Photosmart 6510: Printer not found the new router


The Photosmart 6510 says that it is connected to the network of law with a beep sound intense, works with a usb cable and print a test without error page. BUT nothing comes out when I try to print something with wifi. It remains in the queue. Print and scan doctor finds nothing. WiFi worked before changing internet provider and so the router (I guess that's the name of the area which gives access to the internet). Tried to turn all market again and reinstall of the printer.

The supplier offered to modify the number of IP printer, that has not helped. Using Windows 7.

Any ideas?

Thought I had answered this, but it is not displayed on the site.

Now printing without cable USB between the router and the printer. I think it's helped the router to communicate the correct number of IP to the printer.

Anyway, problem solved. Thanks for your efforts!

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  • Photosmart Wireless B109n-z: Impossible to connect the printer wireless to the new router

    I just changed my wireless router and can not get my printer to recognize the new router.

    When you try to reinstall with the disc that came with the printer it keeps "quit unexpectedly" at the end of the installation, but before I get to connect to the printer.

    The drive indicates that it is for use with Mac OS X v10.4; 10.5, but I can't find an option to update the web site HP despite it stating that my printer is still supported.

    I can still use the printer with a USB cable connected directly to my table, but this is no help for the other devices I have.

    Hi @Paulwrow,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!
    I understand that you are unable to connect your HP Photosmart Wireless B109n-z to your new router wirelessly. I'd be happy to see this with you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.
    The CD/DVD software will not work with newer versions of Mac OS X. HP doesn't have the drivers for this printer in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. The last driver out of this printer is for Mac OS X 10.6. The only driver available that uses the driver update from Apple. This causes a problem when reconfigure the wireless, as this is the software for help. It would be easier if you have another computer running an operating system that is supported so that you can install the full feature software to configure the wireless.

    As an alternative method, you can try doing as a guideline to connect the wireless printer. We will use the ad-hoc connection. With the ad-hoc connection, you can launch the built-in web server (EWS) to access the wireless configuration wizard.
    Use the following steps as a guide:
    Restore the default settings of the network:

    1. Press the button next to the wireless Menu.
    2. Press the button next to wireless settings.
    3. Press the button next to network by default.

    Once the network is reset, the printer should disseminate the ad hoc connection. It should look like "hpsetup" or "HP Setup (and part of the printer name or MAC address). With an IP address like
    Then, connect to the network printer, that is broadcasting.

    1. On the Mac in the upper right corner, click on the wireless icon and connect to the network "HP Setup" or "hpsetup".

    Print the wireless test report:

    1. Press the button next to Scan.
    2. Press the button next to the wireless Menu.
    3. Press the button next to wireless settings.
    4. Press the button next to run the wireless network Test.

    Browse the test report wireless IPV4 of the printer (IP address)

    1. Launch your internet browser and enter the IP as shown. This should load the printer EWS.
    2. Click on the tab network across the top.
    3. On the left side, click on wireless or network.
    4. Run the Wireless Setup Wizard.

    This is the only way to reconfigure the wireless, unless you have another computer that has supported the software.

    For more information on the ad-hoc connection, see the User Guide.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. I can't wait to hear strings attached good luck!

  • OfficeJet Pro 8100 does not recognize the new router

    I saw this question for other printers, so I hope that there is a response to mine.  I just upgraded the speed of my internet service which involved a new router.  We made sure all the computers in the House worked with her, but I forgot to try the printer before the technician left.  Now my computer thinks printer Officejet Pro 8100 is offline (turned off) and the blue light on the printer blinks.  How can I get the printer to recognize the new router?  I guess I have to add that I do not know where to find the code of the intellectual property that is asked for when I go to the start menu, the HP folder, select my printer, etc.  He said: push the button on my printer wireless, so I push button blue flashing light but that does not produce a number.  Help appreciated!    It's an ATT router and I have the WiFi network name and wireless password.

    Replacement of your wireless router try here.

  • C4385 does not recognize the new router

    Just changed internet service providers.  Although I used this vendor before and not had any problems with my printer, I now have a problem.  My C4385 will not recognize the new network.  Hp network connection software that I run has no effect.   It will not detect a network even if my computer shows an excellent connection to the network.

    When I run the wireless network test report it shows "FAIL" next to "Network Name (SSID) Found."  The recommendation is to "check that your HP printer (SSID) name exactly matches your name (SSID) wireless router.

