Problems with WiFi on Mac Mini / problems of Wifi on my Mac Mini

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I recently bought a Mac Mini/2.6GHZ/8GB/1TB‑FRA. In recent days, he regularly Öhlins of WiFi.

Wifi is enabled, spots of it appears in the bar, my networks are found, but as soon as I click on it, he may tell me that it cannot access.

All my other devices, not LUN MacBookAir connect to wifi on these same networks in the same room.

I used the diagnostic tool, without effect, I checked my router, not more...

In addition, he rowed a little, but regularly. For example, the seizure hits of EST programming problems... so:


Thank you in advance


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Hi, sorry for my weak English level...

I recently bought a Mac Mini/2.6GHZ/8GB/1TB‑FRA. For days, he can't catch wifi network.

WiFi is on, it appears on the screen high taskbar, my networks is in the list... but when I select them, he cannot access them.

All other devices, including my MacBookAir, can use WiFi and access to my networks in this room.

I tried the diagnostic tool, with no effect, I checked my router modem, nothing weird...

In addition, now, my Mac Mini seems to have some slight delay. For example, typping is slightly off of the consultation on the screen... so:


Thank you very much



The guarantee gives the right to the free phone support for the first 90 days of ownership.

If you bought the product in the United States directly from Apple (not a retailer), you have 14 days from the date of delivery where to Exchange or return it for a refund. In other countries, the return policy may be different. If you purchased from a reseller, its return policy applies.

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    Problem with WiFi connectivity with new Ipad Pro.  Unable to connect to the wifi at home.  My other devices (mini mac, iphone, iPad 2) all work fine on my wifi at home.  I am able to connect Ipad Pro wifi work.

    On the Pro iPad, tap settings > general > reset > reset network settings

    You will need to re enter your Wi - Fi password.

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    No problem with my iphone 6.

    Hello AspDesigns,

    I understand that, since the upgrade to Mac OS Sierra, your Mac seems to have trouble staying connected to Wi - Fi. Fortunately the diagnosis built-in wireless can help identify the source of so much trouble.

    Search for Wi - Fi using your Mac problems

    See you soon!

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    Mid 2011 iMac.  Problems with WiFi after put 10.11.2 up-to-date.  No associated network.  Everything was fine before the update. All the pre 10.11.2 device works fine.  Anyone else having issues?  I have to disconnect and reconnect manually.  WiFi drops every 5 to 10 minutes.  Nothing has changed on the machine something of the update.

    Please do not comment on the age of the system.  Achieve a Mid 2011 arrived at a possible replacement point.  I have many other new Mac at home.  The Mid 2011 is spec'd with 16 GB of RAM, i7 and SSD.  It's always very fast.

    Thank you in advance for the answer...

    Hi Captainsniz

    There are a few things to try. Keep doing this until the problem disappears.

    First of all, if you have not already, shut down the computer completely, wait about 1 minute, then restart.

    Disconnect the wifi network either via system preferences, either by pressing the "Option" key and clicking on the wifi menu bar icon.

    Reset the DHCP lease by going to system preferences > network and show Advanced Options, and then click the button to "Renew the DHCP lease" TCP/IP tab.

    You can delete the wifi network of system preferences > network > network name... then close system preferences. Then reopen and add the network in.

    You can also restart your wifi router, it erases the old connections. Most of the routers you just turn off and wait a few minutes, then restart. You can also reset your ISP modem if you have a.

    Finally, you can try to reset the PRAM and SMC on your Mac. I'll get this info here on Apple Support KBs for your particular Mac.

    Be sure to back up your computer.

    Hope this helps, Greg

  • HP tm2-1010ea problem with wifi

    all start with replacing the battery, then replacing the ssd

    format / new drivers/windows /.

    and now problems with wifi drops and loose conectivity light is on and after a 30 min close by him self and no connection is any program to test if I need to replace it or?

