Poor quality and poor framerate with best export settings

Hello, this is my first post, I searched the forums, watch videos on youtube, etc, but don't never came across something like this before, but anyway let's get down to the heart of the problem at a time!

I am currently using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (Version 6.0.2)

Specifications of the PC

-Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60 GHz


GTX - 960 M graphics card

The problem:

I have been using CS6 6 months now and not had a problem since day one.

The videos that I do are gameplay videos captured at 60 fps 1080 p with 36857 Kbps Total bitrate.

The videos where export with large 60 fps framerate, quality, as it should in the first place.

But everything changed one day after I did everything with the same agenda, as I did each time and video when exported was of poor quality and the rate was 30 frames per second.

BUT, when I am trying to check the properties of the video exported, everything is as I put is on the export settings, even if the vacuum has dicreased quality and bad frame rate (30 fps) up.

I am exporting as follows:

-Format: H.264

-Basic video settings:

-Width: height of 1920 1080

-Frame rate: 59.94

-Order of fields: Progressive (it doesn't let me change it)

-Appearance: Square Pixels (1.0)

Tv - standard: NTSC

-Profile: high

-Level: 4.2

-Rendering to maximum depth (verified)

Flow settings:

-Bitrate VBR, 2 pass encoding (I also made 2 pass, but had the same effect)

-Target speed [Mbps]: 36,82

-Maximum Bitrate [Mbps]: 62.5

Advanced settings:

-Key Frame Distance 72 (verified)

Use maximum quality rendering (verified) use Previews (verified)


I finally understood everything!

So when I started the project for some reason, I had chosen under the option 'Make and video playback' Renderer: Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA) instead of Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (Open CL).

After that everything worked perfectly as it should in the first place.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help me understand my annoying error!

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    1920 x 1080, then a few lines down he says 1408 x 792


    2 channels

    48000 Hz

    What should be the parameters when I do a new sequence?

    When I look into the window in Premiere Pro I constantly have to "shrink" the image to fit the window, is that something I should do or he says that the configuration of the sequence is bad?

    But more importantly what should be the parameters of export? I exported a long video of 4 minutes and the size was 1 GB, I know that it's too big.

    I need to export without losing quality and export another one which is consistent with the limits on the size of Youtube and Vimeo.

    Vimeo is 500 MB per week, sometimes I download 4 videos per week. I think that Youtube, you can download 500 MB at a time.

    I need to get the smaller size with lose the least possible quality AND the best export quality settings, so I suppose I have 3 separate issues.

    What are the best settings of sequence for HD video?

    What are the best export settings for HD without losing quality?

    What are the best export settings for the size of out about 500 MB with losing the least possible quality?

    Thank you!


    On the thread that above, I used the 5th anwer, and it will take about 7 hours to export a 4 minute video :/

    All your questions are answered here.


  • Best export settings Full HD for YouTube using Premiere CS4

    Dear all,
    In advance, thank you for your time.
    I'm downloading sports videos on YouTube especially snooker.
    The videos are captured with a video camera high quality and then edited with Adobe Premiere CS4.
    Can I ask two questions:
    1. who are the best export settings for Youtube if you use a file of source Full HD (1920 x 1080) at 30 frames per second?
    For the export file, I use the same width and height that the source file is 1920 x 1080.
    However, the original file is shot at 30 frames per second, but I read somewhere that I have included use 59,94 frames per second for the export file, and it seems to work even if it doesn't sound right, it :-)
    My current settings for my export file are:
    Video settings
    Main Concept H.264 video
    Width and Height: 1920 x 1080
    FPS: 59,94 frames per second
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels
    Profile: hand
    Level: 4.2
    Flow settings
    Encoding Bitrate: VBR, 1 Pass (I also use 2 because there is no worse that it takes just as long to return, pls correct me if I'm wrong)
    Target Bitrate: 4.8
    Maximum flow rate: 8.2
    2 is it normal that the video export plays a lot on my PC but when uploaded to YouTube it jumps frames and it seems a little choppy?
    I watched a lot of clips on YouTube in 720 p or 1080 p and v seemed good, when I looked at my that he wasn't playing as well as it does on my pc.
    Should I keep in mind to help the YouTube Player by chnaging my export settings.
    If you please comment on the above and also watch my videos for your comments on how to improve the quality.
    Best wishes form Athens Greece

    You are welcome

    interlaced was sorta invented for use with the tv broadcast and the quality is very good and sometimes even better than progressive (even today) if there is a lot of 'Action' in a scene (less blur in the individual images if you look at the individual images to compare)... also, most DVD to date were burned of interlaced footage and many blue ray are too...