    I am completely baffled by the present.  I've seen other questions that are similar to this, but none that refer to my model exactly.  Any help is appreciated.

    Please, try the following:

    1. disconnect the USB cable from your printer

    2. make sure to delete any previous copies of your HP printer from the printers (in Control Panel) screen

    3. restart your PC

    4. under the printers screen, enter the following print server properties screen:

    XP: File > print server properties

    Vista: right click on the area of the screen information, and then select run as administrator > print server properties (law as Administrator option will not allway appear)

    Win7: Select any other printer in a left click and you will see the properties of the print server to the Menu bar top

    On the Ports tab, be sure to remove any existing TCP/IP port.

    5. remove temporarily disable your firewall software

    6. start the installation and select reconfigure the network connection / add a device.

  • Photosmart 3210xi Printer-cannot install the new computer Win7


    I just got a new computer which has Windows 7 as operating system, previously using Win XP.  I have the original installation disc, but when I try to install my HP Photosmart 3210xi printer, it tells me that it is incompatible with my operating system.  How do I overcome this?  BTW, I can just plug in the printer and it will work, but of course I want to install it so I can use the scanner program and others.  I am not a novice, but I'm not a computer programmer that so keep that in mind!



    Download and run the installer printer HP rom

    Kind regards

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    I work for HP

  • Photosmart c4280 print gibberish of the new Macbook Air with OS X10.9

    I can't get this to print.  It will show the page after page, a single line of gibberish for a simple print request.  The machine is a new macbook air with 10.9.4 IMac w/10.6 wife print wireless with no problems.  As does my son 7 windows-powered PC.  So I don't know where to turn.  I already did a reload of the pilot with the same results.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    No problem.

    Since it can print on other computers, have you tried another connection on this 10.9.4 computer? I just want to see if that makes a difference. You can try to use a USB cable to check if you are receiving the same question. If you do not, then you know that something is interfering with the wireless connection. If you do not have the same issue, then you will need to contact Apple support for assistance. Click here to read: Apple Worldwide Contact.

    Good luck.

  • 305 a HP desktop printer: J611 Wireless Desktop HP 305 a series will not connect to new router to talktalk (using Chromebook)

    A new router through Talktalk and since then my printer Wireless does not connect.  It shows on my chromebook as this has already been added as a printer of cloud, but blue light wireless flashes.  Not had any problems before this that he was that we got the new router.  Tired to connect by using the method of the button/PIN button still no joy.

    Please note using Toshiba chromebook on windows/mac.

    Please help as I am ready to scream! Laughing out loud


    Hello @longess,

    Welcome to the HP support forums.

    I understand that you have acquired a new router and get your Deskjet 3050 has connected to your new network.

    I would like to help.

    The blue light is flashing on the printer indicates that the wireless radio is on, but the printer is not connected to a network. This is the situation. You have a new router. The printer must be on the network.

    So the next step is to get the printer on the network.

    The deskjet printers family is usually USB wireless setup.

    This causes an obstacle when you use only a Chromebook.

    Chromebook does not support the software needed to turn the printer on the network.

    If you have access to a Windows or Macbook notebook, the following link will help you place the printer on the network.

    Configure the printer to a wireless network for the HP Deskjet 3050 a and 3070 e-all-in-one printer series

    I have something you can try.

    Check out this post from Sunshyn2005.

    Re: Deskjet 3050 does not connect to my wifi network

    If this message does not help to get on the new network printer, you will need to borrow a Mac or Windows computer.

    Good luck

  • Photosmart 6510 does not print in black

    My photosmart 6510 does not print in black. I presume that it was the cartridge but I replaced the cartridge and it still does not print. I cleaned the print heads and the cartridge ink levels are full.

    The printhead, cleaning of the screen failed touchscreen printer running.  But when I sat down at my computer and used the program utility printing, he did.  I ran an initial print head cleaning my computer and then clicking the button indicating that the print heads were NOT clean.  He then ran a deep cleansing process.  Then I lined up the printheads of the same print utility program.  Now it works!

  • Satellite L40-143 - WLAN does not work with the new router

    WLAN on my Satellite L40-143 does not work since I Modem Alice-1121.

    Who can help me, please!

    Hi kenny_21,

    If you have a new WLAN router you must change the configuration that I think

    The new router is visible under WLAN connections and can connect?

