Re: Satellite Pro A200-20J not showing life battery

My laptop does not show remaining, only remaining %s.
Is there a solution? I can't find anything on the forum...


This isn't a problem but fact!

Still is it Vista displays the rest of the power of the battery percentage.

I have an A210 with Vista operating system and the battery life expectancy is displayed is percent when I move the cursor over the battery icon in the taskbar.

See you soon

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  • Satellite Pro A200 does not recognize the hard drive, XP Pro

    When I try and load XP Pro SP3 (32 bit) it will not install because it doesn't have SATA drivers. I downloaded the drivers and have an external floppy drive to install drivers by pressing F6. My question is the machine is listed as 64-bit and XP Pro is 32-bit. Choose the drivers ICH8M 32 or 64 bits. IE is the 32 or 64 bit on ICH8M see hardware or operating system. Computer's Satellite Pro A200 PSAE4E-01700WEN.

    Any help appreciated



    If you are using the 64 bit OS, then also use 64-bit drivers.
    I found very nice HowTo from Toshiba.

    Check it! It s certainly interesting and should be useful.

    * + How to integrate a SATA AHCI driver into a Windows XP Setup CD + *.

  • Satellite Pro A200 - does not start with 4 GB of RAM


    I installed 2 x 2 GB, but it seems that it does not work. The funniest is that when current to run just a bunch of memory (2 GB so) it works, when you run both, it does not work and it freezes. This is the Samsung 2 GB 2Rx8 PC2 - 6400 s - 666 - 12 - E3

    Ive' installed the BIOS (64 bit v2.60) was last updated for the Satellite Pro A200 and I am running Windows 7 64 bit

    Hi caribman

    What Satellite Pro A200 you have exactly?

    I ask this question because some A200 models were equipped with chipsets 943GML and these models support 2 GB only!

  • Satellite Pro A200 does not load if current enforcement


    I have a new Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 on Vista. I have a problem with the power adapter and charge socket.
    It will start and run very well and when turned off will charge the battery of fine food. But when running, the machine automatically runs battery, no network and does not load.

    This means that the battery is sinking and ended up to be recharged so just off the coast.
    When the power supply is removed and then reinserted, it will load for maybe 30 seconds, then stops to load again initially and continues to run on battery.
    At the same time, the blue light of indication on the front of the machine lights up to indicate that the ESA is connected and detected, and on battery defiler on windows in States ' ac connected, not charging battery "-in other words it works of ac and is detected but the machine isn't use to run power supply or load unless it is turned off...

    Can anyone offer a solution?

    Thank you

    That s very strange and I guess that this problem could be linked to the hardware problem.
    Either it's a defective battery or there is something wrong with the electronic power supply on the motherboard.
    In my opinion, there is only one way to know what's wrong some diagnostic tests are needed.
    This test can be performed by a technician of the ASP.
    That is why it s advisable to contact an ASP in your country for audits.

    This is a new laptop and warranty should cover everything!

  • New Satellite Pro A200 does not charge

    I have a new Satellite Pro A200, I've had for about a week. Initially he was charging fine, now it won t load and I have to run to the network it all the time. For the first few seconds after lighting it seems to be loading it then does nothing.

    Can anyone suggest what could be the problem? Or should I return it?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hello cat

    Before you start to speculate on potential problems I recommend you contact your dealer as soon as possible. The laptop is new and everything should work fine. The behavior described is certainly not normal and may be that something is faulty.

    Please contact your dealer and explain the situation.

  • Satellite Pro M40X does not work with battery


    I have toshiba satellite pro m40x laptop. It haves apromaly 11 months.
    In recent weeks, the laptop does not work with the battery.
    With the battery and the power running, if I turn on the laptop, it turns off after 10 seconds. If I only turn the computer batteries, laptop not respons.
    The laptop works without battery.

    I have rma is not the portable and the technical suport fixed the battery because it only 6 months guarantee.

    I'm sure that battery modules were not upset because I used the battery not very often.
    I disassemble and I wached the control circuit. I'm sure that something of them, it was broken, but I can't fix it without the schema.

    Another question is if I can change the graphics card to laptop. Is actually a x600se but I need power more graphic

    I hope you can help me



    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. Have you noticed something strange with LED power control? It is also possible that the electronic power supply do troubled. Try to talk with authorized Toshiba and explain the situation. If you open only one Notepad, uneducated, it may be simply worse.

