Problem with Opera on Mac OSX Lion Mtn

I'm used to periodically download a new version of Flash Player from , but this time I don't have a download button to press. He recognized me as a user of Mac with Opera but not display the button.

I tried to download Safari, but I don't have the you have a different operating system or browser? invite, just a question if I wanted to download on another computer.

The only change that I can remember doing was to download a new version of Shockwave Player just before the attempt above with Flash.

Any ideas how I can get this new version of Flash for Opera?

Thank you



There is only a SINGLE Flash Player for Mac, regardless of the browser (except for Chrome, which has its own porprietary plugin)

You go very well Setup offline here: Flash Player (for Mac OS X)

Right-click and ' Save as ' then exit Opera (and all other browsers you have open).

Mount the DMG and run the installer.

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    I have a virtual machine to work in "VMWare Workstation 8.x" with Mac OSX Lion (I corrected my computer to do).

    I converted this virtual machine with VMWare Converter Standalone 5.1.x in vSphere ESX 5.1 and, after the successful conversion, I properly configure the type of operating system like Mac OS Lion.

    In ESX, the virtual machine starts, but stuck with the Apple logo and the spinning wheel of progress. So my questions are:

    • Do you have advice on how to fix this?
    • How to enter in "verbose" mode in vSphere? I tried to delay the start and be ready to press the two 'CTRL + v' or 'WIN + v' or 'ALT + v', but nothing has worked.

    Thank you!

    Eddie C.

    The problem here is that you violate Apple's EULA, no one here will be able to help since it is breaking this rules of communities.

    To virtualize OS x, you must run on Apple hardware.

  • No drivers on the HP PhotoSmart C4580 for Mac OSX Lion site

    I have a Photosmart C4580. I upgraded my Mac OSX Lion book about 6 months ago. Reinstalled the printer software and had no problems. It is up to AT & T Uverse sent me a new gateway/modem. I have of course with the new wireless modem get the printer connected to the network. I couldn't get this to work so I decided to uninstall and reinstall the printer. When I go to the HP website there are no drivers for this printer for Mac OSX. I'm not a tech savvy person, btw. Thank you.

    It seems that you have installed the printer twice and there is some sort of bug with the printer 'offline '. I would just move forward a delete it if everything works as it should with the new printer 'lazy '.


  • Bookmarks drop down the list too wide Firefox Mac OSX Lion 31

    When I click on the drop down bookmarks menu, it's too wide. If there is a folder in the contents list shown far right. At the point where I'm moving the mouse on there where the contents of the folder is it disappears. Am on Mac OSX Lion. I tried to scroll on the corners and sides of the drop down list to search again for the sizing handles, but none are. It is not just Firefox 31 version as has happened for some time. Any ideas please?

    Which may be caused by the presence of a few bookmarks with a long title in the main menu of bookmarks.
    The width of a column in the list of bookmarks is in the current versions of Firefox automatically adjusted the bookmark with the longest name.
    You can check the names of the bookmarks and the longer more short.

  • Hello. I have Photoshop CS4. Can I use this with the latest Mac OSX version10.10.1?

    Hello. I have Photoshop CS4. Can I use this with the latest Mac OSX version10.10.1?

    Hi Sonste,


    For many people, it worked, and for some, it didn't.

    CS 4 could give you a run-time error java you can download an installation

    Java for OS X 2015-001

    Suggest you check the link call



  • Mac OSX Lion does not install


    I use ESXi 5.1 HP on the server of the Gen8 identification mark

    Install a new virtual machine to run a MAC OSX Lion

    Copied on the Mac to install OS X in the data store.

    Started the VM which seems ok. The apple screen is popping up and spinning CD is running.

    It ends there, with no further action.

    Computer configured virtual: 8 GB 4 CPU - 300 GB disk

    Also tried on by converting the dmg to iso-> no luck

    Any idea is welcome.


    To legally install this OS in a virtual machine, the underlying hardware that ESXi is installed on must be Apple.

    Discuss this further in these communities would be a violation of the terms of use.

  • How to run JavaFX jar with JRE7 on MAC OS Lion 10.7.5?

