SATA_A on T320

What type of connection is needed to connect devices through the SATA_A port on the motherboard T320. It is a connector next to the SATA_E and SATA_F

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For those who need the answer

SATA_A is indeed an 8087 port and a Mini_SAS connector with 4 Sata works perfectly

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  • I have to shutdown PowerEdge T320 to add more disks?


    We have a Dell PowerEdge T320 with following Perc

    ID 0
    Name Adapter PERC H310
    State Loan
    Firmware version 20.12.0 - 0004
    Driver version 6.801.05.00

    Currently, the server has two drives of 1 TB on a RAID 1 virtual disk. I want to add more than 4 drives (2 TB) and create a RAID 5 with 3 disks and leave one as a spare drive. So my questions are:

    1. do I need to disable the server in order to add new readers? -the server has access area Bay front for Perc connections, which are the SATA drives.

    2. what would be the appropriate steps to set up the RAID. Can I make using Dell Open manage?

    3. do you know if the 2 TB drive, I want to use as a hot spare works also for the 1 TB RAID 1 drives?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. you should NOT turn off to add or replace the hot-swappable drives. Leave it on.

    2. Yes, use OpenManage... Select Reconfigure in the drop-down list of tasks available for RAID 1.

    3. Yes, the reader may be bigger, but not smaller. All larger than the other Member disks space will be wasted space. Then, you'll go from a 1 to a 4 TB RAID 5 RAID 1. Half of all your drives of 2 TB will be wasted.

    Another thing, you need to know is that if Windows is ALREADY installed with UEFI enabled (as opposed to the BIOS), then you can not use more than 2 TB. Windows cannot use a greater than 2 TB drive unless it's TPG, and Windows cannot start a GPT disk except if installed on UEFI system activated. Conversion to GPT is destructive, so it cannot be changed without reinstalling.

    My advice would be to set up your 4x2TB in a 4 TB RAID 6 disks - RAID 6 is a better use of a 'rescue' as a backup pending. RAID 10 would also be acceptable.

  • T320: How to get rid of the volumes of driver for OS deployment?

    I just used the lifecycle controller on my new PowerEdge T320 to install Windows Server R2 2012. Now there are two removable disks that I can't get rid of: MAS022 and OEMDRV. I can eject them but they are back after a reboot. Someone knows how to hide? Is there a procedure of realization that I did?

    Thanks in advance


    Disk management has limited options to manipulate partitions. You can use diskpart to show, hide, delete, assign/cancel the drive letters, or perform almost any what other action possible in partitions.

    MAS022 is the virtual USB device to iDRAC. IDRAC restart should unplug it.

    Thank you

  • Dell PowerEdge T320 does not start


    Customers told Dell T320 server that no longer starts. He said that he tired to update firmware iDrac, but after restart server could not start. Server initializes the memory and starts initialization of iDrac, stays there for a few minutes, giving massage iDRAC initialization failed and restarts again and again. never of boots. I tried to remove all components PCIe and USB, no luck.  Please let me know how I can fix this problem

    Now I get error swc0700 IDrac and life cycle control disabled.

    This error is caused by multiple restarts that lead to errors of IPMI. Update the firmware of the iDRAC.

    Reposition the controller and the ends of the cables connected to the controller. This device is installed on the 4 PCIe slot? Re-seat all PCIe devices and restart. Response to my e-mail with DSET report.

  • T320 reformat and install the new Windows Server 2008 R2

    Dear Sir/s,

    I'm trying to reformat the server but when I go to the OS deployment, it was said that the drivers are not available.  Help, please.

    Kind regards



    Here is the driver operating system deployment package. Download and use it to load the drivers. -

    Let me know how it goes.

  • NEW T320 Poweredge Server-> Incorrect internal domain name used--> currently locked system administrator

    Received Dell Powered T320 Server with windows server 2012 r2 preinstalled. I created an administrator account. Then, when asked to internal domain name, I used JAMPRODUCTIONS.local and set up from there with an another administrative account. This server was an upgrade of a previous Windows Server 2003 and I just wanted to put up with the domain that is used on this computer (also a .local but not JAMPRODUCTIONS). I tried to change the incorrect field to the correct. From now I am locked out of all connections (it seems). When I try to connect to JAMPRODUCTIONS ADMIN it says incorrect password when I know I type the correct password.

    Nothing had been put on the server of any importance. Only it would be important to ensure that dell had previously installed. I have the disc R2 de Windows server 2012. Is there a way to start over and do it just with the domain internal correct .local.

    Your help is greatly appreciated

    Thank you!

    Will have on Dell's lifecycle? and can I use the same disc essentials r2 Windows Server 2012 and the key?

    Not at all. The lifecycle controller is not found in the OS, or even readers. It is built into the system itself.

    The ease with which this issue can be fixed?

    All you need to do is start to the lifecycle controller (F10) and select deploy OS and reinstall the OS. There is no reason the same not to touch the raid configuration or anything. Just need to reinstall the operating system. If it does not see the drives, then we will need load the Raid driver. In this case let me know, as well as let me know the installed raid controller and I can get you the necessary driver.

