Remote Desktop connection - error trying to connect to the server.

I use VISTA Service Pack 2 and was able to connect to my Windows 200 server using remote desktop from my laptop. Suddenly, it doesn't work on my laptop with the error "the remote session was disconnected because there are no Desktop Client Access License remotely to this computer. Please contact the server administrator. ». I am able to access the server from another computer using my login credentials via RDP, is not a problem with the license on the server. The problem seems related to the laptop that I use. I turned off both the anti-virus from Trend Micro and Windows Firewall., but still no change. I upgraded the remote desktop connection on my phone to version 6.0 for 32 bit Vista - no change.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Hi Shibree,

If this does not work,
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    I use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to my Windows 7 PC to computers with Windows XP employees. To do this, I need to put the credentials of the computer XP (name of login and password). It is a problem because the computers do not have a password. They are implemented in order to bypass the login step. How would I go about the use of DRC to connect to a computer without password?

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  • Remote Desktop connection abandons the connection permanently

    When I connect to my office with Remote Desktop constantly gives up the connection in a few minutes. I have Windows Vista. I heard there were problems with Vista and this program. Someone has the answer on how to fix this? I can connect with my Wired PC without any problem. Thank you!

    Hi Drifter5,

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    You can try the following steps and check if you can solve the problem.

    Here are a few possible causes of connection problems:

    The port of remote desktop can be blocked by a firewall.

    If you are using Windows Firewall, follow these steps:

    1. open the Windows Firewall by clicking the Start button, click Control Panel, clicking Security, and then clicking Windows Firewall.

    2. click allow a program through Windows Firewall. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    3. Select the Remote Desktop check box.

    If you are using another firewall, make sure that the port (usually port 3389) remote desktop is open.

    Remote connections might not be enabled on the remote computer. To resolve this problem:

    4. on the remote computer, click the Start button, right-click computerand then click Properties.

    5. in the left pane, click remote settings. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    6. under Remote Desktop, click allow the connection of computers running any version of remote desktop or allow the connection of computers running with NLA authentication remote desktop.

    7. click on OK.

    For more information, please visit the following links:

    If you use a wireless connection, then try to configure Windows to manage your network connections.

    For more information, you can consult the following link:

    Hope this information is useful.

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  • Windows Media Center crashes under Remote Desktop connection after the installation of KB2592687

    When you view another computer (Win7 Pro for Win7 Pro) via the remote desktop connection, this (KB2592687) update causes Windows Media Center not start or leave immediately, in both cases briefly showing a popup that reads:

    Windows Media Center has stopped working

    Both computers have installed KB259687.  WMC works by connecting directly to each machine.  If KB259687 is uninstalled on the machine connected remotely via the remote desktop connection, you can run once again, WMC in the distance window.  Note the video is not available, but you are able to verify existing records, change the calendar, see the rack TV, etc. (everything as before).  Records on demand on the PC are working correctly, I had a crash the system (blue screen) apparently because of this.

    Note that there is no problem watching a WMC when using desktop remote connection to a Pro Win8 machine when connected to a machine, Win7 Pro.  WMC is installed on the machine Win8 Pro and is adjustable from inside the Desktop Login window on the Win7 Pro machine remotely.

    I had the same problem, but uninstalling the update didn't fix it for me.   I have studied and found that permissions for key reg key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\Rdp-Tcp included not all permissions for the users group, just like the other subkeys.  Maybe the update of above RDP modified these permissions?  In any case, when I added for this key for users read permissions, shell new WMC would begin in an RDP session.  I also found this race the ehshell 'as administrator' would work under RDP, but this was not necessary in the past.

  • remote access connection - save the server password

    I use XP remote access to access a commercial application.  Now I have to enter the Server 2008 password each time.  Because the password is very complicated and very easy to enter in an improper way and that nobody else uses my computer, I would like to have the .rdp file save this password.  In this way, all I have to do is click the .rdp file and I am in the application.  What should I do to have the registered server password?  TIA.

    Hello Sharon,

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.

  • SE error message: the local policy of this system does not log in an interactive way, trying to access a remote desktop connection.

    Original title: the local policy of this system does ot allows you to open an interactive session

    I get this error message when you try to access a remote desktop connection.  The local policy of this system does ot allows you to open an interactive session

    Hi CamilleHolt,

    1. were you able to use the before remote desktop connection?

    You can try the following steps and check if it helps.

    a. Click Start, point to settings and then click Control Panel.

    b. double-click System and select the remote settings and then click the Remote tab.

    c. click Select users, and then add the name of the user account

    d. click Add and then click OK.

    Note: Adding users to the remote desktop group requires that you are connected via an administrator account.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
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  • Remote Desktop connection failed but successful ping

    I am trying to connect via RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) of the SOURCE to the DESTINATION.

    I welcomed the remote connections on the DESTINATION and added couple of users who are allowed to connect remotely.
    I can ping DESTINATION SOURCE successfully.

    None of the responses failed to control below SOURCE
    C:\ > ping-l 512 f - n 100

    Strange thing is that I can remote login from DESTINATION to SOURCE, but not vice versa.

    I don't remember making any additional settings to other machines that are connected to remote. Only one machine (the DESTINATION) to the question.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

    Thank you

    On the target computer, make sure that Port 3389 is not blocked by a firewall.  If you use Windows Firewall, go to the control panel Windows Firewall, check that "Don't allow Exceptions" is not checked in the "Général" tab, then click the 'Exceptions' tab and make sure there is a check mark next to "Remote Desktop".

