Pop up scanner "no application is registered for this event." How can I register a claim?

When I press scanning or copying or the E-Mail button on the Scanner, I get a message that says "there is no application registered for this event." How can I register a claim? The Scanner is Canon CanoScan3000ex.  Test Scanner or camera photo-bouton I get - your imaging device successfully completed the diagnostic test.  Device properties general tab: I receive - this device does not work correctly.  The Scanner appears in the control panel being installed.  When I open the properties of the Scanner, the applicatons box is empty and I can't access it.  How can I get the computer to chat with the scanner?



all that I can say that you do not give a brand name is to uninstall and reinstall the scanner using the latest drivers from vista on the site of scanner manufacturers

If this does not work, contact the manufacturer of scan to support

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