Portege M400 and 3.60 BIOS

Ubuntu Linux running on the M400 and it seems that almost all BIOS version 3.60 prerequisite are broken because there are errors of the quirk on the CPU APIC. Perhaps Microsoft could circumvent the APIC tables broken for awhile but things with Linux is a bit bulky. Microsoft asked to Toshiba for a BIOS update to address these issues and it seems to be fixed from 3.50.

See here

Even under Linux not more APIC errors appear. :-) But after the update from 3.60 BIOS splash screen remains active and keeps me to select an option for a boot (grub) multi entry. If the OS is already from the start screen become white first, then gives finally control the operating system. Others see this as well?

I am able to select something in my Start menu, but it is more guess the start screen is always at the top. Very annoying it :-(

Another issue I have is that sometimes the system freezes for a few seconds and then continues, nothing to see in the logs when you use a Tablet Ubuntu or Windows XP Home edition. So might be a bug in the BIOS once more. Yet once you are looking for confirmation, other know about this as well.

Reflash 3.60 a couple of times, but seeing this behavior over and over again.

Although it seems to be some control fan in 3.60. He does not like a DC9 aircraft, but were still not silent like the 1.80W or the 2.10N of BIOS versions. Nice to see these fan noise changes incorporated in 3.60 and later

Hi Robert

I know you hate me, but the fact is that Portege M400 has sticker next to the keyboard and it says something like designed for Microsoft. With short words: Linux OS is not supported.

If you need help with Linux on Toshiba laptops please check http://newsletter.toshiba-tro.de/main/index.html

Question about freezing is very strange and if you want to check properly install recovery without additional software image. In this case you will have factory settings and clean the preinstalled operating system. If you notice some outstanding questions, you must contact authorized service partner and clarify this point.

Good luck!

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  • Problems of subsequent update on Portege M400 and W7

    I did a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit on my Portege M400 and it looks particularly pretty good.

    However, I do not have a utility to map the buttons (including the one that indicates the landscape/portrait orientation has changed). Who would be on the Toshiba Software Installer for Windows 7 (tsi4win7.exe)? Attempt to run that flashes a dialog box before displaying a second dialog box saying "this device is not manufactured by Toshiba or the BIOS is not Windows 7 compatible. No update will take place."

    I check that the BIOS was not serious for WIndows 7 before making the instalation. Trying to apply the latest version of the BIOS gives an error message "[error] BIOS update is not supported. No support for operating system or service pack is installed. »

    Can anyone help?

    As much I know Portege M400 only is not supported for Win7. If you can not find drivers and tools specific to Toshiba for this model of laptop.
    I'm sorry.

    The only thing you can try is to install stuff for other models supported, in the hope, it works well.

  • Portege M400 and Vista - load PSD ends with crash

    I am an owner of a Portege M400 (PPM40E) and recently upgraded my Vista operating system. All new drivers work very well except for the * TPM *. Here's what's happening.

    There's nothing wrong with the installation of security platform. I can create a disc to ensure personal (PSD), load and unload until the first time I got disabling my computer.
    After each attempt to load the PSD is answered by an accident. Two seconds after the sending of password, I get a blue screen that informs me the source of the problem: * PFN_LIST_CORRUPT *, a memory dump file is created and the system restarts.

    Anyone facing this problem? Does anyone know how to restore data from a backup manually the PSD created? The Restore dialog box does not accept the * .fsb file.

    It would be great if someone could help me with this as I have not 'clear' backup files that I had stored on the DSP.

    Thanks in advance,



    I googled a little and found details of error PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.
    NFP: Page frame number and describes the sharing of individual images of main memory where the driver running or orders of this application.
    If an application or driver is beyond this scope, then a BSOD will appear.

    Here are a few tips and proposals to solve this problem I found on an external Web page:
    -updated the BIOS and set the default settings
    -reinstall and update the display driver, audio driver, LAN driver, etc.
    -Reinstall the security help,
    -update the Windows operating system

    In the worst cases, this problem could be caused by a malfunction of the RAM, and in this case, the RAM modules should be replaced.

    Sorry, but I didn't find more info on this issue.