    OK solution

    Download windows iso version that your computer link is originally (be careful)

    Download clone drive (feeware)

    mount the iso (diferent external drive)

    Start windows to install then start upgrading and connect on the net with an ethernet cable to find the latest files for windows start


    a few reboots approx. 1 hour

    for my problem was frame 4.5 has been corrupted and repair windows

  • Refreshing files on surface pro 3 will help with wifi problems

    Not much to add after all the others have the same problem with the wifi on my pro 3 surface problems. Everything else works great, get about 78 meds down and 8 up. The store just hangs there telling me that it has expired. This problem has begin with the updates that we got fo sp3 and 2. I have a sp2 and it connects everything just great, has so my new tablet, but after a few days, he started everything hangs up. I checked the logs and have tons of red dots, way to much to list, not to meantion I don't know this os 8.1 "I could rip off windows 7 upwards and fix it very fast, but it's way above my head. I may be a Director of retirement for the DOD. So I'm very on tech. I have a smart phone of Samsung Ativan is, just because of windows tablets hit the fast people. I. have 4 ipads, 2 tablets two sp 2 and sp 3, my sp2 works very well, but not sp3. Should I go with my files to refresh and go from there or resume. I am disabled Navy and this tablet is everything to me. Really hate get to other windows tablets, but I can't wait for Microsoft to fix it anytime soon, always users having problems with wifi on sp2 there. You would think that new sp3 would be RM, it issues the first time wifi.  I tried the program speedtest and everything but Corpus Christi is just sitting there, so that 72 Meg, 9 place San Marcos.

    I'm tired of having trouble with this tablet, I was one of the users who got there June 20... .and I read only the first batch had these problems... so if do a reset wifi or refresh does not work, I'm back there for another Tablet. Being disabled is a very difficult thing to deal with. I need an answer please, my lively hood is at stake. I have a hug desktop computer, an asus x 79 deluxe with 8 hard drives but Windows on a ssd drive. It is water-cooled, ran 64 GB, not to meantion a Mac on a 27 inch thunderbolt monitor, so the technology is know not unknown to me. But this very wide spread users here who has problems with wifi. Can't keep a product that does not work, even my ipads down 80 to 9, all 4 of them, my sp2 works better than this tablet. I hope that a tech is reading these posts, so why it is impossible to fix, right now it's just a paper weight of 1500 dollars.

    Hi Richard,

    We appreciate your efforts you may have problems with wifi.

    However, if you need additional help, you can consult the following link for more information:

    You can also check out the link on how to install updates from Windows update.

    Install the updates of Windows and Surface

    You can install the updates to the boot, if you experience problems during the installation of the updates. Here is the link to perform the clean boot:

    How to perform a clean boot in Windows

    Note: please go through the section: how to reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting by clean boot of Kb to start the computer in normal startup after's article have solved the problem.

    Just reply to us if you are having problems with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

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    I had a few problems with the WiFi lately.

    Whenever I turn on the laptop, the internet conection is limited. I have to run the troubleshooting of Windows everytime I turn on my laptop to solve this problem.

    I've updated the Wifi drivers through Windows Update, but the problem persists.

    What can I do to fix this?

    Laptop model: HP Pavilion g7-2240us

    Windows 8

    There are many things that can go wrong with wifi.

    Here is a good place to start your troubleshooting.

    If the problem seems to occur when returning from Standby Mode, then you can move on to configuring power wifi Options.

    Most wireless devices can be disabled by the system for saving energy. In some scenarios of sleep, the unit is unable to wake up properly when the system comes back from sleep or hibernation. To avoid this, set the parameters of the wireless adapter power management

  • Problems with wifi, bluetooth and gps in my iphone after updating iOS 6

    After that the last iOS 9.3 update my iphone 6 has problems with wifi, bluetooth and gps. Now, my wifi connection is slower and falls easily on a short distance. My bluetooth does the same. But the biggest problem is the GPS on my phone. I tried Island:

    -By doing a reset network

    -Do a reset total and restore my phone

    -To restart my phone twice.

    -Audit and third-party applications unnistalling

    Nothing works. I was in the apple store where they checked my phone and they say everything is ok with the phone. I'm not crazy, and I know when something does not work correctly. Also, I think it's iOS 9.3 update a reaponsible for my phone issues.

    Please fix bugs fast.