  • Synchronize the PowerEdge T320 SATA 3GBPs single speed

    Hi, I have a week old T320 with controller RAID H310 delivered with 2 x 1 TB SATA disks replaceable hot (s.3 - Reference Dell Constellation: 0T4XXN, Seagate ST100NM0033).

    The sync rate max - as stated in the BIOS H310 and the lifecycle of the controller is 3Gbps. The RAID H310 map is a map of 6 GB/s that came out in recent years and are these disks SATA 6 GB/s (according to the data sheet of the Seagate)

    I talked to Dell 'support', and they said that they had no speed specified in the documentation of the disc, so they did not know (!).

    Dell is still actually delivered 3GBPs readers - i.e. special gradient firmware?

    They suggested that I talk to sales to change the drives I - but what for? SAS would be an expensive option for sure and if 'support' don't know the specs of their own parties what is sales are going to do.

    Any ideas?

    For anyone interested, I was correct - Dell hinder their SATA 6GBPs drives up to 3GBPS, and have done since 2009. Apparently, it's a deliberate policy, as they had problems with some servers at the time using specifications SATA III-, but its silly to keep this policy more than 5 years later.

    If no server generation 12 - e.g. T320 - don't comes with disks SATA 6GBPs despite the fact that the 'same' exact drive model bought because say OEM Seagate s.3 works thankfully to 6 Gbps. Dell simply artificially degraded performance in their firmware.

    With gen 13 servers there is now a * choice * SATA speed - but why?, why same still power SATA II drives to a new server? -at least I know now what is the question.

    Dell T620 clocked at 3 Gbps display disc:

  • T320/R320 - remote network boot


    I have servers T320 and R320 with IDRAC7.

    I am looking for a mechanism by which I can restart them remotely, and ensure that they network boot. However, I do not want the initialization value from the network permanently as the default boot option.

    Does anybody know a solution for this?

    Thank you very much


    These commands will be PXE (primary integrated NETWORK interface) for the next boot and then restart the system. These commands will not ask you with a menu of PXE boot, but just starting for the primary NIC onboard.

    racadm config-g cfgServerInfo-o cfgServerBootOnce 1

    racadm config-g cfgServerInfo-o cfgServerFirstBootDevice PXE

    racadm serveraction powercycle

  • T320 Server Enterprise HARD drive options?

    I recently bought a T320 which I will incorporate a home server, to perform a variety of roles (Media Server, file / print etc.)

    It is pretty basic and has the controller RAID H310 and 8 3.5 "hot-swap bays.

    I would like to put together a reasonably robust RAID 5 array in the thing, using readers (4 TB) SATA decent sizes that will not have the RAID controller that is suitable.

    My thought was something like 4000 HGST Ultrastar 7 K readers (model HVS724040ALA640 or HVS724040ALE640 - what is the difference between these?) or something similar.

    Not interested in paying exorbitant prices Dell wants to their compatible readers, so I was wondering if people have suggestions for business readers that are certified to work in the box? HGST readers mentioned above are expected to be certified to work with the T320s, but a real experience/advice would be useful...

    Note: This is not a critical production company and will be saved regularly (in a case of HP Microserver), so guaranteed Dell etc. is not critical for us.

    Would appreciate some tips consumers more aware of these things...

    Do not buy Dell Dell drives. Buy them from dealers (xbyte, serversupply, etc.)-even by car, half the price (or better).

    WD has certified the RE4 on most of the controllers from Dell. If readers who are not certified by Dell or the manufacturer, then just stay away energy-saving, desktop/laptop or NAS drives (I.e. WD red, green, etc.).

    In addition, using non-certified Dell discs don't no nullity of the Security server. Dell will not usually be solve storage issues if you have any non-certified records, but other problems are still fully covered.

  • Internal tape drive SAS Dell PowerEdge T320/T420


    I am installing a SAS LTO4 tape drive in a Dell PowerEdge T320 Tower Server.  I have the tape drive and the controller/HBA H310 SAS for the connection to the drive but I can't find the right cable for the H310 training. #

    I'll use P/N: 606JD, which is listed on the TBU for T610/T710 cable but don't know if it's the cable for this unit.

    Any help would be massively appreciated.

    Thank you


    Need you Cable Mini SAS to part number: J7KJW.  P/N: 606JD cable is not compatible with T320/T420

  • S110 and PE T320 RAID 10 catastrophic disk subsystem performance - Server 2012-

    Ordered nine T320 with 4 500 GB SATA (Dell/WD) configured drives in RAID 10.  Server 2012 Std.  32 GB OF RAM.

    I had good performance of the T110-II and 4 similar drive RAID-10 using the S100 remote, but the difference is day and night between the S100 and the S110.

    I reinstalled several times in different configurations to ensure it was the S110 which was the issue.  Using the latest version of CrystalDiskMark (3.02f) here is the approximate number, I see sequential reads/writes.

    T110-II w/S100 and 4x500GB RAID 10-220 / 215 MB/s.