    I created a jar of JavaFX application bundled with ANT on Windows 8 OS, 64-bit computer. I have 1.7.0_09 JavaFx2.0 and Java installed on my Windows O.S.
    <target name="CreatingJars" depends="Compiling" description="generate the distribution" >
                        <taskdef resource="com/sun/javafx/tools/ant/antlib.xml"      
                                 uri="" classpath="${env.JAVA_HOME}/lib/ant-javafx.jar"/>
                              <mkdir dir="${WorkingFolder}/temp/libs"/>
                             <copy todir="${WorkingFolder}/temp/libs">
                             <fileset file="${WorkingFolder}/CustomJars/ProjectLib.jar">
                             <copy todir="${WorkingFolder}/temp/libs">
                             <fileset dir="${WorkingFolder}/libs">
                        <fx:jar destfile="${WorkingFolder}/${}.jar">
                        <fx:application mainClass="${main.class}"/>
                             <fx:fileset dir="${WorkingFolder}/temp/"/>
                        <fileset dir="${WorkingFolder}/build"/>
                        <fileset dir="${WorkingFolder}/resources"/>
    When I am trying to run this JavaFX application pot on the use of MAC OS Lion 10.7.5

    java-jar application.jar

    He always shows a dialog box "application requires a newer version of Java Run-time" with the download link. Even I downloaded and successfully installed on my Mac, but it always shows me the same window.

    Java-version is still point to 1.6.

    Then I tried Java preferences to point to the current JRE 1.7, but I could find preferences Java Applications-> utilities-> Java-> Java Preferences.

    I would like to know - how to run JavaFX jar with JRE7 on MAC OS Lion 10.7.5? Is their another way to run the JavaFX JAR with JRE7 application?

    Read this article:
    The article is excellent and you will understand how to set the java runtime for Mac environment.


    export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.7`
    java -version
    java -jar application.jar

    Also, it's lion not far away, although the lions like kidneys :-)

  • Removed Mac OSX Lion on app store.


    unfortunetlly I deleted Mac OSX Lion of appstore how can I restore OS in the appstore?

    How do you remove his, Apps in the store are not disposable

  • I updated my operating system Mac Mountain Lion and my CS2 no longer works. Is there a solution?

    I updated my operating system Mac Mountain Lion and my CS2 no longer works. Is there a solution? CS2 works great for my purpose.

    Unfortunately it is the control of Adobe on the outside. Recent versions of Mac OS x simply do not contain the necessary components to the system more. Short of signing up for creative cloud / purchase CS6, there is no way to fix it, though, if "CS2 works just fine" for you, PS Elements could suffice just as well these days, given that all of the features is similar to your old version of PS...


  • Use the Magic Trackpad with Mac OSX Lion emulation

    I'm working on an Asus n71jq laptop running Windows 7. Recently, I've found VMware Workstation 8 and am currently emulate Mac OS x 10.7. What I found is that my notebook computer trackpad has hamper my experience (between spaces and back flip in the pages in safari) and so, I noticed that mac had the ability to hook up with an Apple Magic Trackpad.

    I bought an Apple Magic Trackpad and started to sync it with my Mac OSx comments lion. It recognizes the pad and arrives at the stage of establishing a connection, but is still unable to pair, it is said. Then, when he said that the mac comes up with a pop up that says the trackpad wants to pair, but even if I click it nothing happens. Nothing seems to work.

    So in essense, I was wondering if VMware has the ability to sync with a Magic Trackpad, if I'm emulating a Mac OS x guest.

    I scoured internet for anyone else having this problem but I seem to be alone in this problem.

    Thank you

    You do violent potatoes SLA for this product and is illegal!  Also, any discussions of illegal activities is prohibited by the terms of community use VMware and so actually what makes the end of this discussion!

  • Problems continue with AAM/nc6 (Mac OSX)

    I've been struggling for weeks to try to get the AAM/nc6 works correctly (Mac OSX), following your recommendations/creative community forum discussion threads. But it still just to be unreliable and buggy.

    News: my application (Mac OSX) Manager indicates that "Acrobat Pro XI" and "Muse" is installed on my system. But the two are not installed on my system. When I try and do a manual download/install for Acrobat Pro XI, I get to the "Please choose a copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro update." But as it is nowhere on my system, I can't continue and install. So I have no Acrobat Pro or Muse on my system. How can I get Acrobat Pro and installed Muse and solve these problems without end of AAM/nc6?

    Hi tom_inLA,

    If please download Creative tool for cleaning of cloud from this link and run the same. Once done please connect to and download Creative Cloud Desktop App.

    It should show you Acrobat XI and Muse to install.

    Please let me know if it helps

    Kind regards


  • Any idea on what Audition CS5.5 will be compatible with Mac OSX Lion


    Any idea on what Audition CS5.5 will be compatible with Lion?

    Are they let us know through this forum or on the main product page?

