NEC ND-6500 a DVD +-R/RW drive satellite 2410-504?

Can someone tell me if a NEC ND-6500 is DVD +-R/RW drive will work in my laptop Satellite 2410-504? I tried that provided new Assembly, but the BIOS did not recognize and give up an IDE #1 error message at startup. I don't know yet if it was a faulty drive or if the player is simply not compatible. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Win2K LAN driver for Satellite 2410-504

    Hi all.

    I wonder if you could help me. I installed Win 2 K on my laptop Satellite (2410-504) and everything went very well except that I can't find the LAN drivers for the NETWORK interface anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


    The laptop must support a network chip Intel Chinnereth (ED82562)
    Simply search for the W2k drivers that support this kind of chip.
    You might find something on the Intel site.

    But have you installed the chipset driver driver Toshiba page form?
    The chipset driver is important and must be installed

  • NEC ND - 1100 has DVD + RW hardware/driver

    For some reason, my NEC DVD + RW ND - 1100 stop working in my Dell PC. I downloaded the latest driver for NEC, but he could not find the drive [letter]. I am running Windows XP Pro version 5.1 sp 3. I can not see the drive under "My Computer" letter, should be D:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    If the DVD player is turned on and connected to the motherboard, then it should be recognized by the Device Manager.  Bring up the Device Manager:
    Start-> Run-> "devmgmt.msc".
    Find your DVD drive in the list.  If there is a problem with it, you will see is a red "X" on it or a yellow "!" on this subject.  If you see this, double-click it to see what the problem is.

    If you don't see your DVD drive in the list, then open your computer and make sure it is turned on and connected to the motherboard.


  • IDE error - unrecognized DVD player - Satellite 2410-504 #1

    Hello, recently I got a rug * a dvd - ram UJ - 831 s Reader installed to replace by my insurance policy in my Toshiba Satellite s2410-504. The car worked well until recently, when I get the IDE #1 error at startup, then the drive does not appear in Windows - Win Explorer or Device Manager. I tried to update the firmware for the recommended: DVD + r / + RW/RAM Drive(UJ-831) F / W revision: V102. But I got the message that the drive is not connected when I am asked to open it. I want to emphasize that I tried this update when the drive is actually (sometimes is just appear randomly, sometimes it appears after the release of the standby mode)

    I also tried 4 or 5 times the resettlement of the drive with no luck. How can I fix my drive? I have read on the bypass and master/slave problems but not too sure about this or if it's the right thing to do.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Hmm, it would be very interesting to know if this message appears.
    For me, this looks like an auto damage with a bad firmware.

    > I get the message that the drive is not connected when I am asked to open it
    For most of these messages are displayed if the drive is not connected OR the firmware was bad. I think that it s because of the second possibility.

    Maybe the firmware has changed the master/slave/c-salt settings and now the BIOS does not recognize the disc correctly.

  • Upgrade the hard drive Satellite 2410 404


    I want to improve my toshiba Satellite 2410 404 with a hard drive again. For now I have just 30 GB drive and is not enough for me.

    I checked three products to a new Toshiba hard drive.


    The model MK-1032GAX 100 GB is my favorite and now my question is, if this drive work with my laptop (im going to install the drive in a toshiba technical station, don't do myself.) or if I have to change something with my mobile phone, update the bios or something.

    Just tell me what I should do to work with this drive or if my laptop is not ready for it because it is nearly three years.

    Thank you very much.


    As far as I know this laptop supports only 20 GB; 30 GB; 40 GB and 60 GB hard drives
    I guess that a 100 GB HARD drive will not be recognized by the BIOS.

    60 GB MK6021GAS HDD
    MK30kef 30 GB HARD drive
    MQ20ksf 20 GB HARD disk

    Hope this info will help you

  • Satellite 2410-504-driver Windows 2000 network missing

    Where can I ask for Toshiba create a network of Windows 2000 for my PC driver laptop Toshiba 2410-504? As you can see, Toshiba 2410-504 has drivers for the two 2000 & XP. If I install XP then I get everything works perfectly. If I install 2000 then I get everything works perfectly but the network card. Somehow the Intel PRO network adapter is not detected...