    The DVD or blue ray player can understand what type of tv it is connected to (widescreen digital tv or old crt 4:3 tv) and deliver the right signal to make it all good look...

    So there is no need to think progressive isn't automatically BETTER interlaced... it depends on a lot of things...

    lets see if Ann weighs with cs4 settings for you... then read you these files pdf, hehe... you'll be an expert in no time!

    PS... If you are interested, check out the news of color samples (you YUV and 4.2.0

    I mention this as it might be more useful late re: reproduction of the right color on your exports (your color of youtube has been a little more 'saturated' IMO... very very green and very very red)... then at some point maybe that can be fixed up a little bit too...

  • What are the best export settings to use for a video posted on facebook

    What are the best export settings to use for a video posted on facebook?

    I used the H.264 > Vimeo HD presets in Media Encoder with excellent results.

    Thank you

    Jeff Puler

  • What are the best export settings for Instagram?

    IM having trouble finding a solid answer for the export of quality more high definition for Instagram. Help, please! Thank you.

    Try @72 1080 x 1080 sRGB

    Experiment with different quality between 75 & 100 Instagram parameters will apply a standard compression.

  • How to change the format of VOB file without loss of quality and file size of balloon?

    I try to save a VOB file on a problematic DVD using first Pro CC 2015. Can anyone help me please with selecting the best export settings?

    My goal is to maintain the quality and size of the file as close to the original as possible. I just need to change the file format to something I can easily view on my computer. Sometimes, he tries to simply change the extension from VOB to MPEG, but in this case, I edited (shortened) the original file so need to save again.

    Most of the output options I tried drastically reduce quality or seriously enlarge the size of output file.

    First gives me the following information from the source:

    Type: MPEG Movie

    File size: 675,20 MB

    Image size: 360 x 288

    Frame rate: 25.00

    Audio Format: 48000 Hz - compressed - stereo

    Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - stereo

    Total time: 00:59:22:02

    Format of the pixels: 1.0940

    AVI, quality 100 gives a file size of 12 GB. Source H.264 match - high bitrate gives a file size of 2 GB. Where does all that extra data?

    Match sequence settings should be an obvious solution, but it gives me a slightly larger file (706,98 MB) with a sharp drop in quality.

    If I select H.264, corresponds to the size of the original image and approach the source of all other settings as I can, the size of the resulting file is still much greater than if I drop the transmission speed. However, first does not show me bitrate of the source until I put it to maintain the same quality?

    I want just the same file in a different format so that I can view them easily. Simple yet I have not been able to find a solution. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you very much, Berne

    You can not avoid re-encoding. His first mpeg will not give you made smart on mpeg.

    You need a different program if al you want to do is trim down.

    Best Software MPEG video editor | TMPGEnc MPEG Converter Smart 4

    Match sequence settings does exactly what it says. Your sequence (each) works with a codec to preview.

  • Export settings

    Hello world

    Although I had the first few months, I'm still a novice. I have some pictures of my hero4 gopro 1080 @ 29.97 30 fps and I have pictures of my drone that is 4 K video, 30 fps, 29.97

    The video looks seems not very well in the first, but when I export it, or upload to youtube as crispy... Any thoughts on the best export settings to choose for this? Difficult to understand since I use two different rates of video, but I figure that there is a common practice.

    any help would be appreciated!


    There are several ways to get a new sequence. One is to use file > new sequence and choose a preset in the list. This assumes that you know the exact specifications of the sequence that you use and have the necessary expertise to choose a preset that fully corresponds to the length (frame size, frame rate, pixel aspect, fields, etc.)

    Another is to simply drag a clip to a mounting empty by default and it should ask ' do you want to overwrite settings sequence clip? Of course, this only happens with the FIRST clip, you drag on it, so if it's a picture clip or video yet different from others, you can end up with "the right size" for your sequence.

