playback device error - idt hd codec

All of a sudden I am having problems with my playback device.  The sounds have been working properly until yesterday (08/10/12) and is now showing an error.  I came across the problem when I was trying to Skype, but the videos will not play with sound.

Hi Pam,.

Try the following.

Download IDT Audio Installer on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.

One time finished, open windows control panel, open Device Manager and open sound, video and game controllers.  Right click on the IDT device and select uninstall - also, you should get a command prompt to delete the current driver, check the box allow this and then proceed to uninstall.

When you are done, reboot the laptop and let Windows load completely - it will automatically load an audio driver, but let just this complete.

Then open your download folder, right-click on the IDT Installer and select "Run as Administrator" to launch the installation.  Once this done, do a right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and select playback devices.  'Speakers and headphones' left click once to highlight, and then click the Set Default button - check if you now audio.

If you have still no sound, open windows control panel, open administrative tools, and then open Services.  Verify that the following services are all showing that status = started and the Startup Type = Automatic

Audio service

Multimedia class Scheduler

Windows Audio

Windows Audio endpoint Builder

If you need to make a change to one of the above, just right-click the service and select Properties, and then in the drop-down list box next to "Startup Type", select automatic and click on apply to save the changes.  Then click on the Start button.

Kind regards

DP - K

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    I can't get any sound from the computer.  Worked, but quit when I tried to watch a UTube video several hours
    After leaving the computer.  While troubleshooting, AutoCorrect could not solve the problem of the message
    has received "device driver IDT high definition audio CODEC driver problem.   I have the Windows 7 operating system.

    Hello Sharon,

    When you say "AutoCorrect" do you mean this: ?

    If not, or you are looking for a driver try, here's one from Sony. Note that you may need to run in compatibility mode (with the right button on the file (or its icon on the desktop), select Properties, select the compatibility of the top row): .

    Let me know if one of them fixes the problem for you.

    Kind regards


  • Skype usage error: problem with playback device

    Original title: Skype.

    I'm calling by Skype and it is written that I have a problem with "currency of reading".

    What should I do?


    ·         Audio devices work otherwise?

    Problem with playback device means that Skype cannot find a speaker or a headset that is properly configured on your machine in order to make a call.

    Step 1: Launch the audio troubleshooter. It search common problems with your volume settings, your sound card or driver and your speakers or a headset.

    Also refer to the support of Skype.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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  • No sound, probably due to IDT Audio Codec

    There I s no sound on my laptop. The speakers are on, Windows said that they are working correctly. All volumes are high, the sound is not muted etc. But I have no sound anywhere. I uninstalled the drivers on IDT Audio Codec, reset values in my bios to their originals (if they are not first). I've been running the windows audioplayback diagnostic. Moved back to the old version of my registry but nothing seems to work.

    I've been through this forum and did what some of the recommended people, but still it does not work. Although windows shows that IDT Audio Codec works fine, I get an errormessage is not able to play the test tone (or is the translation from Dutch). Also, Windows Media player does not work and falls to me on the page with the error C00D11B1. Playback of a DVD does not work. And when you try to update the driver IDT Audio Codec, it says it's updated. Also put all the settings of the sound (as sound to the standard settings).

    I think I deleted the driver when clean with CCleaner if that is probably the reason. Also after checking with this forum, I launched two driverpackages SP59291 and SP6355, but unfortunately they did not work, and they probably have not the right version for my installation. Alhtough the letter of the two has brought back windows system signals to start etc.  The current version of the driver is 6.10.6329.0. I checked the site to find the specific version for my HP laptop, but couldn't find it, no matter who any idea what I could do? Thank you very much!

    HI @HenriBlommers

    Thank you for your request, I will do my best to help you!

    Be sure to include your exact model on laptop during validation to allow us to help you more efficiently.

    I understand that you have no sound on your laptop. Device manage States it is enabled and working.

    As I don't know your exact model laptop that I can not find the driver, however you can restore the original driver by using the Recovery Manager.

    Here is a link to the HP notebook computers - fix no sound or Audio problems in Windows 7. There is a section on restore the original drivers to help you.

    Have you ran the Windows troubleshooting tool to help you?

    Here is a link to MSFix it which can also help.