  • Portege M400 and the Toshiba with a value add


    I want to installed the driver toshiba of a value package Add (tool electric meter, etc.) in my Win7.
    But if I try to install the installation routine said, I have a Toshiba laptop or my Bios is low for this.
    I have the Version 3.80 Bios and I can't find any more recent Bios for the M400 version

    any ideas on the error message?


    I can imagine that your old presage m400 is not taken in charge of Win7.
    Where you downloaded VAP for your laptop model when M400 is not on the list of drivers Win7?

  • Question from standby/hibernation on Portege M400(3G) after update BIOS 3.50

    After installing 3.50 BIOS update, the machine stopped to switch to manual mode of sleep. He begins to enter standby mode, the screen turns off, switches of the computer during approximately 5 seconds with power led to go off and then restarts.

    After reboot, Vista Business 32 reports BSD caused by the unknown device driver. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    That s right, the same topic has already been discussed, so please check this page. :)

    Welcome them

  • Portege M400 and Autocad2007

    I can not change the color or thickness of a layer using the dialog box. You can select a new color/line thickness, but the change is not executed. It works on my desktop computer. I think that it is a video driver issue. Does anyone have a solution?


    Well, it seems that there is a newer version of the AutoCAD application.
    Maybe it s just a matter of adjustment. I m not an AutoCad expertise but check the Toshiba page driver and compare versions of display driver.

    I also recommend to ask for support for the production of AutoCad.

    PS. Also on this page:

  • What has been fixed in v2.10 for Portege M400 BIOS

    Can someone me pointing in the direction of a page that documents what is included/fixed in the new BIOS?

    Relative to the European Toshiba I site didn t find descriptions on renewals of BIOS.
    But I visit the United States Toshiba site and found some information.

    Visit this site and chose-> downloads
    He chose the Portege M400 and go to driver downloads.
    The first should be BIOS 2.1. If you click the BIOS 2.1, you'll see the entire history of renewal.

    But I do not know if the BIOS since the US site is the same as that on the European site of m.

  • Access keys stopped working after update Win XP on Portege M200 and M400

    After having invited to do, I recently upgraded to Windows XP two my Portege m400 and m200 notebooks.
    Since then, I've noticed as hotkeys that i.e. Fn + F1 - F12 has stopped working.
    Outside the windows updates, I only use and change a lot on the m200 so I am sure this has to do with the Xp updates.

    Can someone help me restore the m200 and m400 hotkeys?


    Try reinstalling the common module for Win XP edition filed.

    The common module for Poretege you can find on the European driver Toshiba page:
    Laptop-> Portege-> Portege M Series-> Portege M400

    The common module for Portege lies in
    * ARCHIVE *-> Portege-> Portege M series-> Portege M200

    Welcome them

  • Portege M400 - cannot install OS or restore an old image

    I have a portege M400 and im hardly set any operating system of windows on them. When it gets to the stage where he asks what hard drive to put in place the windows files to, it does not detect the drives.

    I also have an image on a hard drive that I use a universal driver restore program to restore to any laptop regardless of the make and model and which also blue screens after the logo of windows xp when it starts up. The toshiba is the first laptop that I fell on this issue.

    The BIOS is currently 1.8 I think, I can't even put the hard drive in compatibility mode or AHCI.

    im a little confused about restrictions of this laptop.

    Can someone guide me on what I need to do to install windows on this machine please?

    Timox is right: the RAID driver must be added during the installation of Windows XP.
    During installation, you will be asked to add 3rd third-party drivers. As I m not wrong not you must press F6 to add the RAID driver.

    Very important note: do not format the HARD drive once the RAID driver has been added because this would remove the RAID driver from the HARD drive and installing Windows XP will fail again.

  • Portege M400 - new HARD drive retains the old HARD drive password?

    I have a Portege M400 and I want to move my current hard drive with a new one.
    My current hard drive is password protected (I know the password).
    My questions are:

    If I switch to a new hard drive, a new retains the old password or not?

    Can I use the old drive with an external enclosure as an external drive, or it is impossible?