    Having the same exact problems since the upgrade. In addition, battery drains very quickly now, and sometimes the phone becomes very hot. It took to the Genius Bar and they told me everything was normal in the diagnostic tests. Restored, restarting, etc., and always the same problems. GPS locates me, but then don't follow my movement at all and told to go outside as the gps is not detected even if I am outside. Bluetooth connection to the car and watch grave intermittently. Signal WiFi is greatly reduced and falls easily.

  • Problem with WiFi adapter (RTL8187b) on the Satellite L350-146


    Problem with WiFi (RTL8187b) on the Toshiba Satellite L350-146 adapter:

    Exchange of packets of with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 3ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 4 ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 6ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 2ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 874ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 364ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 2ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 2ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 3ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 2ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 2ms TTL = 128

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: sent = 50, received = 50, lost = 0 (0% loss)
    Estimated duration of admission, transfer to ms:
    1msek = Minimum, Maximum = 874 ms, average = 34 ms

    Win Vista HP, drivers last.
    This problem with different access points.

    Sorry for bad English may

    Need to check if theres no interferense in your plase, check also if the WiFi adapter is ok!... you can do this reinstalling the driver and check if it works if not you have to go with an ASP in your area to check the Wi Fi card...

  • Problems with WiFi from Toshiba and their lack of support - you're not alone

    For those of you out there problems with WiFi on a Toshiba laptop, you're certainly not alone.

    Over the past years, I have noticed a growing number of different brands and models of computers laptop toshiba and laptops with the same problem.
    Last year, 100% of the toshibas that came in my workshop have had this problem, it is about 75% of the laptops that I fixed.

    These models have all hardware wifi (Agere, Intel and Realtek)

    The wifi switch is on, on the same computer, some programs to detect as being market, others see it as extinct.
    What, it doesn't connect to a same wireless router when used to.

    Responses of toshiba were the usual non-professional form response from: it must be the router, try to flip the switch, you have updated the bios?, update the drivers et al.

    It is a software problem, and given the number of people on this forum talking about the same issue, it's a great.

    Often, I came across the issue of windows for communication services wireless disabled by software of Toshiba and I believe, that it is a conflict between tosh software and various other (zone alarm, windows and al.)

    In some cases, the software seems to intervene and to corrupt the OS from windows drivers and interfere with their implementation and enforcement, which is worrying, the software doesn't have to touch all areas. (if not, what is the point of a BONE in layers)

    I sometimes managed to force to work (for example manually restart the services), but these solutions are not a "clean way" of doing things.

    The most reliable way to solve this problem seems to be, backup your data and reformat back to the manufacturer's specifications, and then immediately uninstall the software from toshiba and update the drivers terribly old (even those on the site are about one year more up-to-date for the model I'm working currently on.) Unfortunately most of my clients is companies that need a LOT of data stored in different saved locations, then a ton of programs specialized to be reinstalled, which is slow and costly.

    Message from TOSHIBA:
    Please make it a sticky in this forum for all the REAL solutions, not one of the threads that I watched with your suggestions has been resolved.

    If there is little no support for your products in this regard, I will contact the ACCC, choices, and associations of trade fair with an open letter that I ask all customers affected to sign, and I will put a national call for people with the same problem to come forward.

    I would like to ask also if you encounter a problem where your wifi stopped working and it does not detect or work, please just post "bump" under here so that we can keep way reasonably clutter free.

    I used to recommend Toshiba and Asus for laptops, now, this list is one.

    Greetings from the Australia (aus site sent me here for the forums)

    Damien Holley

    [email protected]+
    You can do what you want but as mentioned above; WiFi problems are not specific to a laptop manufactures, you'll notice WLan issues on computers (laptops, desktops computers) all manufactured products.
    I had 4 different books of four various manufacturers and ALL had problems of WiFi, but most problems could be solved by the driver update, change, or reset of the router are.

  • Problem with WiFi since 10.11.2


    I have some problems with Wifi since I installed 10.11.2.

    Before all work perfectly and since 10.11.2, my wifi will disconnect and reconnect it.

    Do you also have problems with Wifi? and maybe a solution?

    Thank you


    I had no problems with my WiFi since the update, but I'm sorry to hear that you are.  Have what you done on your end to fix this?  Have reset you your modem/router?  Have you contacted your ISP?

