Re: Qosmio F750 - 11K - 3D on youtube

The dose of monitor pass to 3D when I play 3D on youtube video.



Take a look in this FAQ from Toshiba:
+ Qosmio F750 portable free glasses 3D - content taken in charge and software +.

* + Youtube 3D on Firefox planned to be supported. + *

That means now, it s not supported.

By the way: there are several new updates for NVIDIA Display Driver, Super-d IC driver and BIOS. Ensure that reference software is up-to-date.

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  • How to watch 3D without glasses on Qosmio F750-110?

    I played Crysis 2, but when switch 3D view become unrecognizable and too foggy.
    In fact, I can't play this game on seettings 3D.

    1. I think that the Qosmio F750-110 (PQF75E-01K00EG5) has a 3D LED display, or not?

    2. still no success with any kind of video file playing in 3D.

    Actually I have not seen any screen 3D on this portable more. I see in youtube which Qosmio F750 can play 3D content, but where I find software "face followed" to work with?


    > 1. I think that the Qosmio F750-110 (PQF75E-01K00EG5) has a 3D LED display, or not?
    Qosmio F750-110 is not equipped with a LCD 3D free glasses.
    The Qosmio F750 - 10L, and F750 - 10 M are equipped with 15.6 LCD Full HD GLASSES FREE 3D.

    By the way:
    + Qosmio F750 portable free glasses 3D - content taken in charge and software +.

  • Qosmio F750 - 12 p / BD - RW Pioneer BDR-TD04A - Bluray discs will not play

    Qosmio F750 - 12 p
    BD - RW Pioneer BDR-TD04A
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Problem: Bluray discs will not play. CD will play.

    History: I did a clean install of Windows 7 and then installed 60 all the drivers from the support site for this laptop model. Or at least those that would install. Interestingly, the driver of Toshiba Bluray would not install. the installation process stated "player not found on your system" or something like that.

    What works the device currently is a 2006 (?) Microsoft driver.

    Clues? It's the second Toshiba laptop, I had to (second-hand), and they both had this problem: DVD players do not play DVD right from the start. Very annoying.


    The "Bluray driver" mentioned above is just the own DVD from Toshiba software. It is not a driver. And it does not find the optical drive Bluray on my laptop!

    - The Bluray optical drive will play DVDs, but not of Bluray discs. I'll borrow an another DVD Bluray at the local library, to ensure that it is not a disk failure.

    -The Wifi does not work ("network controller driver is bad / missing")

    - I probably deleted the hidden partition that contains the Toshiba "system recovery disk". I have re-installed Windows and written too. [You are supposed to press "0" when the power, but it does not show the Toshiba Recovery console. I scoured the hidden with a freeware Windows partition and there is nothing usable here.]

    It is a stupid economy, not providing a system restore disk AND do not provide drivers download work. (The drivers offered on the site are simply updated). It makes the laptop value much less long term and creates bad word-of-mouth over time.

    The only station I have is to buy a Blu - Ray external drive and perhaps a Wifi dongle. Crazy.

  • Qosmio F750 - touch buttons does not work after Windows update 10

    I use a laptop Qosmio F750 (PQF75A-02Y00Q).

    Installed on the computer the previous operating system was Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Then, I upgraded the operating system to Windows 64-bit edition 10.

    As expected, this change would cause problems to appear. The thing that is really bothers me right now is that the touch of the keys in the top right of the keyboard do not work as expected.

    The buttons respond always if you touch them, but they do nothing on the screen. for the most part. When I touch the Volume Up / Volume keys down, they work as expected. However, the key Mute, the button Play/Pause, the Wifi key on / off and Mode (as well as the key to toshiba bulletin board) eco button do nothing.

    Curiously, when I manually turn eco mode from the power settings mode eco button again turns the green.

    My last question is, how can I fix this so that ALL keys work as expected?


    I noticed that the recognition facial webcam was funny things as well, but everything what needed to be done was to recalibrate the installation for that to make it work again.
    Curiously, all the FN key functions work well.

    In addition to the question in bold, there are all the other drivers should I install to improve/restore functionality to my laptop? As the page of Windows 8?


    I have the same problem since update 8.1 and now after 10 update, even more I lost the 3d display function since I updated to 8.1.
    MY QOSMIO is PQF75E-F750

  • I can't install driver on my Qosmio F750-110 wireless

    My qosmio F750-110 has win7 home edition (64) but I have them upgraded to windows 8.1 but I wasn't happy so I desided to them downgraded to win7 profesional (64) and I put all the only drivers.the I can't get it market is the driver for wirelles and I don't know what to do.i tried to download tha driver drivers here but nothing happens.

    Please help me

    According to specification for laptop, your laptop Qosmio has Atheros WLAN + BT card inside.
    I do not know what you have installed and what is the status of the drivers in Device Manager, but all the drivers, tools and utilities that you can download driver Toshiba download page - or portal Toshiba WLAN -

    When everything is installed properly you can use the WLAN connection when the wireless network adapter is correctly enabled and it can be done by using the FN + F8 key combination. It works for you?

