Replacement of HP 3300 XT335EA.

Good afternoon. Our company until recently purchased workstations HP 3300 Pro SFF (XT335EA).

Now our suppliers say they are out of production.

To be more specific, it's true? If so, plans to release a similar format SFF?

Sorry, but this is a user-to-peer support forum. For the most accurate information possible, contact HP directly in your area.

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  • Old photo HP7520 installing software

    I replaced a HP 3300 all-in-one with a 7520 Hp all in one.

    1. is my old software compatible with the new machine? Area of the image, Solution Center, etc.?

    2. If I uninstall the old software will lose I have the documents that have been created here?


    Welcome to the HP Forum!

    Each printer receives / uses its own software to printer.

    You need new software of full functionality for your new printer:

    E-all-in-one printer, HP Photosmart 7520 range

    The documents do not reside in the printer, at least not in the context that most people understand.

    Your Documents must be on your computer, on a USB key, in the cloud - where the documents are located, but where they will stay.

    You can "clear Fax log" on the old game AND printer back to the default settings before you turn off the power for the last time.

    On the Web page for your new printer, you can find video help for the installation steps.

    After the printer is installed, you can open Control Panel > display icon > programs and features to remove the older printer software.

    If your previous printer was an ePrint printer AND have already put ePrint in place, then you can open your connected HP (or ePrint) Web page, select 'peripheral' and 'Add a device' to add to your new printer.  You can then "remove device" to remove the old printer from your ePrint account.

    If you need to register with HP connected to implement your ePrint for the first time, use the code "request" which should print the printer it is plugged into the network (installing the software).


    Connected HP support

    Important EPrint helps:

    ePrint help and tips


    Photo software:

    Don't forget to remove all your old printer SD photo cards - don't want to lose your photos because the card on which they are is sent to the charity bin with the printer.

    You will lose the old Image Zone software interface, it's the program you used to edit, format, perhaps print and / or watch your photos.  Real photos should physically remain on the system.

    WARNING: You should definitely have your photos stored on a USB key or a remote storage server.  Don't think that just because that the photos on your computer today that something won't happen to them tomorrow.

    Replacement for the area of the Image: HP Photo Creations

    If Photo Creations software does not have what you have learned to wait, then you may want to consider purchasing a photo editing software OR you may get free photo editing software to meet your needs of Web page of the manufacturer of your camera.  For example, Sony offers free photo software for (at least some of) their digital cameras.

    PhotoShop is also easy to use photo editing software as do a number of other providers.


    Hope that helps!

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    It's a nice way of saying 'Thank you' for help.

  • APU and g6 HP Pavilion RAM upgrade


    I have a few questions about the upgrade of my laptop.

    I have HP Pavilion 1203sy g6, it has 1.9 GHz AMD Dual-Core A4 - 3300M APU with Dual GPU Radeon HD 6480 G and 6 GB of DDR3 RAM.

    I want to replace my A4 3300 M with AMD A8 3530MX or 3550MX APU. Is this possible? I can't find information on my motherboard system information, so I don't know if AMD A8 will be compatible with my motherboard.

    A friend also told me that a more powerful processor would have higher thermal efficiency and some laptops have their CPU soldered to the motherboard. Then it would be possible and safe to upgrade my A4 to A8 APU?

    And last, what is the maximum amount of RAM I can install on my laptop?

    Thanks in advance

    A8 3520 M is not listed, I don't know if your Board of Directors will be compatible with this one. Forget the money, I will not risk putting anything other than those listed in my room. Yes, you are right that there is no difference between them except for the slight difference in frequency speed & turbo Basic.

    But if you take risks, & if it don't work out, then you must go to the disassembly & Assembly again.

  • HP Pavilion dv7t 3300: replacing hard drive SSD with the recovery DVD

    My Pavilion dv7t3300 has two hard drives... A SATA 500 GB of data and an SSD 128 GB containing the operating system and other programs.   The SSD drive that contains the operating system failed.  When I install the replacement SSD, I intend to use the HP System recovery DVD (2) which came with the unit.  If I load the recovery disks will be erase/format all my data-files in the 500 GB drive.

    The new drive is "naked".

    Thank you for your help


    I just remove the second disk while making the recovery operation and slap it in when the process is complete. Better safe than sorry. Theoretically, the recovery disks will not affect the second drive, but it's really easy to be sure that they will not be 100%.

