Problem of the satellite A50 with power!

My laptop has a contact with tea and I cleaned main Board and all others. And now it does not start when I push the power button / stop (when the battery is charging) light flashing battery and the laptop does not start. When the battery is fully charged when I push the button walk / stop there is nothing that's happened. Any suggestion what I supposed to do?

If any fluid pours in a laptop or any electrical appliance the first thing you need to do is to remove any power source. In this case this includes your laptop battery. If the liquid contains sugar, you can rinse the cold tap water, distilled water is preferable. Then find a place so he can dry and leave. Somewhere with a dehumidifier is ideal but a ventilation compartment will... Leave it for a week to be sure. Then once you are sure that it is not dry replace the battery and the power supply cross-fingers and turn it on.

I saved many keyboards, PCs and mobile phones using this method, but the success is never guaranteed.

If you do not remove the power quickly you run the risk of a short circuit. Maybe it's what has happened here.
In this case you will need an engineer to take a look for you.

With the battery removed the laptop turns on?

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  • Polish letters on satellite A50 with WinXP Pro EN - any help?

    I have the satellite A50-106 with Winindows XP Pro English version with Polish programmers keyboard installed. To acquire the Polish diacritical marks that I have to use the Alt Gr key - and using this key with the corresponding Latin letter Polish give letter (example: [Alt Gr] + - gives?). It's ok for all the Polish letters except the poles? ([Alt Gr] + l) I have this specific case, I have to press three keys [Alt Gr] + [Alt] + l. It's really annoying to remenber this extra [Alt] key. Could someone help me with this? Is there a solution to operate the properely?


    Sorry, but in my opinion it is a specific problem and you should seek response by producer of keyboard Polish programmer s. It is not a part of the delivered OS and if you have any additional software installed, you need to seek support of the producer of the specific applications.

  • How to replace the RTC (CMOS) battery in the Satellite A50-452 (PSA50E-01700WGR)?

    I need to replace the Satellite A50-452 CMOS battery, but can't find any instructions online on how I would go about this procedure. Does anyone know how or where I could find instructions?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Manual maintenance is not public record, so you can not find it for download.
    Here in the forum isn't easy to post description step by step how you can disassemble your laptop and there are always risks that can damage some small piece of plastic or plastic media.

    I put t really know what to say. Try to use google and find a page where you can find a description how to do this.

  • Upgrade memory on the Satellite A50-104



    There are several ways to know which module memory is compatible and supported.
    You can use a diagnosis too like Everest, you check the user's manual or from Toshiba Web site for details or you will contact the service in your country for support modules.

    I'll try to answer the question: the Satellite A50 should support PC2700 DDR - RAM as the following:
    PC2700 256 MB (PA3311U - 1 M 25)
    PC2700 512 MB (PA3312U - 1 M 51)
    1024MO PC2700 (PA3313U-1M1G)

    Now it s your choice. You can also google for offers
    By the way: visit the Toshiba site Options & accessories. You will find compatible parts

  • On the Satellite P30-131 power problem

    I have a power problem and I tried the process of elimination, but could do with help, I gave as much detail as possible and appreciate any help or advice.

    This started a few weeks ago and seems to be deteriorating slowly.
    I turned on the laptop and all 3 lights before the main power on fully charged battery light and light green...

    I started noticing a few times when my power cord is plugged into the laptop that, without warning, the laptop switches to the battery power and also turns off power light, battery light turns off too but which may or may not happen, in any case the laptop is still on but now running on battery.

    I then out of the supply cable and reconnected it hoping that power is restored, but it has no effect, I have to close then low laptop unplug then Pug back in and I get all 3 lights and then I can start.
    Now, when I boot it does not always solve the problem and I can finish on a few seconds of starting battery.

    Its certainly not the battery because it has a new battery replaced 12 months however, its either the adapter or the connection inside the laptop that plugs into the adapter.

    The reason I think it is perhaps one of them is when the laptop going to battery, lead that is always plugged into laptop, I moved, and this can cause the return of t lights and also the laptop back in, power once again, but if I let go then it goes to the battery again one the light turns off. I also took the battery out and kicked and the laptop works but has lost the power sometimes when I moved it turned off my tour so I'm sure that it is related to the lead, but do not know if its internal or external.

    Any help or advice appreciated

    Thank you

    What kind of help did you expect exactly?

    > Its certainly not the battery as it was a new battery replaced 12 months however, its either the adapter or the connection inside the laptop that plugs into the adapter.