    You can also ensure that a program is to accept incoming remote desktop connections to raise a command prompt (start-> Run-> "cmd") and entering the following command:
    netstat - year |    find "3389.
    If all goes well, you should see the following line returned:


  • [Home] Remote Desktop connection

    BASIC: I am trying to remote connect to another computer on my home network. I have trouble gettnig my head around the whole concept. I know that I need to have the name of host or IP address of the machine, but it is al I know.

    The two machines are connected with WAP used in accordance with my home router.

    Any ideas or advice on how to talk about it would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi cale_doses,

    You can see the below links for more information on Remote Desktop connections.

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    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
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  • session remote desktop connection logon message: another user is currently connected to this computer

    I'm trying to figure out how to make a remote desktop connection without the user on the computer, as I log to get to kickoff. When I start the DRC while the other computer is in use, I get a message saying... session remote desktop connection logon message another user is currently connected to this computer. If you continue, this user should disconnect from this computer. Do you want to continue?

    Click Start / Help, then search for help on the "fast user switching".

  • Remote Desktop connection is missing in the accessories. How can I restore it?

    Somehow the option "Remote Desktop connection" is no thus longer present under "Accessories".  Is there an easy way to restore it?


    You did changes to the computer before the show?

    Try the steps to add remote desktop connection in the accessories and you may also be a
    administrator to do these steps.
    a. go to the "C:\Windows\System32" folder and find the file 'mstsc.exe '.
    b. right-click on the file and select "create shortcut".
    c. place this shortcut to the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu
    File Menu\Programs\Accessories\Communications.
    d. the system may ask to make this shortcut on the desktop. Click Yes, then simply
    cut the shortcut on the desktop, and paste in the Communications folder.
    e. rename the shortcut "Remote Desktop connection".
  • Remote Desktop connection issues

    Hello, I'm Microsoft Online Customer showing on my clients name. The concern of customers is as follows:

    The customer wants more information about the Remote Desktop Connection for Windows Vista.

    He wanted to know if it's really like using his old computer as a kind of digital external hard drive. His PC will have to be activated for the connection to work? Or should he have access to the info about it whenever he chooses, with the other computer is turned on or not.

    The connection would be possiblebetween operating system Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit as well.


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  • Can we share a link between the Group of users for a direct connection for remote desktop connection?

    Hello community,

    I am running the scripts on one of our internal server - Windows Server 2008 R2, which I connect remotely by the connection service Office. My thought is, I want to share a link to users that are running on the machine local windows 7, which leads directly to this folder on the remote server where the script results are stored.

    Ofcourse Remote Desktop connection is the name of the computer, the user name and password. Therefore, the link I want to share to open this dialog box asking for details and take the user directly in the folder.

    I know that sounds like what we are doing to map a network drive. But just hoping if it means something.

    Looking for answers.

    Thank you


    This issue is beyond the scope of this site and must be placed on Technet or MSDN

  • As he tried to establish a remote desktop connect between Windows 7 and Windows XP-error.

    Remote - Windows 7 for XP Pro desktop

    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and try to use the Office XP Pro system remotely. I am the admin on both boxes and I have all of the necessary credentials. It errors I wonder if there are some parameters in 7 that I'm missing. Any suggestions?

    Hi Caslon540. Here's something that might help you troubleshoot:

    Another thought, is that you will need to download a later version of connection desktop remotely (version 6.0 or later) so that XP can handle the incoming connection to Windows 7 that uses authentication NLA.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for posting,

    Gloria Boyer

  • Tried to install Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

    I'm running 32 bit xp pro svc pk 3, ie 8. I have a friend who is running xp home, svc pk 3, IE 8. I want to set up a connection to remote so I can help with fixing on the xp pc problems at home. Search in the forums gave me this site: , I tried to download from my cd and got a msg saying it is already installed on the xp pro and look under the heading accessories communications remote desktop connection, I did it but it is not listed. Services has help and Auto Connection - connection - management session in this moment I on manual, I started the services and their changed automatically, but it isn't always in my accessories.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Thank you N Syed, but I finally found a site that has responded to my question. Noted above, and it explains where and what file to find mstsc file and place it in the folder of the comm in VAC. However it gave me an error msg: specified file is not found. PAM handed the file system protected to system32 and instead, I created a shortcut on the desktop. and now, I'll check the link above.

    Downloading and the ms support link is fine, but they do not explain where the file is located on your computer, it just says that it is loaded in your pc.

    Appreciate your attempt anyway. Thank you and I am afraid that this question is closed.

  • Section of remote desktop connection has been disconnected due to the protocol error

    I used Windows 7.

    I first run the Windows Firewall with advanced security. Then I run Remote Desktop connection. He began to load (as many times before) and then all of a sudden has generated a message from remote desktop connection "because of a protocol error, this section will be disconnected. Please try again from the remote computer"

    However, try as I might I was unable to connect more.

    I tried first in order to run the Windows Firewall with advanced security, then VNC Server nun, then on connection desktop remotely, but it does not work. Sometimes, I get a message that the remote desktop connection was busy. I turned off my PC, but did anyway.

    I'm doing something wrong? Could you please give me a hand? Thank you in advance.


    Hi Irina,.

    Please contact Microsoft Community. The query you posted here would be better suited in the TechNet forum because the question is about Remote Desktop connection. You can post using the link below.

    I hope this helps.

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