  • No bluetooth in Q dv7t 3300?

    Why this series (Q dv7t 3300) doesn't have Bluetooth?

    I don't find drivers for it in the hp homepage!

    Please help me!

    Thank you!!!

    You have 2 options:

    1: buy a bth usb adapter

    2: replace your wifi by combo wifi + bth -

  • Lack of availability of software driver for ScanJet 3300, WHY?

    Why Microsoft has not published software driver for Win 7 compatible with the ScanJet 3300 being...?
    Is this a ploy to force consumers to the perfectly material trash to work for love to upgrade your operating system or what...? Please, can someone there answer for me...? I'm stumped...

    Very simple to answer:
    Microsoft does not support your Hewlett Packard ScanJet 3300 C.  The fact of Hewlett Packard.  If Hewlett-Packard does not release a driver for one of their products for a given operating system (or even a level of service pack of the operating system) is the choice of their (Hewlett).

    Microsoft does not have the drivers for * any * Unit of material that they do not manufacture.  It is in the millions of devices and not a very wise decision from ANY point of view.  Support for your hardware devices in * any * widely used operating system is the manufacturer of the material - they are the only ones with a vested interest in your use of their product over another happens to support the operating system, you have chosen to run.

    Just to make sure that the lack of support in Windows 7 is interpreted as a problem of "lack of support from hardware manufacturer" as opposed to something else... I decided to quickly do a simple search for your product in reference to Windows 7:
    "Windows 7" ScanJet 3300

    And the first thing I found was the following:
    Report of the Compatibility Center Windows 7 for HP ScanJet 3300
    (You can also see the 32-bit version by clicking on the web page tab).

    Who says exactly what I have:
    "The device manufacturer stated that this product is not compatible.

    If you go to the HP web page for the product: Driver & Software Downloads - HP Scanjet 3300 c Scanner
    .. the first thing you see is that HP did not provide drivers beyond Windows XP (click on the drop down menu to select your operating system), nor for Macintosh or * nix.  There is a link on the page we can fly over who asks, "I don't see my operating system?" and answers, "If your operating system is not listed, HP has no software or driver downloads available for this product in that operating system."

    You can also see the queries on the HP ScanJet 3300 in the Microsoft Answers forum which shows the circumvention of some people in an attempt to stretch the life of this product (the State that and support which is something that Hewlett Packard decided to their product).

    Yep - that's the way it has always been.  You buy something and sooner or later, if this product works in conjunction with other products, that you upgrade one or more tof products to work with you will need to upgrade the original product too * if * you want to keep the functionality of this product gives you.

    This product (the HP ScanJet 3300) is old and outdated technology.  Quality, it can give you compares even with cheap (and I mean cheap - cheap) scanners that can be built in the more generic off-brand inkjet all-in-one on the market today (where ink will cost you more than a month given 6 period that initially the printer.)

    Looking at the Specifications for the HP ScanJet 3300 it is obvious that there are much better products out there in a size of comapact more and more features.  It is time to replace this equipment.

  • System preferences icon has replaced the dock

    Hi all

    I have a strange behavior with the dock in macOS Sierra, especially with the "System Preferences" icon After you open the system preferences application, the icon was his suddenly replaced by another icon (see image below). It looks like a Doc App icon?

    I tried to remove the 'System Preferences' app to the dock and put new in. It's OK for a while, but something after a few hours or days, the icon has been replaced by the "Doc App" icon again? !!

    Is there anyone who has this strange behavior?

    Thank you


    See this possible solution: Re: app icons disappeared from the dock

  • My magic mouse has stopped working.   Is there a battery that I need to replace?

    My magic mouse stop working.   Do I have to replace a battery?  If so, how?

    If it's a Magic Mouse 2 then you reload by using a standard USB cable Flash. The port is at the bottom of the mouse. If it's a Magic Mouse, then you must replace the batteries. Coverage is at the bottom of the mouse.

  • I bought my ipad to the Japan but im now living in China if that I want to replace my ipad is it possible where I live?

    I think I need to replace my iPad in order to do that I need to know if I can go to my nearest apple store and ask for a replacement or I should send it to the store where I bought my iPad? because I bought the Japan but at the moment I live in China.

    If it's a single wi - fi device, you should be fine in China. However, if it's a camera cell phone WiFi, you will have to go back to Japan with her.