    You can right-click on a clip in the tray and select new sequence of the Clip and it's quite reliable! Of course, you must consider the flow of work and the so desired output. You mix 4K and HD clips, should edit you like 4K or HD? If you must provide only 4K, then change in the order of 4K and HD clips will be enhanced. But if you want to deliver HD, then edit in sequence HD and 4K will be reduced in HD, then convert them to the HD.

    I still mainly edit with CS6 (long story) and who has the Scale to the setting option and I only activated in Prefs, so that any clip I'll just in sequence automatically adapts. However, CC now offers an option of game to the size of the image , and the advantage of this with the example to put a clip of 4 K in a HD sequence is that the clip of 4 K to insert as part of the HD, but you still have all the extra 4 K resolution available if you want to crop the image with effect of movement (pan/zoom).

    Scale to frame or the value framework should give equal results if you do not zoom in the largest clip, using just straight up.

    In any case, be sure to choose a setting appropriate to the sequence at the beginning of a project - disobedience can ruin the works, as evidenced by the many posters on this site. The sequence is the basis for the entire production. If this is incorrect (size of the frame, cadence, or aspect pixel, wrong field mess) the video can and will suffer to varying degrees. To check the current settings, choose sequence > sequence settings in the menu. Compare with the source item (right-click on a clip and check the Properties).

    Thank you


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    Hi Joy,.

    I am a member of the Adobe Stock Quality Engineering team, can you tell me how you download this file and what program you use to view? I will gladly give you a credit for the image, but I could use your help with these issues.


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    Hi brad.

    Yes. You can use the analysis tools to straighten and crop your document. Here is a link to a new tutorial. The key to activate the sliding options recovery is to choose the option of the camera Image in the drop to Enhance, and gives you tools to set the correct page for smoothing areas.

    fundamental https://helpx.adobe.com/Acrobat/How-to/scan-Paper-documents-Searchable-PDF.html?Set=Acroba--principes t - create a pdf file


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    Thank you for your response. I have contact support who thought that it was a problem of breakdown of pen and I ended up having to buy a new printer.

  • Hi, I want to export my movie on DVD clips, burning them like AVCHD, movies are made on the basis of an iphone 6 1080 p 60. I want to keep the best possible quality. Can someone tell me what that best project settings I should use? Thank you very much.

    Hi, I want to export my movie on DVD clips, burning them like AVCHD, movies are made on the basis of an iphone 6 1080 p 60. I want to keep the best possible quality. Can someone tell me what that best project settings I should use? Thank you very much.


    Thanks for the reply to my comments to complete Responses to your subject.

    Factors in your planning...

    First elements 13/13.1 does not support Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OS 10.7.

    First items 10, 11 or 12/12.1 on a Windows computer is 64-bit application when it is run on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 64-bit computer. Otherwise, it's a 32-bit application. This has implications on important it resources, particularly for your biggest projects in Premiere Elements.

    Video mobile phone registered with a variable rate is a consideration for any version of Premiere Elements. If your cell phone video shows with audio out of sync and you use the hand brake to correct this condition, you should get good quality of the handbrake H.264.mp4 (just make sure that the export rate is comparable to that of the original in addition to changing the frequency of images to a number (use same as source) and selecting constant for this frame rate).

    If any clarification on the above, do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you.


  • IPhone 4 video - problem with quality and PE v8


    I am a new user of first element v8. I tried to load and share the video of the iPhone 4. My problem is that video input our PE is much lower quality than the original - even if I do nothing for her, just load it and share it.

    Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

    Here's what I did:

    -created a new project with HDV 720p30 layout (which has 1280 h 720v, 29.97 frames/second, square Pixels)

    -Added a video of the iPhone 4 (33 sec)

    -static iPhone with custom export setting: frame width 1 280, frame height 720, 29.97 frame rate, square Pixels, NTSC, level 4.0

    The resulting file (.mp4) size 4 748 KB while the original file has been much more 43 727 KB.

    Thank you.

    You took a video from an iPhone, he traveled the Elements first and then put it back in the iPhone?

