Satellite 2410-504: hit hotkey dérirez error

I have a Satellite 2410-504.
Takes long time to start up IE several minutes. During startup, I get the error message dérirez hit hotkey.

I imagine that this is not enough. I defragmented, scanned the disc and emptied of start-ups.
How can I lose the error message and speed things up? Thanks if you can help.




It might be a good idea to download all the drivers Toshiba download page tools that are associated with the button.

Please follow the link I give you and download things, maybe it solves your problems:
(you must search under 'Archives' to find the drivers for your machine)

Otherwise, you must back up all your important data and a recovery on your computer. This eliminates the problem 100%.

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  • Satellite 2410-504 does not start

    Hi all

    I have a laptop toshiba Satellite 2410-504 sick.

    When to start he says: -.

    "Windows was not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \system32\ntoskrnl.exe.
    Please reinstall a copy of the above file. »

    Ive put the Windows CD in the CD player and I went into the BIOS and select CD-ROM as the first priority but it fails to boot from the CD and everything continues (which is) at the start of the HD.

    When I changed the priority of WOOD he came with a

    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of

    So after reading this error message I have check the HD is installed and disabled net card in the BIOS but when even does not start and returns the error message as above.

    Any other ideas? Is the broken HD?

    Why it wont boot from CD?


    HARD drive is recognized in the BIOS?

    I can't say for sure, but somehow I think the HARD drive's troublemaker.
    When you do all this is some odd reaction? STRANGE begins to read the disc in Windows?

  • NEC ND-6500 a DVD +-R/RW drive satellite 2410-504?

    Can someone tell me if a NEC ND-6500 is DVD +-R/RW drive will work in my laptop Satellite 2410-504? I tried that provided new Assembly, but the BIOS did not recognize and give up an IDE #1 error message at startup. I don't know yet if it was a faulty drive or if the player is simply not compatible. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


    you might find some useful information here:



  • Satellite 2410-504 does not start after you remove RAM module


    I need assistance or advice.

    I have a portable Satellite 2410-504 and I was looking for to increase the memory, I am a Novice with computers, I decided to remove the Module that is already in place (to see if I was capable of employment)

    After removing and then returning the Module, then I went to turn on the laptop and Yes you guessed it, NOTHING!
    The power lights are on and the light comes on but the screen is blank and there are no hard disk activity.

    Now, trying to get back on my actions, I have been unable to completely remove the battery but I'm sure that he slipped on the connectors.
    Could I have caused permanent damage or are my actions retreivable.

    Thanks in advance,



    Did you check if the RAM has been inserted correctly?
    Select this check box.
    But of course, the RAM could be damage due to wrong treatment nothing is impossible
    My computer laptop didn t start because one of the RAM died suddenly.

    What you could do is to remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter.
    Then you have to wait a little (one hour) and need to connect the two parts again.
    Then try turning on the laptop computer.

  • Which series is the Satellite 2410-504

    I'm trying to Flash the Bios on this laptop, but don't know which series or model it is.

    It says S2410-504 under him.


    The S2410-504 means Satellite 2410-504 and this laptop seems to belong to the series of PS241E.

    The European Toshiba page should provide some drivers and also the BIOS for this series.

    I found it in the * Archive Satellite Archive Satellite 24xx Satellite 2410-504 PS241E *.

    Check it out man

    Good bye

  • Win2K LAN driver for Satellite 2410-504

    Hi all.

    I wonder if you could help me. I installed Win 2 K on my laptop Satellite (2410-504) and everything went very well except that I can't find the LAN drivers for the NETWORK interface anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


    The laptop must support a network chip Intel Chinnereth (ED82562)
    Simply search for the W2k drivers that support this kind of chip.
    You might find something on the Intel site.

    But have you installed the chipset driver driver Toshiba page form?
    The chipset driver is important and must be installed

  • Support of Satellite 2410 - 504 USB start?

    I have a very old Toshiba Satellite 2410-504, who came out and bought in 2001/02.

    Am curious to know if anyone knows it is possible to start USB in the present?
    I have the USB stick, but cannot boot from it.

    Perhaps, it only supports USB 2.0 etc.
    Am not sure.

    It's very old laptop model

    From my experience this old notebook series couldn't boot from a USB flash memory.
    Some of the series supported the start player USB FFD (it s a reader who took in charge of the diskette.) Maybe you remember ;-))

    However, I'm quite sure that the BIOS does not support the boot from USB flash memory stick

  • What is the best way to get wireless on the Satellite 2410-504?

    Hi guys,.

    I hope someone can help... I have a Satellite 2410-504 which is almost 4 years old pretty good spec for the moment. I thought it had wireless built in... There on / off switch and seeing, but I can't find it in the Device Manager... by removing undercover for the wireless, it is empty... I bought a Belkin cable NTL cable router... what would be the best option to make it wireless or is it already... someone could advise.


    [Edited by: admin January 22 06 21:38]


    As far as I know that the wireless card is optional on this unit. This means that you can upgrade your laptop computer with the Mini-PCI Wireless card that you can put in the slot wireless.