    Thank you

    Please see this page:

    Known issues with Adobe on Mac OS 10.7 Lion products

    There is nothing specific to the hearing, just the stuff General as scroll direction and the library is hidden folder and so on.

    We tested the Lion drops as they were coming.

  • Scanner HP hangs while loading, Mac OSX Lion

    Some time, I've upgraded to the new Mac operating system and scanning HP began to simply crash at startup.  I tried waiting a long period never came to see if an update would come to my computer that could solve the problem, but nothing.  I waited for the next upgrade Mac OSX, and with Mountain Lion here still does not work.  I tried to find the drivers so I could remove and reinstall them using, but drivers HP page she finished with just a message saying something to the effect of "these updates come to you automatically through a software update...". ".  I can't believe that HP gave this device and it not support.  I just got an update for it through the normal OS update, but it still broken.  If I try to use Image Capture (de facto under Mac OSX program) he struggles to do the scan, or I would just use it.

    What should I do to fix this?


    HP Photosmart Premium (around 2011)

    I'll tell you more details on the model, but none of the software loads on my system by which I could tell you.

    Please notify.  Thank you.


    Hi JASFamily,

    Which model of the list of printers below is your printer?

    HP Photosmart Premium all-in-One Printer - C309g
    Printer HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One - C309a
    Printer HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One - C410a
    Printer HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One - C410b
    Printer HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One - C410c
    Printer HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One - C410d
    Printer HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One - C410e
    Printer HP Photosmart Premium all-in-One - C309n TouchSmart Web
    HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One Printer - C310a

    Follow the steps outlined in the document below.

  • Problems with updating software in OSX

    I had problems with OSX 10.8.1 update on my VMs to 10.8.2. The automated software update does not work because the virtual machine does not advertise as a piece of Apple hardware.

    I tried caraa apply the updates to download from the Apple Downloads site, however, I get an error during the launch, the updates that are not for the current running computer.

    Someone had this same question, and what have you done to apply the software updates?

    Thanks in advance!


    This looks suspicious:

    Install OS X Lion mountain [328]: @(#) PROGRAM: PROJECT: install-729

    Install OS X Lion mountain [328]: @(#) PROGRAM: THE PROJECT: InstallAssistant-351
    Install OS X Lion mountain [328]: material: VMware7, 1 2.19 GHz (x 2), 4096 MB RAM
    Install OS X Lion mountain [328]: performance Build of the OS: Mac OS X 10.8.1 (12 B 2080)

    I think it's a 'specific machine' Mac OS build number (although Apple seems to do strange things with those numbers lately, and yours is no appearing on this list).  The build of Mac OS X 10.8.1 version is 12B 19 construction, according to the official Apple documentation.

    Did you install the software image (or Recovery HD) that came with the Macmini6, 2 or has been downloaded by the Macmini6, 2?  These images of specific machine usually don't work properly on a virtual machine, because they are supposed to be linked to the host hardware.  If it is a machine specific image, I'm surprised that it installed at all... they refuse generally very early in the installation process.

    You have access to the media for the original Cougar version 10.8.0 GA (A 12, 269)?  Who could better behave...

    See you soon,.



  • Keyboard driver Microsoft doesn't support Mac OSX Lion of Montain 10.8.2

    Hi people, I have a Microsoft Wireless Laser keyboard 5000, which has been a boon for me over the past five years. The weekend last, everything has changed. I did a clean install of the operating system in a Mac mini, and all the special keys on the keyboard became pretty dead ever since. Deeply sad for me, because I had used more than 20 special keys by day, all the while and now they´re seems to have disappeared.

    What's funny about the problem, it's that I use last update OS X because it was available, so I have the same 10.8.2 OS X that I had before the clean install, when the keyboard is quite alive. Today West only QWERTY keys available, sad and boring.

    I m using the latest version of the software Microsoft, version 8.2.0 and d305 and tried to follow the suggestion to Microsoft keyboard help starting just the items of sessions, but it no longer works. Just qwerty.

    Is there a way to retrieve my keyboard of dead land? Thank you very much for your attention!


    Welcome to the Microsoft community. According to the description, you can not access the Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 5000 in the operating system Mac (OS).

    ·         You get the error message?

    I'll help you with this problem. I suggest you follow these methods.

    Method 1: Follow the steps in the article.

    Troubleshoot the incidents of the response to the mouse or wireless keyboard

    Method 2: Update the latest software/drivers for the keyboard. Select the operating system like Mac OS in the article.

    Wireless Laser 5000 keyboard

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

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