    You are right. LAN driver is not available for download, and I presume that driver LAN should not be installed separately. I found the info that this Satellite is supported for W2000 SP3. This means that this book must be installed with the W2000 SP3 to have all the features.

    Which SP is preinstalled on your laptop?

  • What HARD drive max can I use for Satellite 2410-504


    I have a Toshiba 2410-504 P241E the 20 GB drive HARD is almost full, and I would like to buy another larger capacity disc to replace.
    My question is what is the maximum capacity disc and what type of drive this machine will support?

    Note: I have the latest version of the bios installed and the machine is running Win XP pro.




    I think that the laptop supports an IDE HDD controller that supports only 28-bit LBA as suggested by resident. This means that the controller does support max 128 GB IDE hard drives.

    Since ATA - 6 (Ultra DMA mode 5 or Ultra-ATA100) the 48-bit LBA is supported but I n t think that Sam 2410-504 was equipped with the ATA-6 controller and therefore, it seems that 120 GB (128 GB HARD drive not available) disk HARD is the maximum that could be used.

    See you soon

  • Drive hard satellite 2410-504 - where can I buy it?

    Hi all

    I am wanting to buy a new hard drive for my Satellite S2410-504 and I was wondering if anyone knows the best place to get an a?

    Well, you can buy a disk from anywhere.
    I bought my HARD drive in the internet on an online store.
    This dealer had the best offer.

    The size of HDD supported exactly is not known to me, but some internet users have suggested that the 60 GB HARD drive should be compatible.
    I think that it s is not a problem to test the different hard disks.
    I think that it s a good idea to take the laptop to the distributor of HARD disk and there to test the different sizes. This should be no problem.

  • Driver Satellite P10 504 WXP for video, modem, and SM bus controller

    I just had to replace the hard drive in my P10 504 and I now have a lot of problems!

    1. I used the restore disks and XP Home Edition is installed, BUT the video, modem, and SM all spotted in Control Panel and do not installed the drivers from bus controller! The modem, I can live without, but I would like that the video works properly and the SM bus controller is also pretty essential. Guess what, I can't
    (a) find my model listed on the Toshiba site and
    (b) I can't find the drivers for the video or the SM bus controller.

    I downloaded the 'universal' Nvidia driver, but it does not work! Regarding the SM bus controller, I have no idea where to look!
    Any ideas please?

    Thank you


    Your ad is a little surprise for all the XP drivers for your laptop must be available on the Toshiba driver page.
    Have you chosen the right notebook series and you download and install all the necessary drivers?

    First it of important to install the chipset and graphics card installed function utility
    You have to choose and install the right display driver!

    Once again! The drivers are on the page!> support downloads & -> Support page-> download driver

  • Sat Pro L10 DVD Super Multi Drive

    I have a new Satellite Pro L10 with DVD Super Multi player running XP Pro. I was not able to write on the DVD player - either it does not recognize the DVD in the drive or it blue screens and crashes when I use the Windows backup installation until I read the error message. Now I get very nervous, I could not support the 6 weeks I got it...
    I can play the pre-recorded (of movies) DVD in the drive and it can read CDs and some brands of DVD. The manual is singularly useless on the use/troubleshooting of the Super Multi drive

    Hi Christine,

    I don't think you can use the Windows backup to record directly to CD or DVD. The following is an excerpt from the Microsoft web site: -.

    • .......... Unfortunately, the Windows backup utility cannot save files directly to a CD - RW disc.

    Have you tried the software to burn DVDs. I think that you should have Sonic RecordNow and Windvd.


  • Adding a new dvd/CD-RW drive does not work on my PC 4600

    Hi, my laptop comes with a standard cd-rom drive and I bought a dvd/CD-RW drive to replace. When I enter it it appears power because I can open the drawer and the light comes on when I turn on the computer. However it is not coming in my computer.
    I tried several disks so that the player I use is not defective.

    can someone please help me with what I need the dvd function on my laptop for my work.

    Thank you very much



    New device is recognized by the OS? Can you use it at all? Is there an error message or is defrost just marked in Device Manager?