    You can use these maps:
    Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card (2, 4 GHz, 802. 11a / b) PA3273U-1MPC
    Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card (2, 4 GHz, 802 11 b) PA3212U-1MPC

    Good bye

  • Satellite 2410-504 supports USB 1.0 or 2.0

    Glances sorry to be thick, but that s what are these forums, because I guess.
    I have a Satellite 2410-504.
    It s about 5 years.

    Can someone tell me if it is USB 1 or 2?

    If its USB2.0 do I need a driver for it

    Thanks again



    USB ports support the 1.1 standard.
    If you use the Win XP or W2k and then the ports should be recognized automatically and you don't need drivers.

    Welcome them

  • Need drivers for Satellite 2410-504

    Hi all

    I don't have a Satellite 2410-504 model: ps241e-5g7u9-en.

    Can someone tell me where I can find the drivers for it?
    I ve been on the Toshiba support site but I don t know if it's (s203, 4, 5, 6) or if I m barking the wrong tree.

    Thank you

    You can find the driver on the European driver Toshiba page in the field of ARCHIVES.
    Please choose:

    Archives archives Satellite Satellite 24xx Satellite 2410-504 *.

    Good bye

  • IDE error - unrecognized DVD player - Satellite 2410-504 #1

    Hello, recently I got a rug * a dvd - ram UJ - 831 s Reader installed to replace by my insurance policy in my Toshiba Satellite s2410-504. The car worked well until recently, when I get the IDE #1 error at startup, then the drive does not appear in Windows - Win Explorer or Device Manager. I tried to update the firmware for the recommended: DVD + r / + RW/RAM Drive(UJ-831) F / W revision: V102. But I got the message that the drive is not connected when I am asked to open it. I want to emphasize that I tried this update when the drive is actually (sometimes is just appear randomly, sometimes it appears after the release of the standby mode)

    I also tried 4 or 5 times the resettlement of the drive with no luck. How can I fix my drive? I have read on the bypass and master/slave problems but not too sure about this or if it's the right thing to do.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Hmm, it would be very interesting to know if this message appears.
    For me, this looks like an auto damage with a bad firmware.

    > I get the message that the drive is not connected when I am asked to open it
    For most of these messages are displayed if the drive is not connected OR the firmware was bad. I think that it s because of the second possibility.

    Maybe the firmware has changed the master/slave/c-salt settings and now the BIOS does not recognize the disc correctly.

  • IDE 1 error with the new CD player - Satellite 2410-504


    Can anyone help please? I have satellite s2410-504 (number PS241E-6HWP1-EN) and my laptop CD drive is dead and I exchanged for a new one and now the IDE 1 error. I presume that he is a master / slave number and the reader has no way to change to cs etc on the drive itself.

    I was told maybe there may be a way to fix this problem of flashing or play with the connections on the motherboard of the ideas please?

    Thank you

    You bought the disc is not compatible. It before the BIOS cannot recognize it because bad csel/slave/master settings.
    Of course in the net, some gossip circulating that it should be possible to some flash drives, BUT I also read that, after these procedures, the drive was dead and could not read media.

    I n t recommend something flashing. I guess this drive is new and you must contact the dealer and replace the drive for a new compatible.

  • Satellite 2410-504-driver Windows 2000 network missing

    Where can I ask for Toshiba create a network of Windows 2000 for my PC driver laptop Toshiba 2410-504? As you can see, Toshiba 2410-504 has drivers for the two 2000 & XP. If I install XP then I get everything works perfectly. If I install 2000 then I get everything works perfectly but the network card. Somehow the Intel PRO network adapter is not detected...

    You are right. LAN driver is not available for download, and I presume that driver LAN should not be installed separately. I found the info that this Satellite is supported for W2000 SP3. This means that this book must be installed with the W2000 SP3 to have all the features.

    Which SP is preinstalled on your laptop?

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite 2410-504 PS241E

    can someone help me to get the drivers for Satellite S2410-504, PS241E-5G7U9-FR part number
    I formatted the system and now cannot get the drivers from the site. Please help me to get the drivers.
    I use windows xp OS.

    Why don't you take a look on the European driver Toshiba page?

    Here, please choose Archive-> Archive Satellite-> Satellite 24 *-> Satelltie 2410 - 504-> Windows XP

    and enjoy! ;)

  • What HARD drive max can I use for Satellite 2410-504


    I have a Toshiba 2410-504 P241E the 20 GB drive HARD is almost full, and I would like to buy another larger capacity disc to replace.
    My question is what is the maximum capacity disc and what type of drive this machine will support?

    Note: I have the latest version of the bios installed and the machine is running Win XP pro.




    I think that the laptop supports an IDE HDD controller that supports only 28-bit LBA as suggested by resident. This means that the controller does support max 128 GB IDE hard drives.

    Since ATA - 6 (Ultra DMA mode 5 or Ultra-ATA100) the 48-bit LBA is supported but I n t think that Sam 2410-504 was equipped with the ATA-6 controller and therefore, it seems that 120 GB (128 GB HARD drive not available) disk HARD is the maximum that could be used.

    See you soon

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