    Graphics card cannot be updated as on desktop computers. I put t know how it is on this model laptop but the graphics card is fixed on the motherboard and cannot be traded.

  • Satellite Pro L500 will not start on battery only


    I recently bought a Satellite Pro L500 and have the following problems.
    My laptop does not start on battery only. The Green led comes on and stays with the laptop in a gel (nothing appears on the screen).
    The only way to get this light off is to remove the battery.

    Starts EVERY time with AC power connected (with or without battery)-normal lights are displayed when connected.
    Works quite normal, once started - with or without power connected

    SOMETIMES starts with the battery only if I boot in a short time after I've used the laptop
    I tried the static release process but does not work. (hold button power supply without battery or power supply connected etc..)

    After having this problem, I've updated to the latest version of the BIOS but nothing helped
    Tried a different battery and did not help
    Is a Toshiba Satellite PRO L500 T4400 4GB 15 "laptop Win7 - only 3 weeks or so old

    Very annoying!
    Please anyone with a solution?


    Try this.
    Remove the battery, disconnect the adapter and then wait a while. I would like to leave it disconnected for about 12 hours.
    Together the two parties again, charge the battery and then remove the power adapter.
    Then try to turn on the unit using only the battery.

    If that does not help, then you should get in touch with your ASP as fast as possible since the guarantee is valid and would cover all the checks of the equipment and replacements.

  • Satellite Pro A200 does not start


    I have an A200 with XP PRO installed.
    After a defrag routine and restart the laptop when starting BACK gets to my page of the screensaver then made noise off closing down.

    No toolbar appears is just all right tomy log in page and I have to stop him?

    When I try to restart in one of the three security modes, again once I get to the log in step press enter screen flickers twice and get the login page again?
    I took the stick of Ram and a HARD drive to see if something goes wrong, but both seem good...

    Christmas Eve and your laptop. Yes I know. Get a life.
    Can anyone help?

    If you can not start even your laptop in safe mode, it's very bad situation.
    What you can try is to get the facilities of Microsoft CD and tries to start up with it and use the REPAIR option.

    If this will not help I really don't know what you can do outside of the new installation of operating system with recovery media.
    You have important data on the HARD drive?

  • Satellite Pro A200 do not provide surond dolby room after new Vista installed

    Toshiba recommends Vista ultimate and I bought a copy of full vista retail.
    I did a clean install of Vista ultimate and downloaded all the Vista drivers driver Toshiba download page.
    I didn't install Vista ultimate ontop of the default Toshiba install because it slows down everything and leaves a lot of things, I don't want in the registry.

    The pure install works very well with all the apartment of drivers/apps to the app/driver sound (
    The audio driver available for download from toshiba doesn't have a sound piece dolby and offer only stero options.

    My question is: can Toshiba offer a new download for this or point me in the right place to find it?

    I hope that I have phraised this ok.

    any help appreciated.


    First of all, it would be interesting to know what model of laptop you have...
    How someone should help you without any details

    In addition you can use Toshiba Recovery disk and need not fear the use of this. The fact is that all things can be removed from the system if it s not need and if you think that the register would be affected, so I must say that you are not 100% right

    There is a free tool called CCLeaner. Try it. It cleans the operating system and deletes all unnecessary stuff to the registry
    It's really nice

  • Drive CD of Satellite Pro A200 is not digitally signed?

    I can't use the CD drive on my laptop, Device Manager displays a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside. I updated the driver but it still does not load and I get a message from Device Manager: Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39).

    Any suggestions on how to solve the problem?

    Thanks for this great info!

  • Satellite Pro A200 - shows only 3 GB instead of 4 GB of RAM


    2 years ago I had a Satellite Pro A200 as a professional laptop and it works with XP SP2, later with SP3. With 2 GB, it shows 2 GB memory in Windows - and I know it's a Radeon 7500 with 256 MB memory graphics individual, and there is no shared memory.

    I upgraded to 4 GB, but Windows shows exactly 3 GB. BIOS shows 4 GB and ATI system monitor shows 4 GB. I know that 4 GB is not possible under XP 32-bit, only on Windows 2003 R2 32 bit or Vista - but on desktop systems, I've seen values between 3.3 and 3.7 GB.