  • Qosmio F750: Toshiba Blu Ray Disc Player does not play videos in 3D


    I had to re set my PC and installed then drive Blu Ray Disc tosbiha and also Super D and XTune.
    Also also made installation with xtune.

    So now, I'm trying to watch a 3D movie it is not possible to play, the system displays only 2 parallel pictures.
    In the player, Miss me the 3D icon.

    I also installed Caberlink Power DVd V13. But here also no 3D film is projected...

    Does anyone know how to enable 3D in Toshiba Player or how Cyberlink Power DVD to work with this laptop...

    Thank you

    > If I try now to watch a 3D movie, it is not possible to play, the system shows only 2 parallel pictures.
    > In the player, Miss me the 3D icon.

    See this Toshiba document:
    [3D video content not displayed in 3D when you use the disc drive Blu - ray Toshiba on the Qosmio F750 |]

  • Qosmio F750 - glass free 3D 3D non-active

    I changed HD, first with the last drivers I could activate 1080 p 3d games I saw them in 3D.

    now I've changed my hd, I installed the drive recovery
    I installed the same driver version

    The nvidia control panel active 3D

    3D game does not start

    NVIDIA 3d test does not start 3D

    Xtune see 3D test


    I guess you can adjust track settings by using the X-Tune: software.

    Here are the step by step instructions:
    [SuperD software X-Tune to adjust the 3D effect on the Qosmio F750 |]

    In addition to 3D games support (supported only in mode full screen resolution 1920 x 1080) on the Qosmio F750 4 following updates must be installed:
    (V8.17.12.9039 or later) NVIDIA display driver
    Super-D IC driver (V1.0.1613.809 or later)
    TOSHIBA drive Blu - ray (V1.01.299 or later)
    BIOS (V2.00 or later version)

    Please visit our driver download portal and select the corresponding model of laptop. Download and install the above updates. You can also update will be distributed via the Toshiba Service Station.

    _Source: _
    [Support for glasses free 3D mode for games on the Qosmio F750 |]

  • How to connect Qosmio F750 to 2 projectors?

    I have a Qosmio F750 and 2 DLP projectors,
    a connected via RGB output and the other connected to the HDMI output via a HMDI/RGB adapter.

    I've set up the Nvidia control panel with 2 projectors with desktop across 2 projectors,
    both the value 1024 X 768. And then start windows Explorer by selecting a JPG image side by side 2048 X 768.

    The image is displayed on the screen with the two images side by side, projected from a projector, and the other projector displays the computer screen wallpaper.

    I want to display the image on the left on a projector and the other image on the other projector.
    How I set up correctly?


    I think you need some 3rd party software to do this:
    For example displayfusion

  • Qosmio F750 screen replacement problems

    Hi all

    I hope you can help me,

    I just replaced the display on my Qosmio F750 which unfortunately took out of warranty two weeks ago so I do not qualify for support.

    When I replaced the screen I followed all standard procedure to replace any screen,

    But for some reason, now, the screen didn't come on come (everything works when plugged into HDMI).

    There is no backlight or image on the screen, I tried mounting the old screen and that also does not work.

    Any help at all would be much appreciated.

    Thank you all,



    Are you sure that the new screen is OK and compatible?
    The screen is connected correctly?

    I guess there is nothing wrong with the motherboard or the graphics chip because the external monitor seems to be OK.
    That's why I think that it s to display either a connection problem, or maybe you used wrong or defective.

  • Impossible to update graphics driver on my Qosmio F750


    I have a problem. Can not update my graphics driver.
    I have a Toshiba Qosmio F750 with nvidia GT 540 m card.

    The latest driver is installed on your Qosmio Toshiba download page? I mean if you are using the latest version of the driver for Toshiba page everything is OK.

  • Qosmio F750 and always 3D images

    When Qosmio F750 will be supported the rest of 3D images?

    You have already created another thread on the same topic:
    Recommend you to follow the discussion on thread to avoid some misunderstandings

  • Qosmio F750-129 - change HARD drive

    Hi all

    For my QOSMIO F750-129, currenlty it works with native hard drive Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 (5400 RTM)

    I would change this hard drive for a faster:

    Seagate hybrid SSD Momentus XT ST750LX003 2,5 "SATA III 750GO (7200 RPM)
    Hybrid of Seagate 1 TB portable computer SSHD ST1000LM014 (5400 RPM)

    Is it possible for you (power, temperature, SATA interface...)?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    To increase the performance of the laptop HARD drive change is recommended. I recommend exchanging it with SSD. You will see the difference. Computer laptop will start and runs much faster than before.

    Toshiba also offers SSD so if you need some info visit

  • Qosmio F750 - Media test failure


    I have the laptop Qosmio F750 I bought about 2 years ago. I have a problem when the page Realtek PCIe GBE family controller series xv2.37 (20/10/10)
    PXE - E61: media test failure, please check the cable.

    At first I just turn off my phone and turn it back on again, and the page would leave. But now after 10 times, the page is still there. I tried pressing 0, while the laptop is running to reinstall windows. But the page just kept appearing every time than restarting the laptop. Now I've really frustrated m.