    Have you checked for virus or malware?   Microsoft Malware removal tool

    Did you run HP Support Assistant using the HP updates?

    To search manually HP updates please enter your exact model and follow prompts to view your drivers and updates for your system.

    Heres is the link for HP drivers & downloads.

    Good luck!

  • No HDMI Audio, could not play the test tone, cannot change the default playback device

    Hello, I have real trouble with my HP Pavilion dv6-2160us experience (with the i3 - 330 M, no dedicated graphics card) Windows 7-64 bit, SP1 PC and I would be happy to help.

    I created a new thread because, despite the fact that many other people have experienced a problem similar to this and have posted what has worked for them, nothing has worked for me.

    The problem (s):

    My main problem is that I can not any audio to play from my PC to my HDTV HDMI.

    When I plug my HDMI cable on my PC and the TV, the TV is recognized in the playback devices, but nothing he can play.

    When I try to test the TV in playback devices, I get an error "could not play the test tone.

    In addition, I want to mention a few other odd behavior that I think can be a part of the main problem.

    In playback devices, I can't change anything. I can't disable or enable a device, I can not set as default playback or communication devices, and I can't save changes to the properties of the device. Whenever I try to change something, as the default playback device, nothing happens, or the changes are immediately reversed.

    The Question:

    How can I get audio to play through HDMI on my PC (is not a problem with the TV, my other machines HP audio playback over HDMI it is fine)?

    What I tried:

    I tried:

    • Change the default playback devices, which I am unable to do
    • The utilities of reading Audio de Windows 7 running in a clean boot state
    • Uninstall and reinstall the driver Intel(r) Audio display
    • Uninstallation and reinstallation of the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
    • Uninstall the IDT Audio PC program under programs and features
    • Disable the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

    Nothing has worked.

    The drivers I have are the latest issued by HP

    How can I get this to work? I would appreciate help.

    I'm at the point where I'm willing to try solutions quite technically involved, so feel free to post those.

    Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    OK, I finally have the answer for that.

    If you experience this problem even and you want to fix it, you'll need a PC running the same version of Windows 7 that your PC works lot of work but it works without problems, with regard to this point.

    Here's what I did to solve the problem:

    1. Create a system restore point.
    2. Run regedit.exe as administrator.
    3. Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MMDevices \Audio .
    4. Compare the permissions and attributes of ownership of this key and all subkeys to your work PC.
    5. Change all permissions and property attributes for interest on the defective PC keys as they are the same as those on the operation of the PC.
    6. Restart your faulty computer.

    I hope this helps. It worked for me.

  • IDT Audio Codec time Sound speakers but not with headphones on ENVY DV7 series laptop

    I bought my laptop not more than two months ago. Its perfectly played through my helmet literally the day before yesterday.

    Only two changes have occurred since then, first of all I accidentally plugged my headphones into the external microphone jack, then I updated the 'Music' for Windows 8 PC application.

    After my sound stopped working. I restored my PC to a restore point dated before its no longer works in my helmet, however resonates once again that in my speakers (when my headphones are disconnected). When I plug my headphones, sound no longer plays in my speakers but no sound from my headphones either.

    How can I get audio to play through my headphones?

    Product name and number: Envy of HP dv7 Notebook PC C2h74UAR #ABA

    Operating system: 64-bit Windows 8

    Error message: None

    Changes: 1) update "music" app for Windows 8

    (2) accidentally plugged in headphones and external microphone jack


    Try the following.

    First of all, download and reinstall the Chipset driver at the following link.

    Chipset Driver - Windows 8

    When reinstalling, restart the laptop.

    When windows has reloaded, download IDT Audio Installer on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.

    IDT Audio Installer - Windows 8.

    One time finished, open windows control panel, open Device Manager and open sound, video and game controllers.  Right click on the IDT device and select uninstall - also, you should get a command prompt to delete the current driver, check the box allow this and then proceed to uninstall.

    When you're done, shut down the laptop, unplug the AC adapter and then remove the battery.  Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds.  Reinsert the battery and plug in the AC adapter.

    Robinet tap away at the key esc that you start the computer to launch the Start Menu, and then select f10 to open the bios menu.  Press f5 to load the default values (sometimes it's f9, but the menu below indicates the correct key), use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press ENTER.  Press f10 to save the setting and still use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press on enter.

