P6 - 2303a won't sleep

Hello, I have a Pavilion p6 - 2303a running Windos 8.  The computer go to sleep if I press the sleep button, but will not sleep when idle. The screen turns off, but the computer continues to operate. I checked all my advanced power settings, Windows Update, HP system, all the drivers and the antivirus, I have completely removed Norton, disabled the network drivers and spent hours trying various online solutions.  Could you please let me know if there is anything I am missing.  It makes me crazy.

Thank you


Thanks for your reply.  I've tried these methods, does not.

I have narrowed down through a startup msconfig selective.  It seems that it was the process of windows Security Center that prevented from sleeping.  If I turn this off, he'll sleep as it is supposed to.

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  • Mac pro 10.10 won't sleep

    All of a sudden my MP 2009 won't sleep.

    I reset the SMC. Energy parameters Checked.

    This is the Terminal report;

    Systemic assertion status:

    BackgroundTask 0

    ApplePushServiceTask 0

    UserIsActive 0

    PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep 0

    PreventSystemSleep 0

    ExternalMedia 0

    PreventUserIdleSystemSleep 0

    NetworkClientActive 1

    Classified by process of owning:

    167 (cupsd) PID: [0x000000200011012d] 00:06:34 NetworkClientActive named: 'org.cups.cupsd '.

    Core assertions: 0 x 4 = USB

    ID = 500 level = 0 x 255 4 = USB = 21/03/16 mod, 14:32 description = owner EHC2 = AppleUSBEHCI

    ID = 501 level = 0 x 255 4 = USB = 21/03/16 mod, 14:32 description = owner EHC1 = AppleUSBEHCI

    ID = 502 level = 0 x 255 4 = USB = 21/03/16 mod, 14:38 description = owner UHC6 = AppleUSBUHCI

    Thanks for the research.

    Try this support article > OS X Yosemite: If your Mac won't go or stay in sleep

  • XPS 8500 won't sleep automatically

    Computer will not fall asleep by himself. Windows 8 Professional 64 Bit is the operating system.  Parameters of sleep = sleep after 10 minutes.   Suspension selective USB = on.    Drive hard sleep = 9 Minutes.    Wake timers are disabled.   We suspended suspect Applications and the computer still won't sleep.    If you have any suggestions it would be appreciated.

    Hi supersystem1121,

    Please try the mentioned below as follows:

    1. Click the Start button, select Control Panel, click System and security, and then click Power Options.
    2. On the select a power plan page, click on change settings for the plan for the plan you want to change.
    3. The parameters of change for the plan of the page, click on change advanced power settings.
    4. On the Advanced Settings tab, expand sleep, expand allow hybrid sleep and select IT.
    5. Under the Advanced Settings tab, expand sleep, Allow wake timers, select activate.
    6. Under the Advanced Settings tab, expand USB settings, under USB settings USB selective suspend settings, select Enable.
    7. Select apply then OK to save the changes.

    Check if the above steps work and that it respond.

  • HP 2311 x monitor won't sleep

    I have my system my computer Setup will put my monitor to sleep after 10 minutes if the computer is idle.  The problem is that my monitor will not fall asleep.  It shows the system status menu, scan for input device, said so he'll sleep, power light goes Orange and a few seconds later he wakes. Then start the whole process again and again.  If I put the system to sleep monitor goes to sleep (didn't at first when I got until I updated the driver of HP).  I connected it to the DVI plug.

    It seems that I found my own solution and I'm posting so it can help others.  Although my computer is about 3 1/5 years it has a DVI and VGA connections for the monitor.  The HP2311x monitor has DVI, VGA and HDMI connections.  I got the screen hooked up using the DVI connection.

    I changed and hooked it up to the VGA connection.  Set the computer up so the monitor going to sleep in a minute and waited.  Monitor went to sleep and not wake up until I moved the mouse.  Tested several times more and no problem.  So apparently there's something with connections DVI monitor won't sleep when you use this connection.