    It seems you have tested everything that could be tested using common control procedures, I think that more is not possible
    I can provide also a few suggestions and I m coming to the conclusion that neither electronic power supply is not ok or your power adapter.
    But I would tend to the first; electronic power supply.

    As you can see that these are only suggestions

  • Problems of micro satellite A50

    I got a Satellite A50. I had a problem with my microphone function because there is no possibility to select the microphone volume control icon. Can I get a driver to support for Sigmatel C-Major Soundcard?

    If I click on save, it has a sound after u play, but when you talk about something you can't hear it. In fact, the computer has detected the sound but the volume control does not block the microphone that is the reason why he can not send to the speaker output.

    Thank you for helping me.

    are your sure that your laptop is a micro version?

    What kind of series A50 do you have?

    My Satellite A50 512 has no generation of a micro...


  • Problems on the Satellite M30X 124


    I have a Satellite M30X-124. He stopped the electric network load when the laptop is turned on. The battery seems to be OK and witnesses to support lights online when I play with the charge lead to the back of the computer. I tried another charger and it is certainly not the charger or the charging cable. The problem seems to be at the back of the laptop when the mainstream point of entry is.

    I referred to this problem in the decision-making authorized Toshiba service and they believe the problem is the motherboard and I would like to replace it (they have not seen or inspect the laptop). The only problem is that the replacement of the motherboard is like buying a new laptop for high cost. Any ideas?
    I believe that the problem must be that he connection between the charge lead and the entrance to the main power supply does not work and there may be something loose that can be fixed. I'd rather do something myself rather than spend a lot of money.

    Any ideas please.

    Thanks for your help


    I wouldn recommend you do it by yourself, but could try. I heard that this phenomenon comes from a loose AC plug that must be welded to the card.
    Here´s a site that should help you in your mission:

    If in doubt then I suggest you buy a new machine, rather than spending money for your old beautiful Clipboard. ;)

    Welcome them

  • DVD-RAM UJ-820 s does not work on the Satellite A50 - 543


    My present DVD-RAM UJ-820 s on Satellite A50 543 is not working correctly, original part is very expensive. Can I order to cheaper NEC AD - 7543A or NEC AD - 7540 A, but I don't know is it compatible with my Satellite A50 543 or not.

    Who can help me?
    Thanks in advance


    From my experience not every disc is compatible with your laptop. It depends on the master / slave / parameters c - salt.
    The settings on the disks online slim for laptops is not editable as on desktop drives by putting the jumper.
    The thin line command does not support riders, and so the firmware controls the settings.

    But dnf666 already replaced the drive on sat 5200 and maybe your favorite player might be compatible

  • Upgrade the speed on the Satellite A50-104 notebook wireless

    I have a portable Satellite A50-104. I've recently updated my router wireless to a version of 802.11 g 125 MB, but I can't get the wireless in the notebook card faster than 54Mb. The speed can be increased on this laptop to match the router? If so, how? Thank you


    You can not force the WiFi card to run faster. This is a technical limitation. Only solution is to buy the new WiFi card. Check the specs on the maximum speed.

  • What memory uses the Satellite A50 112

    My wife has 'lost' the paperwork on this model and need to know the specifications, can anyone help?

    I think that should help you:

    Have a look here:
    [Memory for Toshiba Satellite A50 112 |]

    You must use the 200-pin PC2700 (333 Mhz) DDR SODIMM

  • Problem using the serial port with windows 7


    I have a modem of SIM cards (used to update remote controller of the electronic gate) that connects to my computer via the serieal port (COM1).

    The modem comes with its own piece of software that worked fine on my old computer with windows 7 (I had a similar problem, but then I just need to update the driver).

    I now have a new computer and I am unable to connect using the modem (I think I'm using the latest drivers for the serial port).

    Is it possible that I need an older version? If so, how can I get a?

    My motherboard is a GIGABYTE H81M-D2V.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Hi Avi,

    Thank you for the update on the issue.

    The UART, or Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter, is a characteristic of your microcontroller useful to connect serial data (text, numbers, etc.) to your PC. The unit switches incoming parallel information (in the microcontroller/PC) to series data that can be sent over a communication line.

    According to the description you provided it seems that your modem isn't connecting with your Windows 7 computer, then I would contact Duetech Berès your modem manufacturer, so that they provide you with the steps to set it up.