    Allow Windows to fully - charge it will automatically load an audio driver, but let just this complete.  Then open your download folder, right-click on the IDT Installer and select "Run as Administrator" to launch the installation.  Once this done, do a right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and select playback devices.  'Speakers and headphones' left click once to highlight, and then click the Set Default button - check if you now audio with headphones.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Playback device


    So I had an interface audio usb connected to my computer and I got my speakers connected to the card from its edge.

    My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-F2A78M-D3H.

    For some reason, I can't change my interface with my speakers. When I try to change the interface to the speakers, the speakers are set by default, but the sound is not switch on!

    I tried to reinstall the two drivers did nothing. And there is no new update either.

    If I disable the interface it automatically switches on the speakers, but then I must refresh all since that they freeze.

    I get no error when I try to change device.

    I have been Googling autour and tried everything mentioned but nothing solved my problem.

    I am grateful for all the answers, because it drives me crazy!

    Hi Eric,.

    I'll be happy to help you with the problem you have with the computer. I understand the frustration when things do not work as it should.

    1. What do you mean when you say that its the set?

    2 have you tried the interface audio usb on another computer?

    I suggest you follow these methods.

    Method 1: For Windows automatically choose the headphones, set the headset as default playback device.
    Follow these steps:
    a. right click on the volume in the taskbar icon and click playback devices.
    b. Select headphones.
    c. click on set as default.
    d. click apply and then click OK.

    Method 2: If this does not help, I suggest you perform the steps in troubleshooting from the link.

    Hope this information is useful. Just reply with the results. I'll be happy to help you.

  • Inateck BR1001 installed OK but does not appear as a playback device


    I am using an Inateck BR1001 bluetooth streamer in Windows 8 to listen to music from Windows Media Player to my external speakers. Now the device Inateck disappeared from the "playback devices" list although it is always visible, paired and connected via the Bluetooth settings.

    It does seem to be an obvious way to restore as a playback device. I tried to uninstall as a BT device and rediscover & match but it is still not listed as a playback device.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I appreciate the efforts that you have taken to solve this problem yourself. It could have happened due to corruption the Audio drivers.

    1. Did you change in your system prior to this problem?
    2. Do you have an error code or error message during the installation of the Bluetooth device?

    Follow the methods and check them off below if it helps:

    Method 1: Run hardware and devices troubleshooter.

    • Right-click on the present "speaker" icon on the lower right corner of the system tray.
    • Select the option reading devices.
    • Now, click the read tab.
    • Right-click on the device and make sure that the devices turned off Show is checked.

    If the problem persists, try Method 2.

    Method 2: Set Bluetooth device as a value by default after you activate the disabled device.

    I recommend to update the audio drivers and then check if it helps.

    Update your sound driver in Device Manager:

    a. type in Control Panel Search box , and then click Control Panel

    b. click on system and Maintenance

    c. under Device Manager, click on hardware and devices

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type your password or click on continue.

    d. expand sound, video and game controllers

    e. right click on your Audio Controller, and then click Properties

    f. Select the driver tab

    g. click the Update driver button.

    h. select automatically search for an updated driver.

    Windows will now look for an update for your Audio drivers locally and on the internet and then will guide you through the process of installing the driver.

    You can check the link for more information below:

    If the problem persists, try Method 3.

    Method 3: run the audio Troubleshooter.

    You might be able to solve certain problems by running a convenience store will automatically fix some common problems with audio.

    Follow the steps to run the Troubleshooter:

    a. press the keys Windows + C on your keyboard to show the charms bar.

    b. type Troubleshooting , click Troubleshooting under settings.

    c. now, select Search and solve problems.

    d. Select troubleshoot Audio playback.

    Install the latest device drivers Bluetooth device/hardware manufacturer website.

    Try the above steps and let us know if it helps. For assistance feel free to post your questions in the Microsoft forums. We will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • "Video playback device does not support protected content playback.

    It is a system with tuner via SiliconDust HD Homerun first.  QuickTV works very well.
    The temporary fix was noted by optimizing and reducing the WMC window temporarily fixed direct reception of TV tuner.  You are looking for a permanent solution.
    More in detail about this problem with DRM can be found here:
    and here:


    Have tried all of the above tactics.  Still not play a "Update Ready" on step 14.
    Any ideas what I'm missing here.  Windows 8-64 bit Pro with the Add on WMC.
    Also, I must say that I am very disappointed that MS has taken to "Stay on top" setting to keep WMC above other windows version Win8 out.
    What could be the reason for this?  Forces to some third-party utilities user / app.
    1. the error message was in my topic:
    "Video playback device does not support protected content playback.