    I already tried to delete the password for hard drive with the methods presented on this forum by going into the BIOS, but version 3.8 has no option to remove the HDD password and I think that it is impossible to remove it.

    Please answer only if you have experience in cases like this, I don't want to spend money on the new hard drive and not be able to use as primary.

    Hey Buddy

    Please check this thread:

    You can remove the HDD password (if it s you known) in the BIOS.
    In the field "User password" tab and just enter the old password. If you do want to set the new password, and then press "Enter".

    See you soon

  • Portege M400: Why am I not asked a password at startup?


    I have a Portege M400 and I used the Toshiba security software help put in place a the BIOS boot password, but also a protection of HARD drive password. This software, as well as the true BIOS (Esc + F1 at startup) show that the password I set is recorded or recognized.

    However, I'm not really asked any of these passwords when I start the computer.

    I have a system to dual-boot with the original WinXP for Tablet PC on one of the partitions and one Feisty Ubuntu on another. My boot loader is GRUB, but I do not understand why this should affect the behavior of the BIOS which should arrive before calling the bootstrapper...

    Can someone help me with this? It would be really important for me to protect my BIOS and the hard drive.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. check your security settings with password for Toshiba utility. Are these these configured correctly?
    2 you have the user or supervisor password? If you only set the supervisor password that you are not prompted for the password.
    3. try to put the HDD and user pw in the initial bios setup (press ESC when prowering on).

  • Portege M400 because 500 GB HDD 250 GB only

    I just bought a Portege m400 and have improved the ram and hard drive. I install Windows 7 on the machine. I bought a Seagate Momentus SATA 500 GB hard drive, but it is only considered as 250 GB. The m400 does not support hard drives of 500 GB? What continues?

    Thank you for pointing this out
    If everything seems to be ok

  • Portege M400 - CPU cooling problem

    Last year, when I had used my Portege M400 for 2 years, he started the deadlock occasionally. Sometimes [I couldn't even start it | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjNa8-c2Aro]. With cut and try the method I found the problem. The Spring wire which clasps the CPU radiator, it was with not enough force:

    The problem was solvable by Berry to the claws spring begins to apply more force hugging the radiator of CPU:

    Apply a new layer of thermal grease has been useful as well:

    However, the solution works for only a few weeks. And then (especially if it's hot outside) the story begins again.

    Any suggestions how to solve the problem once and for all? Thank you.

    Hi Greendrake,

    It s really great that you are interested in your Portege M400 and you can remove it. It of really not easy and so this cannot be the people with a lot of experience.

    Anyway, as you know here our forum user s only. This means that you can speak with normal people like you and me. I would recommend therefore to contact a service provider authorized in your country. Maybe the guys know this problem or something else or you need a thermal grease special because not all compatible thermal greases all cooling.

    By the way: on the Toshiba site you can find a list of all service providers.

    I hope it helps. :)

  • Portege M400 keeps freezing

    I recently bought a Portege M400 and it completely freezes and requires a hard reboot at least once per day - any ideas on how to solve this problem?


    You use the image of the preinstalled Toshiba or you manually installed the OS?
    Do you use the 3rd party software?

    I don't know if it is useful, but sometimes a high temperature could be responsible for the laptop computer from freezing.
    In most cases the cooling modules may not work properly due to the circulation of air is bad.
    Please remember that you have enough space around the laptop and the fans are clean.

    In addition, you can check the standby power settings that allow you to change the processor, the speed of processing and cooling method.

    If this does not help so I recommend asking for extra help Toshiba service partner and diagnosis.
    I assumed that the Portege M400 is a new unit and of the guarantee must be valid.

  • Portege M400: Matter of time life battery

    I am looking to buy a tablet PC - was having a look at Portege M400 and model Tecra T7. Although the battery life would be tolerable, I suppose it depends on how you have configured the computer and how to use it - and I'd certainly a margin of safety for more than 5 hours (3 on the tecra). These models have the ability to swap a new battery in and out easily, or install a second battery to increase life expectancy?

    Thank you


    I found Info for this model of laptop it there two Slice Expansion battery available:

    I put t know if it is that you need a little more, but google and look for the info.

Maybe you are looking for