  • WRT350N ver 2.0 problem with WiFi


    I bought ver2.0 WRT350N and I have problem with WiFi. WiFI is not working no signal and WiFi even not blink. I did the Firmware Upgrade to the latest version, reset several times 30-30-30, but it does not help. I'll be appreciate for any response.



    Thanks a lot for your answer. I have reset the router for 2 minutes, but it's not helping. It looks like this: after the power cord to the electric light taken router is green and blinks twice 10 seconds more late light output changes from green to yellow color twice safe. I can ping the router, I can connect to it via the web page, I can update firmware via the web page. I see all the options. I can turn on and turn off wifi but the router does not give any signal radio (wifi)... and of course wireless light is black. I tried to download the firmware via TFTP without success. I don't know what more I can do...

  • Problems with wifi, I have a wifi extension in my house and I can not connect

    Original title: Wifiproblems

    Problems with wifi, I have a wifi extension in my house and I can't connect it, I try with support but it did not work. It's a shame in a new tablet to have this problem

    It only happens with the tablet surface, not with other devices

    It's an easy way to solve

    I saw a similar situation in forum wireless, they have solved the 'limited' problem by disabling the Extender, and then turning turn it back on. He solved their problem, and it is easy to try. I hope it works for you.

  • Problems with Wifi on windows 8

    Dear Microsoft

    I report a serious problem with loss of WiFi connectivity on windows computers 8. Sometimes many different problems occur when trying to restart our system of windows 8, after that we had problems with our applications, we had problems with WiFi connectivity on our computer that shipped with 8 64-bit windows. Please take this issue seriously and solve this problem as soon as possible... Can you please do a few good deeds as the determination of the loss of WiFi connectivity on our computer?

    Thank you for the problems I have with windows 8.

    To avoid confusion and duplication of effort, please post all further follow-up replies to your original-online thread (March 8, 2013 & ff)

  • Will 1st gen magic mouse will work with the new Mac Mini?


    I'm going to buy a new Mac Mini and one of the options is to add a second magical mouse of gen. I have a first gen magic mouse. I guess this first mouse magic gen will work with the new Mac Mini, but I want to check.

    The old mouse Apple and any other generic pc mouse will work fine with the Mac Mini.

  • HO OfficeJet Pro 8600: how to remove a static ip address on my HP 8600, using mac 10.7.5 work with wifi

    I have trouble printing through my wifi network. How to remove a static ip address on my HP 8600, using mac 10.7.5 to work with wifi?

    With the help of my NetGear N900 / CG4500BD modem/router with DHCP, there are different IP addresses of the printer, if the printer is connected is, when the printer use wifi IP is, and on the printer, it shows I think is a static IP address, because it can cause the confussion.

    I appreciate your help, thank you, the Job Dr.


    Please go to system-> Network Preferences. Select the airport on the left, and then click Advanced in the bottom right. Switch to TCP/IP and select "using dhcp". Click ok, and then click on apply. After a few seconds, you should get an IP address from the router.

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  • Photo sharing

    I put on DVD to share a large number of photos with friends.  For example, I attend a music festival (in the base in the upstate NY) each year and take about 350 shots.  I usually burn DVDs and send copies to friends.  Lately, because of an aging iMa

  • Tecra M4 will not be in hibernation

    I have a Tecra M4 which use to Hibernate, but sometimes he has just stopped working. He also won't standby either. After selecting hibernate or standby in the stop menu there simply nothing. I have a lot of ram to make a hibernation.

  • Satellite M60 with Intel PRO Wireless 2200BG - no stable connection possible

    Hi, it is not possible to obtain a good connection with the Intel card and the latest driver from the homepage of Intel, even with all the other drivers, it is not possible. The Forums are filled with problems connecting with this card! I need a solu

  • Qosmio G30 - capacity of the HARD drive even after disable RAID

    Hi all I have a G30 with two hard drives, which were broadcast in RAID 1 configuration for a year now. For RAID 1, I activated the mirroring and everything worked perfectly. However, I'm now running out of space so I turned off mirroring using RAID c

  • PCI-5114 clicks when the trigger is changed - is that bad?

    Hello world I work with a PCI-5114, using several triggers in a LabVIEW program that loops each second.  At the program, I first trigger off channel 0, then reset the trigger to collect different information, this time this release out of the channel