    Do you know any suggestions? And by chance, where is the nearest service centre maroubra Toshiba?
    Thank you, appreciate it

    I think somehow HDD is troublemaker of disorders and not recognized as a boot device.
    Did you create the recovery disk? If Yes use this disc to check if the HARD drive is accessible or not.

    I can't say for sure but I m afraid you need new HARD drive.

  • Qosmio F750 - how to change the graphics memory dedicated to 2 GB...

    In order to get my Qosmio F750 ready to run some games, I've updated all the drivers on via the toshiba Web site and the NVIDIA site also the software downloading. This includes upgrading the BIOS to version 2.00.

    According to the [laptop specifications given on the Toshiba site |].

    I should have the following allocation of memory for the graphics:
    "4095 MB Total: 2048 MB of memory dedicated + 2047 MB shared memory.

    When I check the window Information on the performance and tools, I'm getting shows the following information:


    Display type card Intel(r) HD Graphics 3000
    Total available graphics memory: 1 696 MB
    Dedicated graphics memory: 64 MB
    Dedicated system memory: 0 MB
    Shared system memory: 1632 MB
    Display adapter driver version:
    The primary monitor resolution: 1366 x 768
    DirectX version: DirectX 10

    Of course, when I look at the specifications of the laptop, I realize that the current graphic memory allocation matches the economy power Mode i.e. allocation of graphics when running on battery

    Normally, it would be nice, however, I don't see any change in the displayed info even when I'm running on current alternative.
    I checked all my power settings, but even when everything is set to "performance mode", the information displayed is the same.
    I try to look in the system bios to change manually the graphical distribution but none this option doesn't exist. Rather all options are defined in performance mode...

    So my final question is, * how can I change memory allocation performance mode graph as it is stated in the specifications of the system? *
    Is this something that happens automatically without changing the displayed Info?
    Is there a driver that I forgot to update? An update of the driver caused cela?
    A BIOS update caused this?

    On a side note, the audit of the DirectX Diagnostic tool, I have the version of directx is displayed as version 11. So I thought that the problem was with the displayed information. But even on the Diagnostic tool gives me the same information.

    I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this.

    Thank you


    This is controlled automatically by the graphics driver.
    If the application that is running would require more RAM (IE game), the graphics card would control this value and I would add some of the memory to the memory of the graphics card.

  • Qosmio F750 - cannot get certain functions to work after 8 Win uprgade

    I have a Qosmio F750-125, PQF75E.

    Since I upgraded to Win 8, using Toshiba Upgrade Assistant I might add, I had a few problems.
    Especially not be able to get my Toshiba Blu - ray player to install.

    Finally I managed, still haven't exactly how, but somehow, to install the latest version
    The problem now is that the 3D feature do not always seem to work.
    When I open a 3D movie, I get only the image to view side by side, despite clicking 3D button.

    I tried to update the Nvidia driver (v290) to the latest version v314, available on the Nvidia for my graphics card, GeForce GT540M but whenever I get a message that the driver can not find hardware driver compatible. Eventually leave in the update files downloaded by Toshiba Upgrade Assistant I managed to install the v306. However, I still cannot install v 314, after the "system check" I always get the message that the driver can find hardware driver compatible.

    However, 3D does not always work. I noticed that the face detection (SuperD Xtune) does not automatically start with the Blu - ray player when I start or open a 3D file to be read by the Toshiba Blu - ray player, it was.

    How can I get my Blu - ray player to replay my 3D correctly.
    If I open Xtune I am able to calibrate the 3D, and then it closes.
    I don't see an app under all the apps that seem to have something to do with the face detection function.
    Is there a setting that needs to be changed, an additional driver must be installed or what?
    I'm really disappointed with the support I received from Toshiba themselves on this issue.

    I also wanted to update the BIOS of my laptop.
    My bios version is 2 December 2011, but I noticed that a newer BIOS is available from the Web of Toshiba site dating back to February 2012, if I'm not mistaken.

    I downloaded but when I run it I get a message that my computer is not compatible.

    * Bleep *, it's frustrating.
    I want to recover my 3D feature and don't forget to run the most appropriate and most recent drivers at any time.

    > Above all not be able to get my Toshiba Blu - ray player to install.
    > Finally I managed, still haven't exactly how, but somehow, to install the latest version

    After the upgrade to win 8, you will need to contact the call center Agent for download of the Toshiba BlueRay player to win 8 valuation

    > Eventually leave in the update files downloaded by Toshiba Upgrade Assistant I managed to install the v306. However, I still cannot install v 314, after the "system check" I always get the message that the driver can find hardware driver compatible.

    Cannot install the nVidia page graphics driver by running the exe.
    If you want to install a driver from nVidia page, you need a folder that contains the driver to the driver files, and then you can update the driver through Device Manager by using the Advanced installation procedure.

    > I downloaded but when I run it I get a message that my computer is not compatible.
    You will find on the page of the Toshiba UE driver BIOS v2.0
    The update of the BIOS requires value-added package that must be installed before trying to update the BIOS
    Also, the system driver Toshiba to win 8 must be installed.

    If you will not be able to update the BIOS Win 8 running, you should try updating the BIOS runs only pre-installed Toshiba system Win 7.

Maybe you are looking for