    If so try to connect. The standard router password can be found in the manual of it and no doubt, there will be new addresses MAC first before connect you. I put t know the exact configuration.

    Also check the options the WIRELESS card with TCP/IP. Usually, you need automatic IP addresses.

  • I have a new wireless router - printer MX890 to recognize the new router to print wireless?

    I had to replace my old router with a new wireless today.  How can I get the printer now recognize this new router so I can continue to print wireless?

    Thank you!


    Hello tabuzek.

    Please, try the following to connect to your new router:

    1. press the Menu button on the printer.

    2. Select Configuration Wireless LAN and press OK.

    3. If the WPS option appears, press the STOP button.

    4. Select the Standard installation option, then press OK.

    5. when your access point appears, select it and press OK.

    6. Enter your encryption key and press OK.  Use the Star (*) key to change the patterns of nature.

    7. check the key is correct, then press OK.

    8. once the connection is complete, press OK.

    9. press the copy for return to the default menu button.

    Once this has been done, try printing to test the device.

    If these troubleshooting steps do not work, feel free to call us at 1-800-OKCANON.

  • Any way I can remove the ball that says: you are looking for a printer, no printer not found on startup?

    I ran an 'r' on my new motherboard used, running the same HARD drive and now I guess he thinks that there is a printer somewhere and so... whenever I start the computer I get the pop up bubble looking for material, said OS os BIOS "find printer" and then "no printer not found" I mean it's just a hassle evry time having these "threaten to performance" If you want topics with my XP Pro SP3, basically I just use IE and working relationships. Any suggestion is appreciated.


    -Have you ever had a printer installed?
    -You see something unusual in the Device Manager?

    Follow these steps and check if the problem persists.

    Step 1:

    Test the issue in a clean boot State.

    Note: The steps in the article to restart your computer as usual.

    Step 2:

    Uninstall and reinstall the USB controllers.

  • HP deskjet 2540: HP 2540 printer will not connect to new router

    Hi, we just changed internet service providers and the printer will not connect to the new router, our HP laptop computer presents the printer in the list of network devices / wireless, but will not accept the password of network to the router when I ask him to connect. Makes me crazy! I have re-installed software etc. to connect the drive and make me anywhere I hope someone can help!


    Replacement/change your wireless router, try here.

    Make sure that your router is set to a fixed channel wireless as the 1, 6 or 11, never 'auto '.  Try channel 1 first and then the other one at a time.  Make sure that the printer and the router are spaced at least 5 feet.

    However, if you have a gateway device (modem + router), all gateway devices are terrible for connectivity and wireless performance.   If this does not work, suggest you put this bridge in full bridge mode device and install your own router of high quality that YOU have full control over.

  • Printers with/without wire: "printer not found," "Can't find the printer," 'no devices found' (Windows 10)

    If you receive one of the following error messages, and your printer is connected to your computer via a wired or wireless network, see the troubleshooting steps in the following doc: printer not found during Network Driver Setup (Windows).

    • Printer not found
    • Cannot find the printer
    • No devices found
    • Your printer is not found on your wireless network

    The solutions include:

    Step 1: Restart the computer, printer and router

    Step 2: Check the status of network and printer connection

    Step 3: Manually connect the printer to your network (only for wireless connections)

    Step 4: Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor

    Step 5: Temporarily disable the firewall on the computer software

  • I'm more able to print messages from Thunderbird. By clicking on the "print" key does nothing. Clicking on give the preview before printing a printer not found error message.

    I have recently installed Windows 10 on my machine (upgrade to 8.1)
    The "print" button does absolutely NOTHING. A printer NOT FOUND of error occurs when I try to get a preview of the message.

    All of the suggestions.

    the configuration editor allows you to change the entries in print.printer to the default values * right click and reset

  • Want 7645: Printer installed on the new PC - SScan will not work

    New PC/laptop with windows 10 and existing 7645 envy with wireless connectivity.  Print function works fine.  Scan of the computer does not work.  The 7645 does not list the new PC and the old series # figure 11 times (!) in the window of the computer analysis.  Can anyone help?  Thank you.


    You may need to start from your computer first, please try:

    Double-click the icon of the printer on the desktop,
    Select manage the Scan of the computer
    Click Enable-

    You can start automatically with Windows, BUT you will get an arror message if you turn on the computer FRONT of the printer.

    Kind regards.

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