    T320 w/S110 and 4x500GB RAID 10-50 / 45 MB/sec with cache configured no read ahead and write through.

    T320 w/S110 and 4x500GB RAID10 - 60 / 52 MB/s with configured cache read-ahead and write again.

    T320 w/S110 and 2 x 500 GB RAID 1 - 50/45 MB / s

    T320 with disabled S110 and just running a single 500 GB drive in SATA AHCI mode.    135 / 133 MB/s.  It's what I expected a same WD/Dell 7200 RPM drive.  No problem with the SATA AHCI standard.

    This isn't a software vs hardware RAID question.  As I mentioned, I get massively on a T110-II with S100 in RAID 10.

    Dell - I can't believe that you are shipping something as bad.  My preference is to understand why he is so bad and solve the problem, but if I don't get answers soon, that the server will be going back to Dell.  The server as it sits now is unusable.  I'm 10 years old, sitting in my pile of recovery servers that perform better than that.

    [ADMIN NOTE: profanity removed by TOU] Reference Dell?

    Info on CrystalDisk Mark can be found here:

    the numbers are sequential 512 k / qd1 for the values that I listed in my initial post.

    What started me on this has been the new server was extremely slow during installation and configuration.  Then, I tried a few markers of disc and they all showed extremely poor performance.  I have listed CrystalDiskMark numbers because it is widely known and used in the comparative analysis.

  • HDD SAS 300 GB switchable to hot sostitutivo by PE T320 fuori co [DS]

    Buongiorno, avrei need della quotazione by a HDD sostitutivo su UN Poweredge T320 fuori co.

    He guasto disco e:

    Parte Qta description

    F617N HARD DRIVE 1, 300G, SAS6, 15K, 3.5, S - EG, E/C
    FM833 1 label, print on demand, Hard Drive, RECTANGULAR

    e fa parte di a RAID-10 con 4 HDD, raid controller H310 array.

    Come posso avere farvi it tag by verification service?

    Thanks, RG


    Con passing it mouse sopra identifier c Supporto Dell'e the voce "private message", it could mandarmi come message privato di seguito required information?

    -Service tag del Server

    By the spedizione (intervento o):

    1. company name:

    2 address:

    3 City:

    4 Provincia:

    5 cap:

    6 name/last name/number phone/e-mail del referent in loco:

    With the fatturazione

    1 nome società (o codice client o number order recent):

    Address 2:

    3 City:

    4 Provincia:

    Heading 5:

    Name/last name/number 6 telephone/e-mail del referent by the fatturazione:

    7 partita IVA:

    Speaking saluti


  • Cable for T320 8x3.5 to Perc H710

    I have a T320 with backplane replaceable 8x3.5 SAS drives hot. I ordered a Perc H710 (p/n 342-4203) to replace the H310. The SAS cable has the wrong connectors for the H710.

    I chatted with Dell this morning and they told me that I needed the manufacturer Dell cy7n1. I ordered this. However, after ordering, I searched online and the images seem to show a cable with only one connector at each end.

    What is the correct cable I need?

    Thank you.


    CY7N1 is a cable to connect to a backplane 4HDD. Background cable basket of 8HDD is DJXF7.

    Thank you

  • T320 iDRAC7 Basic


    I have a PowerEdge T320 with iDRAC7 with basic management. If I want to upgrade to Express or a company, do I need to install new hardware or the server has all the material and it's a matter of license now?

    Thank you.


    The two actually. With the T320 dedicated everything is incorporated in the database, only the vFlash port and the dedicated management RJ45 port are optional. Thus, you can activate the license and have all the features of the Express iDrac7 or business, just without vflash and dedicated port, because it is located.

    If you chose to get option two, reference numbers are listed below.

    VFlash - 342-3723 part number

    IDrac port card - 331-6956 part number

    Now the difference with this one is that you have licenses that controls the Express and the company, here are the numbers for the different licenses.

    iDRAC7 Express 30 day trial - 421-6925

    Company iDRAC7 trial - 30 days 421-5344

    License Express - 421-6086

    License of the company - 421-6087

    Let me know if it helps.

  • Classified into CPU upgrade PowerEdge T320 - I was wondering if I need thermal paste for the heatsink that came with it

    Subject pretty much said it all.

    We received a CPU upgrade for our PowerEdge T320. The new processor comes with a new heat sink, and it seems that there is a thermal buffer of paste on the lower part of the radiator.

    I wonder if anyone knows if I need to or recommend that I put the extra thermal paste on the chip before mounting the radiator.


    The quantity of thermal paste comes with your CPU should be enough for the CPU holding it in place.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Detected CMOS battery failure

    If after system start it shows "the firmware has detected a CMOS battery failure. Press Enter to continue. "It happens every day when the computer is idle.  When the computer is used, no problem.  But I'm tired to reset the date/time and disconnect t

  • full alarm of Waas 594 Dr.-cache

    One of our devices is to have this major alarm! Major alarms:-------------Alarm ID Module/Submodule Instance---------------             --------------------          ---------------1 DR. disk_full Sep 15 01:41:41.880 UTC, equipment alarm, #000018, 11