP, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF yourself. I have now lost $60 on a new series of cartridges and will most likely need a new printer since my warranty has expired. SMH. Bad business!

    A representative has in fact contact me to rectify the situation, even if my unit is out of warranty period. I really appreciate the effort. Kudos to HP.

  • HP Officejet 6600: ink cartridges

    I only use black ink.  Do I have to replace colour cartridges whenever the black is empty?  If so, can I replace the color cartridge with all the cartridges black for useage more long?

    Yes. Read the link above. all of this.

  • Officejet 6310 ink cartridge

    I just bought a used all-in-one Officejet 6310 printer. I do very little color printer and have another printer for when I need to print in color, so wonder if I should have an installed color printer cartridge works.

    Yes you can.  Just remove the color cartridge and the printer will enter in what is known as a backup mode.  The printer will ask you every time that you print if it is correct continue without the cartridge, and there is no way that goes.  However, it is possible.

  • HP Officejet 6500 ink cartridge 920, Vista - alignment failed, black ink does not print

    I went through the diagnostic process because my printer gives me a view of alignment failed and my black ink will not print.   It is established that I need to replace the print head.  Is it complicated?  What should I do when I need the printer/fax every day?  I have no time for that computer to be down for a day, and even less for as long as it takes to get the part here and replace it myself.  Or worse, if I send to HP to have the work done.

    Replacement of the print head is not complicated, it can be done in 5 minutes.  Before doing this, you could be sure that the ventilation openings are not connected and you might try to soak the printhead as shown here.

  • HP Officejet J4540 - ink cartridge problem

    I was printing when all of a sudden my print out fuzzy and a message came "cartridge problem - (black) refer to the documentation for the device for troubleshooting of printing.  I lost my documentation for this printer, so went through all positions.  I thought I had fixed (with one of the posted solutions) However, when I went to print again this morning, the page was all blurred again and the same message came.  I tried to repeat the solution, I changed the cartridges, and always the printer is showing the same message.  I'm terribly need my printer, because I have a home business and print all my shipping labels every day using this printer. Can I just go out and buy a new printer or is there hope for this one. It is not even a year yet.
    Thanks for any help that anyone can give!

    Here is a link that addresses the mistakes of rejection of cartridge for your printer model. It will give troubleshooting steps to try to try to resolve the problem you are experiencing.

    Here is another link to a document that addresses printing blurred, faded and blurred out which will give you a few extra steps to take are not in that first link, you can try to solve the problem that goes beyond the search for the material. I hope this helps.

  • OfficeJet 4635 cancel the firmware update because my ink cartridges are for older versions of the product

    I was happy with my officejet 4635 until I clicked on ok to apply for the HP firmware update. He said that it would improve my printer. However, demand has not said that my ink cartridges may not work if I installed the update. I clicked on ok and the update has been successfully installed. Now I can't print anything because I get an error message saying the I have ink cartridges are designed for older versions of the product. I do not use the new HP cartridges because they cost too much. I used cartridges refilled abacus in Az. Phhoenix which worked fine up until I did the update of the firmware of HP. I need to go back to the old system, so I can print again. I am connected to a desktop computer HP envy running windows 8.1. I'm furious HP to try and force you to buy their new cartridges with an update of something. I think that whoever came up with this update should be fired. Any help with a solution would be appreciated.

    I was told that there is no way to undo the update of the firmware. HP did send me a few ink cartridges so I could print again, but I am still ticked about the way this has been ensured by HP. They have not told me that my old version cartridges would not more work after updating firmware. I think that it is simply dishonest on part of HP and I am sure that other customers have been captured by this update of the firmware. I am sure it was a HP effort going to force you to use their new cartridges. I'll be very careful on the acceptance of the updates from HP in the future.

  • OfficeJet 4635 or want 5661: printing in black and white, scale to gray, but WITHOUT color cartridge, or dead-dried-up color

    I almost always (more than 100% of the time) print out text B & W, duplex, 2-up.  my old HP PSC 1315 works very well with a drying cartridge, using only black ink color.  but it's send me paper transport problems, carrying across multiple pages and ruin my impression sequence.

    I am considering the 4635 Officejet or all in one Envy 5661.   two of them prints my way, WITHOUT requiring that I have a liquid color cartridge loaded (much less actually need that I use color ink)?

    Thank you

    6551 envy may print as a "single-cartridge" mode with the color (or black) cartridge, completely washed out as described on page 52 of the manual here:

    Use single-cartridge

    Use single-cartridge use the HP ENVY 5660 series with only one cartridge. Mode single-cartridge begins when an ink cartridge is removed from the distribution of ink cartridges. Mode single-cartridge, the printer can copy documents, copy pictures and printing from the computer.

    NOTE: When the HP ENVY 5660 series operating in mode single-cartridge, a message appears on the printer screen. If the message appears and two ink cartridges are installed in the printer, make sure that the piece of plastic tape protection was removed from each ink cartridge. When the Ribbon plastic covers the ink cartridge contacts, the printer cannot detect the cartridge is installed.

    The Officejet 4635 lists similar features on page 77 here user guide.  The Officejet 4635 does not explicitly say that it will copy with only one cartridge, it would be something to check if you choose this model. [In fact, may be a good thing to check with each model - the user guides are sometimes wrong...]

  • do I have to buy color ink cartridges? HP Officejet Pro 8600 more Windows XP

    HP Officejet Pro 8600 more

    Windows XP

    The printer will not print anything (including black and white which is my default setting), at least that I have installed a new yellow ink cartridge.  He says that the cartridge is exhausted and must be replaced before printing.    I have black and white printing color cartridges? Is there a solution? Thank you very much.

    DavidDavid salvation,

    Yes, you will need to replace the yellow cartridge to continue printing. Here's a good explanation of the design of the print mechanism, and what is needed to keep them in good working condition. Your printer is user replaceable print head. With this printer's ink lines that need to be filled in ink in this way that the print head should not be clogged jets in turn cause poor print quality problems.

    Written by Bob_Headrick on the wire note:

    HP, as other printer manufacturers, offers you with permanent print heads printers requiring ink for all colors, avoid the print heads.  HP, like some other manufacturers, also offers printers with user replaceable print heads.  These may of may not require ink in all colors in print, even though damage may occur if the print from the cartridge empty.  Finally, HP as some other manufacturers also offers printers with the printhead into the ink supply.  He is replaced at each change of cartridge.  These printers will happily print with a diet low, empty or many deleted completely same models.

    When you buy your next printer (from HP or from another manufacturer) be sure that you understand what is the type of printer and choose one that fits your needs.




    The error message itself will remain but will continue to print. This message will remain until the cartridge is replaced. Substitution is the printer printing always regardless of the error message on the display screen.

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