    I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish, but you can go to share / Portable Device/iPhone, click on the Advanced button and adjust the level of quality.

    Version 8 is not really have a predefined project that corresponds to the release of the iPhone, so the video is going to be re-made and re-encoded between input and output. It is not a 'smart' rendering, so what fate will probably be different from what is happening.

    A better program to do this kind of editing is available for $29 Apple Quicktime Pro. Its workflow is more in line with what you're trying to do.

  • Contacts synchronization to Smartphones blackBerry and calendar - problems with Outlook Connector (and other things).

    Hello world

    I just got my first BlackBerry (storm) and this is my first post on the forums.  I read around a lot and found pieces of this problem but no definitive answer (which I understand).  So, I know it's a delicate subject, but really hope that someone can help you.

    FYI, I use Windows Vista and Outlook 2003 with the connector Outlook synchronize my e-mail, contacts and calendar on my Windows Live Hotmail account.

    I installed the Desktop Manager software V.4.7 and crossed to set up > sync and selected Outlook for Contacts.  The wizard all seems to work OK but then when I press "Finish" I get the error message ' file is does more part of the system data source or the couldnot folder is located.

    I partially understand the idea that my Contacts are not in Outlook, they are in my hotmail/live account.  My question is how can I work around this problem and import my contacts to the BlackBerry?  It will not accept an exported .pst file or can it link directly to hotmail?

    (On the basis of the advice on the forum), I found is you go into Outlook and adjust the settings of your e-mail account to send incoming emails into "Personal folder" instead of "* @hotmail.co.uk ' then he manages to pass the error message, however, I found no data calendar or contact in my outlook personal folders for BlackBerry to synchronize with a time that I did."

    I'll try to do a few requests on a Microsoft forum on the features between Outlook and Hotmail to see if there is an easy way to get my data anywhere in the personal folders so that the BlackBerry it can sync from there.  I'm afraid to lose emails or functionalitly to the Outlook Connector on my PC to subsequently change the default e-mail folder.

    Sorry for the length of the message but thought the more detail the better - thanks in advance for any help you can offer,


    Just in case anyone else has this problem, I got a work around (not a solution, but it works).  In Outlook, go to Contacts - export to file and select: separation by comma (Windows). CSV file - save it to your PC.

    Then open a Yahoo mail account (if you have not already one) go to Classic view, Contacts and to the right of the screen, there is an option to import/export.  Select the location of the CSV file you saved on your PC and transfer it on Yahoo.

    You can now go through the DM Assistant and select sync with Yahoo.  It is ideal to add contacts to the phone for the first time.  Don't forget to make sure that everything is up-to-date and complete in Outlook Contacts before export to the CSV file.

    If you want to add contacts to the future, the best way is to add to Outlook first and then go through the process of exporting the CSV file again - this will ensure that all records are the same.  Although if you wanted too, you can also export from BB in Yahoo, then in Outlook as Yahoo also exported contacts to a CSV file.

    Hope that helps someone...


  • What is the best export for the web?

    What is considered the best export from Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 for the web these days? I know that PNG has the color a bit better than JPEG files. How about SVG?

    What is your recommendation?

    Thank you

    For modern websites of today, vectors are now better saved in SVG. As long as you use the last CC 2015, use file > export to create the SVG (which is newer than the file > save under). It will yield a smaller SVG files.

    Better, photos are saved in JPEG format.

    PNG are not "keep color" better. The JPEG and PNG24 support millions of colors, but a JPEG will be able to compress photographic details better, if you end up with a file of faster loading.

    For HTML Email SVG is not appropriate, so I use PNG or GIF instead (whichever is smaller) to the line drawings in general I want to save it as SVG.

  • Almost without loss best export formats?


    I need to provide a ProRes format file to a place that shows my work. I don't have a Mac, but they offered us convert a file that I can export to FCP.

    I wonder what will be the best exports almost without loss for this? I considered Cineform but it's a video of m 87 and I imagine that the file size will be huge.

    Any suggestions on the best almost lossless formats whose size is low which should work with FCP would be very appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Size of the file without loss and low are usually mutually exclusive.

    You asked this question 8 days ago and he said Cineform/ProRes

Maybe you are looking for

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