Re: Portege R500: controller button does not work after you install the update

After you have installed the latest version of Toshiba Value added Package, the two buttons (toshiba assist, and backlight power) do not work properly: they open instead a window of Firefox.

I guess there is something to configure in the section "Optimizing" Toshiba Assist.
When I open the program "Toshiba buttons functions" (sorry for the puny, Spanish translation, it is called: "functions of Toshiba botones") all entries are empty and I have to enter the Url of the program supposed to turn off the backlight of the screen of my LCD...
I have no idea where to find this executable.

Can someone help me?

Why you n t use the OS restore option?
The operating system supports the option of system restore and this helps to put the system in the previous point.

Check, maybe it helps to get the old version of the Toshiba Package Value added.

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    Thanks for posting the question in the Microsoft Community!

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    Hey Buddy

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    import bb.cascades 1.0
    import bb.cascades.multimedia 1.0
     * Most of this code was copied from:
    Page {
        property string pictureLocation: ""
        function closeCamera() {
            pictureLocation = "";
            saveID.enabled = false;
        titleBar: TitleBar {
            acceptAction: ActionItem {
                title: qsTr("Save")
                id: saveID
                enabled: false
                //title: "Save"
                onTriggered: {
            // The 'Cancel' action
            dismissAction: ActionItem {
                title: "Cancel"
                onTriggered: {
                    pictureLocation = "";
        onCreationCompleted: {
            // Check to see if any cameras are currently accessible.
            if (camera.allCamerasAccessible) {
                // Open the rear camera.
                camera.isOpen = true
        Container {
            layout: DockLayout {
            // The Camera object.
            Camera {
                id: camera
                preferredWidth: 768
                preferredHeight: 1280
                objectName: "camera"
                property bool photoBeingTaken
                property bool isOpen: false
                onTouch: {
                    if (event.isDown()) {
                        if (photoBeingTaken == false) {
                            // Take a photo, and automatically
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                // The following are examples of slots that can
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                onCameraOpened: {
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                onCameraOpenFailed: {
                    console.debug("Camera cannot open");
                onViewfinderStarted: {
                    console.debug("Viewfinder has been started");
                    photoBeingTaken = false;
                onViewfinderStartFailed: {
                    console.debug("Viewfinder could not be started");
                onPhotoCaptureFailed: {
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                    photoBeingTaken = false;
                onPhotoSaveFailed: {
                    console.debug("Photo could not be saved");
                    photoBeingTaken = false;
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                    saveID.enabled = true;
                    photoBeingTaken = true;
                    console.debug("Photo has been successfully saved");
                    photoBeingTaken = false;
                    pictureLocation = fileName;
                    var imageName = pictureLocation.substring(pictureLocation.lastIndexOf("/") + 1);
                    var imagePath = "/accounts/1000/shared/camera/" + imageName;
                    cameraPreview.imageSource = app.getCameraPreview(imageName, imagePath);
            Container {
                layout: StackLayout {
                leftPadding: 10.0
                topPadding: 10.0
                Container {
                    preferredHeight: 200
                    preferredWidth: 200
                    horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Left
                    Container {
                        verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Center
                        ImageView {
                            id: cameraPreview
                            verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Fill
                            horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Fill
                            scalingMethod: ScalingMethod.Fill

    Thank you


    so, there is a signal of cameraResourceReleased which you can listen to that will tell you that the camera has been arrested.

    After that, you can restart the viewfinder after your application is in the foreground.

    We have a corner case that we are still working on what centers around the case when the screen starts to close (causing the camera to stop), but the user he wakes up before the browser tells your application in the background.  In this case, you may not receive a leading event.  You can probably work around this case by launching a timer and check, after a second or two, if the application has been deleted original or not... If it is still in the foreground, then you could try restart the viewfinder

    See you soon,.


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    Do not select to delete your personal data, your profile data is stored in the Firefox profile folder, so you will not lose your bookmarks or other personal data.

    See also: How to download and install Firefox on Mac

    Thank you

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    I tried: turning off on and powered. using advanced boot options to open the system to all types of 'Safe Mode' and leaving the laptop for some time before trying to turn on the system again. All these things have not worked and the system remains in the lock down.

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    Thank you.

    After you have installed the Windows Vista Home Premium on my laptop, I am unable to start my laptop properly.

    "part 3/3 (0%) update installation." ... and restart the system.

    See if this sugesstion can help you:- >

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    Now the computer does not start. The power led lights up, then the hard drive light blinks for a while, then nothing happens and the PC begins to beep. The beeps are repeated, with 2 short beeps and one long beep. What do the beeps mean?

    Then a CMOS clear would be the next logical step in troubleshooting.

    Here is a link to your motherboard page.

    Clearing CMOS information at the bottom of the document.

    It is usually the last step before giving up on a motherboard.

    The problem you are experiencing is hardware motherboard related firmware.

  • Windows Media Player 12 does not work after you choose the initial settings

    I tried to use windows media player 12 on my computer laptop windows 7 and it won't work. It worked the first time and I chose my settings, but it would not open the player itself. I tried to do it on the guest account, but it's the same thing. Does anyone know how to fix this? -Chris

    My post was actually in response to JRTLOVER:

    Why we cannot uninstall and reinstall from the CD just Media Player... or is there a way to fix this?

    I have seen that it was already proposed earlier in this topic, my apologies.

    Regarding your problem, have you tried to launch directly executable WMP? To do this, click Start, type wmplayer.exe in the search box and press ENTER.

    You should also check if WMP is already running: start the task (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) Manager, look for one or more elements called wmplayer.exe on the process tab, select each item and then click end process , then try to start WMP again.

    Tim Baets

  • Windows does not restart after you install the new hard drive.

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    Now I found the answer to my problem. Acer Aspire9802 WKMI recovery allows only 32 GB max loading mbr, therefore partitioned readers with a free partitioner and ye he

    The free program, I called EASUS PARTITION MASTER, dead easy to use for a novice like me! and with an instruction book complete in pdf format

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