  • What replacement pending average product?

    I recently sent my repair apple phone, because my broken LCD screen and told me that I have to pay a tax of $269 but I was checking on my state of repair and it says ' replacement forward of ' what it means? I don't have my insurance a year but I have to pay for a new phone altogether?

    replacement is waiting for the $269

    Apple does not cover accidental damage with any warranty they offer, only manufacturing defects.

  • where can I replace my macbook lithium?

    Where and how can I replace my 15 "macbook pro late 2013 lithium?

    In an Apple store.

  • Replacement for apple pencil Cap

    Too, I've lost the magnetic plug in the week of owning the pencil!  I looked everywhere but no luck it is.  Find clips Sonix Gel stick pen cap fits perfectly - same clicks on.   I spent a lot of time trying to find a pen CAP that would be appropriate and it is.

    There would have been a user of replacement in the store, but I can't find them.

    If you talked to someone at the link they might direct you to the replacement caps

  • What code to replace Quicktime?

    I have an iWeb constructed Web site.

    But the videos are inserted for the most part using Quicktime which is interrupted, it seems.

    They appear like this

    What code I would want to do a search and replace in Dreamweaver to replace the Quicktime plugin with a youtube embed code?

    Thank you


    The method of QuickTime no longer works in some browsers, especially on Apple computers, like the Quicktime player is not supported by default. The HTML5 player should be used instead. Unfortunately some older browsers do not recognize. The player is simpler and not configurable. The code for audio is:

    < audio controls = "orders" source src = "audio.mp3" type = "audio/mpeg" > "

    Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio element.

    < / audio >

    The video player code is

    < video width = "320" height = "240" controls >

    < src = "source movie.mp4' type =" video/mp4">"

    < src = "source movie.ogg' type =" video/ogg">"

    Your browser does not support the video tag.

    < / video >

    (Of course, you don't have to provide two versions, this is just a demonstration script). The URL to the media file assumes that it is in the same folder as the page, otherwise a more complete URL is obviously necessary. The line "your browser does not support...". ' is for display in the case of older browsers that don't support HTML5 - it will not appear in browsers that do.

    Unfortunately, different browsers display output in different ways. With the drive audio Safari does not provide a progress bar; and unlike the player QT player width cannot be configured - for example if you try to fit exactly under a picture. However it should work in most cases - same Safari in Snow Leopard will manage, although I can't answer for what earlier either. I have not tested the video player, but it should work OK in all modern browsers.

  • iOS 10 replaced 'click' with "thud" sound lock

    I noticed that when I use the on/standby button, the former 'click' has been replaced with a 'thud '. Is anyway back the 'click '? I looked in the sounds settings control panel but didn't see a way to change this; just it turn on or off.

    No, there is no setup for keyboard clicks and sounds of hardware switch.

  • 2013: MacBook Pro replacement motherboard or not

    Brain Trust,

    I need some advice here.

    I have a 2013 fully bridged on (500 GB SSD, 16 GB of RAM) MacBook Pro and the sound from the speakers awefully distorted.

    I did all the regular troubleshooting inclusing a clean installation of the operating system, applications 3rd party and the problem persists.

    The distortion is NOT dependent on volume, it is still there, as if the sound is cut at all levels.

    Now, the headset on the port is perfectly clean, so I think I have it narrowed down to the (material) built-in drivers for speakers. I went to the Genius bar and they agreed and recommend a motherboard replacement. Since I have a month left my Applecare, I could do it, but I hesitate. Professionally, I rely heavily on my machine on a daily basis, and I fear that a machine otherwise perfect with zero problems (other than the problem of speaker) will be messed up.

    What is your experience with a motherboard swap and what do you recommend I do? Live with the distortion and contemplate a great Macbook, or opt for repair until the warranty runs out. NB, I have a very old Macbook that I can use for the week or I'll have to miss my machine.

    I'll answer my own question:

    Do it! I had a fantastic experience! Not only was my main problem, distortion in speakers, correctly diagnosed and resolved, since engineering also saw a small white spot on my screen (who had been there forever), I also had a nine screen. Not only that, I got a new valve and bottom plate, so after 3 years of intensive use, my Macbook Pro looks like new again. Total costs under Apple care program: $0.

    It's really the only problem with Aplle MacBooks: my excuse to buy a new went through the window, this machine will last me a few years ago!

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