  • Windows 7 won't sleep

    Hello, I have had this problem since I have upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 in November 2009, and it becomes too boring.
    I have a SONY VGN-NW120D and am under a system Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. (If we need more information, please ask!)
    in any case, this is the problem:
    When my laptop goes to sleep, he won't sleep. The screen goes black, but still running clear because the fans are always on the laptop. However, at this point, the laptop becomes insensitive. The display lights not return no matter I do... he can't do anything - it's like it is frozen... forcing me to do a force-stop by pressing the power button for 15 seconds.
    I've downloaded several drivers on the Sony site and have even talked to representatives of Sony for this problem, but there was no chance.
    This problem does not occur everytime I send my laptop to sleep, but it happens often enough to be a great nuisance.
    I asked around many forums but have not gotten a solution yet. I tried even back to my laptop to factory State (and so back to Vista), and then he reupgrading back to Windows 7. I hope someone will help me this time until the issue is resolved.
    Thank you very much!
    Updated with more specifications:
    2.10 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo processor
    cache of 64 kilobytes main memory
    secondary memory 2048 k-cached
    64-bit ready
    Multi-core (2 total)
    Not hyper-thread
    309.48 GB drive hard usable capacity
    169.89 gigabytes of free disk space

    Optiarc DVD RW AD - 7590S [CD-ROM drive]

    Hitachi HTS543232L9SA00 [hard drive] (320,07 GB) - drive 0, s/n 090613FBD406LEEVJVNH, SMART location: healthy
    Ricoh Memory Stick device of disk - drive 2
    Ricoh SD/MMC disk device - 1 player
    Mobile Intel (r) 4 Series Express Chipset Family [graphics card] (2 x)
    Generic PnP monitor

    The most annoying is that the sleep, the screen blanks first, and nothing else happens. There seems to be no way to just turn the screen back on and switch off is necessary.

    Bingo... hear hear...
    I have not tried to disable startup programs but who will give a try.
    On another note, my laptop is obediently still asleep. She goes through intense periods of obedience and sleep problems.
    I wonder why...
    I try startup stuff when my lappy acts up again =.

  • Computer won't sleep

    My computer won't go to sleep at home. On the road, it does exactly what I want - after 5 minutes, he made a screensaver of my photos for 30 min, then falls asleep. Home, that she won't, the screen stays on the home screen forever.  Help!

    I venture a guess that it is running on battery, on the road and connected to the House. You can define things upwards so that the computer handles things like the "sleep mode", etc., differently depending on whether or not it works on battery.

    The first thing you should do is, make sure that your power settings are the way you want.
    To do this:

    Place your mouse over the the battery icon on the taskbar and right click.

    Select "Power Options".

    (You can also access power options through the control panel: start > Control Panel > system and Maintenance > Power Options.)

    According to the plan used on your computer, click on "Change Plan settings".

    As you can see, there are two different columns of parameters here, one battery and one for hip. Make sure that the settings for each column are defined as you wish.
    You can access more advanced options by clicking on the 'change power avancΘs' link. Go through the list of parameters available with care, make adjustments if necessary. Click ok.

    Click "Save".
    If this does not resolve the problem, please let us know.
    Best wishes
  • MacBook Pro won't sleep

    Since the update of my MacBook Pro to El Capitan, the sleep function has stopped working. The screensaver comes into play as it always has, but he just continues to run unless the laptop is closed. Energy saving: sleep display is set for 10 minutes. The computer sleep is set for 15 minutes. I checked the activity monitor for all apps that might interfere with the sleep function (see a 'yes' in the preventive action of sleep column). There are not. I believe that I can reset the SMC, but thought I would inquire about the community before doing this.

    Thank you


    Gregory Frost wrote:

    Since the update of my MacBook Pro to El Capitan, the sleep function has stopped working. The screensaver comes into play as it always has, but he just continues to run unless the laptop is closed. Energy saving: sleep display is set for 10 minutes. The computer sleep is set for 15 minutes. I checked the activity monitor for all apps that might interfere with the sleep function (see a 'yes' in the preventive action of sleep column). There are not. I believe that I can reset the SMC, but thought I would inquire about the community before doing this.

    Thank you


    By all means to reset the SMC

    reset the SMC http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3964

  • After going into sleep mode after automatic update of Windows 7, Pavilion p6210y PC won't sleep

    In two weeks, after an update of HP launched automatically, my monitor is not recognized - I tried to restart my PC via the power button, but the action brought everything back without interruption to the place.  Finally I made the necessary update HP closed down and all was back to normal.  Last night I made a full stop and a Windows 7 launched updates (do not turn off your computer, etc..).  This morning when I powered back upward, I got messages on the windows during Setup, etc, then everything returned normally.  I worked for a few hours and left the machine - it entered into mode 'sleep' and now I can't get out of fashion "Eve".  If I power cycle the monitor, I can messages same "cannot detect.  If I try to shut down the PC via the power button, the light is orange/sleep, I hear a humming, then seeing if off, then back to orange/snoring, reverse, etc..  Keeps the bike like this.  I'm afraid that question a couple of weeks may have been a sign of early warning of a problem of h/w, but am not sure.  Can anyone help?  I am not very savvy h/w... and hope that it is something more simple than that.  The PC is 2.5 years.

