Problem restoring stuck MacBook Pro system and time machine

This morning my retina MBP (El Cap 10.11.4, updated about a week ago) has frozen. It was working fine yesterday, but wake from sleep this morning nothing would go, apps wouldn't start, nothing, so I rebooted. He got about a third of the way between the progress bar white on black screen and hung with a spinning wheel.

Then I tried to secure boot and made me to the login screen, but it still turns after that I entered the password. (The guest account and the other I put in place but rarely use seem to work well, it's just me hanging). Reset NVRAM made no difference.

Then I went to recovery mode and has conducted an audit of disk first aid, who reported no problems. So, I used the disk utility to make a disk image to backup to an external drive and then to the Time Machine system restore. However, it asks for the password for 'System administrator' and rejects everything I try. The TC is configured as "Discs safe with accounts" (not ' device password') and there are two custom accounts and the wifi password. I can't check my backup settings now, but I think that it is only for my account, so I wonder if even is a system restore file. I would try to change the airport disk access settings but I'm afraid it will just trash my backups.

Suggestions for free my Mac or enter the system restore (or restore just my account) until I try a reinstall?

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