    2. the excruciatingly detailed troubleshooting steps are listed in the links that I showed in my post.
    In any case, after trying a bunch of stuff and you try to reset the DRM / play ready through my above links, I made the point #1 as shown in the instructions below:
    For some reason, this protected download digital file and update of WMC to play this sound file now seems to have fixed the problems that I had the problem of "video playback device does not support protected content playback.
    Really a frustrating thing.
    I had some problems with the installation of a driver from chipset for a new motherboard, I had to install and it seemed pretty hardware changes to have upset the loan play in my Win8 - 64-bit Pro installation.
    In any case, looks OK now.
  • I/o device error series Equium

    I have a satellite phone and when I put the DVD in the drive I get:

    d: / is not accessible
    This request could not be performed because of an I / O DEVICE ERROR.

    Please someone can help, I had a lot of problems with this laptop and wondered whether or not I take repairs... yet again!


    This error is displayed because the drive is not able to read DVD media.
    It would be interesting to know if this happens with all DVDs

    In any case, I think you should try it first;

    Access to the registry, and then remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters completely from the following registry key values:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    After this short intervention, restart the laptop.

    If this doesn't help then the chances are that the player could malfunction
    In this case, you should ask the technician to phone for help!

    Good luck

  • Satellite P30-145-IO device error

    My problem is with the so-called player super multi, when I insert a DVD - RW I get i/o device error, I tried other brands and CD also with the same result.
    It works very well with the 'true' DVD but not the accessible variety in writing.
    I tried using Microsofts IE. the whole thing of IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers with nothing does not.
    Can someone help with this frustrating dilemma?

    [Edited by: admin]


    As far as I know there is no one-size-fits-all solution for this type of problem. Try to remove the device from Device Manager, and then restart the device.

    You have this problem for a long time?

  • HP Jet 7, 8.1 Win Win 10 update and Bluetooth "devices errors."

    I did the upgrade from 8.1 to win to win 10.  So far, I've noticed all my devices Bluetooth "devices errors."  I have deleated all BT devices and tried to charge the BT device to my soundblaster roar 2 and a simple generic keyboard and I got the same results. I have tried reconnecting with other devices.  Did someone went down this path? HP, Microsoft, suppliers... has a driver upates?  I have not read on win 10?  Device Manager will be my frined here, deleting and reloading BT associated drivers?  What do you say?

    Hi, Yes, my bluetooth mouse works fine on my Stream with 10 Windows 7, device drivers are available from  You could try to reload the driver bluetooth of Windows 10.

  • Problem with playback device?

    Video call in progress version 3 days ago made in New Zealand was in line for 40mins no problem what ever. as soon as I ended up call message problem with playback device. and as soon as I use either call or video call immediately, the page returns to the home page and does not appeal. checked devices audio all working correctly, no update of windows for the last 3 weeks. using Skype on my asus laptop 5 years on widows 7

    Hello, do not know what I did but trhe message has diasppeared, and the test call also works OK now.

  • Help: problem with playback device


    My dell latitude e7240

    and my headset logitech g150

    does not connect it says: problem with playback device

    It calls for 1 second then ends

    and when my friends try to call the said

    contact can only receive instant messages

    Help, please

    and fast

    Thank you very much

    I did a diagnostic test and other results are here

    and Skype is the last

    Thank you

    answer soon


    Topic/title edited for clarity.

    Still no trace of your helmet and Avnex Virtual Audio Device is always installed.

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    Microphone (Avnex Virtual Audio Device), 0 x 00200000, 0, 0, qcap.dll, 6.06.9600.16384

    Open the Windows Device Manager. Are there looking for this virtual audio capture device, then uninstall it.

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  • Power AL2216W adapter

    My Acer AL2216W came with a power supply cord, who also had a box in the middle.  Am I right in thinking that this monitor came with an external power supply, and then later they did internal?  I lost my power cord and the monitor doesn't do anything