PE 2950, PERC6, RAID 5 - How to rebuild drive

Hello everyone!

I have a big problem with a PE 2950 with a perc6 / i ctrl and raid 5 system.

disc number 5 amber flashing and the brand utility player as incorrect.

I replaced the drive and now it blinks green... but... I can't rebuild the disk!

How to do? I started the utility bios (CTRL + R at the start), and she acknowledged the new disk as foreign.

When I hit F2 (operation button) on the new drive, I can only start or stop flashing. The menu of reconstruction is not available...

How can I do?

I'll import the foreign config?

Thank you all in advance for your help,

See you soon,.



If it is the spare foreign reports object import configuration because it was never part of the RAID array.

The status of your RAID 5 is degraded? If so, you can tab over foreigners view tab, press F2 on controller 0 and select this option for foreign claire under foreign Config.

This should put the replacement drive in a ready state, from which you can choose to assign as a global hot spare, which will inaugurate a new building.

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    Kind regards


    Hi Martin,

    Great info, clears up things on my side.

    It is here.

    Remove the RAID VD, in this case of the last screenshot, the low VD.

    After removal, a hard drive will be available for the assignment of immediate replacement. Reconstruction should start as soon as possible, a spare drive is available.

    Let me know how it goes. : )

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