    Your need to deactivate "standby" as soon as POSSIBLE to determine what is happening. You have 2 numbers because your motherboard is the infamous M2N78 - LA.

    That hum maybe the CPU fan:http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-Desktop-PC-questions/To-all-with-M2N78-LA-CPU-fan-constantly-changing-speed/td-p/704265

    The other issue is more complex. Overheating the Nvidia chip. This chip share logic and circuits with the SATA hard drive controller and the graphics port. http://h30434.www3.HP.com/T5/desktop-hardware/m8530f-desktop-PC-with-a-M2N78-la-mother-board-doesn-t-see-my/TD-p/181716

    Your need to read each section and each answer. I suggest you save and move forward with all the measures that you feel is of advantage.

  • 10.11.3 updated computer won't sleep now

    MacBkPro will be not not to go sleep ever (not with menu or keyboard commands or the cover.)  Energy saver prefs checked and they are always the same settings as before the update.

    Was suggested to me that the SCM needs to be reset.  This is usually a last ditch thing.

    Is there anything else I could check before resorting to a SMC reset?

    Hello Tom,

    For me 10.11.3 broken sleep when the lid is closed, but I can still use the menu to sleep.

    You have hopefully solve this?


  • Satellite L300-20 d - my laptop won't sleep mode

    My laptop won't go in stand mode, the power of battery or sector. I have set all the necessary settings in power options in Control Panel, installed the latest display driver and BIOS update, but no change, can anyone help?

    This changed after my software Driver Scanner a updated driver, and since then I could not go back.

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi Alan,

    > This changed after updated my software Driver Scanner, one driver, and since then I could not go back.
    That's why I put t use these scanners driver or install driver updates. The most recent version is not always the best thing and the most important: never touch a running system!

    Usually the windows system restore needs are enable by default if you are able to restore the system to an earlier point?

    What version of Windows is installed?

  • Envy 17: Laptop won't sleep properly


    I Envy 17 Notebook with Windows 8.1, but it has recently been without go to sleep properly. Instead it turns itself off.  Can someone give me advice?


    Managed to find a solution elsewhere. For the record, that's what I did and it seems to have solved the problem:

    a. press the "Windows Key + X" on the keyboard, and then select "command prompt (Admin).

    (b) in the command line, type "powercfg.exe /Hibernate.

    Thanks for your efforts anyway!


  • Why Vista won't sleep?

    My Windows Vista laptop will not fall asleep (a bit like my niece of 3 years and his nephew).  I press the power button and it shutsdown, then the moon just above the keyboard lights, which indicates the mode 'sleep'. Then, there is a beep, and he "wakes up" and asks me to connect.  Why he will not sleep and how to fix it?

    Then, when I fall asleep, the computer is idle for a certain time and set power options my PC in "standby", then it will beep and power back on - all night long (the situation is even worse if I close my blanket and he travels between going to "the sleep mode" and turn on/off.)

    Also, I read in the help file on a different type of sleep called Hibernate (or something like that). But the help file didn't tell you how to turn on hibernation. There is no Hibernate option on menu close of session/stop/restart on the start menu (what you call). How do that (after I fixed the first problem)?

    Thank you

    Hello Jeff999,

    Please use the Forum for answers.


    > Enter the Device Manager.
    > Right click on the wireless network device and click Properties.
    > Click power management.
    > If 'Allow this device to wake the computer' was not selected, select it and click OK.

    Also check with the following link.


    That should solve the problem.

    Thank you.
    «See you soon "»

    UDAY $012 please let me know that whether the solution worked or not, I thank you and appreciate your comments.

  • not turning on laptop Windows Defender won't sleep extended chicony webcam is disconnected

    I have 3 problems with my computer toshiba laptop satellite E105 S1402 which has Windows vista premium family and core 2 duo intel (P8400), 2.25 ghz, Ram 4.0.