  • Satellite L10 DVD Super Multi Drive - E/s of entry Error Message

    Does anyone know why, when I try to play a CD or CD-ROM, I get a box saying i/o error of entry?
    I have a Satellite L10 with a DVD super multi drive. It can read DVDs and DVD ROM

    I thought maybe it was a cable connected the drive itself, but if it's that I need how out of the car and how to support.

    I tried updating the driver and uninstall it then reinstall the drive, but I still have the same problem.
    Cannot use the accompanying software as is all the cd.

    Please can someone help me.
    Thank you


    In most cases the entrance of e/s, error message is related to a hardware malfunction (CD/DVD drive).
    The readers of the lens laser can not calibrate properly and therefore it can not read the CD inserted.
    These errors are not uncommon and occur mostly after a long period of use due to a material stressed.

    But let's check the last possibility of solution;
    Go to Device Manager and remove the drive from the list of devices CD/DVD.
    Then start the registry (regedit) and delete the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters completely from the following registry key values:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    Then, restart the computer and check if it of possible to read CDs.

  • New DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive satellite 1110 - Z20

    I'm looking for a new drive combo DVD/CDRW for the Satellite 1110 - Z20.
    Which firmware is necessary?
    Which drive do you recommend?
    Is it easy to replace?
    Thank you very much


    Why do you ask the firmware? I put t think that the firmware of the player has something to do with the compatibility of the player.
    The fact is that not every drive will run on the laptop because c - salt sensitive and master/slave settings.

    On the drives for desktop PC, you can change these settings by changing the jumper but on the portable readers it of not possible to change the settings.

    In my manual, I found the player that is compatible for my laptop. Maybe it s also listed in the user manual you.
    If this isn't the case, then contact the Toshiba service partner in your country to control the player compatible and taken in charge. Guys you can give an exactly the info about the supported drive.

  • 1800 514 does not start with the new dvd/CD-RW drive

    My old dvd - rom on my toshiba s1800-514 drive was broken, so I had to replace it. I used an old teac as a temporary replacement cd-rom drive. but now, I bought a new dvd/CD-RW-drive combo (toshiba sd-r2612). but the laptop does not seem to post, I get the "toshiba" screen (when it says press f12 to select boot device). but it stops there and does nothing. I can open the player, it seems to be connected ok.

    Why won't it work? (only the bios setting which applies is one that I can't change...). the drive is nine ar so small chance it's already broken.

    What should do?


    A few weeks ago one of my friends also had a problem with his replacement new drive. He wanted to move the DVD/CD player to a DVD burner.

    The only thing he had to do was change the master/slave settings!

    Goodbye Chris

  • I can not eject a dvd from my drive iPhoto super-cannot see the drive open up Adobe Photo Elements and organizer and then apps get hung up "not responding" and cannot do anything - I've fixed dozens of times w msg success drive.  Help

    I can not eject a dvd from my drive iPhoto super-cannot see the drive open up Adobe Photo Elements and organizer and then apps get hung up "not responding" and cannot do anything - I've fixed dozens of times w msg success drive.  Help, please.  Thank you!

    Hello golden2,.

    I understand that you have a DVD picture in your SuperDrive drive, but it is not mount on the desktop and will not eject.

    Please, try the procedure described in this article using the disc is ejected.

    Get help with the SuperDrive slot on your Mac - Apple Support loading

    Do not eject discs or discs eject slowly

    1. If the drive ejects discs slowly or appears to have difficulty, insert and eject a disc several times. Check the disc to see if it has a label or other material stuck to the disc which increases the thickness. Remove the label if possible.
    2. If the disc does not eject, try pressing the eject on the keyboard button. Some older keyboards may use the F12 key to eject the disc.
    3. If the disc does not eject, try dragging the icon of the disk to the trash.
    4. If the disc will still not eject, try to hold down the mouse or trackpad button after you restart the computer. The Superdrive should attempt to eject the disc.
    5. If the disc still does not eject, reset the System Management Controller (SMC) and repeat steps 1 to 4.
    6. If the disc still does not eject, Contact Apple or an provider of services authorized Apple, or make an appointment with a Store Apple Store for further assistance.

    Take care.

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