    Get back to us after contacting them and please get back to us with your question was last updated.

    Kind regards.

  • On the Satellite A350-12Z power problem


    Since today im problems with my diet.

    What's happening:

    When I connect my power adapter to charge my battery the battery sign comes on for 2 seconds and then turn off again. Windows does not recognize recharge the battery.

    Now I ' m unable to give more details, because the battery has gone flat.

    If I remove the battery and try AC only the laptop will not connect. The battery must be inserted in order to start. so the power will go to the battery first, then the system which is quite strange.

    The battery itself shows no signs of damage / leaks.

    Output voltage on DC: 19.55VDC @ A 6.32
    AC adapter: specifications and my readings, not defective.

    Model: Satellite A350-12z

    Thank you


    Are you using the original Toshiba battery and AC/DC adapter or some parts of 3rd party?

    That's why strange notebook doesn t start without battery. Usually, you can always start your laptop with an AC/DC adapter, battery is not necessary.

    So either it's something wrong with the AC adapter or motherboard right now I think that it s mainboard failure.

  • On the problem of the Satellite A110-275 card reader


    Ive had a bit of trouble with my card on my A110-275 reader. Whenever I put an SD card, the light flashes to say he recognizes her, but no matter what I can't seem to load.

    I know that's not the card because my father has a similar laptop and I have no problem whatsoever with his.

    I was wondering if it could be the drivers? Anyone got any info on the place where to download?



    Satellite A110 is old enough laptop model. Since when did you notice this problem with an SD card? Have you tested with different SD cards (different capacities)?

  • Sound problems on the Satellite A100 (PSAA8)

    I constantly have sound with my Satellite A100 (PSAA8) computer laptop problems. While I hear the windows starting noise and beeps (most of the time), I hear no sound of things like Media Player, CD, DVD and iTunes. I get the following Media Player error message: "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with the audio device... ».

    I have the standard pre-installed Realtek sound thing on my laptop that could be the problem, well in control panels, sounds, he says it works well. Also in Control Panel, sounds, most of the things are greyed out, so that I can t adjust the volume levels or even play sound noises.

    I tried to download a newer Realtek driver from Toshiba support center to see if that's the problem, but I don't know what to do with the zip file of the suggestions? Please, please, please can someone help?

    Thank you

    If please don't post twice and follow your first thread:

  • Not possible to recover the Satellite Pro with recovery CD

    I have a laptop Pro satellite that I set for my sister in law... .long history... (don't remember model No, as I m at work at the moment!) but its only 4 weeks old and she had done something redicuous in it, so I decided I would use the recovery cd to reinstall the operating system.

    Decompresses the image on the disc, it tells me to remove the source, and then restart your computer. On reboot, the system is fair in the xp loading screen then a windows message will appear saying "Windows is not fully installed - please run the Installer", then it restarts!

    This is a common problem, or anyone can shed some light on this, since it is a new laptop, nothing done to the material and I'm using the correct cd that came with the system.

    The system went twice in xp and started the installation wizard (where you put in your usernames and passwords), once this finishes and he attmpts to go directly into xp, I get a blue screen and the inevitable gel!

    I don't want to sound pious, but please don't ask me if I checked the hardware is attached or anything, I'm actually a technician for a farm, I have just no experience of this problem of recovery cd or the Toshiba machines.

    Any help guys out there could give me would be greatly appreciated as Id hate to have to return a bloody new laptop to the manufacturer, unless its absolutely necessary.

    Thank you very much

    Hi Andy,.

    The restore CD contains a "ghost image" of the operating system that will contain the system of basic Windows and most of the drivers and specific software from Toshiba.

    Boot from the restore CD normally takes a Win98 operating system and then restore the image of "ghost" on the hard drive.

    Normally, the recovery process will ask you if you want to restore the entire C: drive or use the 'expert' mode in which you can partition the hard drive. Obviously if you reach the point where the system then restarts the restoration of the "ghost" image is complete and the Windows installation process began

    I can only assume that there must be a problem with the disk hard if the 'Set up' process problems later. As an IT professional, you can access a boot CD appropriate (such as Norton Disk Doctor) in which case I would suggest scan you the hard drive for potential and problems if necessary to return the laptop under warranty for repair.

    Kind regards

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    the time of battery icon remaining never fails when I go over it. It remains the same for example 41% until it turns itself off. the only way to tell how much it has recharged is restarting. I hope someone can help. Thanks sue