    .  1. I can not turn on Windows defender and the error message is 0x108106ba

    2. my computer does not hibernate, and I have to manually turn off the laptop and if I forgot to turn it off before closing the upper part down to the coast.

    Error message is windows have closed unexpectedly.  There is no solution not available except for windows update, but MS windows Update center and the computer indicated that it is up-to-date.

    3. I sent my computer before my warranty missed Toshiba to solve a problem and the webcam did not work since until recently, when I tried to use it.  I have not noticed that the parameters of the webcam showed no upward on the computer screen as he went to the store.  He is now out of warranty.  Support software if we click on it just says to check the settings of the camera live webcam.  I downloaded the update driver for the camera, but still the same message.  I deleted the software and the live camera assistance software and reinstalled the driver updated, but still the same message.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions you may have about my problems.  I need a class on the computer repair.  I've already spent 300 dollars and make repairs on this thing that cost $1200.  I know it of time to get a new computer, but can't get one now...


    If you use Norton, AVG, Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials, McAfee, etc. the default action is for Windows Defender must be disabled, that these AntiVirus programs have their own Antispyware Applications.

    There is nothing to worry.

    Using both programs at the same time can cause system conflicts, etc.

    If you are using one of the above AntiVirus programs, this Information from David O - Support Engineer shows you how to manually enable Windows Defender (disregard information from uninstalling; not possible in Vista):


    "Go to start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Look for Windows Defender.

    Right click and select Properties , ensure that Startup Type is automatic.

    Once modified, click apply and OK.

    Quit and restart your computer. Check the back take the same path to confirm that Windows Defender has started"


    If you want to have additional protection against malware using the version FREE of Malwarebytes AntiMalware:


    And for now, change startup Vista programs without using Defender, use one of these methods:

    "How to use MSCONFIG in Windows Vista"


    Or the program Autoruns for FREE:

    "V11.21 Autoruns for Windows"



    Read this about sleep and hibernation of the problems:

    «How to solve a problem of Sleep Mode 7 or Vista»


    And by chance you did a disk cleanup?

    If Yes, read this about the reasons for hibernation problems:

    'How to enable putting into hibernation on my Windows Vista computer?'



    As you have reinstalled the drivers and software for your Webcam already, you can try these Forums from Toshiba:


    See you soon.

  • Computer HP won't sleep when wrt54g connected

    My HP Pavilion m9340f equipped of Vista 64 bit will not enter a standby on its own mode and wakes up unexpectedly when connected to my firmware 4.21.1 wrt54g version 10/17/2005.

    If I disconnect the router and connect your computer directly to the cable modem, the mode "sleep" works very well. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    The problem is an advanced setting in the power management that I used. The default value for the balance and power savings plan is to 'prevent the idling to sleep' when sharing media and I had allowed media sharing on my pc.

    I went to Control Panel > power options > change plan settings > change advanced power settings > appliance settings > what media sharing - and select allow the computer to sleep

    Can I restore default settings when I'm actually share media

  • HP LaserJet 200 colorMFP M276n: HP LaserJet 200 colorMFP M276nw won't sleep

    HP LaserJet 200 colorMFP M276nw'm not going to sleep no matter how configure configuration.

    It ' on an Ethernet cable. WiFi and FAX are disabled. No local USB not connected. LCD Panel and web access see the that he was put to sleep after so many minutes of inactivity.

    He used to go to sleep, that is the LCD screen is off and the power LED flashed, as expected after the period button inactive specified, 15 min...

    I'm not 100% sure, but I guess it started showing this symptom as I replaced the black cartridge with a genuine HP one. Nothing has changed, and I doubt that if the issues of the cartridge. I've updated the firmware to 20150212, but no help.

    When I tried to update the firmware locallly, the LCD panel said he is not able to connect to the server even though it is perfectly on our LAN and connected to the Internet. For example I can scan documents to send to e-mail addresses.

    All attempts resulted negative. So I have a chat session with a HP tech support but it could not solve the problem. In addition, there was a much more serious problem with the printer which toners all came out with less than 100 printed pages. However, HP has launched a warranty replacement process and I'm waiting for the forthcoming replacement.

    Thank you, John, to remind me of important base of troubleshooting by isolating the problems one by one!

Maybe you are looking for

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