    So, where's the memory? It looks like a bug - the chips of memory have two 2 GB I checked this. Because it's a company laptop I can not just switch to 64-bit XP :-(

    There's no option in the BIOS - first I thought that it is the graphics card, but mine has independent graphics with own memory so that the computer comes up with MB 2048 or 4096 after the upgrade.

    Shared memory would show about 1900 MB of RAM for the operating system as my private EEEpc.

    Hi shadowmaster_1,

    > I know that 4 GB is not possible under XP 32 bit
    Then why do you ask this question here if you already know? Moreover, it s not a limitation in XP, it s a material limitation on all 32-bit systems

    > only on Windows 2003 R2 32 bit or Vista
    And who says that Windows 2003 or Vista can use 4 GB? Okay, there's an update for Vista where 4 GB correct displayed in system properties, but that doesn't make no difference. Vista 32 bit peut t use all of 4GB, it s only cosmetic improvements! ;)

    > So where is memory?
    Memory is installed on your computer, but can t be used complelty with a 32 bit OS.

    At the end of the story: If you want to use 4 GB, you need to install a 64 bit OS. On all the 32 bit OS, you can use only upward to ~3.2GB RAM!

  • Satellite PRO A200-1 s 1 with Windows 7 x 32. Touchpad does not work

    Hello world
    I installed Windows 7 on my Satellite Pro A200-1 s 1, recovered all the drivers on the Toshiba site, everything works fine (less than the webcam that doesn't work even with the previous s.o. XP or Vista...). But my Touchpad does not work... No Fn + F9, no drivers, nothing works. And in my control, Manager of Panel devices seem to be going well.
    Any suggestion?


    You reinstall the driver for the touchpad?
    Check it!

    Also check if the option disable touchpad when USB mouse is connected is not checked. That are in the control panel-> mouse-> device settings

  • Satellite Pro A200 with Vista is not another mobile network XP

    I have the Satellite Pro A200 Toshiba and I have some problems with the network.
    The Inernet is upp and go, but I can't find the other computers on my network.

    Im having 3 other computers on the network. The A200 is having Vista and the other has just XP - pro and XP-Home Edition.
    The network of the stand-alone tree works well but the laptop is not present in the network.

    I have checked the task force if it even.
    Y at - it anyhone who is having an idea how or what is the problem?

    Have you tried to use the option of network discovery in network and sharing Center?

  • Satellite PRO A200 power issue - will not start

    Toshiba Satellite PRO A200 (model PSAE4E-00U004EN)
    OS Vista Business (not that get us here!)

    OK, here's the problem: battery led (blue), AC disconnected. Turn on (absolutely no hard disk activity)

    See attached picture + 30 seconds of video...

    Image =
    7 MB video =

    Here's what I tried...

    Removing the battery
    Remove and put back in place the two sticks of RAM
    Withdrawal of one of the sticks of RAM, a start in (and vice versa)
    Withdrawal of the DVD player
    Hold the power button for 20 seconds to evacuate the residule power, then plug back
    Holding the Fn key and pressing the power button
    Holding the 0 key and pressing the power button
    Still nothing...

    I hope you guys can help out me? Tomorrow I'm going to disassemble the laptop, maybe there is a blocked fan and this is a heat issue? or otherwise perhaps the power button is somehow disconnected?

    I downloaded and printed the disassembly instructions

    Please help me!


    Looks like a serious problem.
    But for the first time, try this:

    -Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter
    -Wait about 20-30 min
    -Reconnect the two parts and try to turn on the laptop

    If it is not possible to power the laptop then the problem must be related to a serious hardware problem and only the ASP would be able to help you and to see what's exactly wrong with the machine.

  • Ulead DVD Movie Writer was not preinstalled on Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7E)

    Ulead DVD MovieWriter for TOSHIBA was not preinstalled in my Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7E) as it was stated in the technical data.
    Where can I get (download) a copy of this program.

    You are right, I found a few pages on the Satellite Pro A200 model nr. : PSAE7E and Ulead DVD MovieWriter for TOSHIBA must be preinstalled.

    Did you check all folders on the HARD drive for this application?
    Have you tried to reinstall the OS from the recovery CD Toshiba delivered?

    Please do because the restore CD contains the Win OS, drivers and additional software like Ulead DVD MovieWriter.


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