Rename the icon on the home screen

Is it possible to rename an icon that you put on your home screen? For example, I wanted a Hotmail icon on my home screen, but all I get is "sign in" (or something like that) and try as I might, I can't change it as you can a normal folder (click twice slowly on the bottom until it appears he highlighted and then type the new name).

Thank you


Depending on the browser used, it is easy to rename the shortcuts.

In Chrome (and the stock browser), just tap and hold any bookmark, and choose "Edit Bookmark".  Change the name, and then drag it to the home page.


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    I don't see in an integrated way to do this.

    You can name a bookmark all you want, but when you a site now pressure on the home screen and click on Edit, bookmarks are not always suggested as matches. The only way I can assure you that a referenced site is listed is to add some unique characters for the name of the bookmark that don't arise in the history of this site. Of course, this is taking away total control...

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    The easiest way is probably in bookmarks the page that you are willing to have the icon and by changing the name of the bookmark by pressing on long, long press again to add it to your screen.

  • Web site icon is not on the home screen

    When I try to add my site's icon on my home screen, IOS simply capture screenshot of the page I'm on and does not place the icon. Can someone help me to make it appear as an icon on the Home Page from a screenshot of the page I'm my Web site icon?

    Could you provide a screenshot of what you see? Adding that a page to the homescreen within Safari to create an icon with a vision of the screen that you look in time, not a special icon.

  • Icons wiggle and move in the home screen but will not go to the next page

    Icons wiggle and move in the home screen but will not go to the next page

    You need to move to the edge and hold the button for a few seconds so he can move to another screen.

  • Web page to create a custom icon ' favorite d on the home screen.

    Years... as iOs6 days, there was a web page where you can enter in a URL, tap the icon png, and it would be you can create a bookmark on your home screen.

    It was, iirc, originally designed to allow you to make icons to toggle the settings like airplane mode.

    I used it to make an icon for a url mailto icon on my iPad v1 and my iPod Touch 4.

    ANYWAY, I now have an iPhone and would be like putting said icon/mailto bookmark on it as well, but my search on Google for the page isn't going well, so I thought I would ask if someone remembers a thing like that.

    Well, my googling this issue continues, I found that what I had used was a "DATA URL".

    At the time, I did it with a Web site that would generate them with icons you load, or those that he had... that cannot be found at all.

    BUT, by getting the "data url" when I click on the icon on my iPad, and then paste this url long extremly in safari on the iPhone... leave the "loading" page, triggering the mail, then cancelling the mail and THEN by saving this page (the data page url) to the home screen, it created the icon (the icon image is stored in the public record of my selection) with the name "program".

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    scrolling and app horizontally open drawer, you see widgets on the home screen.

  • Change the icons in the home screen using native application

    Hi all

    Is any way to change the icons in the home screen (such as: downloads, browser, contacts power Turn Off etc.) using a native app in addition to change the theme?



    Just note that we are unable to change the icon of any native application, but we can change the application icon like Contact, calendar, browser... for that you must find the descriptor of these applications and then using the method of the home screen, you can change the icons...

  • BlackBerry Z10 Andriod App icon not showing on the home screen

    I have already downloaded an Android application and later deleted by pressing the icon of the application by clicking on the small icon DELETRE

    Recently, I need the same application and went to download and app said it was already installed - clicked open and Yes this is

    When you are finished closed the app--but there is no icon on the home screen

    How can I get this icon will appear on the homescreen again

    With the help of a BB Z10: software

    Thank you

    Hello DERC

    You must update BlackBerry Runtime for android, as described in this KB:

    Impossible to uninstall Android applications after update of 10 BlackBerry OS version 10.3.2

    Good luck.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook icon not showing on the home screen

    The facebook icon does not appear on the home screen.  I deleted the facebook app, downloaded again, removed the battery, resent service books, re-registered my Blackberry.  Nothing works.  Any help?

    1. look in EVERY folder on your device... Applications, instant messaging, downloads, etc.
    If you don't see it still, look at the Options > advanced > Applications. Do you not see it listed there?

    2 is it hidden? On your home screen, press Menu > SHOW ALL, so that ALL DISPLAY is checked.

    Now, back in ALL these folders.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones bb9900 - icons for the native tasks and memopad apps can be moved to the home screen

    I want the icons for the native "tasks" and "Notepad" apps in OS7 appears on the home screen of my BB9900.  The icons currently on the "common" screen only and the apps work from there.

    I've tried holding down the button menu until a menu jump to the top, but the menu does not include the options of 'move' or 'move to folder '.  In fact, the options of 'move' do not seem to appear for all elements of the 'common' screen

    Someone knows what to do?  FYI, I use the version of the b-berry for Mac desktop software.



    "Frequent" is a dynamic screen; your BB automatically there are some things that you use frequently. There is therefore, no manual way to move that you describe (since its automatic and dynamic, based on your usage). On the contrary, what you find is the master for these applications... icon probably they are inside your "Applications" folder, normally visible on the screen "All".

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones icon on the home screen, what is it?

    Have been using my "BOLD" for 4 days now, after the App error reset the problem and "BOLD" magically setting three hours later, I have now this icon to the left of the time indicator on the home screen. The icon is two small circles attached with a small line, looks a bit like this O_O. He appeared and is not in the manual Blackbeery, nobody knows what it is or means. Thank you.

    This means that you have a telephone answering message?

    Old nokia phones to view something similar when you had a voice message.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones icons at the top of the home screen, life and the battery cover bar disappeared. How to make a comeback?

    The icons at the top of the home screen, life and the battery cover bar disappeared.  How to make a comeback?

    as well as the name of wi - fi network.   They are all gone.  I don't know how this has happened and I can't find a way to get back them.  Any help would be appreciated.

    I found the problem.  The new installation of BlackBerry Protect caused the time and date and other above disappearing icons.  I have since deleted the application and everything was restored.

    Thank you for looking into this.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones unknown and unwanted icon on the home screen of bb 9320

    I recently acquired a new icon on the home screen of my BB Curve 9320, which is just irritating down. This is a notification of an application developer, namely fonts IT DAN headed, informing me that there is another application that I could buy if I wished. As I am not so, I tried to erase the icon off my screen by reading the message and then delete, as with any upgrade or any notification from BB app world, however, the icon will not go away. She persists, and when I restart the BB completely by removing the battery, the message reappears in my Inbox. Even when I delete it again it will not disappear. I also deleted my cookies, just in case. How can I make them disappear? Help, please. I HATE SPAM.

    Thank you

    Remove any other application that you have this developer of spam.

  • Smartphone blackBerry Bold 9790 icons in the home screen

    I've updated my OS to 7.1.0 Bundle 2039 and I have noticed a few changes. Today my homescreen has a line of icons appeared downstairs. In the previous version, you can turn off the icons and have only a small arrow showed that you could choose to show the icons.

    How to turn off the icons on the home screen?

    On the features of contact you can also simply drag the bar just above the row of icons up and down.

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